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Found 28 results

  1. A plan to make migrants wait four years before accessing welfare benefits would affect 66,000 families. Tens of thousands of families would be hit by a proposal to make migrants wait four years before accessing a range of welfare benefits. Legislation already before parliament seeks to push the welfare waiting period for newly-arrived migrants from two to three years, in a measure expected to save $1.3 billion. The federal government is now proposing to stretch the wait times for migrants out to four years from July 1. The extra squeeze on migrants is expected to save an additional $200 million. The government predicts 66,000 migrant families will be forced to wait longer for tax benefits, and 47,000 people will be impacted by the freeze on access to Newstart, Youth Allowance and other payments. Social Services Department officials say the two cohorts are not mutually exclusive, with some migrant families tapping into other welfare payments. Department officer Shane Bennett played down concerns the proposal would prove a disincentive to migration. "There is evidence from the OECD that reflects access to social security systems is not necessarily high on the factors people consider," Mr Bennett told a Senate estimates hearing on Thursday. "There is also a Productivity Commission report from 2016 that shows non-humanitarian permanent migrants had effectively lower take-up rates of income support to the general population." Migrant and community groups have pushed back hard against moves to extend welfare wait times, fearing it could force some new arrivals into destitution and poverty. Exemptions will continue to apply for vulnerable groups and humanitarian entrants, while hardship provisions also will also remain in place. Source: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/longer-welfare-wait-times-for-migrants-would-affect-66-000-families
  2. So I am going through a messy separation. I have 50/50 joint custody with my husband. I found out tonight that the long weekend in WA when he is supposed to be having them, he is going away with his new flame leaving the 16 year old daughter in charge of her 15, 11 and 9 year old siblings (all boys).. As you can imagine, I am not impressed. The conversation went like this: I said I wasn't happy about the arrangement and he said "the 16 year old is babysitting, it is my life" I said "It is inappropriate to leave our 16 year old daughter in charge of three children when one is only 9 years old, for two days and two nights and I have an interest as I am their Mother." He is leaving them as he is going away with a lady friend. I think they have only been seeing each other a matter of weeks. I said that he should have arranged this two night stay away from home when he didn't have the children or put procedures in place (ie asked me) to look after them. Is this legally acceptable or morally sound in WA Australia? Any help appreciated, Sulac
  3. Guest

    Getting started - Can you help?

    Hi, my family and I are planning to emigrate next year. We currently rent in the UK and have a small amount of savings in order to do the move. Due to the high costs of renting in the UK, and a not very well paid job, I will probably only be able to save up enough between now and moving to support ourselves for a few weeks or so whilst jobhunting once we're over. I am planning to find work as soon as I can, I'm a maintainance man here in the UK, but have lots of other skills, so not too worried that I won't find work. However, if it takes a while to find work, is there a benefits system that we could utilise like the working tax credits, housing benefits, child benefits etc, like there is here? We have contacted centrelink but have no response yet... My wife is an Australian citizen and lived there for her teenage years, and our children aged 3 to 10 are citizens by descent. But because I'm not a citizen and will probably be on a working visa would we be eligible for any benefits should the need arise? Hope you can give me some advice, thanks for your time.
  4. sossijchops

