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Found 217 results

  1. hellsbells712

    IELTS this week

    Has anyone got their IELTS this week?????????????? Mine on Saturday 6th in Leeds.... Good luck to everyone taking it. xxxx
  2. We have just tried to get a car on finance over 3 yrs with a local dealship to be refused due to not having any payslips. I had read on here of numerous people being able to get car finance with a contract of employment. Anyone any advice please? This was a holden garage and wasn't for a ridiculous amount or anything ($14k). Thanks
  3. Please find below a brief roundup of this week major currencies. EUR: Rumours and stories of a new and conclusive solution to the Euroland debt crisis came thick and fast: The new Spanish austerity package would make the Spartans look like Barbra Cartland; the jointly-guaranteed "eurobond" project would be revived; the IMF would lend €600bn to Italy. None turned out to be true but collectively they supported the euro. Nevertheless, investors are increasingly reluctant to lend their hard-earned to Euroland governments. They need serious action to stabilise the situation and they need it now. USD: The failure of a Congressional "supercommittee" to agree on a deficit-reduction programme has not put off investors in US Treasury bills and bonds. They can live with the stalemate because they know America will always repay its debts; it can print as many dollars as it needs. The same is not true of euro zone governments, none of which has the same printing power. Greece or Italy could default; the US cannot. AUD: An almost total lack of Australian economic data left the Aussie to wander around in the unlikely company of the Swiss franc and Japanese yen. They were accompanied by the Canadian dollar, which also had no place of its own to go. The commodity currencies received a boost early this Monday after the report that the IMF would hand over €600bn to cover Italy's refinancing needs for the next year. It was enough to turn a losing week into a winning one for the Aussie. NZD: Like the AUD, the NZD found itself in the middle of the field after a strange week in which market liquidity was drained by the US holiday and investor's appetite to get involved was hampered by their lack of conviction, especially with regard to the euro. The NZ dollar's big break came this Monday morning when Prime Minister John Key's National Party won the general election by a street. Investors think he will deliver free markets and a balanced budget. CAD: The Loonie kept company with its antipodean cousins, neither shining nor sinking in mid-league. A 1.0% monthly increase for retail sales in September was twice as strong as expected and therefore positive for the currency, but it served more to nudge than to drive its direction. Had it not been for the Keys election win in New Zealand the Canadian dollar would have come through the week as the commodity currencies' leader. GBP: Sterling was far from successful in the week's currency lottery, sharing penultimate place with the South African rand. It did nothing wrong; the UK economic statistics were mostly in line with or better than expectations. The problem was that investors seemed more inclined to buy the euro on good news than sell it on bad. Because they were buying US dollars anyway the pound got the rough end of the stick.
  4. Totally stunned...had an email ofering a Skype interview next week! Been very upfront about needing sponsorship and it hasn't put them off! Finally, trawling through Seek.com is paying off! I hope its a voice and not a video call as I think my 7am face might frighten them off! :biggrin:
  5. :no:....why do they have to do this ,even before the matches this weekend and during the Gary Speed applause they are constantly spitting .....(click on pic for graffic detail)
  6. Would be interested in your thoughts on moving a small sum 6,000 GBP from UK to Oz this week. I need to bring it over by the middle of next week at the latest. Before friday or after? or probably not much in it for this small amount? thanks
  7. Just a wee update almost 9 months down the line ..... The nights are fair drawing in .. :biggrin: .... its almost dark at 4pm. The street lights are sporting light up bells, santas and reindeers... it feels magical already! I will be having a houseful guests (family and friends :biggrin:) on Christmas Day. I am thoroughly enjoying cosying up in the evening, planning the Christmas season, looking at my Delia Christmas book and am excited about taking the children to their first Christmas Panto..... so I will raise my glass of Baileys (half price at Tesco's) and thank the Universe that we are HOME! All the very best to you all who are planning the big trip back to the UK...... If you want it bad enough... you will make it happen. :yes: and it's worth it.
  8. Walking down Pitt St, Redfern, back from the dentist, I was struck at how green and lush the road is, with trees overhanging on both sides so it's almost a tunnel of green. And of course the scent of jasmine and the intense violet of the jacarandah's only added to the appeal. I guess there are some compensations for an un-real Xmas in the heat. The Sydney-siders do their best with lights and carols and nativity scenes and the kids seem to love it just as much.
  9. Hi all I know this might not be directly relevant to some members, however please see a brief summary below of the major global currencies (I have received some requests for this type of information). AUD: The weak US payrolls number hit every commodity-related currency hard because, as legend has it, if America sneezes the global economy catches a cold. That has not prevented the Aussie from hitting a record high against the pound and coming close to its all-time high against the dollar but it might be a sign that an end to the one-way street is in sight. USD: If President Obama and the house of representatives cannot reach agreement on the budget and the debt ceiling the United states government will run out of money on 2 August. Few believe it will come to that but the possibility makes investors nervous about the dollar. Last week's horrendously soft payrolls number is another reason for their dislike. NZD: New Zealand's products are mainly meat and dairy, exports which unlikely to be compromised in any major way by the possible fall in demand for minerals and metals. In the last week the Kiwi has scored record highs against the US dollar, the euro and the pound. It might have further to go. CAD: Canada's economy is closely aligned to that of the United States and to global demand for oil, of which it is a major exporter. With the US economy stuttering and the risk of a financial crisis in Europe dampening global risk-appetite the Loonie is fighting on two fronts. ZAR: While the rand is vulnerable to any reduction in demand for commodities, one of its products - gold - is as popular today as it ever has been. On top of that South Africa's 5.5% benchmark interest rate comfortably outweighs its 4.6% inflation rate, a situation that no European or North American currency can match. EUR: The failure of EU ministers to come up with a comprehensive and permanent solution to the Greek debt crisis is turning into a disaster for the euro. The longer they fail to sort it out, the worse investors fear the problem will become. Italy has now joined Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain on the list of government bonds that investors least like to own. As a result the euro has lost ground and is likely to lose more.
  10. kenny01

