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Found 116 results

  1. north wales

    new to south west sydney

    :laugh:Hi recently moved to Camden area from Christchurch New Zealand where myself and family have lived for 4 years but originally from North Wales near Chester.I am looking to chat and meet Brits in the area. I'm 42 married with a 10 year old son and husband whos 44. Anyone out there?
  2. is employer nomination mandatory for obtaining west australia sponsorship for 475 visa. plz if someone have idea !
  3. Myself and my wife are heading to Perth for a month in the New Year. The prices of hotels and apartments are a wee bit expensive so can anyone recommend accommodation in West Perth or Subiaco that would cost less than $1,000 per week. Thanks.
  4. giles70

    east or west

    moving to melbourne in march with my wife and 3 kids,not sure which side of the bay is best for us.we do like the look of geelong though.i am a bricklayer by trade and think i would find work around point cook area.any one in the know?
  5. Hi there! I'm a newbie!! :smile: My husband, baby and I will be moving to Sydney in 2 weeks and staying in an appartment for the first 4 weeks provided by my husbands company, after which we'll then be looking for our own rental place. I've looked at Domain but struggle to find houses/apartments that come fully furnished, which are to a decent taste! Ideally we'll want a 3 bed, 2 bathroom in a nice area, near water or with water views! max budget approx $650 per week. Any suggestions?? Amy
  6. Hi What's involved re-registering a car in WA that is registered Victoria? Thanks
  7. 19 with a stiff breeze is almost chill but 25 without one feels hot. I assume it's the same in the other Cities? The 'Freemantle Doctor' for e.g. in Perth but does that cool down the outer 'burbs there? On the MEGA-hot days here, a 'Southerly Buster' comes through - eventually - and drops the temperature by 15 degrees in a few minutes. Going to be the same tomorrow in Sydney BUT 'showers' for the weekend which will irritate the weather forecasters no end. 'Showers' can mean anything from Pommie-type drizzle to The Flood!
  8. Hiya, We moved to West Footscray 3 weeks ago and are looking to catch up with fellow ex- pats in or around the area. We are in our late 30's and have a 2 year old daughter (don't let that put you off!) Anyone interested in meeting up?
  9. I cannot seem to find any background information on all these drive-by shootings. Does anyone know what is going on??? Terrifying.
  10. Guest

    Steer clear of the West

    Hi Please help. Heard from lots of people to stay away from the West suburbs of melbourne - Why is this? Isn't Newport, Altona & Williamstown in the West yet these are meant to be desirable places (correct me if I am wrong) with lots to do and good schools? :goofy:
  11. russ&jackie

    East or West OZ ?

    Lucky me & my wife are ready to go to OZ in October but as we`ve only been to Queensland on previous visits ( and loved it ) we are wondering if the opportunities for a carpenter are better on Perth side. Grateful for any input as we are not tied to any particular state and would like to hear the pros & cons for both WA & Queensland. Thanks for any replies. Russ:cute:
  12. The government are trialing a system in West Yorkshire, where they name criminals, showing where they live and with their pictures and the crime they have committed, where it was committed and their punishment. Is it a good idea? Will it lead to Vigilantism? Will it help victims? Is it a pointless exercise?
  13. Last evening me and oh chewing the fat as we do, were discussing this subject as its something that interests us and we have thought about for quite a while now, especially with the downturn. Today in the Daily Pail there is an interesting article about the subject in the Essay a good read for anyone who is interested in the way things are going. Of course there are may other articles around about the subject as well and powers that be tend to not want to think about it. However more is being paid out than comes in, more people are emplyed by the gov and its a prescription for disaster in the end. Saturday Essay: La-la land Britain faces permanent economic decline unless we face threat from East By Max Hastings Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2007977/Living-dreamlands-MAX-HASTINGS-Britain-confront-awesome-East-arrest-economic-decline.html#ixzz1QGuV3rSx
  14. Guest

