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Found 42 results

  1. cuzin james

    welding immigration

    hello i want to know if i could start a new career in welding so i can immigrate does taking a course in welding can make me pass the technical test for welding
  2. Hi everyone, I’m looking for any information anyone can give on the timeframe for a visa grant with 60 points or 65 with state sponsorship. I’ve heard that they are only accepting people who have 70+ points, so are we in for a long wait?? anyones experiences applying with 60/65 points would be grateful. My husband is the main applicant he’s a welder (first class) he has the final part of his skills assessment next week and also the English test too. So will hopefully be lodging EOI soon. thanks!
  3. loubeelivvylou

    Metal Fabricator Jobs?!

    Hi, we finally got our visa granted last week and had previously provisionally booked a holiday rental in Quinns Rocks, (Perth Northern Suburbs), we'd researched the area a little and found that it was close to a couple of local harbours so assumed there would be a few welding and fabrication workshops in and around the area. My husband is primarily a fabricator/welder but really enjoys working with stainless steel and making decorative items ie boat rails, balcony railings etc. he has worked in a naval shipyard in the uk for the last 7 years and wants to get back into Stainless. After speaking to the lady who owns the rental in Quinns she told us she doesn't think there are many fabrication workshops in or around the northern suburbs! This is what we feared because we had been trying to find places online without any luck! It seems the main places for metal tradesmen are around the Bibra lake area?! Can anyone shed any light on this and maybe give us a nice place around there to start our search for accommodation again?! Maybe around Rockingham?! We are moving over April/May 2014 thanks louise x
  4. Caveman fatboy

    Technical Assesment support please

    Pathway 1: My husband has applied for a skill assessment under the welder (first class) job description. Our paper submission has been accepted and he has now been invited for a Technical Assessment in London. I'm sorry if there are other post on this but I have looked and can only find very little on practical assessments and interviews?! My husband has been welding for 13+ years and has been trained/mentored by one of the best welders in the south west but has no formal qualifications (just codings). He is feeling the pressure that if all goes wrong and he doesn’t pass our dream stops here - even though he is brilliant and can do it and even if he doesn’t its all good. I want to support him as much as I can and was hoping someone who has gone through the technical assessment for there skill set could provide an outline of the process and what to expect from the day or if someone has undertaken the Welder (first class) technical assessment could provide some insight I must admit I though it would be either/or a Technical Interview or Practical and am unsure what the technical assessment would involve. He has only been asked to provide ID and its in the middle of London (Oxford Street) Any help/support on this would be great
  5. mamfa0345

    Newbie wanting to say hello :)

    Hi I am new to this forum/site and heard good things so thought I would give it a go. Me, my fiancee and our two boys are getting close to finding out the outcome of our visa application. We were one of the applicants that were stressing over the July 1st 'dreaded deadline'. How stressful! Luckily, a few weeks of rushing round like headless chickens paid off and we got our ITA two days before the cut off point. We should be hearing back in the next week or so that we have a DIAC caseworker. Hopefully they will be kind and not too picky :eek: My fiancee is a first class welder and I am a web designer/content copywriter. We have two boys ages 3 and 9 and are looking to move to WA. Ideally Bunbury / Bussleton area. I hope everyone's application is running smoothly? :biggrin: Sam
  6. juliaoz01


    Hi My partner and I are at the very start of the visa application process and currently weighing up whether to use an agent (most likely the emigration group), or to go it alone...... i was just after some advice from anyone who perhaps has a similar occupation or experience to us. Basically, my partner is 32 and works as a welder, and would be looking to apply as a first class welder. he has worked as a welder for about 8 years, 6 in his current position. He has his own codes which are BS 4872 (i think!), and also the company he works for own the welding codes (he dosent personally own them) but he welds to this standard and they are all asme codes. We spoke with a migration agent and they seem to think that would be enough - would anybody advise him to get his own asme codes or is this just a waste of money? Also, am I correct in thinking that he will need to have his skills and qualifications tested by the TRA which will cost approximately £2,500? Will this be enough for him to pass the skills assessment - experience and qualifications that is? We are both in our early 30's (born and live in UK), and it has been our dream to move to australia ever since we travelled there in 2004. I work as a finance manager and I have just qualified as a chartered certified accountant (ACCA). I have about 7 years experience at a senior level but I dont know whether the only experience that can be used is my post qualification experience in getting my skills assessed. my skills assessment is $300 - so a lot cheaper! I am just wary in case I dont have enough PQE. Ideally we would like to apply under a skilled migrant visa, but as we are looking to migrate to perth we would consider state sponsorship.Heck, i would consider anything to get in!!! I would live pretty much anywhere there I think. I love Cairns but the weather is probably a bit too much for our dogs and i dont know if there is much work for welders up there. I also love sydney, that would be my dream choice but i just dont know how we could afford to live there, and this is mainly about a lifestyle change for us both. :biggrin: We ideally want to apply about june this year, but I am just trying to put a migration plan together and determining if it is worth the extra cost of using an agent, but I dont know whether i could cope with the stress of doing it myself! And if i did something wrong..... I just know this has to happen for us and I will do anything to make it happen, so any advice is very much appreciated! Thank you!! Julia
  7. juliaoz01

