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Found 36 results

  1. Hi all, we are heading out in january, DH on 3 mth prob and we have decided that we will all go together and rent a holiday home for 3 months. Can any suggest where to find fully furnished holiday rental in Perth?
  2. You know them sites that run offers from businesses as long as x amount of people buy the offer. What are them sites, for Perth specifically. Example, massage at xyz salon usually $100 on offer at $45 as long as 300 are sold. Thanks
  3. Being the good Husband I am I kindly bought my Wife a Kindle E reader for her birthday. I have been looking at the amazon website and I found a great book with some great readers reviews. Didgeridoos and Didgeridon'ts: A Brit's Guide to Moving Your Life Down Under. I downloaded the book and its great.. Easy to read with some great links and advce. Well worth a look in my opinion..anyway here is some links I found that are for the book, the writer Vicky Gray's blog and a magazine that I had not heard of before http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1905430531?tag=leanmarketing-21&camp=2902&creative=19466&linkCode=as4&creativeASIN=1905430531&adid=0ZHNB0PWBE5291YAMVCN& http://australiauncovered.com/ http://www.australiamagazine.co.uk/ http://www.getmedownunder.com/ I haven't looked through all the sites so cannot comment on their content but they looked quite helpful to me
  4. Hi there. Wondering if anyone can tell me how to migrate to Australia!? :err: Sorry, I'll be a bit for specific. :wubclub: Basically I've been trying to apply online to migrate to Australia for the past few months. But, I'm completely lost. I've got no idea which websites are decent and safe. I've tried going on the official Australia government website and even though they give you the requirements I cant actually find links. Also other websites for migration applications seem to ask for cash first and service later! Not a problem but quality service and safety is priority before I start handing cash over. I'm 27 years old, a fully qualified welder and single. So I know I meet at least some of the requirements. Plus I've been to Australia before on a Working Holiday Visa back in 2006. So I know this is what I want :yes: Any and all advise would be fully grateful on my part. :notworthy: Jonny
  5. Hi all you PIO'ers in Perth, Can anyone give me some good websites about the suburbs of Perth, or smaller community's about 1 hours commute to cbd. At the moment I have been trying to looking at Rockingham, Morley and place called Secret Harbour but I think this might too far for commuting. Also from what I have read, they say the northern suburbs of Perth are better areas, is this true or not??? We are a family with two children aged 3 and 5, so naturally looking for a family orientated community/area. So any suggestions would be great. I have been doing searches on google but can't come up with anything worth reading. Thanks, Mandisfam
  6. Hi, I wondered if anyone had any experience of the subscription based websites that state they advertise premium sponsorship roles? Not sure if it's worth it or not? Thanks in advance. Tracy
  7. Hi All We are due to move over in December (457 fingers crossed) and will be staying with my sister in law and husband in Mona Vale. We would like to rent in the same area in January or February and have been looking on Domain.com and Realestate.com, but there does not seem to be too much about. Does anyone else have any suggestions for good sources to find a 3 bedroom house on the north shore. Thanks Rob
  8. Guest

    Comparison Websites?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone new of any good websites in Australia similar to moneysavingexpert.com for the uk? Thanks H :-)
  9. Hi All. Yet another heavy post, but very, very important, well at lest in my opinion. We all know that there are several websites out there that deal with kiddy porn etc, and extreme sexual violence, and as far as I am aware the authorities are doing what they can to shut these down. Never ending battle I imagine, but nonetheless a war that needs to be carried out. BUT, looking at a report on the early news that a poor kid went onto a website where suicide and how to do it is encouraged. She found on there a young lad who decided to take his own life along with her, they gassed themselves in their car. The girl involved was suffering from depression and anorexia but the poor fellas dad had NO idea why he had done it. I am not speaking of the websites where suicide is discussed, NOT encouraged, I am speaking of the sites that actively 'recruit' and help some people take the ultimate step. Its not just these types of sites etc, there are many out there, anorexia, self harming, (encouraging this type of behavior) etc, there is even one where believe it or not concentrates on how to get sexual gratification from strangling another person. I KNOW that it is a big bad world and to try and close down these types will be a long battle, one that may never be won, but the funny thing is hat a lot of these sites are perfectly legal and above board. In my naivety I reckon that enough isn't being done by the authorities. Surely, even if it is losing battle the authorities could be doing more, much more. I realise that a very tiny minority use these sites, but they prey on the vulnerable and people who are at the lowest ebb in their lives at that particular time. To understand the mindset of the people that use these sites is very difficult unless you have been there, but at the end of the day the MOST vulnerable should be our main concern. It just seeks a little worrying that in these modern tomes these sites are somewhat ignored, either because they are 'legal', too difficult to close down, or really are the vulnerable really that insignificant that the powers that be will cast them aside. Once again it seems as a country (community) we are ignoring the most important aspect of any culture, and that is to make sure those less fortunate have at their disposal the means and support nessacary to help them through a very difficult time. In no way am I having a go at the health authorities, more the government (s) of many many years. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  10. Hi Guys I have put a couple of posts on here in the past when I have come across employers willing to sponsor. Anyway I was looking on Gumtree and typed in sponsorship in the search box and to be honest there were a few all in different parts of Australia and for different occpations including, chefs, childcare, social workers and recruitment consultants to name but a few, unfortunately none for me as a hairdresser, so I thought I would let people know, you never know it could just help someone make it out to Oz. Hope this is of some help to people. Free Classifieds | Buy, Sell, Jobs, Property & More | Gumtree Sydney Thanks Mandy
  11. Heathfamily

