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Found 34 results

  1. Hi guys, my partner and I are applying for the pmv in a couple of months (august) but are stuck on how to choose a wedding date? The aussie gvt website says currently 75% of applicants are processed in 13 months, 95% in 19 months. With the 9 month window to get married once approved, how do I choose a date to get married? It could basically be any time from sept 2019 to dec 2020 :S It seems that we need the wedding organised with dates, venue and the officiant all booked, right? I'm so worried i'll organise a wedding too late or too early, and not have the visa for it.
  2. PerfectPerth

    A wedding in Perth

    Hello fellow Poms! My partner and I emigrated to Perth 2 years ago and have recently become engaged :laugh: We would love to get married in Perth as we love it here and class WA as home. We've had a great response from people back in the UK that if we give enough notice...would make the effort to travel over for our wedding. I would love some advice from fellow poms that have got married over here. I would also love any suggestions on venues for small, outdoor weddings! We are currently considering Margaret River but wondering if it would be a logistical nightmare with overseas guests...other locations could be swan valley, rottnest etc. Hope to hear from you! :wink:
  3. Hi all, Our PMV has been granted with a deadline of 5/9/12 which is great news. However, my partner has some concerns over the "wedding" details. We are considering having a small, intimate ceremony for the 2 of us with 2 witnesses to legalise our marriage prior to having a more extravagant ceremony with family and friends in the future. BUT, she is concerned that a small wedding day wont have the meaning or emotion that it should. Unfortunately the visa deadline dictates that we must get married by 5/9/12 in order to stay together in Australia and this is proving a worry for her. Any advice is much appreciated......
  4. Guest

    Wedding in Oz

    Hiya, I can't find any relevant places to post my issues so thought I'd start a new thread! Is anyone else planning a wedding in Oz? We're geting married in December and have lots of family coming over from the UK. So many things to consider, the dollar has been crap lately which has meant a lot of our guests couldn't afford to come and the ones that are are all on tight budgets! WE've been here for nearly 8 years so feel pretty Aussie these days but finding a lot of problems with people's expectations for a wedding here. Would love your thoughts if you're in the same boat. :cute:
  5. Hi to all out there near Perth.We are coming over for the wedding of our eldest son Paul in April 2012.We have 3 sons here in the UK,and poss 2 partners to house when we come over,so are looking for a house to swop any where around the Perth area. We live in Formby.near Liverpool.UK.Formby is quite an well thought of area with many footballers from Liverpool and Everton living in the area,so house prices are very good with all ranges from smal, to £3 million plus.We are 12 miles from Liverpool and 8 from Southport.By car both the Lakes and Wales are only a couple of hours away.Our house sleeps 8 adults,and has all mod cons you would expect.New kitchen and upstairs bathroom installed in the last 2 years.Our 2006 Ford Mondeo can also be included.The date of the wedding is 7th April,but poss 3/4 of our party would like to stay for say 4 weeks if possible.Our party may be reduced to 5 depending on work needs of one of our other sons and his partner. Hope there is a family from OZ who would like to visit the UK for a month in APRIL.2012,and save a lot of money.My email adress is dennyevo@talktalk.net.look forward to hearing from you soon.:
  6. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if I could ask a little favour please! I am getting married in March to my fabulous fella and we have found our photographer. They're currently running a competition to get some money off their price and a free album afterwards. I'm sure that all of you who are already married appreichate just how much costs add up, so we're trying anything we can to save a few dollars! If anyone has facebook accounts, I would be sooooooo grateful if you could go to the 'White Canvas Photography' page, 'like' it, and then write something on their wall - can be anything, but please say that 'Anna & Stuart sent you' to count as a vote for us! http://www.facebook.com/whitecanvasphotography?sk=wall Thank you so much - Hope that it was ok to post this here?! Anna x
  7. Hi everyone, I am currently in Australia on a tourist visa. My partner (Aussie citizen) and I plan to get married. I recently took a trip overseas and when I re-entered Oz, an Immigration agent took me aside and said I was misusing my tourist visa. What I am wondering is this: my partner and I were planning a wedding, possibly overseas, in a few months. If I leave the country, get married, and then attempt to reenter Oz, will Immigration accept our marriage certificate and allow me to enter and then apply for a spousal visa? Or do I risk getting denied admittance? If there is a risk, would a civil ceremony first (while onshore) and then immediate spousal application solve it? Note: we didn't apply for a de facto visa because we are marrying sooner than the 12-months of living together required for that visa. Like a lot of couples on this forum, the thought of being separated from my partner is a dreadful one yet I also understand that I need to respect the law. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks! LB
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm getting married in december and was wondering if anybody knew of or have hired black london cabs or similar pom'mobile for your wedding? I've done a quick search online and have found one company but they're charging $1,000.... Very grateful for any help! Cheer guys, been reading for a while, great site! Wilbert
  9. Guest

    Royal Wedding

    Any one in the Mordialloc meeting up to watch the wedding?
  10. pablo

    Royal wedding,watching?