    Leaving in a week, advice?

    Hey guys, I shall be leaving for a new life in Perth in just over a week now, I believe I've got most things sorted, docs, accom, job etc just wondering if there's ANYTHING that you forgot that you wish you'd brought? :wink:
  11. claireg

    Arrive next week 6th October

    Getting pretty excited now. Have said our goodbyes to good friends and family back home which was tough and now have to do it again this week and next as we are currently in Portsmouth visiting my sister and then heading to Wiltshire for 5 days on Thursday to visit Pete's family. It's a glorious day here today in Portsmouth and we are making the most of it and are off to Southsea seafront with the kids. Looking forward to getting to Canberra and starting our new life and hopefully see you all at the next meet up on 30th October. Cheers Claire, pete and family
  12. The Pom Queen

    Quantas Cancelling 100 Flights per week

    QANTAS baggage handlers and ground crew have begun their latest round of industrial action, causing delays and cancellations for passengers across the country. Qantas cancelled at least 14 domestic flights this morning and rescheduled around another 30 because of the action. Passengers travelling on international flights at Melbourne airport were being warned to arrive early today as Customs officers go on strike for eight hours. Customs officers will be off the job until 11am, followed by another four-hour stoppage from 9pm. The move will add significant delays to the processing of passengers travelling on international flights both in and out of the airport. Melbourne airport spokesman Matt Francis said last night that passengers should expect delays getting through Customs today. "This will affect arriving and departing passengers on what is one of the busiest days of the week for international travel," he said. "We are strongly encouraging international travellers tomorrow to follow the advice from Customs, which is to arrive at the airport early, and go straight to Customs." It comes after talks on a new pay deal for Customs officers broke down yesterday and follows a three-hour strike last month. Qantas baggage handlers and ground crew from the Transport Workers Union also began their strike today at 7am. It will last for two hours before second strike at 4pm in a further headache for business people and holiday-makers. The TWU action will still affect more than 6800 passengers across the country, with 14 flights cancelled and another 38 delayed by up to an hour. Qantas also faces industrial action from aircraft engineers, who will stop work for four hours in Sydney tomorrow, and from the pilots union. Read more: http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/travellers-warned-as-customs-strikes/story-e6frfq80-1226165474919#ixzz1acOHkRfi
  13. Hello guys, I never thought the time would come but it has, we leave for Dubai this week end for 3 nights, then our onward journey to Qlnd, we are staying on the gold coast for 10 nights, then a further 10 nights on the sunshine coast, during our stay we will look at areas to live, whilst at the same time visit fun parks etc. We will also drop in on people from this forum who now live in oz, you people know who you are! I will update on my return Bye for now. Proview
  14. domestic goddess

    Your first week?