    Vetassess Weld Test

    Hi We are at the start of our visa application and my partner has to do a welding assessment for vetassess - he is applying as a first class welder. Has anyone undertook the asssessment and do they have any idea of what it involves, or what they are typically asked to do? It is more to remove the element of surprise than anything else! Thank you! :biggrin:
  8. VICTORIA Position: Boilermaker/ Welder (20 Positions Available) Industry: Steel and Pipework Location: Victoria Hours: Monday - Thursday 7am - 3.30pm (30 minute lunch break) Friday 7am - 1pm (no lunch break) Overtime when required. Pay: Negotiable Holidays: 20 days Description: Manual Metal Arc welding. coded pipefitter/welder encouraged to apply with welding certificates - start date negotiable. City and Guilds level 2 prefered but not essential. Must have at least 3-5 yeasr experience. Skills Required: Manual Metal Arc welding and installation of pipework. Visa: 457
  9. Hi People, Just had a email from Tra saying I haven't provided enough info so they will contact me to conduct a phone interview. Does anyone have any info on what sort of questions they are going to ask (as I said was being assesed as a 1st class welder) and how long it will last for? Thanks for you help
  10. Sunshine State Balustrades are a small to medium sized buisness based on the Sunshine Coast, Qld - 1 hour north of Brisbane. We deal in fabrication and installation of private and commercial balustrade and metal work items. We are looking for a fabricator/welder/installer to start immediately with the following skills:- fabricating of steel, stainless steel and aluminium and welding skills to include mig, tig and arc welding. We are looking for someone who can work as part of a team and work on their own and take initiative working on both small and large projects. They would also be expected to be able to read drawings and be honest, punctual and customer focused and take pride in producing quality work then we would like to hear from you. You will also need a clean driving licence. If you feel you have these skills then please contact me to discuss the position further at the following e-mail address:- chris@ssbalustrades.com.au We are looking for someone to start immediately - wages negotiable depending upon experience. Good working conditions including 4 day week work subject to work demands.
  11. Hi, i'm new to this so be gentle lol !! I'm a pipe fitter and a gas welder working in the uk at the mo, i'm currently on £12.91. I've just applied for my 175 visa and was wondering does anybody know much a pipe fitter welder is on in oz ? Many Thanks Tim.
  12. liana

    welder wages ????

    Hello. Just wondering if anyone could tell me the basic wage for a pipe welder/ pipe fitter in Perth. Thanks...
  13. Hi,all i am new to this site...and be more than happy to get any good advice or suggestion regarding my queries .........myself a welder without any formal education or certification though has experience working in the field also........i do also have a bachelors degree in buiness...i have been in the field of welding for the last 3 and a half years and plan to move and work in australia with the prospect of becoming permanent residence....can any one advice or suggest me whats the best way to apply for PR and also for getting 457 visa scheme in the welding trade. many thanks in advance. Note:-i do meet the criteria and terms mentioned in Welder (First Class) - 322313........ with the exception of qualification and certification in the said subject.
  14. Guest

