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Found 40 results

  1. Just listen to these gems of wisdom from the bloody streeets of Sydney & Melbourne. 'It's an awareness campaign as much as anything. So many people don't know about the unequal distribuiton of wealth across the world, and the damage it does.' 'I'm here because society is broken on so many levels. Now is the time to push the revolution.' 'Imagine a brave new world without banks, stock exchanges, multi-national corporations?' 'A whole generation, with a new explanation.' 'Imagine the sensation of a teenage legislation?' 'Something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear, there's a man over there with a gun.' 'Ho Ho Ho Chi Min, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, we will fight, we will win.' I wonder what happened to all those teenage revolutionaries? I wonder how many are still living in poverty, if they ever were? I wonder where the next Stalin, the next Lenin, the next Mao, the next Kymer Rouge is hiding, somewhere in the bush, where Australia's secret police can't find them, just waiting for the opportunity to recreate 'The Killing Fields' on Randwick & Flemington Racecourses? Oh Happy Day!
  2. I am a suspended ceiling fixer, dry wall liner and am currently living south of Brisbane. I have my white card &AQF111, tools & transport, i have been doing this line of work for around twenty years, so I am very experienced in this field, my CV is available upon request. I am available to start work immediatly. Regards, Paul.
  3. Hi, I am moving to perth next month, I am a floor and wall tiler, would appreciate any advise! I have over 15 years experience and intend to be SOR. Rich
  4. Somebody can tell me how much a certified wall and floor tiler can make a day? I have AQF III certificate and have a lot experience tiling and construction here in USA looking for a job in the near future i`m still here in USA but hopefully move soon to Perth (next 2 or 3 months). Anyboby can tell me if will be hard to get a job? I applied for 176 visa. Thank you.
  5. hope to arrive in perth early 2010. anyone got info on wall and floor tiling jobs NOR. hearing that tradies are finding it hard to get work but doesnt seem to be much word on the tiling side of things. any info would be appreciated.ta
  6. My brother in law is a tiler and wants to emigrate to Perth. He has seen that his trade is in demand. Is anyone else a tiler and found work pretty easily over there?
  7. Guest

    Cavity wall and loft insulation

    Hi everyone just been looking to see if my husbands job as insulation technician comes under any of the occupations in demand list. It isn't there, but does anyone think it could be under something else I even rang immigration but the lady said I would have to pick what I thought it came under.:arghh: Any advice would be great.
  8. Guest

    Wall and Floor Tiler

    Hi everyone I would like to apply as Wall and Floor Tiler, and in this regard can anyone help me how to and what to include in the detailed resume for the assessment? Thanks :cool:
  9. rockola57

    Plug Sockets up the wall.

    Why are electrical Sockets 3 foot up in the middle of the wall here in Oz?Not at all conducive with aesthetics!Actually ,with wires hanging out all over the place it looks Shi.te.!Then,also the extension boards are compact,and don't allow for the various shaped plugs!WTF is that all about?Sometimes i'm lucky if i can get 2 appliances into a 4 gang extension board.Miles behind is a thought that oft springs to mind.!:wink:
  10. Very sorry if this subject has been brought up before, but i cannot find it anywhere. I have been reading about these Great Wall twin cab ute's, which i am presuming are very much like the Mitsubishi L200 and Nissan Nevara. Has anyone out there had any experience of these motors and if so what do they think of them. We are moving down under early August and i am seriously contemplating buying one but would just like a little feedback from anyone who has possibly owned one already. Cheers Keith
  11. I posted a while ago re my sons medical condition, he has a condition called Tuberous Sclerosis but has a very mild form. He is in a mainstream school, has no physical, developmental or learning difficulties but is on medication to stop him having seizures. He has been seizure free for over 2 years and his consultant may take him off his medication in July. We had our meds done in March and he got referred but they have asked for more up to date tests to be done now. They have given us a near impossible task as we need to find a Nephrologist (which after some time we managed to do) but now we also need a Developmental Phsycologist for two test, Denver and Griffiths scale, but apparently this isnt done in this country!!! My poor hb has been on the phone non stop for 3 days now and still nothing!!! Our G.P has been trying to help. I dont know where else to turn, no one seems to know if theres even an alternative done here. We have a time limit of 28 days and its going to costs us around £1,500+ for this. I dont understand why this is all so necessary when he is in a mainstream school ans we've already sent letter from his teachers saying his academic level is excellent. I feel like im banging my head against a brick wall.:arghh: If anyone can offer some advice I would really appreciate it. (sorry its so long)
  12. Hi 43 years old from England, UK. I've been a plasterer for over 20 years now. does anyone know if there are any opportunities for solid wall plastering in OZ or NZ? I have a young family and want to try and make a better life for us. like other workers here I feel like there's too much stress here. Thank you for your help.
  13. We have a house rented for 14 months in Brisbane. I want to put my posters up in my room but obviously I can't leave marks up everywhere, and I wanna put up the new Aerosmith textile poster/flag I just spent $30 on up! Obviously I can't blu-tac it because of the material it's made of. What can I do that won't make a mark on the wall? Advice pleeeeease! Ta. :cute:
  14. Hello everyone, We are brand new to the forum and looking for advice... We are both 27 and just returned from OZ on a WHV and are desperate to get back. So we are looking to study in OZ as a pathway to staying permanently, we both are from a finance background (with is worthless now :-) but now want a real career. We have been looking at courses and initially thought that the Enrolled Nursing course at WA Tafe would be the best option ($12000 per year) and as it a career Nic is really to follow, however after further investigation it looks like sponsorship or any type of visa would not be available for an enrolled nurse (which effectively makes the course useless, as EN's don't exist in the NHS anymore so the qualification could not even be used back in the UK!) We cannot afford the degree course fees of $20000+ per year for 3 years... Has anyone done an enrolled nurse course? are there any opportunities once qualified? The other option is for me to do a Certificate III in Wall & Floor Tiling which is 2yrs at $14000 and is on the SOL. However it worries me that it is the kind of trade that may not be on the list in 2-3yrs time when I qualify? I would much prefer a plumbing course but I am not able to find a course with a decent provider.. Any thoughts on our situation or suggestions would be great! Thanks :biggrin:
  15. Hi Guys,first time to enter POI so bear with me.We are a family of 6 looking to move to Oz.TRA are at present looking at our application.We have been on holidays to Oz before but we have no family or friends there.We fell in love with the country and people straight away.My husband is a wall and floor tiler.Any advise where to look to move to where there is plenty of work.
  16. shirleyt

    Wall and floor tilers

    New to all this so can any tilers tell me how they got their skills assessed. Do I apply to TRA or do I go to Vetassess. Is there much work around at the moment, how long did it take for your visa application? Whats the wages like? Do I need a licence to trade?All advise gratefully received, and finally did you use an agent?:biggrin:
  17. Hi, My husband is in the process of having his skills assessed so he gets the AQF111 in Wall and Floor tiling and has been working for himself for 15 years, so he can apply for the TRA through route E. If anyone one who has recently done this for this trade recently give us any assistance ie examples of references and what to put in for the training period ie informal apprenticeship and how much detail they want etc. We have his Accountant's letter to send up, Tax return forms (Sc60's)etc as my husband has kept 6 years in total, suppliers references he has 3 he can send up, he can show his public liability schedule etc. Material receipts advertising receipts, Pictures of his work. We are hoping to try to submit with out an agent to save on money etc so. . Does he also have to do a Stat Declaration on what he does etc? Is there any thing else he needs to send up. Any help would be much appreciated. We hope to go to the Gold Coast in under 2 years. Is there any tilers now in Brisbane/Gold coast and how is things. Hopefully we will get there as cant wait to go as a family . Thanks
  18. Please can anyone help I am desperate to find out roughly how much a busy wall and floor tiler could expect to earn? Please can anyone give me a guild to what I can expect to earn. As this will give me some idea as to how much I can borrow for a property. Thanks Very much Chris
  19. Hi Does anyone know who does the skills test assessments for wall and floor tilers? Need info on what the test entails, where the tests are held etc etc Cant find any info on this on the VETASSESS site. Help please!
  20. Hi I am a Wall and Floor tiler looking to emigrate to Queensland, my trade is listed on the Critical list but I really need to know what the work situation is and if there are companies who will sponsor? Any help would be gratefully accepted:smile:
  21. So I popped my 309 Perm Res application in the post today to Australia house in London (woo hoo!) and I'm now sitting here twiddling my thumbs, and it got me thinking about what actually happens to my package when it gets there. I'm just wondering if anyone knows the set up is? How may officers they have working in the building? You know, that kind of thing. I'd love to know a bit more about what happens on the other side if anyone can shed any light... They must get loads sent in every day. Do they just open them up, sling them onto their respective piles and then take it in turns to pick out the various applications. Almost like a lucky dip perhaps? Or are there ones that they all try to avoid, or fight over to do? Would love to know any info. :cool: Freshy
  22. Hi all, just wondering what the job prospects are like in oz for wall and floor tilers. any info would be great thanks leighanna
  23. KangarooJack

    Wages for Wall and Floor ?

    Hi I am a Wall and Floor tiler with an AQF Level lll qualification. I am looking to live on the Gold Coast with my wife and 3 children sometime later this year, can anyone tell me what I can expect to earn as a busy Wall and Floor Tiler per week in $, and weather my trade in doing ok in present financial climate. Is the gold Coast a good location for my trade and for family life. Thanks Very much Chris and family
  24. Hi , I am a wall and floor tiler with 30 years experience - apprencticeship served but no qualifiactions, I am being assessed at the moment for an NVQ so I can send all my references etc to the TRA - I am 51 and looking to come over on a 457 visa - does anyone know of companies that will sponsor me Thanks for reading this Ron
  25. Guest

    TRA Wall & Floor Tiling

    Can anyone tell me what the TRA involves for Wall & floor tiling, heard some conflicting things about that it can last as long as a month. Does anyone know? Thanks Sally-ann