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Found 15 results

  1. or more specifically time. I was wondering you views on this guys. A crack has appeared in the glass on our shower near the bottom. It started out very small, and of course is getting gradually bigger. Now here's the thing, our apartment it what you could desribe is 'tired' Its by no means a dump, but lets just say it needs some TLC. Now the glass at the bottom you can see has been holding water for years after you have a shower, turning the inside of the glass a bit mouldy. There is already a few chips in the glass, its evident this it what has started the crack. Now the worry I have is that we didnt cause the crack even though it happened while we where here, and its only going to get bigger, eventually running the full height of the shower cubical. We have an inspection in a couple of weeks, and im wondering if I should be straight up with the agent and just show them? On the basis of the condition of the apartment im hoping it will be seen as relative. I really dont want this to effect our bond in the long term. Any thoughts? :idea:
  2. I have been out of the work world for ages and where I worked in the States had a very strict dress code of skirt suits for women with nylons/sheer tights covering the legs. Apparently they have chilled since I left. I am meeting with a recruiter tomorrow morning and I have a gorgeous red fitted sheath dress and some fab heels that I am going to wear but what do I wear on my legs? It is hot outside so opaque tights would look ridiculous but rarely do I see women wear nylons anymore. So what am I supposed to wear or am I supposed to go bare legged?
  3. Hi all - just joined here! I'm currently in Vietnam and hope to be in Auz within a month! Myself and my girlfriend are looking for work - what sort of clothes should we be wearing for work and for interviews? (She's a teacher - I'm an Accountant/office worker) I ask, as in the UK I would wear a suit for an interview and normally a suit in the day, depending on the place. But having met a couple of people from Auz going the other way - they were shocked the UK wore suits! (One guy said he'd never worn one!) They also said it would be too hot in a suit. The other reason to ask is as we're backpacking we need to buy clothes before we get there - and as Vietnam can have cheap tailor made suits, shoudl I get one, or two? Or is a handful of shirts and trousers a better option? PS. We're going to be based in Melbourne Thanks in advance for all your replies!
  4. Guest

    The Jewelry We Wear

    Being nosey again, sorry. I often think that the things that we wear often portrays the type of person we are, clothes can to some small degree make a statement, (I did say 'can'.) Haircuts, etc all add to this perception of us, but I often look at people and look at the jewelry they are wearing, and for one reason alone, I think every bit of jewelry we wear tells a story, particularly the older the said item. I often find myself looking at antique jewellery and thinking about the stories behind them, the things they have seen, the people that have worn the jewelry before, all manner of things I guess. This could well end up being the most boring thread in PIO history, but give it a go anyway. I'll start off. I wear a really old leather necklace that has a silver crucifix on it bought in Belize, a Saint Christopher that has been with me throughout my travels and a Bahamian ten cent coin (mounted) that I bought in the Bahamas, purely because it has imprinted on one side two Bonefish. I have two bracelets. One (silver) my better half bought me when we first got back together and the other one is a traditional South African bangle that was given to me by a mate when we got into a fight in Johannesburg and we both got stabbed. My wedding ring is a Russian design, each one of the three rings says how many times I have been married, :wubclub:. Still love them all, only in different ways.:wubclub: I haven't warn a watch for several weeks as the strap broke and haven't had it fixed yet. I also used to have an ear ring that I got done in Kings Cross, Sydney, after a looonnnngggg night session in a drag queen bar, :shocked::policeman:. I have often toyed with the idea of several other 'piercing', if you know what I mean. But after seeing several nipple piercing and a penis piercing I think that can wait, FOREVER.:eek::biglaugh: So has the jewelry you are wearing any significance. Does it tell a story, does it hold many a deep memory for you. Many thanks for reading. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  5. Lauren82

    Tyne & Wear - Photo Opportunity

    Dear All, As you may or may not know my partner Lee is a budding photographer and he is looking to build his portfolio in preparation for our move down under. With this in mind we have booked a photography studio for a day and hope that some of you may like to take up the opportunity to come along. When: Sunday 24th April Where: South Tyneside Who: Individuals or Groups, Old or Young. We are hoping to do a range of shoots over the day. So whether it be a family portrait, little ones, big ones, model portfolio shots/alternative portraits, musicians/bands, formal or casual, Lee is happy to work with you. Cost: £15. For this, Lee will provide you with an 8 x 10 print of your favourite picture and electronic copies of your 10 favourite shots. (You can have more printed/electronic copies at an extra charge) Of course if you are unhappy with the pictures you will be given a full refund – but I don’t anticipate this happening. If you are interested let me know and I will happily book you a slot. Feel free to extend the offer to any friends or family who may be interested. Thank you. Lauren www.leeknowlesphotography.com
  6. Guest

    What to wear for IELTS?

