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Found 24 results

  1. [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/voting-uk-map.png[/WRAP]Should long-term British expats maintain the right to vote? A goverment select commitee will hold a hearing tomorrow on political & constitutional reform. Groups of British Expats are currently lobbying for a change in the voting legislation that currently deprives them of their UK vote after 15 years of living abroad. Many expats have long felt aggrieved , particularly those who still contribute to the UK tax system or work for UK companies abroad. Expats groups hope that the nine-member cross party group will use Thursday's political and constitutional reform select committee to support the expats who have petitioned, blogged and sent in letters demanding change. Parliament's reason for limiting the right to vote, up until now, has been that over time a person's connection with the UK is likely to diminish if they are living permanently abroad. Expat James Preston, who has surpassed the 15 year watershed by working for a British property investment firm in Madrid, is currently locked in a court battle with the Government over what he considers his fundamental democratic right. He said: "Until I got married and had children, I really never felt the need to vote. It was my strong feelings about the Iraq war that persuaded me to think about voting in the forthcoming UK elections, but now that I’ve reached the 15 year watershed of living in Spain, I’ve lost the chance. I’m basically being stripped of a fundamental democratic right. The right to vote.”
  2. nik_kershaw

    Expats eligable to vote in the UK

    Hi everyone just thought I would tell you my good news. Since I moved to Aus I have been eligible to vote in not only a general election but also a referendum back in the UK. I asked to vote by postal vote, thinking that systems would be in place so that overseas citizens are able to vote in the UK. I found that on both times (although the general election had the issue of a volcano getting involved) my ballot paper came late. I could fully understand that something outside the British Government control would stop me from placing my vote, but when it came to the referendum earlier this year, nothing was hampering the delivery of my ballot paper. I got my ballot paper 1 day before it needed to be lodged with the polling station in Ealing, which I believed was unacceptable. The only way I could physically place my vote would be to take a flight that evening and place my vote myself. Disappointed and after speaking to my wife (who happens to work for the Australian Electoral Commission) I decided to write to my MP back in the UK. Might I just add, this is the first time I have done such a thing, I am not a serial whiner but I thought it was wrong that I was not able to do carry out my duty as a UK citizen. I only did this after exhausting all avenues trying to get anywhere with the Electoral Commission in the UK. Anyway after a few emails from my MP's office I got a letter this morning that they are in the process of changing the current timetable of 17 to 25 days. From what I gather ballot papers are now going to be sent out sooner. Before I open a beer to celebrate, it is only in the draft process, so the law hasn't been changed yet, however I can't see why it wouldn't pass. In fact I am going to crack open a beer! Anyway what this means to you is that you should get your ballot paper in time for you to be able to fill it out and then return it unlike last year and earlier this year. When the next election comes about and you still don't get your paper in time then write an email to your MP back in the UK and things may change. If anyone is really interested in what has been proposed then have a look at the below link http://www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/resource-library/draft-electoral-administration-provisions OK, I've waffled enough now. Let me know what you think
  3. MP's face being forced into a landmark vote on restoring the death penalty. Under the new e-petitions any subject getting more than 100,000 signatures, MP's must consider debating it in the commons. Right wing internet bloggers have been collecting signatures for the restoration of Hanging for murderers of children and policemen. Why they say right wing i don't know, i would have thought bringing back the death penalty, not neccessarily hanging, maybe lethal injection, would be very popular to the massess, who i think are fed up of soft sentences for evil monsters who take innocent peoples lives, callously and brutally and i would extend it to murderers of old people and multiple murders. Where do i sign?:wink:
  4. Alex Salmonds SNP party won an overall majority yesterday and the word is he will give Scottish people the vote for Independence. From what i recall they voted against this last time, will it be different this time round and if they vote YES, what effect will it have on Scotland and the rest of the UK?
  5. Well ............... i went back on my word and voted yesterday and even worse i voted for the Lib-Dem party candidate.:elvis: I voted for Clegg at last years election because i thought there was a change in the air, but it was a wrong claim, but i mainly voted for them because i have two kids coming up to University and i didn't want fees increasing and Pinnochio Clegg said he wouldn't increase them. Anyway............. back to yesterday........... i decided to leave politics out of it and vote for Naz Hussain the Lib Dem candidate, he often comes to our house for a chat, he is a great bloke who really helps the community and he deserved my vote. I also voted against AV.............. i don't like the current system, i personally still think proportional representation should be the way to go, but the party with the most votes should be forming a government, not a party that comes 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th.
  6. Looking forward to our new home.. we see that the Adelaide Now website is asking for votes for the name of the new T20 franchise team for the city. The new competition from next year is going to have teams from cities not states. We are definitely going to be there at the matches.. erm visa permitting. Brisbane and Sydney have already chosen their names.. Vote for your choice of the best name at Big Bash branding | Adelaide Now Adelaide Now readers also chose the nickname for Adelaide Utd (The Reds). Choices are: Adelaide Fire Saints Fever Razors Angels Mavericks Strikers Sparks Slammers Chargers Rush Blitz Pulse Let's put some PIO input into the name of the team we'll all be supporting....:v_SPIN:
  7. I know this is probably not politically correct to do this - BUT please indulge me :wubclub: Please fellow SA'ers (South Ausser's that is) vote for our baby's pic in a competition on FB!! :notworthy: We would love to win the photo-shoot by this amazing photographer. All you need to do is Like her FB page: Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More And then place a comment underneath our daughter's pic - you need to leave the comment VOTE : Character Comp | Facebook She is Amy Thank you SO much!!!!!
  8. Guest