    Australian news websites

    Hi all, I am looking for some Austrailian news websites, like BBC, ITV, SKY, local news sites etc that we have in the UK so I can see whats going on over in Australia, particularly in the Perth, Western Austrailia areas.
  12. Well, decided to have a go at tracing family as there is a 14 day free trial... Anyway can anyone help? My dad was adopted from birth in 1948 and discovered he was born in Liverpool. Is there anyway of tracing the names of his birth parent(s) without getting the birth certificate? I have tried to look on the family tree websites without success. However his marriage to my mum shows up and says birthplace Oldham (where both families are originally from) Any suggestions or help would be great.:confused:
  13. Can anyone recommend good books or websites for research into areas in Western Australia? :unsure: I do already have a few books & many links to websites, which I will gladly share if anyone else wants to know them...? But im looking for more please! :cute:
  14. [WRAP]http://i1012.photobucket.com/albums/af245/rob_williams_photo/immi-website2.jpg[/WRAP]If you've been unable to access any of the Australian Goverment websites this week, then the likely reason is as a result of cyber attacks from the activist group known as 'anonymous'. The group has been protesting at the Australian Governments plans to filter all internet traffic in the country. A spokesman for the group said they used a Distributed Denial of Service attack, involving about 500 people. The goverment websites were intermittently unavailable on the 10th & 11th & the group say that the attacks will continue. Anonymous is protesting against the Govt's plan to apply a country-wide filter to block certain content by 2011. In a separate censorship move Senator Conroy (The minister for broadband, communications and the digital economy, who ) has also contacted Google requesting that the company begins to filter YouTube content in Australia. Google says that while it complies with the laws of the individual countries in which it has a presence, it would only investigate and consider removing content after receiving a "valid legal request" about something already posted on the site. "YouTube is a platform for free expression. We have clear policies about what is allowed and not allowed on the site."
  15. Hi I wonder if anyone can recommend any websites or books to research suburbs please? Just as a starter really
  16. Hi everyone, My wife and I arrived in Melbourne last month on working holiday visas, but with the current job market have had trouble finding work (we've been through all the agencies, handed out CVs, applied on all the usual websites). Anyway, as a hobby-business back home I did some website designing and thought that may be something I could make a bit of pocket money with while I'm here. Does anyone need a website doing, or know anybody that might? My rates will be pretty reasonable! Examples available on request. Andy
  17. :wink: Ok so its been a while since this has been done so i thought id start the process again..your top sites that have been helpfull on the way to oz or while your there, or even going back ! 1 www.reawa.com.au 2 www.seek.com.au 3 www.dogwalks.com.au 4 www.rightmove.co.uk well they were and still are mine , add on folks ! not forgetting pio of course lol
  18. This might be somewhat off topic but would anyone have any ideas as to how receptive Australia would be to a Clinical Hypnotherapist such as myself? I also teach I.T. to alcohol and drug dependent clients. We're still at the early stages of having qualifications checked by the ACS (my partner is the main applicant). At the moment my partner and I have two definite places in mind: Albury NSW or Emerald VIC. Emerald would be good (but expensive) and Albury I like, but not sure as to how much business I could attract there, and work for my partner might not be so easy to come by (she currently works as Online Art Director and website designer for one of the UK's largest financial institutions). If we do decide on Albury then we'd also be looking at running a B&B as a main part of our income. All thoughts appreciated. Alan
  19. Taz2008

    A list of useful websites

    I know that you have probably all spent many hours searching the internet for websites which have good information on Australia and trawled though many pages to find information on the things you need to know before, during and after you immigrate to Australia. The one thing I have found difficult is finding information, books or videos which show the area in which we want to move to... Well today I have come across a website which I have found very interesting and thought it would be good to set up a thread whereby everyone can leave information of website which they feel are useful. I have not had time to go through all the information and videos as I have only just come across the site, but the information I have found on it so far has been easy to read and appears to have a personal touch. There are several videos the lady has made which you can watch for free and lots more stuff and she covers all areas of Australia... So I thought it would be nice for us to all share any interesting websites we have found that may be of interest to other PIO users. I shall start with this one; www.livingdownunder.net :wubclub:
  20. Does anyone know of any good websites that are good for childrens research into Australia? :wideeyed: I am trying to keep my kid's occupied (for 5 minutes) In the school holidays...:cute: Any suggestions will be gratefully recieved
  21. What are the main recruitment agencies and websites for Australia, and in particular, the Central Coast of NSW? I know there is Seek, Career One and MyCareer but of those three only Seek seems to be updated or have any somewhat suitable jobs on. Are there any others which are good? Footprint Recruitment are TERRIBLE and even though I've registered with them there is never anyone available to talk and they never return calls however many times I ring and I have just about given up on them! Long shot now but I don't suppose anyone has any sort of work going on the Central Coast which is admin, customer service, media, reception or even shop work?!!
  22. Can you all please suggest some websites that i can use to price up flights and package holidays flying from Oz in both within Australia and outside of it? Many thanks Emma x
  23. zoeburrell

    Flight price comparison websites??

    A bit of an extention to the thread 'who to fly with'.... does anyone know of any good flight websites? Obviously there's good old ebookers, expedia and travelsupermarket, I just wondered if anyone knew somewhere we can get cheaper flight prices? Every penny counts these days Thanks in advance! Zoe xx
  24. Please can anybody give me any help with good websites to search for properties around the Sydney area? Thanks Kathryn
  25. Dawn75

    Job websites

    Hi, does anyone know of any good jobseeking websites ? My hubby is a carpenter and we looked on www.seek.com.au and I google searched for job websites but didnt find many carpentry jobs in Perth. Although too early to apply just want to get a feel of whats out there and wages etc. Didnt know if there were any sites anyone can recommend ? Thank you. Dawn x:smile: