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Found 16 results

  1. The bacon I've tried from the supermarket is unlike anything I saw in the UK. The bacon appears to be cooked (not just cured or smoked like UK bacon), and it comes in horrible vacuum packs that as well as bacon also seem to contain some kind of gelatinous goo! Can anyone recommend a brand that is a bit more akin to what pommy bacon is like? Before you say it, no I haven't been to the butcher yet. That's on my to-do list this weekend. Or at least it was until I volunteered to work this saturday....
  2. Av8r

    Weird spouse visa question

    Hi Folks, Mrs AV8r is an Aussie, and we've been married for many years. Have a happy life here in the UK, but her family are aging, and so a move to Australia is sadly inevitable. Ideally looking to move to Aus at some point in the next year or two, but we both have relatively senior consulting roles in the UK, and so would ideally like to make our transition to Aus in stages, and continue consulting periodically in the UK for some time after visa granted. We'd prefer to be taking on work in Aus in parallel with winding down our UK roles, but this would mean effectively living and working in both countries for some period of time (up to 2 years) as a transition, and even after that would be taking on occasional project work in the UK. Is there any type of spouse visa that would accommodate such an arrangement? Our long term future (at least until retirement) will be in the UK, but the next 5-7 years we'd need to be based in Aus. Many thanks Av8r
  3. Guest

    Strange, Weird Habits.

    Come on fess up, we all have them. The little things that we all do, for whatever reason. Some may be annoying to others, let alone ourselves:biglaugh:. I guess you could say they are superstitions, but I think they may be some other 'habit' that we have picked up along the way. If possible give your reasons why you may have this habit. I'll start, yes, weird I agree, but I can't sleep at night if I miss 'something', my worst habit is: I will NEVER, EVER leave anything as a singular. I'm talking chips, tins of beans, cigarette in a packet, tea bags, one veggie left on the plate, biccys in the packet, most things really, well, 'practical' things anyway. If the kids leave one chip I have to cut it in half, one ciggy, I have to smoke it. Told you it was weird, but I hate anything being left by itself, must get lonely I think, :biglaugh::goofy::policeman:. But seriously I reckon it is a deep set memory of mine, nothing I can do about it, it doesn't rule my life, but I just can't bring myself to leave a 'single' item, all lonely and bereft,:embarrassed::embarrassed::biglaugh:. I will perfectly understand if anyone wants to report me to the authorities, I will just have to make sure when I am locked up I have more than one crayon with me.:biglaugh: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  4. PommyPaul

    working weird hours?

    Anyone else do this? i'm currenly working on a cattle and crop station in the deep depths of nsw, sharing a house with 3 other lads and we have aprox 5000 acres of crops to harvest. I'm in the windrowing team which basically makes windrows of various grass seed crops for the headers to later come through and harvest, thing with windrowing os you can only do it in certain conditions or the crop loses seed. so basically i've been working weird hours like 2am - 1pm, 5am - 6pm, 10pm - 12pm how does anyone else get on with these kinda hours and weird sleeping patterns etc??
  5. BritChickx

    How weird is it...

    To add your old tutor from school to Facebook? :biglaugh: Anyone else add old school mates or teachers?? Or am I the only one :eek:
  6. As we all know the government is HAVING to make cuts, I agree totally that this is the only way to go, cuts are inevitable, I may not agree with some of them but cuts at the end of the day are needed, BUT, (sorry Dom:wubclub::wink:). How about this for an equation. I am not getting on my high horse about wars etc, but I will say this. At present the Iraq/Afghanistan wars/conflicts have cost this country somewhere between 16 BILLION and 23 BILLION pounds, the costs are rising every day, and these figures do not take into account the salaries of the service personal involved. As I said, I am not going to get involved in the debate about the rights and wrongs of either wars, suffice to say NO MATTER what we and the USA do Iraq and Afghanistan will return to the tribal warfare that has been part of their historic since time began. Again, I'm not having a go at TRIBAL wars, that is the way these countries operate, they have done for thousands of years and they will continue to do so in the future no matter what we say or do. It doesn't matter what your views are on the war, at the end of the day the war was based on purely speculative 'information' and once again we as a country decided that OUR way of life should be inflicted on yet another country. Any excuse and reason can be put forward but IMO the war is and was based on the need to show the 'locals' that as a western nation we have the god given right to inflict our culture on them. Not for one second am I having a go at the service personal, I admire them greatly and are indeed my real heroes and icons. But at this time, when the country is up sh7t creek without a paddle it would do us all to remember that the cost of the wars are indeed massive and ongoing. Our debt could be cleared with one easy sweep if some numptie(s) sitting in Whitehall had the worries and concerns of its population been at the forefront of their minds. Another rant, I'm sorry. Over the weekend The X Factor received over 148,000 complaints because some wannabe was voted out of the show. Do you know how many complaints were made to ITV news when one of our soldiers deaths was relegated to sixth on the news, I will tell you, a mere 128. The world and its people have gone mad folks, and I am no longer sure I want to be part of it. Cheers Tony:mad:
  7. Hi, Just got my Australian police check back, but I'm not sure I asked for the right one. I didn't include fingerprints as I didn't think you had to, but now it says that "positive identification can not be confirmed" cos of no fingerprints. Bascially just worried I'll send the wrong one in. It looks like something I could have made myself, not that that matters just bit worried... So can anyone please tell me if that's right or not? I've applied for a defacto visa onshore. Cheers!
  8. Guest

