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Found 123 results

  1. Hi all We are eligible to become citizens here now, and we need to proceed so my kids can apply for student loans - my eldest is currently coming towards the end of year 11, so we need to get on. Is it just me, or does the page/site never work? I get permanent sever errors here: if anyone has any sinight here on when is a good time to look, please let me know! Thanks in advance Matt
  2. Guest

    ACS - RPL Help website

    Hi all you IT Geeks (this is said with much love as my oh is an IT geek) and IT Geek's partners..... Has anyone used this website RPLHelp - provides assistance to anyone who is preparing an Australian Computer Society (ACS) Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application for assessment for migration, including example CBOK sections, project reports and references. to help them fill in the ACS RPL application form. Im a bit confused with the CBOK stuff. If anyone thinks they might help, can you either post or pm me, before I start asking questions. Thanks, Mandisfam (IT Geek's Wife)
  3. Hi all! I am a 27 year old Graphic/Web/UI/Visual Designer (I fit into all those job categories!) with a Graphic Design degree under my belt and years of experience working full time as well as freelance. I visited Australia back in 2012 on a Working Holiday Visa, worked freelance for a few Australian clients, and also did some retail work, but I only stayed 7 months (which seems a long time to me anyway!) due to personal circumstances. After living the lifestyle, and also having family members in Oz, I'd now like to move there and find design employment. I'd happily work freelance or full time. However, although there are lots of suitable jobs around all across Australia, many state that you will of course need eligibility to work in Australia. But I'd need a company to sponsor me. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on finding sponsored work as a Designer please? Shall I continue to apply for jobs on sites like Seek and just tell them I'd like them to sponsor me? Or should I be going down better, alternative routes to find sponsored work? I'd really appreciate any advice, thank you in advance! Dale
  4. lucylou1

    Need a web designer

    I need a recommendation for a great web designer or if anyone on here is a web designer?? I would like to get a website designed and would interested in hearing from anyone who could help me do this....thanks :biggrin:
  5. Is anyone else having problems resuming an applicaiton on the WA website? When I try to open our application to complete it, the webpage cannot be displayed...
  6. CockneyRebel

    This website is subject of research

    How about this??? This website is now a major talking point/case study!:notworthy: http://www.smh.com.au/national/homesick-and-away-pingpong-poms-bounce-back-to-the-old-dart-20111031-1ms93.html
  7. I am upgrading my TV from a 42 Plasma to a new smart TV and after checking retail prices across all the stores for a particular model, I was recommended this website. It is the online shop of a well known local retailer (Melbourne based) and the prices are significantly cheaper. Just thought I'd share. http://www.webprice.com.au/
  8. Troy&Kim

    Holiday website

    Hi PIO, Can anyone give me a good website to search for holiday accomidation on the sunshine coast. We have some great sites in the UK for seaching for cheap accomidation. Just need a site so we can have a place to stay for a few weeks when we arrive on the sunshine coast before we find a rental. cheers, Kim
  9. Hi, im new to poms in oz and was wondering if there was anyone i could talk too. I need advice and i want to know what it is like in australia. thanks ...laura.
  10. Hi, All As per DIAC Web Site, DIAC Website outage on 23rd & 26th ,I think DIAC will definate bring some good news for cat 5.....:jiggy: jackd.
  11. Hi Just wondering if anyone has booked accommodation on the stayz website before? I am looking at an apartment in Sydney but it only shows persons name and mobile number and they want us to pay for the 4 weeks upfront to secure the apartment. Not sure if its a con or not.......
  12. hi, i'm trying to check the status of our application on the DIAC website on this page: https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/inquiry/query/query.do?action=eVisa but when I use the drop down box to click on my country there is nothing there for UK, England, Great Britain...! Am I on the wrong screen? Can anyone advise? cheers
  13. Hi Just wondered if anybody can help, I have tried numerous times to make enquiries about holiday rentals on Stayz.com but for some reason it won't let me submit any enquiries as it doesn't like my postcode.....I have tried UK postcode/Aus postcode but it won't accept anything so therefore I cannot enquire!!! Has anyone else had this prob, I'm sure it's something quite simple, just pulling my hair out as we need to get some accomodation booked..... Thanks guys:arghh:
  14. PEDLEY

    DIAC Website problems ..

    Is anyone else getting a different screen to usual when trying to attach a doc to their visa application??? We are getting worried now and the list of docs that we have attached arent showing. :arghh:
  15. Guest

    Is the DIAC website down today?