    My first day was all over the camp we had to go to the kids school with all they're info, my daughter proceeds to vomit all over the place in the office:eek: after that its a blur. Do you remember your first week??
  15. cornish78

    Anyone else flying next week...?

    Well the time has finally come...we're flying next Tuesday evening from Heathrow. Virgin flight to Sydney :biggrin: Spending a week there before then flying down to Melbourne to settle. Both of us now have jobs (YAY!) and start work on the 24th, so hoping we can find somewhere to live in that time...:mad: Big party tomorrow night, let the emotional goodbyes begin... Good luck to anyone else who is making the move soon Maddie x
  16. ghost

    Perth one week in.

    Well after 4 years of talking about it, and two 18 months of applying we finally made it. We arrived to howling winds and lots of rain, and despite a couple of nice days, it's been unusually cold. Typical as the uk is now experiencing some lovely weather. But you know what, I'm not bothered, because I know here in Australia , our summer is guaranteed. We thought the first few weeks would be like a holiday, but we have been busy sorting out bank accounts and buying furniture. There are so many furniture shops here, to suit all budgets, and do t forget to haggle, never take the price of things on the ticket. That's for anything you buy. Haven't payed full price for anyhig so far. Similarly with cars, negotiate hard. I've just bought a brand new golf gti for mrs ghost, and it actually came out cheaper than in the uk, altho it has to be said cars seem to be more expensive, i found vw compared well for a European make. Food shopping is slightly more expensive. Some things are noticeably more, I found Coles is the best overall. But look at places like big w and buy the big packs of things like washing powder and dishwasher tabs. Also stock up on spelcials. You can find huge differences in prices. I found woolworths expensive compared to Coles, and not such a nice store. People are so friendly. They will always say hello, people will start conversations at the drop of a hat. We went I to a big DIY shop, and a lady overheard my wife say it was like b&q. A woman overheard and asked about us, then someone else joined in and we all stood talking for ages. Similarly if I go running 90% of people will say hello as they pass, I love it. We have secured a house with a lovely ocean view in yanchep, it's quite far out, but I dont mind the drive, as we are only 2 mins walk from the beach,and the house is brand new. I actually applied for it, and got offered it whilst still in the uk, but I did offer a large rental deposit to get it. Goodbyes were hard, and there were lots of them,but don't fret, I'm finding I have far more quality ,contact from so far away, we take time to speak and listen to each other, rather that brushed conversations. I'm looking forward to the summer a d what life will bring.
  17. I don't mind it now but the first few years it was the one day of the week that I HATED! Monday to Friday I was at work, Saturdays was OK despite all the shops closing at noon (in Sydney.) Sunday everything was closed, no shops, no pubs. The main street of every suburb looked like a still from '28 Days Later'. The cinemas were open though, and McDonalds so that's what I used to do, Movie, Macca, ring my Mum and Dad from Martin Place GPO. Now, everything is open on Sundays in Sydney. I stopped in Punchbowl the other Sunday and a barber was open at 9 pm - probably a Moslem so it was a working day for him but even so it surprised me. Come to think of it, although there were plenty of shops open there, I couldn't see a pub. Is there one in Punchbowl? Is there anyone from PIO who calls Punchbowl home?
  18. Guest

    Shippers coming next week

    OMG the shippers are coming a week today and I'm getting totally stressed out as to wether we're gonna be ready, in between work and getting the house ready to let there seems to be no time left to sort anything out, then it's living with my mum till we fly to Perth on 12th November. lets hope I survive :wacko:
  19. Hi all, Well we finaly fly out on the 20th, container has gone today, we have got tempoary accomadation in freemantle, (dont want to settle there) but need help on good parts both north and south of the river, i really want a good school for children (as does everyone) i am begining to think my 2 kids wont get to a school untill febuary next year :cry:. I cant wait to start our adventure i am prepared for the rough and the smooth and probably a few bumps along the way. the last 2 weeks have been hell it can only get better ! so wish me luck i need it :eek: Tracy :notworthy:
  20. mwilliamson

    Is a $ 1000 a week enough in Sydney

    Hi all I've just been offered a job in Sydney as a Joiner / Cabinet maker. With a sponsorship 457 visa. I've been offered $25 per hour with super. Would me and my wife be able to live on this kind of wage. My wife will eventually get a job also as well. But my son who already lives there says $1000 per week isn't enough to live on. Can anyone give me an idea of what a Joiner in Sydney would expect to be paid. Thanks Martin
  21. Guest

    vic smp in a week!!!!!!

