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Found 10 results

  1. mdmx33

    condition 8539

    Hi Guys Just looking for some information on my moral obligations under WA state sponsorship. I was granted a 489 end of May while onshore. I've been trying to get work in regional WA for 6 months now with no luck at all. I want to live in WA however working here at the moment outside of Perth is proving impossible. I've been offered many jobs but they are all in Perth which is no good to me. I took the 489 under the advice of the dept. of migration WA as my occupation was being taken off the list in a the next few weeks of the phone call. I've read many posts which say different things and quite often refer to the PR visas. My visa is a provisional and don't want to prevent myself from being able to convert it to after working in regional for two years. In terms of my visa condition 8539 it does not specify any region or state in particular. Can I move to NT, SA or Tas for example where any area is classed as regional. What information will the DIAC request when I try to gain PR in regards to my obligations. I am very lucky to receive a visa and I am totally grateful, please don't beat me up as my intention was to stay in WA where I have all my friends and some family. Moving to another state was never really even considered until a week ago. I would move back to WA at the earliest opportunity if it was right to do so. Thanks Guys I really do appreciate any serious advice anyone can give.
  2. rehanonline83

    WA SS Validity??????

    Friends, What is the validity of WA SS once it is issued successfully? In other words, when does WA SS get expire once it is issued? I checked different forums. Someone said it is 3 months. Others say it is 2 years? Australian SS validity changes with the time. For example, the validity of SA (South Australia) SS was 30 days but is changed now to 60 days (Confirmed). I could not find confirmed and updated WA SS validity information. Please assist.
  3. Ammosaph

    WA SS 2011 - where are we now

    A thread to try to stay in touch with all the recent (and soon to be) WA SS bods. Would be good to know how we're all getting on from time to time. :smile:
  4. HG3

    WA ss - timelines

    Hi All Just a question - please be patient as this is my first post! We have applied for our WA SS today and just wondered how long this is taking at the moment? I am impatient already! thanks
  5. Does anybody know the validity of the WA SS approval letter, as it does not state the date until which one can apply to the DIAC in its basis. Thanks.
  6. Hi All I am new to this site and am currently going thorugh the process of applying for a 176 visa without an agent. I received an email today that said my WA SS was declined but when I opened the attached letter to see the reason it was an approval letter, asking me to sign the T&Cs and send back. Can anyone help, what shall I do. Shall I send back the letter and hope I have got SS or contact them and get them to confirm? Please help me, have felt sick since I saw the email and that the dream could be over...... thanks in advance:confused:
  7. tikbalang

    Building Associate with WA SS

    Hi All, With the seemingly limited slots available, Just wondering how many of us Building Associates out there with a WA SS. Hope WA SMP is released soon with our trade on it. KEEPING THE FAITH.:idea:
  8. Waq

    Validity of WA SS approval

    I have a question, how long is the WA state sponsorship letter valid from the date of issue? Mine's dated Feb 2010. As I had already applied for the 175 (CSL), I wanted to wait for sometime to see if I can be lucky enough to get the "independent" PR. So basically how long can I further delay sending in the Form 1100. Thanks in anticipation for your "always" valued input.
  9. rebejes3

    WA SS - Counsellor Occupation

    Hi Anyone here applied for WA SS for Counsellor (occupation) and got it ...? Kindly give the details since i have been desperately waiting for all these three months :confused: Thanks.
  10. I recently heard WA only sponsor 500 ppl per year for off list nominations. Just wondered if anyone has been refused?? and also how many people have been successful in getting WA SS for off list nomination occupations??