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Found 21 results

  1. Hello I am moving to Melbourne next month from NZ to start a job where my office located on the fringe of Melbourne CBD. I am looking at renting a place either in Werribee or Greensborough area. Can anyone tell me what the respective peak / off-peak hour travel time by train is like for Werribee vs Greensborough? (Metro Trains gave the estimates as 34 min for Werribee to CBD and 44 min for Greensborough to CBD for travel between 7.30 to 8.00 am on weekdays). Many thanks
  2. Hi, Have just moved to Werribee, and am wondering if there are any other Brits in this area. Hubby works in the city so its just me and my 4 year old daughter in the daytime. If theres anyone else in same boat who fancies meeting up for park playdate etc, or just wants to get out the house and actually speak to another adult, then lets get one organised! Em x
  3. Guest


    Just wanted to state that I read a lot of users trashing Werribee, it is an older town which has with a lot of history to it. Point Cook only looks so good because most of it is only 3-5 years old, so I would like to see it another 30-40 years, then we can do a comparsion between the two. For the most part Werribee is a nice area and is no better or worse than most areas in Melbourne. Hoppers Crossing is ok to, but parts of it are a bit rough so I have been told, but compared to a lot of places in the UK its better. Wyndham Vale is a lovely up and coming area, with some nice homes and plans to build new schools.
  4. Wow, wow, wow, wow Arrived 6am on 1st May 2009 and despite lack of sleep on the flight we were buzzing with excitement. Picked up hire car and drove (using sat nav of course) to Werribee South where we were staying in a cabin until we found a house to rent. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. We sorted out how to find the best places to find work, ie recruitment agencies and which newspaper and visited several Real Estate agents to arrange viewings on houses over the weekend. We thought we would find it hard to rent as we had never rented before and didn't have references from past landlords but we use mortgage statements and work references etc and also suggested we pay an extra couple of months rent in advance. We secured a brand new house, 4 beds double garage and huge garden. Next on the list, buy a car. Cars are expensive compared to UK but we looked up Crazy Robs who we had found on the internet prior to leaving UK and despite shopping around, bought a car so we could return the hire car. They were so helpful, thanks guys. Also over the weekend we needed to buy beds as we weren't having them shipped over with the rest of our furniture. We visited Werribee Plaza and they had a bedding display. Whilst talking to them, they mentioned that the company requires a delivery driver, so on sunday we visited the shop, enquired about the job for hubby and ordered bedroom furniture, to be delivered the following Friday. Visited Iramoo Primary school which is about a kilometre and a half from the house and enrolled the children on Tuesday 5th May to start the following Monday, they have settled in well and are happily making new friends. Just need to find job for me now, but I have to get my qualifications verified first, so that's my next task when they arrive from UK. Despite only being here for a little over 2 weeks, I can honeslty say that I love it here and the only thing I am missing from the UK is family. But we talk often and have been in contact via webcam, although using mobile broadband is not ideal and there can be wuite a bit of interference and slow networks, but hopefully that will improve once we get the landline connected. So to all of you waiting for visas or departure dates, hang in there it is well worth it, I love our new home. Karla xx
  5. boganbear

    what's Werribee like

    We had a look at Sanctury Lakes and Point Cook over the weekend and found them to be absolutely ghastly. A never ending sea of McMansions, little infrastructure or civic facilities and no character whatsoever. Is Werribee any better? It seems to have an air of Slough about the place and I'm not just talking about the deluge of untreated sewage that overwhelmed many areas over the weekend with the flash flooding!
  6. Hi, Does anyone have or know of any full time job opportunities in or around the Weribee area? My daughter is 19 in a couple of weeks and looking for a full time job, preferably as an office junior / office assistant. She is eligible to work on our 457 visa and has some office and site experience. If you have a vacancy or know of one, please PM us the details. Thanks, Mark
  7. Hi, Does anyone have or know of any full time job opportunities in or around the Weribee area? My daughter is 19 in a couple of weeks and looking for a full time job, preferably as an office junior / office assistant. She is eligible to work on our 457 visa and has some office and site experience. If you have a vacancy or know of one, please PM us the details. Thanks, Mark.
  8. ajs604

    Werribee. Anyone fany coffee

    Hi all. I have been living in Oz for 7 mths now on a 457 visa in Cobram. Just been granted my PR 176 visa so will be going to NZ next wk to validate it. I had the pre-grant very soon after applying as I think my profession as Podiatrist is fairly high on the skills list. Anyway I will be moving to the Werribee area and just wanted to introduce myself and ask if anyone would like to meet for a coffee at some point. I have a few friends in the area but its always nice to meet new people. Anyway please msn me if anyone would like to meet. Andy
  9. Hi All, I'm not new to the site and haven't posted much, but have found it invaluable with lots of info over the past few years. We are finally taking the plunge and plan on being in Melbourne March 2010 (Me, hubby and two boys age 8 and 3) in the Werribee, Hopppers Crossing, Wyndham Vale area. One of my big concerns is for my oldest son He is not keen at all on the move and I'm desperate to find him a really good friendly primary school to help him settle in however I'm finding it hard to get any info on this subject. Would love to hear from anyone in these areas who has any info on schools, I've also read recently in some posts that some schools don't have any spaces anyway!! If I could get an idea of some of the nicer primarys I could then ring and get more info directly. Sorry for the rambling post. Any help gratefully received.
  10. Guest


    Hi, Just wondering on what people though of werribee as a place to settle, we have a 4 year old who would be starting school in Jan/ Feb time, how safe is the area? and is it realistically commutable to melbourne CBD? Any info would be great! thanks :wink:
  11. Guest

    Does Werribee smell!??

    I have recently been offered a job in Sunshine and am planning to move to Melbourne in the next 2-3 months with my wife and 2 children (2 and 4yrs). We did a recce in March and had a very quick looked at places to live on the west including Yarraville, Williamstown, Point Cooke, and Altona. One place we did not check out is Werribee. On the face of it, Werribee looks good. It is older and more eatablished, has good schools, a train link, a beach, and there is a new marina development which will see new houses, shops, cafes, and 2 new swimming beaches. However, Werribee is also next to the treatment plan (affectionately referred to by the locals as the 's**t farm'), which is huge (check it out on google earth - it looks like a circuit board, and is probably visable from space!). I have read that whilst it used to give off a fair pong, much of the treatment takes place underground and the smell is now minimal. Since this is a potential drawback for us, I'd be really grateful if anyone living in Werribee, or anyone who has visited, can give me any further insight. I actually suffer with nasal polups and so my sense of smell is quite poor, but my wife's sense of smell is like Wolverine's. :cry:
  12. We set off 9 weeks ago today- tomorrow our container finally arrives at our new home. Darren has just started his 4th week at work and i've just started my 3rd week. We've been in our house a month. Darren really seems to have settled into his job, he's not stressed at all anymore and seems to enjoy the job and his workmates. He also says that he feels fitter (his knees don't ache and his stomach has settled) and has lost weight due to being more active and eating better. We have so many things planned for weekends and previously we wouldn't plan things for evenings as we would be too tired but this week we are out twice in one week- something that previously we couldn't afford or be bothered to do. We can't wait to explore further field and already planning holidays and weekends away. We are renting a lovely house at the moment while we wait for our house in the UK to sell. We hope to build eventually. We researched for months before we moved over and came over in 2007 for a month on our honeymoon- while nothing is the same as living here - visit before you move over- a reccie is really useful. Also, once you move here stop comparing everything to the UK- This is not the UK it's Australia. Things are different - mostly in our opinion for the better. We've found landline phones expensive, lawnmowers, second hand cars and electric (we suspect is expensive) We've found fresh fruit, veg & meat cheaper, petrol, car insurance, public transport, mobile phones (as long as it's not international calls) and electrical stuff like TV's & laptops cheaper. Now that we are earning Aussie $'s we try not to constantly convert back to pounds but sometimes it's hard!! We live about 40 mins by train from Melbourne and about 15 mins from the beach- We are living the dream and loving it xx:laugh:
  13. shaunkaren

    Rental agent in Werribee

    I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good letting agent in Werribee. Kate from M2M has sent me a number of links but it would be good to go on a recommendation from others before jumping in. Arriving in 58 days and counting..... Karen
  14. Hello I moved out to Melbourne over 2 years ago from the Midlands in UK. I am married and we live in Werribee. My husband and I are both IT professionals and are looking for couples in a similar situation where they are finding it hard to find friends and socialise. We can enjoy outings and coffees together. Christmas gets very lonely! Anyone living in Werribee and want to make friends?
  15. Hey, We are looking for accomodation from 2nd January -7th January 2010 in or around the Werribee/ Hoppers Crossing area- up to 40 mins drive. We are really struggling to find any hotels or any type of accomodation in that area- does it exist? If anyone knows anywhere in this area any ideas would be greatfully received :biggrin:
  16. Hi I'm Garry and was wondering if there was anyone around werribee, hoopers ect fanceyed a beer. I'm think of permitting migrating and are at a bit of a loss weekends. I looking to meet people of my own age. Between 18- 30. Im 25. many thanks for reading Garry
  17. Hi Just moved to Manor Lakes in Wyndham Vale near Werribee and got mouth ulcer, hadn't had time to organise a dentist yet, can anyone recommend a good dentist, especially one thats good with kids? Thanks Maz x
  18. Hi, We are hoping to move to Werribee / Hoppers Crossing area later this year (depending when house here in Scotland sells). I have a 14 year old son and nearly 10 year old daughter and very worried about picking the right school for them, especially for my son as he will be starting his exams next year, hoping to arrive with few months left of this year to give him time to settle and make friends before stress of exams next year. Have been looking for info on schools for them both i.e exams results statistics but finding this very hard. So far, i am thinking of Werribee primary and Secondary and also The Grange in Hoppers Crossing. Can anyone give me their opinion on both these schools plus open to any info on any other good school in that area. Any advice would be hugely appreciated. thanks Maz x
  19. Hi We're arriving in Melbourne beginning of september and looking for furnished accomodation for the first 2 or 3 weeks. does anyone know of anywhere in Werribee area that does short term rentals. Cheers Maz x
  20. Hi, Does anyone have any thoughts on living in Werribee? We have two primary school kids and a baby and are looking to live outside the Melbourne suburbs. I spent a few days in Werribee last month and it seems pretty good for shopping and facilities, but does anyone know what the community and schools are like? (Is Werribee Primary any good?) Thanks
  21. Guest

    Info on Werribee

    Can anyone let me know if Werribee is a good area to bring up young family. Thanks Sharon