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Found 148 results

  1. Guys I am currently a Police Officer in the UK. Myself and Family are currently in the throws of applying for a 176 Visa :wacko:. As this would be a fresh start for us I am interested in making it a clean break for myself and changing career completely. But..... as it was such a longtime since I worked outside of the public sector ( 15 Years), my skills in the outside world I would imagine are not much use.....or am I wrong on this????. My question to you Guys out there is: Does anybody have any knowledge of what Job opportunities are out there for someone like me in Canberra e.g. Security etc, goverment depts?? I am pretty much open to anything and wouldn't be averse to using my knowledge and experience.
  2. any electrician wanting info on licencing, jobs, artc, tra or vettesses i`d recommend that you also look here for information Electricians : British Expat Discussion Forum i know its a link to another site but as there is so much info there it would be phyically impossble to repost it all here, and at the end of the day this is about sharing info with others in the hope it helps someone regards steve ( an electrical contractor working and making a living in australia )
  3. Hi, I'm new to the forum, so apologies if this topic covered before. My Wife and I are keen to move to Australia to work. My 3 Kids are off my hands now, and my Wife's daughter lives near Surfer's, QLD. I have two problems with Visas: -I'm 47yrs old. -My background is Medical Diagnostics Sales & Marketing (i.e. not on the SOL). Can anyone offer advice on what I can do to improve my chances of getting Down under? I'm not overly fussed about doing exactly the same type of job, or even where I do it in Oz. Would I stand a better chance by taking a gamble and going down there under tourist Visa or applying for Holiday working Visa etc ? Thanks Martin
  4. Hi there - I am a primary school teacher looking to emigrate to WA and was wondering if anyone knew anything about the DETs sponsorship scheme for teachers. I understand that secondary teachers are only being sought after at the mo, but that primary teachers will be for 2009 and 2010!! Yipeeeeee! The only thing is I have 3 children 4, 6 and 8 and a hubby who obviously will be coming with me and my worry is that 'apparently' through this sponsorship scheme you have no real say in 'where' you end up teaching. I don't mind working in a rural school - I did this 10 years ago in a fab school in mid NSW and had a great time, but I was single then with only myself to consider. My main worry is that I may end up in a 'bad' area - if there are such areas -!! Obviously I'd want my girls to go to a good school - the choice may be out of my control!! Am I taking a massive risk here? Has anyone had any experience on this scheme ! I'd LOVE to hear from you!!!! Warmest Regards The Dobbs Family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:chatterbox:
  5. sickasachip

    Groomer wanting to move to Oz

    Hi All, Ive found so much information on this website but still cant get my head around if and how my family can move to Perth. I am about to complete my studies in City & Guilds as a Dog Groomer. I know this isnt on the Skilled Migration List but Im wondering if there is any other way of applying to move please? I have a wife, who is currently doing Accountant studies but it will be 2 years at least before she completes these, and we also have children who would be in promary education. Ive noticed the Pet Grooming is on the Industry training council-identified priorities 2011 list but im wondering what that means in terms of a visa application Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  6. My husband and I are thinking of /hoping to move to Newcastle, Aus. I am a NZer and my husband is British. He works in the construction industry in the IT section, but his skills don't quite correlate to the skilled immigrants list. I have a brother in Aus who is an Australian citizen. Do we need a Visa if I am a NZer? We have a 2yr old and so it would be my husband who is working full time. Any help or suggestions for good sites appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi My Name Is Kelsey I Am 13 And I Have 3 Younger Brothers Who Are Age 12, 8 And 6 We Have Applied To Move To Perth And Hope To Be There By Next September We Are Probz Moving NOR And I Am Looking To Make Friends That Live There Already Or That Are Moving There Soon!! :jiggy:
  8. Hi everyone, My name is Roxi, and I'm almost 22. I have a 14 month old Daughter named Lola. I was born in Manchester, and have lived all around Australia I am looking for any other Mums or Dads living in or around Secret Harbour WA, who would be interested in starting a Mummas group with me I look forward to hopefully hearing from you all !!
  9. CaroleandAnds

    Wanting to move back to Old Blighty????