    west pac or NAB

    I`am after some advice on people`s experiances with west pac and NAB, we are flying out in november and want to open an account before we go. These seem to be the best to so was just checking to see what people`s experiance with them is:wink:
  15. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me where the Panal doctors are in the South West Uk ? I live way down at the bottom of the map only eight miles of country left & then you're treading water :laugh: I want to know where the panal doc's are as I dont have my own transport & will have to arrange train travel. As everywhere is so far away from the UK's outback, journeys often take a fair bit of organising not just booking tickets in advance but arranging appointments where you have time to travel from Cornwall to elsewhere often takes hours . So appointments need to be made in the afternoon. Followed by hours of travel back. I live in a beautiful place down among the pirates :jimlad: but getting anywhere other than here takes major effort. On the Visa info link it says panel doctor for the South is located in Maidenhead. I'm really hoping there are others nearer than that. I had to travel up to Devon for the chest X-ray & that was a 3hr journey eachway . I wonder why there are so few doc's officially recognised by the Visa authorities. Plus an idea of price for an individual medical would be helpful to Thanks :wubclub:
  16. Spent a night at "The Federal" pub after the road was flooded before Roma. Our family got an education from a local couple through the single skin wooden walls. :wideeyed: Flood receding Arrived in Charleville The mail must get through Water carriers in the world war - they carried gossip between diggers which was sometimes untrue - hence the Aussie word "Furphy" Aaawww bless Don't have all these at my local newsagent
  17. PommyPaul

    South west WA augusta to albany

    Get out of the city for the weekend people and exploriung this stunning part of the world!! i stayed in augusta for one night and albany for two, would highly recomend taking Frenchman bay road out of albany and explore all the sites on the way along it, the blow holes were awesome, stood abit too close at first and nearly got blown off my feet hehe. few pics...
  18. A DALBY company is prepared to pay at least $100,000 a year for some of the 75 labouring jobs it needs to fill. http://www.couriermail.com.au/business/out-west-pays-best-for-100k-labourers/story-e6freqmx-1226041806904 If I was under retirement age I would be there in a flash
  19. Hi can anyone give me some advice on secondary schools on the west side of melbourne around point cook area, is there an offsted report or a ranking system, like in the UK where you can compare their academic acheivments. i have two teenagers 1 - 14yrs 1 - 16 yrs thanks Andy
  20. The Yorkies

    West End Oppinions...

    Hi everyone Hoping to get to Brisbane around July time, we've been looking on the internet at some places to rent and West End seems to have some nice places at decent prices, while we won't choose somewhere until we're out in Brisbane, we're just trying to look at areas to live. What do people think to the area? thanks
  21. Hi all... We are looking for a good place to live in Adelaide. What about Andrews Farm and Munno Para West Considering style of life, parks,commute, primary schools, distance from Universities, shopping centres, restaurants, hospitals (family of 3 nowadays with a boy age of 6, also planning a new baby soon) We lived 2years ago in Tarneit VIC, around Melbourne and we loved. Thanks all in advance
  22. Very Useful info... Looking to increase no of migrants according to the West newspaper... See... Officials push for boost in migrants - The West Australian
  23. Hi All I've been really lucky as I've spent most of my life in Australia so coming back was no real stress for me, found a house, found furniture, found everything I need to get moving in our new life. But since Tracy has been here she has really struggled to find her way around. Maps and sat navs are great but only if you know where you want to go. So this got me thinking, how on earth do people find things when they have no idea where things are? No wonder so many people feel Australia is expensive, no wonder so many people feel lost and alone, so what I'd like to do is offer anyone who is new to the area (Point Cook, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing etc) a hand in finding their way around. Just let me know where your stuck and what you're looking for and I'll try to help as best as I can. Even if it's only for a chat and play date with the kids I'm sure Tracy would enjoy meeting new people. Anyway it's a free service I'm not after money, and I can't promise to find everything your after all I can do is try and point you in the right areas making your new start less traumatic! Just send me a PM and I'll give you my home number Cheers Geoffrey
  24. Hi there, We are in need of some guidance/information from those that have completed this part of the process:eek: please! We have just been appointed a case officer. So now they have said that we need to have arranged our medicals and police checks by 3rd March.....not much of a turnaround time. The closest place to us is Manchester for the medical, any idea of the cost of the medical and x-rays? Would it be worth is going to Birmingham, for example to get the cost down...any idea on the cost there? Any idea how much the police checks cost? Any information for those in the know would be greatly appreciated :biggrin:
  25. Hi All, My first post on this forum, although I have to say it seems really friendly and has already been a great help. My husband (37) and I (35) have 2 boys (3 1/2 and 1 1/2) and currently live in West Yorkshire. My husband works for the Aus office of his company but is based in UK and we now have the chance to move to Oz. We're both excited about the opportunity and feel that we must give it a try, life is too short not to. We have just received his compensation package and are now looking into costs of everything so we can negotiate. I hope not to work for a few years yet as the boys are both so young and we have so much to discover together. My husband will have to commute to the Eagle Farm area so we are looking at North Brisbane. We would welcome any suggestions of family friendly areas pref near the coast (as I think it will be the only way my hubby will survive the heat). Definately also looking to make some friends to meet up with, my boys love play dates and we don't know anybody yet! Tips, advice...anything (well almost anything :jiggy:) welcome.