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Found 39 results

  1. Went for the messages yesterday dinnertime,highlight of me week nowdays:dull::rolleyes:,anyway i only needed a few bits,she's away in wales visiting her sister(Biaaatch:mad::cute:)with her 9 year old american nephew who is visiting for 8 weeks apparantly! So i was at the till loading me gear on to the conveyer,the woman in front seemed to take a keen interest in my buys,she was having a good nosey,then looked at me with a kind of knowing look,as if to say to me "pie arse,you'l be dead soon yer fat bas7ard",call me cynical but thats what i reckon she was thinking:mad::laugh:. Anyway her gear was on the conveyor and it was all muesli,crushed up oak trees and pulses and fruit and bottles of water,leaves of this and herbs of that,and fibre this and weightwatchers that,fair enuf,each to their own. My stuff was a litre of famous grouse(£17:notworthy:),four 660 ml stella artois,and for me dinner from the bakery a steak pie,mince and onion pie and a meat and tater pie,i also had a family apple pie and a can of squirty cream(incase i get the munchies after a smoke:goofy:),and the daily mirror and lpool echo,so alrite not the healthiest shopping basket in the world but so what...i like that stuff! So do you ever have a nose what people are buying and make a judgement on their lifestyle whilst cruising the tills?yer nosey barrrrstards:biggrin:,cmon on now,fess up:wubclub:
  2. Just watched episode 2 on SBS 'On Demand' online, thank God for that as I thought I'd missed it. It's the sort of drama I love because there are no good and bad guys as such. At the start of this episode I hated the Palestinians and at the end I hated the Israelis.
  3. I hate her voice, a hundred times worse than Thatcher. I've no other women in Australia talk like that.
  4. ........ it doesn't make the least bit homesick!
  5. Just had to stand for 'God Save The Queen.' (But nothing will save the Governor General!) It's hard to believe that she's been on the throne since the year I was born, when she made her first trip to OZ too. I suppose this is the way it was for many Victorians? It's live on all the news channels, everyone glued to their sets, except for the leftie grouches who are all composing their letters of outrage to The Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times, and The Age. (And even they have got their sets on so they can see what it is they want to whinge about!)
  6. I checked the news and realised England were playing in the world cup right now. Although there's probably ways to stream the video locally, I wouldn't mind watching live ITV streaming from the UK to get some comforting biased commentary :-) Anyone tried this? I just tried Overplay VPN using Internode DSL (who have a dedicated Internet link to the UK), and TVcatchup.com, which plays live UK TV. unfortunately, TVCatchup seem to recognise either Overplay or Inode as non-UK, and blocked access :-( D
  7. Shame on me for watching the first half at home but I did push myself to walk down Elizabeth Street at 6 am to watch the 2nd half in The Triple Aces (5 other guys had turned up but none were drinking beer!) Afterwards I had a 2nd breakfast with a couple of them back up E St - is it the Centennial Plaza? That ugly three-block complex full of cold-wind tunnels - it was chilly today too. Might have to go back to bed now though!
  8. Took me a little while to get into it but now I'm enjoying it!
  9. Do you think we need a speaker? Not for myself of course, being a paragon of virtue and reasoned argument. How many times does the Speaker say 'order'? I bet that becomes his Chinese torture in retirement.
  10. This is my new favourite series, another hit from HBO but you need Foxtel to watch it. (see it's good for something other than Premier League!) Seems to be an all-Pommie cast too - Sean Bean the star. 'Crownies' on ABC1 is good too, surprsingly good. I think there's a new series of True Blood starting, also on Foxtel?
  11. I will be watching this tonight. Not sure why, I just feel the need to keep updated with what is going on in this terrible story. I could go on and on about the rights and wrongs of how this happened, at the end of the day a little girl is missing and its just so sad. When you see the Jaycee Dougards and other kidnapped and captive children, it just makes you wonder will Maddie appear again in years to come?
  12. Well as luck would have it, i pre-booked a long weekend off not realising the British open was on and i can sit and chill out watching the worlds best golfers slog their guts out in the horrible weather in Scotland, its the middle of summer, thats a laugh and the weathers like the middle of winter, which is normal here in the uk, but it is worse in Scotland. Anyone put a bet on, i was going to put a tenner on McDowell at 28 to 1 and he missed the cut, so i have saved myself £10. Anyone else got a favourite, me i want Darren Clarke.:wink:
  13. Hi, I've been i'n Canberra for three weeks, we've just moved into a 6 month rental. We bought a tv yesterday and bought an internal aerial which picks up around 15 channels. Anyhow, I was trying to watch the Golf British Open last night and it wasn't on any of the channel I had. Do I need Foxtel for this? I would also like the ability to watch premiership football (uk), I suppose record and watch first thing in the morning. Also, with rugby union world cup coming up, I don't want to miss it! I imagine Foxtel would cost a fortune to be able to watch Uk sports? Thanks! Mike.
  14. We love it, not at first i thought it was Naff, well........... it is Naff, but we still like it, some of the acts are so bad, they are.............. good. Some people come on and do things you wouldn't think they had it in them to do. But clearly the show has gone up a notch since that Has Been' Simon Cowell has left and his replacement is the God Amongst Men himself, my alter ego ............ The HOFF. Anyone love it, hate it, watch it, avoids it like the plague?:laugh::laugh:
  15. OK, I'll start, I know he's not around, Jim, what a fella, budgie smugglers, I ask you. And if he mentions that exchange rate once more I swear I'll make him eat his week old budgies,:mad::biglaugh:. Love yer really Jim,:wubclub:
  16. Hi My OH is a man city supporter and has nowere to watch the game. :cry: Is anyone else watching it or do you know were they are showing it around the Gold Coast? We are staying at Ashmore Palms and there is no way of him watching it here. Thanks Jill :notworthy: xxx
  17. pablo

    Royal wedding,watching?

    Just wondering will the majority on here be watching THE wedding? i reckon as far as PIO goes it will be a big majority YES,fair do's,each to their own,me? im working as a fluffer tomoz on a new gay adult movie "Gladiators in goosefat":cute:,thats how much im looking forward to it.
  18. If so, how are you doing it? We're using overplay.net VPN service with iplayer over TPG, and getting.. Well, 5 seconds on, 10 seconds off, on the low bandwidth setting. Anyone getting glorious HD? And how??
  19. Looks abit wet :err: the utes were a crashfest at the end!!
  20. Hi guys, Got to say, one of the biggest things I will miss when we move to Melbourne in a couple of months is regularly going to the pub to watch the Premier League football, any suggestions as to where to hook up to watch some games? Also, keen to keep playing football both 6 aside and 11 aside, any recommendations for teams or if anyone is looking for an extra player drop me a line! Andy.
  21. danskitt

    Watching the carling cup final

    I am in Sydney on a reccie to moving out here with the family and wouldn't you belive it my team villa have managed to get to the cup final. We are staying with my inlaws who don't have fox tv and I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to get to see it. I have an internet connection so can sign up to one of these football viewing sites. Does anyone have any advice. I think the game will be shown on the BBC. Thanks Dan
  22. FlappyChicken

    Whale Watching Where?

    Where is the best place to go whale watching from the coast in the Redcliffe area? Thanks FC
  23. Hi, Does anyone know a bar / pub / whatever that's showing the world cup matches in Manly? I'm keen to watch the Brazil-Portugal match this Friday, but don't feel like going down to the city to do it... Thanks in advance.
  24. Guest

    Whale watching in Hervey Bay?

    Hi All Does anybody have any first hand experience of any of the 'Whale Watch' cruise's at Hervey Bay? We are planning to go for my 30th Birthday in August so I want it to be a special experience-I have been having a look into the vessels but they are all starting to look the same now so wondered if anybody had any good/negative feedback? I want a boat with a small passenger number, but I have a 2 year old so it would have to be family friendly too?! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated Thank you Rach
  25. Sea breeze

    where are u watching the world cup?

    Hi everyone where are u going to watch the world cup? we are in Bon beach nr Frankston and would love to meet some fellow footie fans to watch the games with ?? And would anyone like to meet for coffee and chat be nice to get out and have a :biglaugh: xx