    The Vote, Yes or No.

    I have taken part in a number of threads recently where the discussion has been the pros and cons of living in a democracy where voting either should be a 'choice' or made law to vote. There are pros and cons to both sides of the argument, however I am in favour of making voting compulsory. I won't go into the whys and wherefores of why I believe such a thing, suffice to say I think it everyone's responsibility to cast a vote in a general election otherwise we give those in 'power' every right to do as they please whenever they want. We are VERY lucky to be living in a democracy, there are many who are not furnished with the ability to cast a vote, often through intimidation, abuse, rape, murder, etc. The link below is NOT for the faint hearted. It shows what a brutal regime is in place in certain countries, AND for this reason alone we should embrace our right to vote, because the person/people shown in the video have NO choice and WE owe it to them to furnish ourselves of our right to vote. The link may to some seem a little inconsequential to our own lives, but I have been fortunate, maybe that should be (unfortunate) enough to see what a brutal regime can do to a people at grass roots level. This sort of brutality is happening day after day in MANY countries. And the funny thing is this, the worlds largest so called democracy (USA) only a matter of several years ago did NOT give certain members of their population the right to vote, simply because they were thought unworthy and not capable of coming to an informed decision. They were classed as second class citizens, (as they always have been) and 'deemed' inconsequential to the final outcome. If this can happen in the so called biggest democracy in the world just imagine what could happen here. AND, more importantly, there was barely an eyebrow raised or murmur of disproval, and why, because the other people involved could NOT care less about the so called 'lesser' mortals.:mad: I know this thread will be discussed, and some will see me as wrong (as is your right) but ask yourselves this one question, are we not truly blessed to live in a society where voting at the moment is open to all of us. And I say that with caution, because believe me, if enough people become so apathetic about our right to vote it IS only a short road to those in power saying, 'Right, you don't give a toss about how your country is run, we will do WHATEVER we please and bugger the consequences', this really could happen, in fact it is now.:mad: Cheers Tony.
  9. I have just had a look at the Australian Greens policies, especially their policies regarding Immigration and Refugees. Principles The Australian Greens believe that: -the presence in Australia of people of many cultural backgrounds greatly enriches our society and should be celebrated. -Australian society, culture and the economy has benefited, and will continue to benefit, from immigration of people from around the world. -immigration must be non-discriminatory on the grounds of nationality, ethnic origin, religion, language, gender, disability, sexuality, age or socioeconomic background. -Australia has humanitarian and legal obligations to accept refugees and reunite families. -asylum seekers and refugees are no more of a threat to our borders or to society than anyone else and must be treated with compassion and dignity. -Australia must assess in good faith all asylum seekers who arrive on our mainland or any of our islands, without discrimination based on the method of arrival. See link for more details. Immigration and Refugees | The Australian Greens I think if the Greens win, they will find a way to put an end to our tortures. Of course the sad truth is they will never win, at least not in this election. Maybe we should all write to Bob Brown and tell him what we are going through.
  10. Its quite difficult to get a full appreciation of the these areas whilst still in the UK, but it would be good to to get a view from you lot! We are a family of four with 2 kids (8 and 4) and are looking for (probably what everyone else is looking for!) a community "feel", good local shops, eateries etc, reasonably close to safe beaches, smallish "community" schools, not too remote, quiet on evenings but something always happening during the day etc etc. any thoughts?!! Cheers Paul
  11. nik_kershaw

