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Found 9 results

  1. My husband was just offered a job with a mining co. near Mackay- we are accepting it. It will be my husband, 2yr. old son and I moving from US. We are searching for reasonable rentals w/ utilities included- but I don't have the first clue of where is a good place to move. I want to live in walking or bike riding distance to the beaches. I have lived in a hot desert for most of my life, I am excitied about this adventure. Any advice or tips is welcomed! I am a teacher here in the US and would like to work maybe part-time when there. We hope to make Aus. our permanent home. Any suggestions on what to bring, lol. We are waiting for the companies info packet for relocating- but aside from lots of clothes- we are trying to pack light and start new there. Thanks everyone- shannon
  2. Hi all! I am a USA resident and am in the process of gathering all of the appropriate forms for a fiance visa to Australia to be able to marry my fiance. My fiance and I were together for over 8 years in the USA. We did not complete is process for him to stay in the USA legally and he was just sent back to Au. Boy...what a process with all the forms and letters! I am baffled by the whole process, but we want me to come there legally so that we may marry there and remain there together. Any advice is welcomed. I have inquired with several visa consultation specialists and they are so expensive to use. I am hoping that we can do this on our own. We have been going through all the check lists of papers we need and that is the simple step. What is intimidating me is the letters we are supposed to write about "us". Does anyone have any letters they might want to share as an example? I have a list of what they want us to cover in the letter. My dilemma is how much detail to go into. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks for any help, Tami
  3. TheOptimist

    Coping in the heat - tips welcomed!

    How do you cope in the Australian heat? I am moving in early Feb next year which will be the height of summer in Melbourne, and whilst I have spent time there in the summer before, I have been there as a visitor so haven't had to cope with commuting and daily life (in other words, not having the luxury of taking a swim when I feel like it when the temp soars!) I have fair skin :cry: and know I will find it a struggle to get to grips with the very hot weather, and though I am hoping to aclimatise eventually, I wondered if any of you have any tips you could share to help me and others like me in a similar situation to help keep cool. Sun block and a hat are obvious ones but other tips would be much appreciated. Sorry if there have been threads on this subject previously and I have missed them! Thanks Kat
  4. Guest

    Visa Advise Welcomed!

    Hello there! I'm an occupational therapist and have started the ball rolling for a general skilled migration visa in that my skills assessment is currently being processed! I attended an expo exhibition today in the hope that I'd get a bit more information, then realised it was sponsored by a migration company, which obviously have their own agenda i.e getting money from you! My dilemma is this, my boyfriend (Australian) is a helicopter pilot and currently working in Ayers rock, he'll be finishing in January but doesn't know where he'll get a job after this. If I continue down the road of 175 visa this gives me freedom to move where I want but I could be waiting 2 years. I don't feel this would be condusive to our relationship surviving since he's in Australia and I'm in the UK!!! We're not at a stage where we would want to marry and we haven't lived with each other so a de-facto visa would not be an option. The trouble with sponsorship options is that I have to choose a specific state and Greg isn't sure where he will be yet. So can I process the general skilled visa and change this to a sponsored visa once he knows where he's going? (Should I get sponsored, which may not happen anyway!)Does this cost anymore? Obviously the skilled visa is not cheap so I don't want to be paying out anymore than I have to. Any advice people have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Mim
  5. Quick bit of background – hubby and I married 5 and a half years ago, and moved to a Sydney suburb a few months later. The deal was that I decide during that time (on sabbatical from job over here) whether I wanted to stay or not because I never really wanted to leave UK in the first place. Lived there 15 months, both working full time. Hubby loves it and wanted to stay. I liked it, but never really settled – missed my dad and my friends a lot, but made a massive list of pros and cons of both and were it not for the family and friends aspect I think I would have stayed. I did enjoy the lifestyle even hthough I’m not a beach/sea person!! Hubby not sociable so family/friends aspect doesn’t affect him at all even though his mum and sister/nieces live here. Decision was made for me when I found out I was pregnant. I really wanted the support of my family and wanted to go home. So I left and hubby reluctantly followed 3 months later. Ever since he has been pining to go back. He reads the Oz papers ever day online. He is doggedly determined to hate it here and wont make friends. My eldest is now 3 and a half and his brother is 8 months. Hubby wants to go back whilst we’re still young enough to resettle. I don’t have the same pull of family I had before (the main reason was my dad whom I lost in April, but thank god we came back and he got to meet his two grandsons before he died) although I’m still fond of my step mum and mother in law. The friends I had when I left last time are still there, but we’ve all moved on and had families and I cant see them very often because of distance. I have a new set of ‘mum’ friends whom I’d be sad to leave, but I started again here - I can do the same somewhere else. But I do love the town I live in. I find there’s always lots to do with the kids, the parks are great, there are lots of surestart activites and places to take them like soft play, farms etc etc. They are both at nursery now as I start back to work part time at the end of the month. Eldest is partially funded as he’s now 3. He will start school next September. Basically I find that I’m never lonely and never feel like I’m stuck with two littlies and no life, and there’s lots for them to do. My experience of Sydney was obviously through the eyes of someone with no real responsibilies. I have no idea of childrens facilities, nurseries, school etc. All I did was go to the pub and the gym! I have no idea whether its feasible to work part time (I test software and I know theres plenty of that type of work about so probably would be) When do kids start school over there - is it the same as here - the September after their fourth birthday? And I'm also trying to find out about help with funding for nurseries. Hubby keeps saying ‘its not about us, its about them and whats best for them’ Well, I partially agree, but this is my life too. I’m nearly 36 and I was settling nicely, but I think we could make a go of it, as long as I don’t end up friendless with two small children. I’m pretty sociable if the facilities are there to help, so I guess that’s what I’m asking. For the experiences of people who have done it with small children. We would probably move back to the Sydney region.
  6. Hello, Can anyone give any guidence on Visa processing times, think am going to be in category 4, as have Job on the CSL and Family Sponsor, Am sure if we go SS then it would be sooner, but want to go to Queensland, as that is where my family are, and my OH is a brickie, and that is not on the SS for their. Claire 31, Rich, 38 & Keira 4:wacko: Vetassess Passed May 10, waiting to submit on the 1st July fingers crossed
  7. Hi, Can anyone help me with some idea about what routine checks on an application refers to? Coz, I got a reply from my CO that my application will be finalized within 4(anticipated) months after all other routine checks are completed! Does anyone have any idea? My meds are finalized, jobs are inquired ... don't know what's pending! Is it really gonna happen within 4 months? "Gill, your opinion is welcomed here"! Thanks, Rubab
  8. Hey all, My hubby got offered a job in Melbourne last week. On Sunday we decided to take it but today after chats with family and friends, we have decided to take a 2 week trip over an get a real feel for the place to make sure we are all happy. Eeek! Does anyone know anywhere cheap but nice that we can stay for our adventure. We are bringing out three year old but do t want to blow our budget on accomodation this time round as it will take from what we have saved to actually move! We will consider anywhere as long as it's not some sort of crack den!! Also, can anyone tell me what sort of lead time processing a 457 visa can take if hubby's job is listed on the CSL? Thanks all :wubclub:
  9. Hi everyone, If , like me , you are curious as to how you will be viewed as a migrant in a new country , i was reading the west .com to try and get more insight into the State which i am going to in less than 2 weeks! It did make me feel so much better and positive about how we are welcomed and yes i know it is only a few replies and doesn't represent everyones views but i viewed it as positive and i hope you will too. It is in Perth. blogs.thewest.com.au Blog Archive NEWS BLOG - Too many Poms?