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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    Home swaps - Short term visits

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a family home swap? The problem we have is wanting to visit parents in the UK and Paris but ideally need our own space while we are there. As such I have created a home swapping system for families who want to swap with other families who have kids of similar ages so you don't have to take all the prams, porta cots etc etc. Trying to build up a database ( no costs attached) please let me know... Thanks Sarah
  2. Hi I think I am having a dumb moment but after the time I have spent doing these application forms I think I am allowed to...perhaps.... Form 80 , question 36 - 'Give details of all visits (including short stays) to countries outside Australia for the last 10 years' I have been back and forth from England to Australia for various periods of time - do I have to put every time I have gone to England? (I live in Australia now on temp spouse visa) thanks in advance Smiler:biggrin:
  3. Oh dear I need your help again (God i'm always on here)! We're just about to scan and send our form 80s off but wanted to double check what we ought to put for details of intended visits to Oz? We have no intended plans as its all dependent on whether we get a visa. Should we just say it all depends on the outcome of our visa? If we do get a visa how much time do we have to enter the country before the visa becomes invalid? Thank you again :chatterbox:
  4. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me on here. We told our parents we were emigrating last november and they have just started talking about it now...ok so it is still in the terms 'if you go'...but we have progress that they now acknowledge the fact. However, today Mum said that they will visit a month at a time, to which i replied 'oh i thought you would come 6 month at a time whilst it was winter over here' (half hearted joke). It just got me thinking, is there a time limit people can visit for and how often??? Nic
  5. Guest

    past visits to OZ

    Hi all, Does anyone know how you go about finding out the exact dates you last visited oz - my OH had a WHV is about 1994 but not really sure when, and he no longer has that old passport. Also as he spent a year there - does he need a police check? This may seem a stupid question but on the visa app it says any country "since you were 16, in the last 10 years" - so it was since he was 16 but not in the last 10 years????:confused: Also in this section it asks for your last permanent address - does three months in one place count as a permanent address, and how would he even remember an address from 17 years ago? Well I just thought I'd check, in case anyone else had the same, or similar, situation. Thanks everyone x
  6. I have just thought about something else. When me and my family came over in Nov09, we didnt keep any info showing our Visa numbers (visiting). My husband threw bits and peices out (clever!). I think there are questions on some forms-cant remember which ones, that ask for visa numbers when you have visited Australia for a holiday. Does anyone know if they must be put on the form or where we can obtain the visa numbers and who holds the records? Thanks ever so.:err:
  7. 3go2Perth