    Weird & Strange Facts

    Holiday man "declared dead" A man has returned from an extended holiday to find that loads of his mates have been mourning his death. The confusion began in June when Michael O'Neill, from Middlesbrough, set-off for Australia to stay with a friend. It was a last minute decision, so he forgot to let people know. Mr O'Neill's neighbours grew worried about his disappearance, reports the Daily Telegraph, so eventually they contacted the police. Officers broke into the 49-year-old's flat, but could find no evidence of his whereabouts. Then, last week, his friends thought their fears had been confirmed when a family announcement was made in a local newspaper. By coincidence, it reported the death of another Michael O'Neill from Middlesbrough. Both men were a similar age - the late Mr O'Neill was 50 - and both have brothers named Kevin and Terry. The living Mr O'Neill said: "I went out on June 2 to stay with a friend and when I got back last Monday I found my door had been smashed in! "My neighbours thought I had died so they got in touch with police who came and broke the door down. "Everywhere I am going, people I know are grabbing hold of my hand, saying 'I thought you were dead! They can't believe it's me and I'm still alive."
  9. Guest

    Weird Weather in Sydney

    Is anyone in Sydney and seeing the weather at the moment, fierce lightening and the sky has gone almost black. Must admit like weather like this it is quite fascinating.
  10. Guest

    Weird Place Names

    Here are a few village names iv'e seen on my travels in the UK. LOST, 2 miles DULL UPPER DICKER THONG. And a few signposts that read Liverpool Maternity Hospital (non accident) Sign outside cemetary = Elderly people. On a door = If door does NOT open, Do Not Enter ? Restaurant = Phat Phuc Noodle Bar Restaurant = Stop and Taste = Te Puke. Are there any that you know, there must be some interesting ones in Oz.
  11. Guest

    A weird concern.

    Hi, I'm coming over to Aus for a year next year, going to travel around a bit, work, have fun etc etc. I've got a weird concern though, what if I fall in love with the place so much then have to leave after that year? I've not got a trade or anything really so cant apply for one of them skilled visa things. So I have to go after that year or two if I do that 3 months fruit picking thing to get another years working holiday visa. It's not going to put me off going or anything, course not but my paranoid side has me being dragged out of the country kicking and screaming as theres nothing I can do to stay haha. I suppose I could come back here, work and get a trade and go back in 3-4 years but thats a hell of a long time! Of course I could hate Aus or not love it enough so this might all be irrelevant, but just putting it out there. Anyone experienced anything similar? Cheers.
  12. Guest

    How weird is this???

    Hi Guys Tonight we had 2 viewings on our house. The second lady aged about 60 turned up on her own, grew up in this area, although has been living elsewhere for a number of years. Anyway, my husband was showing her around while me & the kids watched TV in lounge. As they were leaving the hallway, she said to him "So did you say your sister lived in Woodbridge Lane?" - which is the road where MY sister used to live up to 2 years ago. She said this as she touched his arm. Now my husband is very typical, and has no clue as to the name of my sisters old road, only that it is round the corner! So l ask you - what the **** is that about??? Darren is well freaked by it all, as he has known someone in the past who was psychic, although he is deeply sceptical, coming out of the blue like that again is a bit freaky... :shocked: Mel & Darren
  13. Hello! Woke up this am and found this PM by someone I've never heard of about some thing I'm not interested in! Could you tell me how to get rid of it please! Alex Hi,I'm new here, how's it going?"Buddhism has the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion for the future: it transcends a personal God, avoids dogmas and theology; it covers both the natural & spiritual, and it is based on a religious sense aspiring from the experience of all things as a meaningful unity" - Albert Einstein---Jeannettehttp://jeannette.50megs.com
  14. Guest

    weird pm

    has anyone had a weird pm about buddism or have i a stalker please help im going locking the front door
  15. hedgehog

    Really weird!

    Ever had deja vu? Well while walking around in Ikea today in Brisbane just like I have done many times before in Newcastle upon tyne, it was like my brain skipped a beat. Something like deja vu but really weird like my brain skipped a beat, its hard to explain it was like getting smacked on the head without the pain and suddenly realising I was not in Newcastle but in Australia. I have had a lot af deja vu lately, do you think its a sign of a tumour? Naw couldn't be you need a brain in the first place.