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Found 43 results

  1. Hi all! I am a 27 year old Graphic/Web/UI/Visual Designer (I fit into all those job categories!) with a Graphic Design degree under my belt and years of experience working full time as well as freelance. I visited Australia back in 2012 on a Working Holiday Visa, worked freelance for a few Australian clients, and also did some retail work, but I only stayed 7 months (which seems a long time to me anyway!) due to personal circumstances. After living the lifestyle, and also having family members in Oz, I'd now like to move there and find design employment. I'd happily work freelance or full time. However, although there are lots of suitable jobs around all across Australia, many state that you will of course need eligibility to work in Australia. But I'd need a company to sponsor me. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on finding sponsored work as a Designer please? Shall I continue to apply for jobs on sites like Seek and just tell them I'd like them to sponsor me? Or should I be going down better, alternative routes to find sponsored work? I'd really appreciate any advice, thank you in advance! Dale
  2. Careers Join Batteriescenter.com.au : Senior Web Application Developer We have an amazing opportunity for a Web Application Developer to join our growing team as they build and enhance the next generation of client-side, cloud collaborative services for Fortune 1000 companies and innovative startups. We are currently looking to fill a full-time, internal position with a qualified candidate who has passion, superior programming skills, a strong work-ethic, and excellent communication skills. Responsibilities: Observe display screen to detect syntax or logic errors during program test, or use diagnostic software to detect errors Replace, delete, or modify code to correct errors Design, implement, test, and maintain web applications using various technologies Work closely with clients to determine goals Desired Training & Experience: 3-5 years of software engineering experience Comfortable using Agile Methodologies Strong interpersonal and communication skills Sharp analytical and creative thinking skills Technology Stack Requirement: Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python or Java experience JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Web 2.0 language Windows and/or Linux experience Education Requirement: B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent combination of education and experience required. About us Batteriescenter.com.au is the largest laptop battery and charger shop in Australia, it is the industry leader in manufacturing laptop batteries and chargers in the world. http://www.batteriescenter.com.au Contact: adelaalan168 at gmail.com
  3. Hi I am looking for a web designer kind of guy/ gal who is great at forum design. Part of my plans of being self employed in Oz I guess. Don't worry I'm not planning on making a rival migration forum-- love PIO too much and don't think it can get any better. Do send me the contact details of anyone you may know. Also if the designer of this forum sees this please put your hand up-- would love to meet you!
  4. lucylou1

    Need a web designer

    I need a recommendation for a great web designer or if anyone on here is a web designer?? I would like to get a website designed and would interested in hearing from anyone who could help me do this....thanks :biggrin:
  5. Is there anyone out there looking for a Grad with 1st place top honours in 3D animation, and also has quallifications in IT and web design. Great all rounder, he is just looking for a start or anyone have any contatcs that might be interested. Brisbane area:D Trying to help my son inlaw out and maybe find a job:D You don't get if you don't ask. Please:D :notworthy: Cheers Brig :wubclub: X
  6. Hey Guys, wondering if anyone can shed any light. I've noticed over the past few months that there are loads of Front end web designer/developer jobs in Sydney. How is it that these occupations (ASCO category System Designer 2231-13) aren't on the CSL? My ACS results letter is currently on it's way under Systems Designer 2231-31 (fingers crossed) and I was wondering if this occupation would be listed on the new list as there appears to be a high demand particularly in Sydney. Any ideas??
  7. Cat 1 8 Aug 2011 Cat 3 All 2 Aug 2011 Cat 4 175 176 475 Online & paper. 26 Aug 2010 885 886 487 Online 15 May 2011 Paper. 30 Apr 2011 Cat 5 N/A Other 485 Online 8 Feb 2010 Paper 1 Jan 2010
  8. Guest

    New web page

    Just built a new section on my web site dedicated to fish photography with a "how I do it" blurb................if you're interested in that kind of thing. There's some lovely pics (if I say so myself) you haven't yet seen, and more to come http://www.bidkev.com/tropical-fish.php kev
  9. [Originally posted to the job vacancies sub forum but it was blocked for some reason, so apologies for posting it here, assume its ok ..... grrrrr, having to type it again ] If anyone is looking for a job as a web developer or in online in Brisbane, please contact me. Where I work (FlightCentre) we are constantly looking for web developers (experience in html, css, javascript) and for people with solid online experience (e.g. content management, design, online marketing, etc.) You need to have a permanent visa to work in oz and the roles would be based in Brisbane CBD. Not having experience in the Australian market isn't an issue - we are happy to use UK references. cheers Sue
  10. Hi Like many, we're considering the big move. We're still in the very early days of discussions, but each time we end up at the same conclusion: - "Why not?". Would really appreciate any advice on the following, as it may put an end to the dream, meaning we can get on with our lives here, or it may give us more incentive to actually do something about it. First up, my wife and I are both approaching 43/44, so I believe the pressure's on (if the cut-off age is 45). I currently run my own web design / development business. I'm a sole trader, and do a mix of work for my own clients, as well as some work for other agencies. I make a decent living out of this. Question 1: would it be feasible for me to emigrate and keep the business running, maintaining my UK client base, while hopefully gaining new clients in Australia. And if so, what would be the tax implications? Question 2: if moving the business wasn't an option, I'm an experienced web developer / designer / programmer, and my wife's a secondary school teacher. Would we need jobs before arriving, or could we get in based on the desirability of our skills? I've been working for myself for 5 years now, and I don't relish the thought of going back to the 9-5, (even if it was in a warmer climate and we had a bigger house!) so ideally I'd like to just keep doing what I'm doing. I've tried googling for similar situations but haven't managed to find any. Many thanks in advance for any help or advice!
  11. Guest

    WA web site updating ????