    Airline welfare

    Just got off the phone to one of Australia's biggest pet shipping companies and was interested by his comment: 'We avoid using Qantas at all costs because they don't have a good animal welfare system in place. We always use British Airways as they are so good.' Our dog came out with BA and was fine but was left on the tarmac in Sydney on a Qantas internal for 2 hours ... in the height of summer. Only found out after his flight was late arriving. In truth, the shoddy welfare thing is pervasive ... where else would you see dogs tied to the back of utes doing 110k on the freeway? Or unshorn sheep in parched fields with no shelter when it is 40 degrees ... or live calf/sheep/goat exports ... I could go on.
  5. Hi Everyone Are there any Welfare workers out there that can offer me some advice? My OH is currently a Welfare worker ( counsellor) in the UK. We are currently in the process of applying for our State Sponsored (ACT) 176 Permanent Resident Visa. She is ( Ideally!) looking for Sponsorship from an employer in this field of work ( But not essential ! ). Does this sort of thing exist??? If so where should she look? She has looked and looked on the usual recruitment agency sites such as Careerone.au, seek etc for employment opportunities ( not specifcally for sponsorship) and even sent enquiry's to employers themselves that feature on these sites all to no avail. I am wondering why her job appears on the skills shortage list when there appears few jobs that suit her type of work out there? Can anyone point her in the right direction, as to where she should for Jobs or does anybody know anyone in this type of work?? Hope you guys can help. Pottster
  6. HI everyone i am new to this forum and have some questions. I need a help for some Pr related questions as follows: 1. I have finished my study Dip Community welfare in May 2010 2. Applied Tr in may 2010 3. I want to know what the possibilities or option for me getting PR and how can i prepare to be eligilbe and the process. Thanks
  7. :realmad::cry: aarrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry peeps but at the moment i dont whether to scream or cry what i really think i need to do is write a letter to MrCameron and MrClegg explaining my disgust at one of their departments. My son who in his teenage wisdom decided in febuary he wanted to live with his father, after i incurred a large costly lawyers bill we decided to allow him to live with his dad as forcing him home could do more harm than good. Anyhow we hardly see or hear from my son (i have made several attempts to keep contact going) but he just thinks his dad is the be all and end all just now. SO to put you in the pic his father doesnt work, never has claims benefits and has no reason not to work, he was actually caught last year commiting housing benefit fraud! he has never paid me a penny not a single pence in child support, never paid to get his sons hair cut nada nowt! i went to csa about 4 years ago and they told me as he doesnt work he doesnt have to pay! Then this is the bit that has sent me over the edge, last week i get a phone call from CSA telling his father has made a claim against me for CSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as i am now the "absent" parent i MUST pay CSA because i stupidly work. So i apparently have to pay 15% of my weekly wage to him which equates to about £175 p/m. It then gets better they say they cant help with my previous claim as he has never worked so is not due me any money? Ans as of april 2010 the gov changed it that now receiving CSA will not affect his benefits! he is about £350 a month better off with my son being there. I am so angry right now i cant put it into words. This country is great for benefiting the people who should not and down treading the people who should. i am clearly a total idiot for working paying my taxes, owning my own home and being a law abiding citizen i should be a dole bludging waste of space as then i would get everything handed to me on a plate, its times like these i am ashamed of this country and its policies and proceedures and i can not wait until the day i leave it. kelly
  8. Hi, I am writing to help me for Community Welfare Paid Work in Victoria. My field experience includes project work and a case management role. The aim of the project I worked on was to discern areas of need as identified by the community members through community engagement. I participated in Intake Assessments, establishing Case Plans and recording comprehensive case notes describing the client’s situation, needs and goals. Through my studies in Community Welfare Work I have gained a solid understanding of the skills and knowledge required to work with clients with complex needs, work with clients intensively and how to respond to client issues with a holistic approach. Coupled with my communication skills and ability to work confidently with culturally and linguistically diverse clients, this knowledge provides me with a solid foundation on which to build a successful career in the community sector. I am proficient with Microsoft Office applications and confident in using technology. I never shy away from gaining new skills by instruction or self tutoring. I am committed to learning new skills and refining and challenging existing abilities through structured professional development and self implemented personal development strategies. I look forward to hearing from you if there is any opportunity. Thank you.
  9. Help, we had our application lodged in May 08, had our medicals and Police checks done. I applied as a welfare Worker, did the IELTS the lot now left in limbo. Welfare Worker has been removed from CSL. Welfare Centre Manager is now on there which is what i am. We were told that we should have been given our visa by now. Do i need to submit another application as a welfare centre manager? we are truly gutted about this. Any advice would be great. I have been told that i dont have anyhting to worry about as my application is lodged, we just need a little reassurance. Can anyone help.
  10. Hi everyone, Since we visited in 2008 weve had our hearts set on Brisbane. We are currently waiting to hear if we have a job offer in WA. But if we dont get it were looking at other options and this is where my question comes in.... when im looking at SEEK and other job sites theres always far more welfare/social type jobs in Melbourne. Now obviously the size of Melbourne compered to Brisbane is a factor but theres even more jobs in Melbourne than Sydney also? It strikes us theres quite a large welfare/social sector in Victoria. And we are thinking along the lines of If we are to obtain an employer then maybe we should be looking at Melbourne instead? I just wondered what folk in melbourne and surrounds think and also anyone in Brisbane. The reason i ask is because we have been advised if we get a job here then to head over and study while jamie tries to get an employer to sponsor him, hence the reason were thinking Melbourne would give us a far better shot?? Thanks in advance kelly:wubclub:
  11. can anyone answer if community welfare is in that new SOL? as i only saw the welfare centre manager as occupation. anyone knows some details about this matter, please help as i know many welfare course applicants have been in pipeline and a lots still studying or finishing? probably migration agents or Gill would help to clarify this?
  12. Hi, my name is Ben, I am quite frustrated by the new policy. I m going to graduate this mid of June, but the policy will be effective from 1st of July. that means because of the time needed before qualified as a welfare worker, I can not apply for PR , i wish i had only a month then, i could do something. So one way i can think of is, if i apply for pr, before 1st July, only with reference number of the application for skilled assesment, and submit it soon after, do you guys think it's acceptable? if not, i can't get refund can i ?
  13. :shocked:Hi all this is my first post - I am hoping to get permanent residency via a regional sponsered visa in Western Australia, my nominated occupation will most likley be as a Welfare worker - has anyone already undertaken the assessment under pathway B and if so do you have some tips? I have already contacted the relevant assessing authority for initial advice and they recommended this route given my combination of skills and experience. However another route for me could also be as a Drug and Alcohol worker which carries 10 less points. Both these appear on the Western Australia state skills in demand list. I am interested in other peoples experieces in gaining a positive skills assessment for either of these two occupations and any hurdles problems they faced. The Welfare worker route reminds me of preparing a full NVQ file OMG! (Anyone who has gone through this will know what I mean):biglaugh:
  14. Both Student Welfare, ESOS reports and articles from The Australian Higher Ed section can be found below. Senate Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Committee. Inquiry into the Welfare of International Students : * Information about the Inquiry * Getting involved in Senate Committee inquiries * Upload Submission Online * Submissions Received * Public Hearings and Transcripts * Report A parliamentary committee appearing to be political, not much of a surprise.... Reading objectively (only glossed so far) one is struck by the fact that no individual students, agents, school admissions nor international related personnel views were cited in the report, explains why views were not actively sought in the first place? Local workplace issues take precedence over international student care? Appears that (especially) state sector providers resorted to related unions speaking on their behalf to the committee, and private used peak industry bodies, while committee paid attention to everyone, everyone except the clients and those actually working within system? Some half hearted attempts at including views of students, but again shows this Australian (bureaucratic) resistance to hearing it how it is from users? Interesting note, is that it appears the committee demanded that state VET accreditation bodies make submissions, and in return got replies stating that NTIS training packages are used, therefore if any quality problems it is DEEWR's fault... This pass the parcel on education quality is going to go on for years...... unions as a rule will do everything possible to avoid scrutiny of teaching and administrative quality in state sector. This is also true in private as it may set a precedent that must be replicated in state sector.... ESOS Education Services for Overseas Students Amendment (Re-registration of Providers and Other Measures) Bill 2009 : * Information about the Inquiry * Information about the Bill * Getting involved in Senate Committee inquiries * Upload Submission Online * Submissions Received * Report From The Australian A SENATE report on the welfare of international students was criticised yesterday for skating over problems of racism threatening student safety . The report, tabled in parliament yesterday, found that the majority of evidence suggested that assaults against international students were more likely to be "opportunistic robberies" than prompted by racism. As a senior policeman suggested earlier this year, Indian studnets need to make themselves less visible... bit like Central Europe in the thirties... hope they will disappear? Simon Marginson comments: Relations still at low ebb. DESPITE much "window-dressing" about the overseas student issue, nothing has been done to improve relations with the Australian community, higher education analyst Simon Marginson warned this week . Shonky colleges can be fixed within the existing regulatory framework, but student safety goes to the heart of relations with the Australian community, the Melbourne University professor of higher education said. In both cases there is already sufficient legislation and regulations, the issue is getting anybody to be responsible?
  15. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has gone thro the process of obtaining a state sponsorship as a welfare worker, and what qualifications are accepted?
  16. Hi Folks, I was wondering if anyone on here currently works with the long term unemployed in Australia for non goverment agencies who provied support this client group with help and assistance to findinng long term work I belive Wise Employment are one of the players in this field ?? I currently work with in this field in the UK and im also studying my degree in social policy. I would be greatful if you could share your knowlegde on what kind of salary is avaliable to this kind of employment i have contacted Wise but they wont discuss until i have a visa (fare point on their behalf ) Cheers and be well
  17. has anyone finished this course as i have nearly finished and have been studying at tafe I am here on my own and was wondering if anyone has finished it what occupation did u use as skill assessment i.e. welfare or social worker for migration purpose i think they are both 60 points so its up to which fits nearer to the diploma qualification do you know which is the best to use????And i need a good person who can help with advise as they making it had to gain pr now
  18. becky c