    Hi, We are all ready to move over to Oz, Visa sorted etc, but we cant sell our house near Leeds, West Yorkshire without giving it away becuase the housing market is dire hete. This is a VERY WILD shot but it there any POM in Oz who is desperate to come back to England out there that would like to do house swap? And Leeds happens to be a good location? Ours is a detatched 4 bedroom house, I love it and cant bear to sell if for peanuts but we just want to get going to Oz before our 20 year old son changes his mind and decides he want to stay in Leeds. Hope to hear from you soon Carole and Ands
  10. Hello all,my names Mitch Sweet, im currently 19 years old, i live in a small town called Nuneaton which is just outside of Coventry in the West Midlands. I am half way through a 5 year apprenticeship with TNT (an australian company!) as a heavy vehicle technician. This includes a lot of work with commercial diesel vehicles also training in welding, vehicle electrics and all my HGV licenses.I have always wanted to go to australia and live there and i would especially like to make the move while i am young with no major ties in the uk (other than family obviously). Unfortunatly I have not got a clue of where to start the process so i was hoping to get some advice on what the right steps to take are of you guys! especially visas! i really dont understand them! ahaMy aim is to be living in oz by 2015, i dont know if thats realistic or not! but by then i shall be 23 and should have my class 1 driving license and i will be fully qualifiedthanks!
  11. hi all, wondering if anyone has advice for me. ive been in the pub game for 12 years , got all qualifications needed to run pubs in uk , but when ive looked into migrating to australia this trade isnt recoginsed?
  12. Hello, I'm currently a self employed plumber living in Cheltenham, England. I'm in the process of applying for a skilled visa and would be very grateful for any advice that people may have. I spent a yr in Oz on a working holiday visa and loved it so much I want to go back. Stu
  13. Hey (: Im new to this and stuff but here goes ... Im 17 and from Glasgow, my parents decided to make the move to Perth a while back and it took us 3 years to finally get here. I had been here previously as a holiday and I loved it, but at the same time, even 2 weeks away from my friends took a huge toll on me I had a pretty good life back in Scotland, I was on my way to completing 4 highers, all my family were close by and my life was really taking shape. However, when we we moved here, I was enrolled in a new school, and as a result of the change, was put way behind on my school work, roughly about 6 months. This was a big set back and it made me wonder if my future career path (whatever it'll be) will be 'delayed' in some ways My parents love it here, and are currently looking for jobs. I can't fault Australia, sandy beaches, lots of sun or whatever, but I just feel the whole culture, way of living and general feel of it just isn't for me, I consider Scotland my home and I think the novelty of the sun, beaches etc. distorted that a bit I haven't told my parents what I think of it here just yet, but I feel that if everyone in my family is enjoying it, I would just dampen their feelings of it, giving them doubts. I am trying deperately to persevere and finish my TE's at the end of this year so I can maybe move back to Scotland, start a university and live independently. I feel my life has just been totally turned upside down (literally!) and I just don't feel comfortable away from all my friends and family I don't think I can last another 4 years to get my citizenship and the feeling that my whole life has just been left at the other side of the world really depresses me I've not been the same since I got here, my whole personality has changed, and tbh, I don't like it. But I think if i just move away and forget about citizenship etc. it would just be throwing away a massive opportunity What should I do? x
  14. Hi am a 28 year old electrician who is seriously wanting to move to any part of Australia to work as a electrician and just needs some advice on what is the best way to go about it and does anybody know where the best city is for employment! Any help would be well welcomed . Cheers
  15. macalec

