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Found 14 results

  1. Hey there everyone, Would love any advise you guys have, here it goes... Hubby & I have family in perth, butler & we would love to join them, problem is don't know were to start. Husband is a qualified panel-beater of 8yrs so i'm guessing this helps as its on the list. (well thats if its not changed) I'v heard hubby could get a sponsorship, heard dif things on this (aunt was saying employee's sometimes include, visa's, shipping, flights etc, too good to be true I thought?:nah:) This would be fab as money is tight:mad:. Also seen on here something to do with state sponsorship? is that the same as employee sponsorship? sorry if its a silly ? :unsure: I'm guessing only other option is holiday working visa, were both 24 & have no kids so i'm guessing thats an option. again wasn't sure on pro's & con's lol! As you can see, i'm useless & need help, tried speaking to family but i'm getting different stories everytime. Tried google too all I keep finding is companys trying to act as agents looking for £££ or should I say $$$. Please help any1, thanks in advane :hug: KellyandAnthony
  2. Guest

    A Wee update!

    Hey PIO friends, A quick update as I've not been posting much recently due to all kinds of things which I won't bore you with. Anyway rather than post on all the different threads I will be arrogant enough to presume that there are one or two of you who might be interested enough to read this single thread dedicated to ME! so here are the headlines: House hasn't sold - dropped the price by 50k and still no viewers - not just me as the whole market here is dire so decided that if it doesn't sell in the next fortnight then I will rent it out! Crown relocation come next Thursday/Friday to pack everything up and send it on it's merry little way to Adelaide, apparently it is booked to sale on 2nd June and arrives on the 24th July which is one month after we get there, hopefully giving us time to find a rental - we are heading down to England for three weeks to be with family before leaving on the 20th June. My twin boys are in the middle of their Scottish 'Highers' which will hopefully be enough to get them into Adelaide Uni (however not based on the amount of revision they have been doing!) Finally purchased new business in Essex last week (a letting agency currently called 'The Lettings office') No thanks to the bank who were an absolute nightmare. we will be using this company as a way expanding our Scottish based letting agency (LET-it) into England - Crazy thing to do just before I leave to go permanently to Aus but there we go! Melanie - the diets not been going so well as I am 15st 5lb just now - mainly down to the stress and bad eating that brings!! Plans for the church in Gawler are progressing- we're going to take a couple of months to settle in and then begin the task of developing a church that people actually enjoy going to!! I will try to post a bit more once the mahem dies down (someone please tell me it does die down) but that's it for now! Daniel
  3. For a start hello this is my first post! :biggrin: Ok I will be beginning the process of a possible move to Oz (WA) starting Monday with an interview with ARG (Australia Railroad Group). Now they will be providing myself with a 457 visa and a 2 year contract. I understand I have to purchase Private Medicare insurance. I myself am fully fit but my partner and my youngest boy have complaints... My partner has suffered with bad Asthma throughout her life and is permanently on inhalers to keep this at bay but, very occationaly she needs to be placed on a nebuliser as it can become very bad. My youngest boy (22months) had Talipes (club feet), and has had operations to help correct this and is currently in corrective boots. This means he may need medical assistance until he is possibly 12 years old. Leading me to a question. What sort of cost extra would be placed on us for these conditions? Any help, any `ball park` figures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tony :cool:
  4. Hi I am sure there is someone out there that can help us. So many of you are very kind about helping out us thickos! We have been trawling the internet for weeks. OH has the skills and the family willing to sponsor us for Queensland. We have looked into this visa - 475 temporary family sponsored but there doesn't seem to be much help concerning the conditions. Would I be able to work, going on my husband's visa? Also we would be emigrating with our 16 year old daughter and I can't find info on whether she would be able to work aswell if she finished school. Now I know it is a temporary visa but when you are in Oz (hopefully) can you apply for permanent residency after a certain time, or can you extend your temporary visa. Can you apply for permanent residency if you are over 45 but were granted a temporary visa when you were 44? OH is 45 in September so we are on a time limit!!!! If you have been working in a job for 3 years, been model citizens and want to stay- will the Government just chuck you out? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. We moved over to qsd early february being told we could enrol our 17 year old daughter into local school to complete year 12...........after visiting school she wil not attend due to her being the eldest in her class. the school suggested she go to TAFE. Now she has been informed she has missed the january intake and been told she cant attend until JULY !!!!!!!!!!!! We are desperate for her to make friends...........if things dont turn around she will be back in the UK and not return until July, we cant face that, if she goes we all go. Any advice please.
  6. Guest

    Another Wee Rumour

    I almost spat me tea out this morning when I heard the new rumour about me. (I should be used to it by now). According to the grinding rumour mill, I've got another username on here called Earlswood! Laughed, I almost cried! As far as I am aware Earlwood is enjoying himself back in the Uk, deepest darkest Englandshire and I'm here in WA. Still I just thought I'd clear it up and can confirm that neither me nor of any of the other mods are Earlswood. He very much his own man! Anyway I did have a chuckle to myself. Tim
  7. Guest

    a wee update

    after speaking with an advisor with immunit.com there is definately no way i can get in on the normal skills visa . my next option is to go on a 457 visa with a sponsor , is this a good visa ? and will it be quite hard to find a sponsor ? also whilst i am in on this visa can i apply for a permanent visa right away or will i need to wait a year or so ? i was also in contact with a hire agency called extraman , anybody know of them or dealt with them ? apparantly they can get me my visa and get someone to sponsor me , without getting to excited is this correct ? i imagine if this is the case i would have to work for someone on minimum wage or this is what i`m thinking anyway . i`m now waiting on more information from extraman so not sure where i stand just yet
  8. Guest

    We'e got our visas!!!!