    Unable to vote due to volcanic ash

    I registered to vote in the general election about 2 months ago, however I have still not got my postal vote. I phoned up my former local office and the girl on the phone said it was probably due to the volcanic ash. I asked if i received the paperwork could i take it to the high commission in Canberra, she said no, it had to be at their office by 10pm tomorrow (UK time). What a joke, i went to some effort getting registered for the election and in return i get a kinda unlucky response. As I said before, what a joke!!! Not being allowed to vote shouldn't be possible because there isn't a back up plan if something like this happens. I know when my wife was in the UK she was able to vote at Australia house. Did anyone else get their postal votes, and do you think you'll get them back in time for the 10pm deadline tomorrow?
  12. Bod

    Who will you vote

    Just want to know if I need to start packing
  13. Just a 'heads up"-as if there hasn't been enough air disruption lately BA cabin crew may take further strike action soon. Lets hope it all gets sorted out before hand.! BA crew to vote on holding more strikes
  14. Guest

    Vote in General Election

    If you are a Brit and you want to vote in the forthcoming General Election the go to this website to download the application forms. About My Vote, produced by The Electoral Commission You need to get on with it as you have to register by 20th April and post can take a week!
  15. tracy123

    Will you vote?

    just wondering? and Should voting be compulsory?
  16. nik_kershaw

    I need a POM to help me vote

    I am trying to register to vote in the UK election, however i have just looked at filling in the form and it says I need a British Citizen to witness it. The problem is I don't really know any. However I am sure someone in the Canberra area will sign my form. If anyone else wants to register here is the link British citizens living abroad - About my vote, produced by The Electoral Commission Can you let me know about signing my form by PM or leave a message below. Cheers guys
  17. shazney64

    where for SS 176? Vote now

    Hubby is bricky origionally wanted NSW and have spent a lot of time reaseraching state. We are looking at WA, SA or ACT that may sponsor us under the 176. We had little knowledge of these states and little time to research them to the same degree of research as last time. Consider these points please before voting. 1) Trade employment prosepcts 2) House prices and family orientated 3) Good standard of education Obv just for fun but would be very interested in responses many thanks
  18. Herald Sun Poll Poll Popup | Herald Sun
  19. Guest

    Dont for get to vote

  20. Guest

    Vote Kermit

  21. :unsure:Hi guys. This is my first time on PinOz and really need advice. We've just decided to take our 3 children (ages 8yrs, 5yrs and 11 months) and live in Oz but as we have never even been there, crazy I know, so have no idea where's the best place to settle with kids. Friends of ours who are from oz say queensland but I thought i'd ask for a vote from you guys. I want to find a place fairly near the sea so my kids can enjoy the outdoor life, somewhere safe with low crime rate, Is there such a place? please let me know your thoughts and any advice will be much appreciated. Thankyou.xSharon... :cool:
  22. Guest

    North Meet Vote

    Hi everyone , we need to have a vote on which pub to go to it is either the legend which has wacky ware house and laser quest next door or the riverside inn again has a wacky ware house and a beer garden ... get voting guys ... karen
  23. To all those who have already set up Oz bank accounts..