    Ok, silly question, but does it matter what you wear? Personally I'd like to be as comfortable as possible, maybe even tracksuit bottoms and jumper, but I'm worried the speaking examiner will have a negative first impression. DO people get dressed up for this? If it were an interview I would do, but I really want to be comfortable during the 2 and a half hours that the other exams take.
  7. Going to be working as a recruitment consultant in Sydney and just wondered what 20 something girls wear out there for business wear?! I dress smart for work now in the UK but I am not a trouser suit and shirt type girl.....I tend to wear shift dresses with a blazer or cardigans and heels....do you think this will be acceptable or are they more traditional when it comes to office wear?
  8. Lauren82

    Tyne and Wear anyone??

    Hello, We live in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. (I should say we are not from Sunderland just in case anyone takes an instant dislike but love living there all the same.)Even though we are a long way of getting visas we have had a few estate agents around this week to sort out getting our house on the market, (as we realise it may take some time to sell.) A couple of the agents mentioned there are quite a number of people in the same boat as us and moving in to rented to wait the visa process out... So I am wondering if they are talking about anyone else who uses this forum. Would be useful to know from anybody around here about how they have found the housing market... which estate agents were good bad to use etc. Even if you haven't sold/aren't selling your house it would be nice to take a headcount of people from the area that are looking to make the move - and where you hope to end up. Lauren
  9. rockola57

    Which Watch do you wear?

    Nosey i know,but a watch is like a friend,always there to help you out.My faithful servants are Citizen and Seiko(Quartz).Just replace battery every couple of years or so,and never a second is lost!Reliable and pure class.:biggrin:
  10. Guest

    what do you wear in April ?

    We land on the 12th of april and i am wondering what to put in the suitcase :eek: ? can you tell me ? Thx
  11. should i wear my contacts or glasses for medical, my contacts aren't as clear so maybe the glasses, ooh i dunno, they make u read something do they?
  12. Please help!!!!!!! I am an Aussie and my partner is a Pom. His parents are here with us for 3 months (2 down, 1 to go)......
  13. Guest

    What to wear for the flight??

    Hello! One of the things bugging me at the mo is what to put on for the journey? Bearing in mind we leave in January so it will be freezing here but red hot in Perth! One good thing is that we land at night so it will be a little bit cooler. What the hell do I wear so I'm not frozen here and on the plane but don't look out of place/too hot when we land? And what should I dress the kids in? Might sound like a stupid question but I worry about these kind of things! Also should I give all my jumpers and boots away or will I need them for the Perth winter? Plan on taking a few hoodies/cardis that's all. Thanks xx
  14. monkeymandness

    How to wear out my kids?

    We are going to be travelling from Devon to Heathrow in 6 weeks time for our flights to Perth for reccie trip. So a few hours in the car then lots of waiting around then many hours on plane to Singapore. Our flight is not until 9.15pm so were hoping to travell up early and find somwhere to take our 2 small boys ( aged 1 and 4 years) during the day such as an indoor play area or pub with good kids facilities type of thing. This way it would break the journey up a bit for the boys and hopefully tire them out a bit (heres hoping!) Can any one suggest anywhere like this that we can stop off at along the way. We will be travelling along the M3 and M25 towards Heathrow, and don't mind a bit of a detour. We have a few great indoor play areas locally to us, but don't know of any in that neck of the woods. Any suggestions gratefully recieved...... Many thanks in advance:err:
  15. Guest

    Wear on our way.

    Hi just wanted to thank everyone for their really entertaining and informative posts. We had been deliberating about making the move for a long time so we've been watching the site for a while now, taken the advice people have posted and it's helped us make our minds up so we have begun our Visa application process with Ian Harrop (again recommended by people on the site!). Fingers crossed everything is OK! Lee and Jane 8) 8)