    My visits to Perth primary schools

    Well we have been here a couple of weeks & have visited a number of primary schools. I thought that others might find this useful. Our daughter is a bright 10 y/o, so we're looking for a good primary school, and to know that she would later go to a high school with a good reputation. One other thing to note before I start is that about 7 years ago, the school starting age changed, which means that all primary schools currently have a small cohort for year 7. This has an impact on the distribution of children in classes in this year's year 7, and often for years 4, 5 & 6 as well, and probably years 8 & 9 next year. We had started off looking at the Woodvale area as that is those schools are talked about so highly on PIO. It is a truly lovely area – beautiful homes, but hubby & I both want to be able to commute to the CBD for finding work, and to me, it's too far. So we started a looking a little closer to town. Mount Hawthorn Primary School We started with this school because we liked the Mount Hawthorn area – it has a nice main street. The facts: Children: 585 Classes per year: 2 Children per class: 25-26 High school: Shenton College which has a great reputation locally, Churchlands or Mount Lawley Out of school activities: organised by parents After school club: on site, run by OSCA (if you want to google it) and is very popular. Swimming lessons: At Beatty Park (a fab leisure centre with 4 pools!) in February each year ICT: 2 ICT suites Stability of Management: The principle has been there for 2 years and used to work at Subiaco (see below) LOTE (language other than English for lessons): Italian Other: There is a bridge over the main road for the children to use when walking to school; focus on community; quite music focussed, with a large (65 member) band; They have recently amalgamated the jnior & senior parts of the school, which gave them more resources & they've had a big refurbishment. Overall: Lovely school, lovely area. West Leederville Primary School Just south of Mount Hawthorn, serving Leederville & West Leederville suburbs. Children: 280 Classes per year: split (eg: year 5/6 and year 6/7) Children per class: 26-28 High school: Shenton College Out of school activities: organised by parents After school club: Yes (a whopping $29 per DAY!) Swimming lessons: At Beatty Park in Feb ICT: ICT suite plus 2 PCs per classroom Stability of Management: The principle has been there for 1 year, following a succession of acting principles. Not an inspiring individual. LOTE: Italian, I think Other: Focus on community (they have 'Fizzy Friday' when the mums meet in the park opposite the school on a Friday afternoon “with a few bottles”!!!) and the dads meet at the local pub on a Monday); Quite sporting, big on the Triathlon; they are just starting a redecoration programme and are getting funding from the government Fiscal Stimulus for a new music & arts block. The principle said they came 4th out of the Perth schools for attainment... I find it hard to believe though! Overall: OK, but not as good as the others. Subiaco Primary School: Just to the west of West Leederville. A beautiful neighbourhood with a great 'cafe culture' feel. Children: 490 Classes per year: 2 Children per class: 32 High school: Shenton College Out of school activities: organised by parents After school club: Yes, on site. The principle seemed a little concerned at their supervision, though. Not sure what he meant. Swimming lessons: They have their own pool which they use for the younger children. Older ones go to Cottesloe Beach in Feb ICT: An ICT suite, plus others on trolleys that they move around the school as needed Stability of Management: The principle has been there for 10 years. Very professional. LOTE: Italian Other: Classed as a 'level 7' (of 8) for socio/economic classification (ie: quite rich!). Music, arts, sports... all great. Being repainted / refurbed, with more building on the way. Overall: Absolutely fabulous school... if only we could afford to live in the neighbourhood! Scarborough Primary School Nearer to the beach, and close to where we are staying now Children: 176 Classes per year: split 4/5, 5/6/7 (not many year 7's this year) Children per class: 22-24 High school: Claremont (not heard of this one) Out of school activities: organised by parents, but not much After school club: No Swimming lessons: Clarement, in Dec ICT: 1 computer per desk of 4 children in the classrooms. Stability of Management: Principle has been there 1 year, the deputy for 4 LOTE: Japanese Other: Described as 'not very sporty'. A very strong focus on the school ethos of co-operation and focus on behaviour improvement and the 'whole person'. The Deputy teaches the oldest children for 2 days a week, with another male teacher doing the other 3 days. A good focus on the basics. Overall: Much smaller (schools less than 250 children apparently get less funding) and it shows. Far less in the way of facilities, but a lovely atmosphere. Newborough Primary School On the other side of Scarborough.. just 2km from the beach in an area with plenty of houses for sale.. a good mix of old & new, too. Children: 275 Classes per year: split 4/5, 5/6, but next year when the current year 7s are gone it'll be a straight 1 class per year Children per class: 24-26 High school: Corrine (mentioned favourably on PIO in the past) Out of school activities: organised by parents After school club: A choice of 3, one of which will be on site from next term Swimming lessons: Craigie Leisure Centre, in Dec ICT: computer suite, regularly refreshed Stability of Management: Principle has been there for 13 years LOTE: Japanese Other: Another school getting Fiscal Stimulus money for new buildings.. a new music & arts building, plus a new Kindy building. Walking bus to school. Lots of parents involved with the school (running the canteen etc) Overall: Lovely atmosphere, ticks all the boxes. I hear locally that Floreat Primary School & Wembley Primary School are also very good, and over the magic 250 pupils size that gives additional resources. We didn't end up visiting these, though. Well I hope that helps, PIOers! Apologies for the long post, but if you're still reading this far, then presumably you're interested :cute: All the best J
  8. mrfordy

    school visits

    Hi Im planning to visit Perth for a holiday over Christmas with my daughter and was wanting to visit schools whilst there, but obviously they will be closed for holidays. Does anyone know if there is any time that staff will be there for visits or has it got to be during term time. Many thanks:smile: Penny (Mr Fordys OH)
  9. gparkes

    Family visits

    Hi Guys, Just wondered what is the limit to parents staying in oz? I am wanting to bring my parents out for a trip in august but wondered what is the time limit they are able to stay here? I also want them here for xmas next year so thought if they could stay 6 months that would kill 2 birds with 1 stone? Gail
  10. Guest

    Dates of Previous Visits

    I'm filling in the application form for 136 and am having trouble with the section where you have to say whether you've had any previous visas for Australia. Now I've read in other threads that it's OK to just put ETA if you don't know the visa number. What about if you can't remember the dates accurately. I went for a holiday almost ten years ago and haven't got that passport anymore so cannot remember exactly when I was there. Should I just estimate (I know it was just before my birthday but can't remember the exact date)? Or does anyone know if there is a database held somewhere that I could check? Thanks