    Just wondering will the majority on here be watching THE wedding? i reckon as far as PIO goes it will be a big majority YES,fair do's,each to their own,me? im working as a fluffer tomoz on a new gay adult movie "Gladiators in goosefat":cute:,thats how much im looking forward to it.
  11. Nick and sez

    Julia Gillard At Royal wedding.

    Watching the royal wedding today, i saw Aussie PM Julia Gillard, she looked great in her out fit and i think did Australia proud as their representitive.. many people may not have liked the wedding but i think Will and kate have done more PR today for a stuffy outdated monarchy than in 30 years..... Love them or hate them, the new Royal couple are a breath of fresh air amd maybe will be the key to the commonwealth staying together.... Hopefully the Queen will pass it straight over to Prince William and not Charles... William will make a good KING, I did not see anyone else in OZ after the floods apart from Wills, forget the pomp and pangentry, today was a good day your PM Julia Gillard did Australia Proud..:yes:
  12. What's your royal wedding guest name? Start with either Lord or Lady. Your first name is one of your grandparents' names. Your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barrelled with the first street you lived in... I would introduce myself as Lady Lois Lad-Leontes
  13. Well, with my kids, but nobody to drink and bitch with...poor me:sad: Perhaps I'll hang around here.....:eek:
  14. The Ozcans

    For All The Wedding Fans.....

    This is the order of service with coats of arms and a photo by Testino at the end. http://cde.cerosmedia.com/1G4db6de7f30814652.cde On a lighter note, how about working out your Royal Wedding Guest Name? a, Lord or Lady b, One of your grandparent's names c, Your surname is the name of your first pet and the name of the street you grew up on So that would make me... Lady Elsie Peter-Myers........................not very posh me!!!!
  15. HRH and Miss Middleton are getting married as you know, i am dying to know if people in OZ will watch the wedding or dont even care...:SLEEP: My mate Travis from Benleigh,QLZ(GoldCoast) says that most aussies dont care, i am just wondering if thats true or do the Aussies love the royal family... Will you or wont you watch.... Ps It costs me a day wages but my daughters get a street party... im not bothered about it as i lose money... but many people love it... its like marmite( Love it or hate it)..:biglaugh: I think do that HRH Wills should have had a hair implant though for the big day..:biglaugh: Cheers Nick..:jimlad:
  16. Hi there, I am a journalist interested in what celebrations people are putting on for the grand Royal Wedding. I would love to know if you have started preparations for a street party. Kind Regards, Rachael
  17. Guest

    Royal wedding help needed

    Hello. I am writing a newspaper story about royal wedding memorabilia. Does anyone know either a shop that collects it, or a collector in Victoria? In addition, does anyone know of someone planning a royal wedding party? Ring Carolyn. Ph: 03 8667 2134.
  18. Guest

    Royal wedding souvenirs

    Hello. Is anyone a royal wedding souvenir collector? Seeking someone living in Victoria to interview for a newspaper story. Also seeking people staging royal wedding parties.
  19. cs259cr

    Royal wedding

    Hi, with the royal wedding not far away I was wondering if anyone knew if it is going to be shown live anywhere or some events held for it. I just think it might be fun to attend something like that, Cx
  20. The Ozcans

    Wedding Date

    A date for your diary...... Friday 29th April - bank holiday - 4 day w/end. (Plus a 4 day w/end at Easter.) Laissez les bons temps rouler! Royal wedding date set for 29 April | UK news | guardian.co.uk
  21. Bobj

    A Wedding

    Well folks, Maybeamy (Nicola) got married yesterday at Roxby Downs, Sarf Orstraylya, yesterday...doubt the the young lady will be on PIO for a while, but... All the best to you and yours, our lass. Cheers, Bobj.
  22. Guest

    Wedding cake

    I kept the top tier of my wedding cake (from many moons ago). I will never eat it but would be upset if I had to bin it. Can I take it with me to OZ? Mandy
  23. My partner is already in Oz on the temp 309 prospective marraige visa, and we will have our wedding in less than a month. In July that 309 visa is going to expire, so I presume we have more paper work, evidence to submit and fees to pay to move onto the PR stage. Simple basic information seems impossible to find in the DIAC website. The question we cant find an answer to is - after the wedding what on Earth do we do next? Do DIAC contact us and say we need to send in this? I sure cant find any instructions on DIAC's website. The best they say is when you apply for a 309 visa you are also applying for the 100 at the same time - or something like that. Thanks
  24. Guest

    Wedding Insurance

    Hi, My partner and I (Irish & English ) are permanent residents in Oz. We are getting married in Dublin later this year and would like to get wedding insurance. However, the Irish insurance companies are saying that we need to be residing in Ireland, and Australian companies will not insure us overseas. So we seem to be stuck in limbo. Has anyone got experience in this matter? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  25. sheryl12

    off to my sons wedding!!!!!!

    with all the changes going on over the last few days (im still not sure how it affects us) just thought i would share my happiness!!! im off to windsor inthe morning to attend my sons wedding on the 13th, hes in the army so we are having the do at the barracks lol!!! should be fun,i think my twin 18 yearolds are looking forward to it :wink:lol.will fill you all in on monday!!! we all need something to look forward to in these uncertain times!!!! hope i posted this in the right place:biggrin: shez x