    Just checked WA's web site,changes are being made but still no smp. Might not be too long now!!!!
  12. clickettuk

    ACT Web Site Has Changed

    hi, Just checked the ACT web site this morning (06:50 UK) and I'm pretty certain its changed. The wording under under the skilled migration link has changed to say: SMP Occupations List November 2010. The SMP Occupations List identifies occupations that are currently in demand in Canberra. The occupations listed do not relate to a specific job vacancy, nor represent a gurantee of a job in a specific occupation. The applicant should understand that the ACT Government is NOT responsible for finding them employment or for providing any form of financial assistance. Applicants must compete for positions with all people in the labour market as part of the normal selection process. Success will depend on employer requirements, relevant skills and experience and level of English ability. SMP Occupation List Updates The SDL lists will be updated on a regular basis to show the current status of the skill demand against each occupation. But really annoyingly I can't find a link to the actual SMP!!! :arghh: Am I missing something? Can anyone find details of the actual SMP??? Thanks. :biggrin:
  13. Guest

    DIAC web site is active no SMP

    Was just on DIAC web site it is active at this early hour, don't know how much to read in to this.
  14. hi there Im having problems making my application for victoria state sponsorship and wondered if anyone else is or has had the same problem. when I get to the part about what suburb you intend to live the page starts to load and I can see the whole page but when it fully loads the bottom part of the page dissapears. I've tried various browsers and different computers to no avail, I'm going to phone tonight (Uk tonight melobourne morning) but wondered if anyone else had problems cheers
  15. hillyman

    which web sites

    Hi PIO,could anyone tell me which web sites i can go on to compare cost of living between brisbane and the uk,or if anyone has any examples them selves. Thanks Paulaxx
  16. Guest

    Best web sites

    What are the best web sites for looking into renting a furnished property in brisbane wanting to do a bit of a reccie thanks
  17. Hello, I am a web designer in wales, and was just wondering how many of you are web designers also? Perhaps you still in the uk or doing it in aus? I am hoping that I can land a web design job in aus before i move so im all setup as i arrive! Anybody else done this? Managed to sort out employement before hand. We're moving to the shoalhaven area of NSW, just below the Illawarra region. Bye for now
  18. Hi all I'm a POM in Oz (have been for nearly seven years now and loving it) and I'm looking to move down to Melbourne from Brisbane. Is there anybody out there who knows of any Web Design positions available in and around the Melbourne Metro area and if so could you PM me with the details? Thanks in Advance and I hope you all have a very merry Christmas.
  19. Hi all!! Im brand new to POI so this is my first post and would like to get any info I can from people who are looking into or have managed to find work as a digital designer in OZ. There are a lot of Graphic Designer posts out there but not many for the online counterparts! I am a senior designer / art director in a global advertising agency based in Manchester. As stated I am a digital designer so mainly design websites and aps for emerging technologies such as iPhone. I would like to know any of the following information as I am planning on moving to Oz in the next year: - What is the market like - demand particularly in Melbourne / Sydney - Has anyone had any experience getting interviews pre or post arrival - Any experience in getting sponsorship again pre or post arrival? - What are the best sites to look for this kind of work - What kind of sallaries are likely - Anyone know of any excellent online/through the line companies? Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions! I look forward to hearing from you all soon! bbben1 :biggrin:
  20. Guest

    MARA web site search capability

    Gday all The information about whether the agent's contact details given are for the agent's Primary business location or Secondary business interest has now gone missing on the MARA website. Why don't DIAC/OMARA ever think to ask agents if the info is displayed as required? Agents are obliged to list all their immigration business interests and say where is their main (Primary) office. The info used to be in the pdf files, now it's gone again. :policeman:
  21. Rudi

    Reliable Web Hosting

    Can anyone recommend a reliable but cheap web hosting company. I was just looking at this one......Crazy Domains, Australia Web Hosting, Australian based website hosting provider which seems very cheap.....but does anyone know whether they are any good and reliable. Thank you! love Rudi x
  22. Guest

    Sydney Funnel Web Spiders

    Hi This is my first post and you'll probably think rather a silly one. We are moving to sydney, that is my husband and I and our two kids age 3 & 1 end November for two years. Probably looking to live around the southern beaches area. Someone mentioned spiders to me yesterday, which to be honest I'd not given any thought to until now...... and its completely taken over what should be time spent on planning our arrival. Can anyone tell me how often you come across these things? I'm particulary worried about the kids playing in the garden or asleep?
  23. Guest

    Funnel Web spiders in ACT

    I know we don't have the Sydney Funnel Webs and until today I thought there were no funnel webs in the ACT at all, but it turns out there are...... I saw a spider's web and I thought "goodness me, it is shaped like a funnel! Oh oh..........." I googled, and found this: Funnel-web spider (Fact Sheet) WHY WAS I NOT TOLD?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else seen one here, or was I just "lucky"?
  24. I am just applying for registration to teach in Victoria and was wondering where the teaching jobs are advertised. Also i was wondering if there are any other special needs teachers on PIO that i could link up with to find out more about SEN teaching in Victoria.
  25. Guest

    Guitar lessons via web cam.

    Hi all, I am a professional guitar teacher from UK (London) with 25 years experience teaching privately & in schools. I teach most styles & levels. Lessons designed to suit your style. Save time & money & learn in the comfort of your own space (studio, by the pool, backyard, etc) All you need is a web cam, free Skype account, Broadband access &, of course, a guitar & you too can become a guitar hero!! For full details e-mail info@aglobalvillage.co.uk