    hi all iv'e just read my emails and got one from victoria gov to grant us state sponsor!!! I'm so excited,scared happy because only applied last tuesday and thought had minimum 12 weeks wait!!!! Visa application here we come.....OMG!!!!!!:eek:
  22. Not sure if this is the right thread to post this. Quote from the website: FREE ACCESS Immigration records - 29th August - 5th September We’re giving you a ticket to follow your travelling ancestors all over the world, absolutely FREE! From 29th August to 5th September, you can search and view all our immigration records – without paying a penny! http://www.ancestry.co.uk/
  23. Hi PIO, thought I would post an update since spending our first week in Sydney. After travelling what felt like forever (in reality it was only 22 hours including a quick turnaround in Bangkok) we landed at 8 am in Sydney and got through both immi and customs without a second glance. The customs lady did ask us if we had any sausages (???) but we were let through once she was satisfied nothing was hiding in our pockets... my husband has been laughing about this since, of all the things we could have been carrying they were concerned about a few bangers! Unfortunately our hotel wouldn't let us check in until the afternoon so we decided to drive into Sydney centre to have a look around. Seeing the city, opera house etc was quite surreal at that time of the morning and with all that jet lag! Took advantage of being in town to collect our bank cards from NAB having already opened the account online and just wandered round in awe. After spending a lot of dollars on parking we vowed solemnly to always take the train from here on... Husband popped into work to say hello and they have been very good and let him off all afternoons so we can find a house. This has been an interesting experience. All I can say is that if you want somewhere half decent it is going to be expensive. My husband is based in Yagoona but we didn't want to live here and have looked at the Hills area finally settling on Winston Hills. Most places we saw at the $500 mark I wouldn't have let a dog sleep there, and in England I believe squatters may even have turned their noses up. I am not kidding when I say this. We saw cupboards hanging off hinges, peeling wood, manky carpets and bathrooms from museum era, the lot. Luckily finally found a house yesterday that is clean and has modern kitchen and bathroom and since none of the other viewers seemed interested we placed the application there and then and got a call 10 minutes later to say we had been approved. Although it is not the house of our dreams, it will be a decent stopping point until we have got our bearings and understood exactly where we would like to live. Yesterday we drove out to Coogee to see the beach and signed up with the local diving club, we are both experienced divers and this is one of our main priorities! Tony who met us was so friendly and we have already been invited to a club BBQ on the 14th Sept which will be good to make some friends. Coogee and Bondi are really pretty and it seemed like a good place to escape too to get out of town. Also drove out to Eastern Creek to see the 3 fat cats. One recognised us as we were walking down the path and meowed his little head off! the other two played hard to get and basically let us know they were not amused, but they are all well and we will look forward to collecting them on 9th Sept. The attendants at quarantine are fantastic, so patient, and this really does make a difference. So far it all still seems quite surreal, we have had a fairly balanced week with ups and downs, a few stressy moments but all in all we are coping well. It will be good to move into the house and start to establish a routine again and of course get the cats home. This weekend we are shopping for a sofa bed (thank goodness for Ikea) and some other bits and pieces, then having dinner in Sydney with husband's boss and Sunday we hope to book a whale watching trip from the harbour. Sorry it is a bit long but after all the support I have received on here I wanted to give something back! Will update more as the adventure continues. xxx
  24. :embarrassed:Help ive told my daughters school she isnt going back after 6 week holidays as we will probley have our visa's by then but not so sure as we will now had our medicas 20thjuly says finalized in diac 23rd july we have co but no sign of visa yet not sure how long we will be waiting now in panic as she has no school in september as i told her school she isnt going back dont no what todo now i know there is still time and might get it before september but not confident we will as seems like we have been waiting for ages and other sre getting theres within days of meds ?
  25. Hi, Just wanted to put it out there that we are looking for a 2 week holiday let from 2 Feb - 17 Feb for just me and my wife while we check out the suburbs for ideas of where we want to live later on next year. Obviously we dont want to pay through the nose but please get in touch if you can recommend anywhere or put me in touch with anyone who can help! Dont want to be in the city but want to be where we can easily explore north and south of Perth. Thanks in advance Gary & Sue:hug: