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Found 10 results

  1. please can some1 help me my parner is an austrilla citersion and i am from the uk things didnt work out 4 me over there and i was asked to go back 2 the uk 2 get the right visa and then come back since i came back she has said its over the problem is i have 2 young beautfull children over there is there anyway i can get back there 2 live 2 be a farther 2 our children please please help
  2. We have finally decided on a shipping company to use (I think) and have read lots of comments on here to use alternative insurance company instead of removal companies themselves. Who do we use? or how do i go about getting insurance else where. cheers kel :twitcy:
  3. Hi all After moving in to Priority 2 I am hopeful of getting a CO soon I am a little confused on what happens after a CO takes over my file. What all documents would CO ask me to furnish? How much time does a CO take to finalize the visa? How would I know if i have a CO allocated? Do I have to furnish Medicals and PCC immediately or is that asked after employment verification? Can anyone who has got their visa granted already know the answers for the above :chatterbox:
  4. hi guys , just read this artical . how much they paid to assyllum seekers in compensation. just imagine how much they should pay to GSM applicant those waiting from years n years. and immigration department just misguiding them.:unsure: Asylum compensation payouts soar | News.com.au
  5. It's been 10 years since i've been to oz and it still eats away at me of how great the lifestyle is out there.. so i'm taking the plunge and going for it. I want to move to perth as have heard alot of good things and have a few friends there. I have no trades under my belt or close relations there, so I am assuming the other way in is to get a student visa and study. There are lots of agents that help wiv this but they seem to charge alot of money for their service. Does anyone know the quickest and easiest way to get to perth on a student visa and enrol on a trade course there, if this is my only vice. Many thanks in advance for all help and tips given..
  6. "just thought i would keep you all updated on whats going on down under at the moment for me. well my little one started FULL time nursary on tuesday 24th june and i have only just arrive really on the 15th june. i cant believe how much more freedom i will have to work here. the nursary's open at 6.30am here and dont finish until 6.30 pm! in England the earlyest nursary time is 7.30am and there was a big vote about it with the nursary teachers and the parents. other nursary's dont start till 8am!.. which if you are SINGLE and you work in the CITY you just couldn't hold your job or you would be totally stressed out and just about make it to wrok on time thats if you find a car space... or you could just move to the city of manchester or watever city you work in which your never gonna afford the rent unless you work daft hours or you are high up there in what you do.. i think im gonna really like it here and considering i am a single mum for now:cute: who has done all the above tested and tried, i just could not keep it up.. sad really.. i mean you pay so much for child care in uk and they can't even open that little bit earlyer or finish that little bit later to help a parents provide more money to support a good career.. here i can put him in at 6.30 am come home have breaky, shower, get readdy and still glide into work on time.. no stress and not worry's about picking him up through all the rediculouse over crowded traffic on the roads.. i can come home first, get changed have a shower tea.. then pick him up and then its all done.. and here's the best bit. in uk i paid for 4 afternoons thats 1pm till 6pm. {well you got to be there at 5.45pmish because they give you dirty looks that make you feel like your a bad mum and puts u on one anyway!) and that was thirty english pounds. and here he gets Mon to Fri 6.30am till .6.30pm for....... 40 uk pounds!! how flippin good is that!!! anyone a parent on here from uk or auz watever you godda agree that IS FANTASTIC! and on a scale of 1 to 10 1 being crap i give that 10!..... oh compared to the uk too :laugh:..
  7. hi friends, offlate i have noticed and seen in other fourums too,that the 475 subclass is getting thier CO'S much faster and i havent seen much 176 subclass state sponsored applications getting allocations or grants.... any idea why this is happening? i have even known that nov 2008 ,,475 applicant getting a co.... and june july 176 still havent heard anything... if any1 can throw light on this query kindly drop ur comments here... PS:I HAVE READ SOMEWHERE THAT 176 APPLICATIONS ARE FEWER COMPARED TO OTHER STATE SPONSORED...( 7% OF THE TOTAL APPLICATION) IS THIS TRUE?? thanks regards sandy n krisha
  8. ive heard things abwt oz and im not sure on how life is there ovr there ... so i cud do wif sum help and info abwt it so if anybody wud giv me sum info and maybe sum people 2 tlk 2 then id b very grateful kayley
  9. Guest

    Omg! Wat A Pressie!

    Im shakin like a leaf! we just got our VISA!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to EVERYONE:goofy: XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX sharleen xxx
  10. Wow this alien abduction thing is amazing. There I was, making my way to the PC to chat when....WHAMMO! Little green things with strange voices and several heads, jumped me. Didn't have a chance to struggle, cos it all happened so quick! Obviously there must have been strange forces at work as I don't get overpowered easily ( and haven't been jumped for years...) They obviously did some kind of brain drain as I don't really remember anything else. Next thing I know. I'm sitting at my PC and months have gone by......Be warned..... Not a lot happening in the Dibley household. We did loads of decorating to get the house on the market. We put the house on the market...then decided to take the house off the market and sell it to property developers instead. So now we have decorated the house, who ever buys the land will knock the house down....(now you can see where the insanity plea comes from...). We have had some developers interested in buying so now we are just sitting and waiting for something to happen. We can't book flights, or anything until we have exchanged on the property / land so here we are. Twiddling our thumbs, waiting for something exciting to happen! I have been in touch with the BIG Cheese upstairs and asked if he has any spare miracles knocking about that he doesn't need...but so far nothing! Adelaide seems like a distant dream at the moment... and its getting further away by the day! Howz things with everyone else?????????