    Hello everyone I just tried to log on to the DIAC website to check the progress of my application but it seems the site is down. Did anyone face a similar problem today? Thank you
  16. Before I start I am NO computer geek or techo, I think there are several on here who are similar to me who often approach the keyboard with the sign of a crucifix and rosary, but I scrape through somehow, and in as much if I make a balls up of any advice on here then feel free to pull me up on it, :wubclub: BUT. Whilst no expert I have managed to set up some very basic websites over the last few months and whilst not enjoying it immensely once complete I do have a sense of pride in them. Several of them have yet to go live, as I am never happy with them, but sooner or later they will be active and hopefully make a bit of money. I admit that my circumstances are a little different to many as I have to work from home, so I have the ability at times to concentrate on such things, but I guess if something is that important to people they will make the time. My long term objective is to make enough money from the sites that will enable me to concentrate on the more 'passionate' things I believe in,:yes:, bloody long journey but will get there. I guess the them of this thread is to maybe suggest to some that are moving to Australia that whilst it amy be difficult in the short/long term to make money, maybe a website would bring in a few pennies. The subjects are too varied to mention, but lets face it, we are all good at something, expert on something,m or just have a very specilaised idea. My own websites are varied, fishing, travel and the biggy politics. I may NEVER make a fortune at it, but the sites once better known may bring ion say, £50 quid a week, maybe even more. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but hey ho, all helps a bit I guess. Sometimes I think that we look at website design and think it is for 'experts' and to a degree I will agree, but there is so much information out there that the building of a professional package is within most peoples grasp and to tell you the truth, you can fiddle with until you have it just right. Hosting packages etc, are relatively cheap as well. The last sight I set up cost no more than £80 to set up and a tenner a year to host, (some are even free,:yes:) I'm not saying it will ever make you rich, but may help out if you have the time and patience and find yourself a bit tight (money wise) when you arrive in Australia. The world is getting smaller and who knows, you may hit upon an idea that really takes off and you have yourself a new career. PS. I would recommend several companies, books etc, but not sure if this would be classed as advertising, but have a look on the web and some magazines and you will see how easy it can be to get your own website up and running. I realise this is not everyones cup of tea, if truth were known it wasn't mine until recently but really enjoy it now,:jiggy:. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  17. Just FYI: Be a little cautious using Singapore Airlines new website for the timebeing. I booked a flight, selected seats, entered credit card info and hit submit. The session "timed out" and no booking was made, but the money was taken on the CC. Spent a couple of hours trying to convince them that I made a booking, which they eventually located. Had to rebook a new ticket over the phone and pay abother 2500 dollars and then they informed me that I must do seat allocation online (to pay extra for exit rows etc) because they can't. Exit row costs 49 AUD, and I selected 2. The grand total: $732.45...until I hit refresh and then it went down to $343.98...then again to about 150 then to around 600. Finally it stated the right amount, but this generated a system error when I selected 'Pay' I'm now chasing up the refund for the first ticket that was never properly created. Something serioulsy wrong with their payment system and new website (2 days old). Its buggy as hell.
  18. Has anyone signed up to the sponosrship australia website and actually paid? Is it worth it? I have signed up to the free trial but that doesnt give you much info.:chatterbox: Sponsorship Australia
  19. Afternoon everyone! We submitted our 176 visa online on Sat 26th March, we uploaded everything that was required at that time i.e. passport copies, marriage cert, qualifications etc.. However whenever we log back in to track our progress it says this items are still required... Is this normal... How long roughly will it be until we're assigned a Case Officer? Is it the CO who then requests medicals and police checks from us?
  20. Anyone have any idea what's going on with DIAC website?? Haven't been able to access it all day?? Thanks :wacko:
  21. Hey all, Just trying to decide if we should move to WA or SA, when I look up my partners trade and my job on seek website there seems to be a hell of a lot more on WA. We are going on a 176 under my partners trade as a 1st Class welder, when I search his trade there's about 100 in Perth and Only say 12 in Adelaide. His job is on the list for both states, so I wonder why there is such a difference and looking at SA you wouldn't think there was much demand for his trade with what is advertised. I just wonder is its a true picture but I found the same thing on a different site too. Thanks for your help. Lucy:hug:
  22. My application has been with a case office for two months now and was wondering when is a good time to start job hunting? I know it's not worth applying for anything as adverts say only with a visa. Is it worth pasting a CV on some job sites on the off chance and if so which ones are the best. My visa application is for Canberra and playing the waiting game, again!
  23. Anyone know of any good websites for land & build properties in Northern Brisbane?
  24. www.pleasetakemeto.com/australia hi all, just thought you may find this site useful, if you use the main map of oz then pick your destination you get some wonderful pics! enjoy:wubclub:
  25. topturner

    Sa smp update on sa website 5 jan

    Hi All, SA have just updated their website: LATEST NEWS: 5 JAN 2011 Immigration SA would like to announce that the State Migration Plan has now been signed by both the South Australian Minister for Industry and Trade and the Federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. The website and online application form links are being updated today and new applications for sponsorship are expected to be available from this afternoon, South Australian time, 5 January 2011. WHOOOO HOOO, its for real this time.:jiggy: Good Luck to everybody waiting Adele x