    welfare workers

    Have any qualified social workers gone out to Oz as a welafre worker? I could not get accreditation as a social worker as the UK qualification(DipSW) is not recognised in Oz, however I had a successful skills assessment as a welfare worker, and we have applied for a 136 with me as the main applicant. Has anyone else done this? I'm wondering what my employment prospects will be like in South Australia.
  19. Hi all, i have been informed, (and after readin AIWCW website) that the occupation of welfare worker currently worth 60 points, will be evaluated and reduced in points, but i dont know whether to 50 or 40?? I find it a little strange considering the job prospects for this occupation over the next 5 years is very strong! if anyone has any info on this id be grateful to hear it thanks kelly
  20. Hi Everyone We are waiting for our 475 visa to be granted , I have been assessed and sponsored by the state as a Welfare worker. My qualifications are equivalent to an Australian Diploma, and my skills and experience are with Learning Disabilities the elderly and some mental health. I have found some websites to look at, but i wondered if anyone could advise me on any organisations that i can check out for employement. Not sure how things work in Perth, but i am thinking about any, private, charity, local authority, agencies etc that i could approach. We are hoping to settle in between Rockingham and Mandurah, but will settle anywhere outside the Perth metro area for work purposes. Thanks:smile: Mand
  21. kellyjamie

    welfare worker

    hi guys, jsut wondering if anyone has or knows anyone who has done the welfare worker course in oz? we are contemplating this option on the student visa for several reasons. and also any idea of job prospects and wages? ive done some research myself just wondered if i get a different info, many thanks kelly x:hug:
  22. degs

    Welfare Worker

    Hi, I'm looking for some more advice, I have been speaking to a Migration Agent and they have pointed me in the way of welfare worker. I work as a Senior Residential Officer ( I manage a care home for adults with learning disabilities) I have a NVQ level 4 in health and social care ( which is the same as a AQF advanced diploma) I am wondering if anyone has been successful in applying on this visa, I know that I would pass skills assesssment as my qualification is enough, I am worried that my experience is not enough as I am not a welfare worker or social worker although I have a wide range of experiences in social care. Any guidance would be much appreciated Degs
  23. It is reported in the Courier Mail today (17 Jan) that in the three weeks since Christmas, 859 animals have been handed in/ dumped to the RSPCA Fairfield shelters, Brisbane. That is the truth of the problem regarding animal welfare in Queensland. Cold hard fact. Rant over - sorry !!!! :no::no:
  24. Guest

    Animal welfare - me again !!!

    I just wanted to give my sincere thanks and love to my hubbie for what he has said under the Queensland Animal Welfare Thread. If you have a strong relationship, you can survive anything ( we hope lol). Much love, and sorry to bang on. It's for Sydney, pure and simple. Alliekate xxxxxx
  25. :daydreaming:Enough said, there are some nasty people out there in cyberberspace. Forgive me, I am grieving. a xxx