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Found 10 results

  1. simmo


    Love this story! http://themindunleashed.org/2014/05/ive-seen-people-turn-garbage-cool-stuff-absolute-brilliance.html [h=1]I’ve Seen People Turn Garbage Into Some Cool Stuff. But THIS Is Absolute Brilliance![/h] The Mind Unleashed on 7 May, 2014 at 22:01 I love the concept of upcycling (hate waste) I bloke I know build a beautiful house out of building waste from skips.Anyone got any upcycling stories?/ experience?
  2. hi all just been researching this and seems to be a waste of time??? i am a hgv mechanic looking for deisel fitter work in the mines in w.a has anyone been to one etc etc mal
  3. I am interested in what other folks think of the $37B (minimum) plan for the NBN. I rekon there are much better things the spend that sort of cash on. If you had $37B to spend, and were (un)fortunate enough to be Julia Gillard, what would you spend it on?
  4. Smirfyduo

    Garden waste disposal in Mackay

    So now that we are the proud owners of a fancy petrol lawnmower, we have realised that they do not supply garden waste disposal bins like they do in Melbourne. :wacko::confused: So any ideas on what to we do with the grass cuttings when we are done mowing?? The council website says that we can drop it off there for a fee, but with the rate at which our grass is growing, we're gonna need a ute to get it there every week!!! :eek: Is this what everyone else does?? :swoon::shocked:
  5. I'm becoming increasingly confused and disheartened so would be delighted to hear some good news... In another thread, George Lombard suggested the new points test will spell the end of RPL based applications, which I'm sure will affect many people currently going through this process. Potentially these massively painstakingly complex applications will be scrapped meaning RPL is no longer acceptable for people who need to prove their extensive experience when they don't have the relevant qualifications. I accept that qualifications matter but sometimes people may change direction and realise their full potential in another field of work. The RPL I'm mainly referring to is the ACS one but I'm sure there are many people doing different RPLs who would be relieved to hear their efforts won't/aren't going to waste. Sorry for the rant!
  6. Guest

    What A Waste Of Time.

    Just pondering folks. When I'm not busy, work, kids, wife, filing, cooking, etc, I often just sit down and stare into space, doing nothing, daydreaming or just watching absolute crap on TV. So with this in mind, I realised that EVERY second I 'just' sit there doing nothing it has GONE, never to be got back. Do you know what I mean, for every second that goes by without something being done is a travesty. You only get one life and for each second 'I' do nothing is surely a waste of the one life I have got. There are loads of things I can think of doing, but I often just sit there letting the world go by without doing anything at all. For every second, minute, hour, that goes by I have lost that time never to be lived again, a frightening thought I reckon. I hope you understand what I mean, we all need a rest now and again, but the amount of time we just there, doing nothing is a part of our lives that we can never get back. Shocking to me. I often wish I didn't need seven hours sleep, I could be doing far better things with my time.:mad: Just as an example, you have just wasted thirty-seconds of your life reading this inane post, a waste of time really, when you could have been doing something a whole lot more fulfilling than reading the drivel I have just written.:embarrassed: There are TWO things in life we can never get back, that is the loved ones we lose, which we cannot ever do anything about unfortuantley, :cry: and time, no matter what, we can NEVER get the time back. I'm NOT saying that we should always look for something to do, but I often veg out in front of the TV and feel guilty about not doing something else, am I right or wrong? Cheers Tony:cool:
  7. Hi all, just returned on Monday from our recce to Australia, it had to be put back by a year due to the arrival of our son but we got there in the end and loved every minute of it. From what we experienced we would say that Perth and its surrounding areas were most appealing to us and hopefully it will be the place that we can eventually settle. We had already, early on this year, started to get together all paper work required for our skills assessments, The OH is a Nurse me an Electrician. OH has to sit her IELTS exam then we can start sending bits in the post !!! With the current visa climate would anyone reccomend a particular way of doing things ? spending hours on t'internet and on POI i'm thinking one of these two ways but please can anyone put me right or tell me whether one way is better than other ??? BTW the OH will be the main applicant being a nurse and on the csl . Route 1 1) fill out full assessment (form B) on AMNC for skills assessment. 2) apply for WA state sponsorship 3) apply for 176 PR Visa Route 2 1) Register with WA nursing board 2) fill out modified assessment (form A) on ANMC 3) apply for WA state sponsorship 4) apply for 176 PR visa Ideally we would like to be in OZ before the daughter starts secondary school which would be Sept 2011 and would like PR, its quite scary reading about whats happening at the moment with the visa situation and we are also wondering whether the goalposts will move once again ! Would anyone have any ideas on how long the whole process will take ? does anybody know if WA are likely to sponsor the OH ? thanks...............
  8. connaust

    Australia Who are we?

    WHO WE ARE: A State of quivering expectation A column about Australia AWESOME is the only word for the power, reach and influence of this column's readers. A matter of days after they resoundingly endorsed this column's campaign to abolish State governments (which we listed as number 4 priority on The National To-Do List after becoming a republic, amalgamating with New Zealand and fixing the coat of arms), our political leaders start the process of abolition
  9. Guest

    Waste of Time!!!!!!!!!!

    Well we went to the Edinburgh Expo today - load of rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :arghh: Firstly it was tiny compared to other expo's i've been to. Half of the tiny floor space was dedicated to canada and Oz N Nz and a 1/4 each. Secondly, the WHOLE thing i felt was dedicated to the medical professional - fine if thats what u do but let us know this before we travel lots of miles and waste a saturday and valuable babysitters (i would not recommend taking children one balloon man does note equal a whole sats entertainment in my book) Thirdly, out of the approx 10 stalls dedicated to Oz a few of them were unmanned and pointless e,g the 'lifestyle' stall haaaaaaaa a few laminated printouts stuck up and ,well thers no and - that was IT! Fourthly, employment opportunities ooooft"! Again if u are a medical professional doctor, nurse, midwife great - but for everyone else not great. I was getting quite pissed off when they had job opportunities posters advertising a particualr position stuck to the wall and that was it. Do these people think that we are completely stupid and cannot access the internet???? Rip Off! :mad: Good points - yay!!!!! The White CO removals were fantastic to speak to, really down to earth and explanatory. The banks and HiFX were nice but again didn't leanrn anything new. My advice to anyone considering an expo.......if you have done research on your own dont bother - this site is much more informative and friendly! Moan over - phew
  10. Guest

    was it a waste of money

    hi guys last week we brought a nintendo wii for the kids and my friends oh said it wont work in oz. Can someone fill me in all have we wasted £240 :wacko: nicky xx