    wanting to move back home

    Hi I am new here , I am trying to find out how i stand if i return to UK I have been here 45 years and i am 65 years old I have never been happy here came out one week after marrying and had two children have been back several times , but now my marriage is all but over and i want to go home . I will have some equity but will i be entitled to some pension over there I am still UK citizen but hold AUS residence Can anybody help me ? I am confused :confused:
  16. Hi there, im all new to this. I am a Sports Science graduate and have more than a years worth of administartion work under my belt. I have been looking at recuritment careers and was wanting to know whether I have any chance of securing a job in OZ. Im still young and can be moulded into anyones company. What are your thoughts? Any advice would be great! Tom:biggrin:
  17. Hi guys! To set the sceen ... I am 29, I have two chlidren (6+4). My dream is to live in Australia for a few years min, possibly settle down there. My problem is leaving my childrens father behind in England. I was raised my just my Mum and have no problem with how the kids could adjust, because as long as they are secure they can adjust. My problem is I have just given 9 years of my life to this man, we fell out of love and now I want to take his kids away. I am not sure how to start talking to him about this or how to answer the questions he is bound to have like, when will he get to see them, will he have to pay maintanance still ... or maybe it would be a good idea for him not to pay maintanace but save up to visit us instead? I need to be sure in my mind before I can talk to him so am asking for any advice ... I have also looked for advice on being a single parent and emigrating but can't find any. I am not even sure where to start on that one.
  18. Hi there, I may be repeating myself here, as I thought I had created this thread, hardly use this site, so not sure how it all works!! Anyway.... I have just moved to Glenelg from Melbourne (spent 2.5yrs in Mount Eliza) Mark my Australian husband, got a job promotion, so thats what brings us here. I met Mark in the UK (Bradford, W/Yorks) and then moved over, I have just got back after spending 3 months there. It would be great to meet some pommies in the area, iam not working so iam free for coffee if anyone would like to meet up.:chatterbox: Thanks Julie (aged 43yrs)
  19. Guest

    Newbie wanting to move to Oz

    Hello, I am after some advice about starting a new life for me my wife and our 2 kids in Australia, we have thought about moving to Brisbane for many years but until now have thought we would be unable to live and work there, the big problem is we have virtually no qualifications, I work as a panel beater/ vehicle repairer / welder and my wife is a personal carer for a disabled gentleman, our son is 12 and daughter 15, we have no convictions and curently have a mortgage, been married for 16 years and I am 35 and she is 34. Is there any hope for us coming to work and live in Australia pernamently or are we just dreaming, we are very much wanting to take the plunge. I am planning on phoning a few migration agents this Wednesday as we have most of this day off work, will this be a waste of time? Any ideas or support is very much welcomed, thanks in advance for you time and help.
  20. Hey, So my situation at the moment is that Ive all ways wanted to move to Australia and with past jobs failing and the lack of jobs available In the UK I thought why not now? I just wanted to know how I would go about looking for work, will I be able to get a job from being over here in the UK and then move and move to Australia with a visa? Also I wouldn't mind doing an apprenticeship scheme either. Any advice? Thanks, Pengy.
  21. Hi to all we've recently moved to the gold coast in the hope of a better lifestyle and lots of work to recession hit England we are fully qualified 17th ed sparks, we've been ringing companies for 3days now with still no joy. And keep reading in the bulletin how there crying out for skilled labour especially in the mines. We've offered our services as a trade assistant if needed whilst we get the conversion done. Also have a White card any help out there??
  22. Hello my name's Ronan and I am moving to the sunshine coast in Queensland in November and am wanting to make new friends before I am on a plane on the way there. Anybody already there or going sometime soon interested in dancing (not ballet), Biking, Rugby or cricket???? Thanks:jiggy:
  23. Hi, Could anyone out there please give some helpful advice on visas for our family? We have been living in Oz for 18 mths on PR visas and now some of our family would like to join us. My wife's brother at the age of 16 having just left school in the UK would love to come and live with us. As he still has parents and is related us and he has 4 other brothers/sisters, we cannot adopt or claim that he is dependant. Is there another option that will not cost a fortune? Probable a dead duck but my wife's parents would also like to come. Again money is constraining so investment visas are not an option. Is there any other option than repeated vistor visas? How often and how long can someone keep visiting? Can someone come on a 12mth visit, go home and come back for another 12mths a couple of weeks later? If anyone has had experience or knowledge of these situations, your comments would be very welcome.
  24. Guest

    Wanting to move to OZ

    I'm a dog groomer and i live in the USA, looking to move to OZ. But need to know if their is work for me and how much is enough to get payed their to live pretty well.:v_SPIN:
  25. Well its no surprise .............. they wouldn't be Liberals if they didn't want this, they want to see the empahsis on treatment rather than the prosecution of drug users. As luck would have it, they will need the support of their partners in crime .......... the Tories. I hope they do decriminalise it, i can't wait to be able to go to the pub with my lad and say to the lanlord ........... 2 pints of Stella and ........... 2 lines of Coke landlord if you please. Anyone think its a good/bad idea?