    Tra. Welder

    Hi there , new to the forum and just wondering if any welders have done the TRA assesment. Is it really such a nightmare as i have been told. I,m time served and have all apprenticeship and college papers and also a very long C.V. (nightmare) My question is how strict are they with dates through out your work history as a few companies no longer exist that i have worked for. I am aware of the extent you have to describe your duties over and over what can possibly go wrong lol . I have worked for the same company for the last 4 years will that help? Any tips or advice would be appreciated. thanks CC.
  15. HI ! all, great to be here on this forum........(i hold a bachelors degree in business) but i am in my current profession which is of a (welder) since last 4yrs+some months. doing all sorts of work a welder is supposed to perform.....the only thing is that i don't hold any Diploma,Certificate or any other qualification in the welding field yet i am in this welding profession for so long..............i just wanna know whether am able to apply for 457 Employers sponsored scheme or could i be able to apply directly for permanent residency (off-shore,as i am not in Australia), based on my experience in the welding trade which is on MODL list........ also if possible can any one suggest whats the killing time once u have applied for PR (offshore) till u are granted one. thanks in advance.
  16. Hello, My OH passed his AQF 111 in Engineering -Fabrication Trade on 09/03/11.:biggrin: We have an agent who said we must submit our TRA form ASAP in order to submit our 176 visa before the changes on 1st July 2011. It is rumoured that after this time an offshore AQF will no longer be recognised!:arghh: We completed and sent the TRA form to our agent, he received it on 27/03/11. The agent rang today, 30/03/11, to say that TRA are no longer proccessing my OH trade and that it has to be done by VETASSESS. Does anyone have confirmation of this? I have trawled the internet and cannot find any info relating to this change. My OH has his qualification, I thought VETASSESS assesssed unrecognised skills? The TRA fee was $300, VETASSESS will want around $2,000. :swoon:My OH will have to have an additional technical interview lasting around 2 hours, he already completed a 40 minute interview for the AQF 111. Can anyone help to clarify this situation? Have certain trades been moved from TRA to VETASSESS? or is our agent diddling us? If I had sent the TRA application myself, without an agent, it would have been there by now, would they have just sent it back?:realmad: I would be really grateful for any info on all of this mess.:notworthy:
  17. hello, OH is a qualified pipeline welder with all qualifications already reconised in OZ, we are at the moment looking for an employer to sponsor us to come over (OH, me and 2 kids). Does anyone know, how to find a sponsor, or any realy good sites on internet. would it be better if he went over to Australia and looked there? Hopefully moving to Victoria.... thanks for any replys....http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/images/smilies/confused.gif
  18. stevie ellis

    My welder

    Any tips for shipping my welder to oz , its a lincon electric mig 180. Also a 200 litre compresser and some spanners and socket sets etc . How clean do they have to be and do you leave the wire in the welder or take it out ? Thanks stevie:notworthy:
  19. i am a coded welder fron scotland 32yrs of age married with 3 children.after a recent holiday to melbourne i realised australia is the place i want to be from now on.i was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of any companies, agencies or websites etc who would be willing to sponsor me. i am willing to pay costs for visa myself,my family are desperate to go as well.i just dont seem to be having much luckl with my saech for a sponsor.any help would be GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU.
  20. Hi all, I am a fully qualified welder and have been searching for a sponsored job for a few months now....I have been on holiday in Bunbury, WA and have been contacting employers in mass.... I have had a couple of positive leads that may actually result in a job but am not getting myself too excited yet!!! I have found that most employers/ agencies I have spoken to have been helpful, even if they are not willing to sponsor me. I have already paid my agent a large chunk of the fee for my 457 visa and now want to get my wife and kids over ASAP, as soon as I get back to the UK my house is going on the market and we are getting ourselves preparred to move.... If anyone out there know's of any employer who is willing to sponsor a welder, then please contact me.....desperate is the wrong word to use, but I will move mountains to get my family out of the UK, whilst I have been in WA I have experienced life as an aussie, as I already have friends here, I have met some fantastic people and know that this is the place for my family to grow up and live in!!! I am flying back to the UK on sunday and the only thing that I am looking forward to is seeing my family... Thanks Steve..:cool:
  21. hi does anyone know what is involved in the technical interview (over the phone) for the vetassess 1st class welder skills assesment? what sort of questions would they ask? in the uk, trying to get to aus! thanks v much
  22. I am coming over in about 3 or 4 months to Brisbane. Would love to live on the Sunshine Coast if possible. Will I have more luck in Refrigeration Air Con or Welding? I know I need licence etc but is they still a demand for these trades are has Oz got enough? Would I have more luck in Perth? Any Refrig Air Con guys having problens getting work? Also Welders how it going for you ? Would be nice to hear from you if you living and working in Oz.
  23. Guest


    Busy engineering company is looking for experienced welders/boilermakers to work in South Australia, great town, very affordable and excellent facilities, Please contact Stephen. glover@sjcheesman.com.au
  24. Guest

    TRA Welder

    Decided to go alone as much as I can and am at the TRA stage of the process. Whats got me thinking is theer are a few different welding titles in the drop down list is any of them more desirable than the other? The reason I ask is I think I could qualify for them all. Gonna be a long thread Steve
  25. Guest

    help needed on uncoded welder

    my husband has been in the welding industry for 15 years ,he has been with his current employer for 8 years.he is a fabrictor welder but no certificates. our problem is he is not coded .what do we do ? does he get his coding here? or is there another qualification he needs to get a 175 visa. he is on the csl and on the modl can anyone help we would be grateful for any advice. his brief description of work steel erector,railings,balconys,fabricator all tpyes of welding,but he has no qualifications in these trades.