    WOO HOOO!!! Our visas have finally been granted! Got a phone call from agent this morning to tell us the good news. We were told just last week by agent that it could take as long as 12 months from lodging application, we lodged it last December so has taken around 10 months. We're so excited, just got to break the news to the parents now...Cheers!!
  9. Guest

    Just a wee update

    I am sorry I have not been on for so long. I have popped in a couple of times just to catch up. We have been here nearly 5 weeks now. I have to be honest and say I have had a few wobbles and wanted to book return flights a couple of times. All is fine now. I have a very positive OH who has left his entire family behind so if anyone should be homesick it is him. The 2 boys are now settled in their new school. We had to buy all their books and stationery as well as their school uniform. It is quite a laid back school life here, which suits my eldest just fine and for the first time ever he has a man teacher who he really likes. We have been staying at my dads but tomorrow pick up the keys to our rental in Kallaroo. Our container arrived 4 weeks to the day and cleared within a week and is being delivered on Wednesday. We used Pickfords and so far so good. OH is happy as watching the football, so not much really changed. Weather has been lovely last week or 2, got up to 23 today which is not bad for winter! I hope all you PIOers are fine and getting further along with your Visas and selling your houses. Claire
  10. Guest

    2 wee questions xxxxxxxxxxx

    hi all, just a quick one to see if anyone can help out in the matter of shipping. we have looked at a few options in regards to shipping and are a bit confused. has anyone went down the sharing a container route and if so would you advise it? And secondly if you are still with me, is we have been advised not to take more than $10,000 aus dollars with us for tax purposes but we are selling our property and hope to have alot more than this which was intended for a deposit for a house when we reach that stage in oz. is it better to leave money in an account in the uk untill needed to transfer or is it possible to set up an australian bank account before we go. any info would be great thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:spinny:
  11. Hi Folks, Just had a quote back from a firm with a price for emigrating our beloved and much pampered moggie. I CANNOT believe that it could cost nearly £1000 to get her there and that's without the quaratine costs over in Melbourne (I mean she doesn't even get a seat or a 3 course on the flight!). Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for making it cheaper??? We can't contempalte leaving her here, but by the same token it is hard to justify 5% of your total emigration budget on a lovable ball of fluff. Help! :huh:
  12. gilliantay

    The 'wee' hours

    let me start by saying thanks to all who replied to my 'stressed' post........... I seem to be making a habit of this - sitting at the computer into the small hours but there is good reason tonight (or not so good reason !!!) Turned up at the hospital for my night shift and some plonker had changed the off duty and omitted to tell me (I have a sneaky suspicion who) so I am back home and not in the least bit tired (due to the fact that I had a long lie in yesterday):wideeyed:. Anyway, back to the important stuff - OZ - No, I have still not heard about the STNI - 1 week until the 8 week deadline so fingers crossed. Anyone knowledgable regarding the Subclass 475 (regional sponsored) ? For those of you who know me, I am rapidly approaching the grand old age of 45 but would much rather be sponsored regionally than sponsored by an employer. I would hate to end up in a job that I loathed and fall short on gaining full visa status. I am waiting to hear from the Victorian skilled migration programme - anyone esle applying through this route ???? I understand the pitfalls of applying this way - no medicare (or basic), unable to buy property for a while etc, etc........the list goes on. Makes me wonder at times if I am totally bonkers. Oh, just remembered - I imagine my application to Nurses board of victoria will be returned as my Senior charge nurse named herself 'senior charge nurse' instead of 'manager' on my work statement. She did manage to write that we were an English speaking hospital and I can speak English - I wonder if they realise that up here in Bonnie Scotland we haven't found electricity yet (only joking) I think I have lost the plot now:chatterbox: and need to go to my bed Gill (40 something harassed nurse), Jimmy (OH - also 40 something) and Scott (12 going on 92)
  13. Guest

    Nintendo Wee

    Ok not a totally serious thread but all the same I am slightly confused with all this technical stuff and what will and won't work in Oz. Therefore if I were to buy a Nintendo Wee in the UK would this work on an Australian TV. Perhaps they are all built the same and will work work anywhere in the world.. Writing my birthday list and need to know if to put it on there or not.. Why should us Adults need grow up!!! :jimlad: Shani
  14. Guest

    W II (wee) games

    Hi guys, are we better off getting a WEE system here in UK or over in OZ, what are they retailing for out there? I'm assuming that the UK ones are completely compatable for over in oz. Cheers Debbie