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Found 26 results

  1. Hi everyone, Could you inform me, (and the community in who may read this thread in the future)in regards to: Inviting someone to Australia As of 2022 Could you please answer these questions, that could help me, or others in the future too. the examples are to illustrate case situations that may fall in these criteria, you may be in that situation or not, not all examples are pertaining to me personally but rather to emphasize the requirements, given how obtuse such answers are to enquire. #1 What is the minimum employment status towards inviting someone to Australia: - Example: John has been working for 3 weeks and has only one pay slip but has accommodation, Sarah has been working for 3 months and has multiple pay slips but has no accommodation, Chris is listed as casual, and is recieving part payments from Centrelink and has accommodation family, Lastly Tom is unemployed but can provide some financial assistance with accommodation while on Centrelink, but is not working as of now. - #2 Does the visitor require mandatory travel health insurance if they visit? #3 Does the visitor require funds before traveling over sea's? #4 Does the recipient from whom they invite require all documents provided via their respective channel, need to have all documents statutorily signed by a public official (bases on documents) - Example: bank statement from it's respective source/government/Centrelink/payslip, bankruptcy in the unlikely event, compound interests, pertaining towards proof of support. - #5 When and when not(basis of pandemic or not) do you notify immigration of immediate changes: - Example: Andrew's wife was married outside of Australia but decided to inform the immigration in that respective country, due to the nature of unforseen circumstances that had created them to live single lives, they then decided to remove financial burden in their respective countries given the situation was out of their control, until they were able to do so on arrival in Australia. Ben was living in Thailand or Philippines, or any region in Asia for two years, and found work while unable to return to Australia, could a family member invite Ben back to Australia if he was a British born citizen, or countries that have joint sovereignty to Australia like New Zealand being one example, should Ben notify the embassy, or contact Australian immigration immediately to update changes. - #6 What constitutes a business for a visitor to visit Australia: - Example: Lou worked for the family business, but earned nothing from it until he's older sister found work, given Lou was not employed, and the business name was in Lou's sister's name, but Lou's older sister decided to give Lou the online business due to her finding employment; does Lou's new found business in these respective countries: Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia allow Lou to apply for a 600 series visa even tho Lou has no property but is earning a income. - #7 Does each state enforce immigration more differently then other states of Australia: - Example: overseas visitor to Perth Vs over sea's visitor to Sydney (pre-pandemic and current pandemic) would the outcome be more stringent or more lenient. - #8 If at such circumstances the visitor isn't able to travel to the respective state in Australia, can another family member invite them? - Example: Harry's younger sister lives in Mexico, but wishes to visit family in Sydney, but cannot because harry has only invited he's sister to Perth and only Perth, could Harry's sister stil travel from Perth to Sydney and leave sydney back to Mexico, if that person in sydney who stil is a family member but could not for-fill the requirements pertaining to work, or accommodation that Harry could still be able to meet the requirements in a different way. -
  2. peterjoel76

    How to read visa grant letter

    My wife has been granted a visitor visa but I am not sure how to read the grant letter. Below are details from grant letter. --------------------------------- Visa grant date 1 August 2013 Last Date to arrive 1 August 2014 Stay For/Until 3 months Entries Multiple Visa Stream Tourist Below are details from VEVO.--------------------------------- Visa grant date 1 August 2013 Visa expiry date 2 December 2013 (She arrived here on 2nd September 2013) Visa status In Effect Entries allowed Multiple entries to and from Australia during the validity of your visa Must not arrive after 1 August 2014 Period of stay 03 months I am not sure if she can remain in Australia for a maximum of 3 months with multiple entries OR She can remain here with multiple entries of maximum 3 months each and the last entry could be before 1 August 2014?
  3. My wife is here on a tourist visa. She doesn't have a "NO further stay" condition. Can she apply for a partner visa and remain in Australia until a decision is made on the visa application?
  4. Guest

    Visa Help for Visitors ???

    Myself and my partner and three children are living in Australia as PR on a 176 visa and have been here 2 years. My parents really want to come over and help us out on a permanent basis for the next few years. I have looked into the permanent parent visa but there is such a long wait list for the non contribution visa it does not seem like an option as they want to come over in April 2012. Is applying for a 12 month tourist visa the way best way to go, and after the 12 months how long would they have to remain out of the country before applying again? I don't know how often they would be able to apply for the visa. Any advice you have will be gratefully received. Many Thanks
  5. Danandclaire

    Visitors visa first?

    Hi all, Has any ones partner gone with them to Aus (I have an Aussie passport) on a visitors visa and then applied for a partner visa once there? I know these can be valid for up to 12 months so should give us time to get the partner once there. We can stay with relatives whilst we wait and it means I can get there sooner to start job hunting!
  6. We put a deposit on a 10 yr old Subaru Outback yesterday. It's a 5 seater, 90000 kms - $16k. Expensive but that's the going rate. Anyhow, I woke up this morning and thought of a scenario we'd not considered. What are we going to do when parents come over to visit? We're a family of 4, so 2 visitors would not fit in the car to explore on the weekends. How do people cope when visitors come? I can think of 4 scenarios: 1) not buy the Subaru Outback (we have 3 day cooling period) and instead buy a 7 seater. 2) hire 7 seater when visitors are here - very expensive option, and as parents may stay for weeks this is not an affordable option. 3) It's more than likely we will be a 2 car family, so we could buy a small second car and when we have visitors go out in 2 cars. (2 lots of petrol when travel to coast etc) 4) stick with the subaru outback, and in a few months if money situation allows, buy a real old station wagon (7 seater). As it's unlikely we'll have visitors in first 6 months this would give us 6 months to look around for someone who's selling an old, cheap reliable one. Other people must have the same dilemma as us and I'm wondering what people do? Thanks! Mike. Based in Canberra and loving it.
  7. Can anyone clear this up for me, please. My parents are talking about travelling as tourists to see us this year and were wondering about reciprocal health care arrangements. My Dad is being treated for cancer and also has a history of heart problems and previously they have been insured for travel EXCLUDING his heart and the cancer. What they want to know is, if he needs treatment for his heart or the cancer how will they go about it? Will they have to pay and claim it back at home? Or will they just have to fork out? Thank you
  8. Phoenix16

    Visitors from Home...

    Hi! I would really appreciate it if other members would share their experiences of having visitors from 'home' come to stay. Is it always everything you hoped? Is it always happy and harmonious? Has anyone had any bad experiences? We currently have visitors (in laws!) staying with us and we are finding the experience quite stressful. They told us they would be staying 2 weeks tops and have now bedded in for a month, they have never been to OZ before but they don't want to hire a car or go anywhere, they sit every night waiting to be fed and watered, they have never suggested they babysit and allow us a night out and they expect us to pick up the bill for everything when we are out with them. For us its difficult because we saw them very rarely back in the UK and for very brief periods of time i.e. a couple of hours a month. I could overlook some of the issues if they were showing devotion to my daughter but its bordering on disinterest, I was actually dragged back to my table by MIL the other day in a restaurant because my daughter had asked to go to the toilet!! One more gripe! We gave them a fully charged up aussie mobile when they arrived so they could keep in touch with us whilst out and about and they have basically used it to call and text all their friends back home (as well as our land line of course)!! I would be interested to know how others have found the experience! It was wonderful to see them when they initially arrived but we are now counting down the days until they leave and saying 'never again'!!
  9. Hi There I am on bridging visa and I have applied for both PR/TR.. I applied TR before 11 months and PR before 7 months. Now I am planning to invite my wife to Australia on visitors visa. My question is " once i get my TR or PR approved, is it possible for her to apply for PR/TR while being on visiting visa? or she need to go back and apply for PR/TR and then wait for the approval to come back? Please guide me.. WHat should i do?
  10. Guest

    Visitors from the UK

    Poms in OZ has never let me down - Yet! An elderly inlaw is visiting us in about 2 weeks time. Not much of a traveller, we have all the travel sorted and paid for from this end. Does she need a Visa? Or can she just turn up in Brisbane go through immigration and get a stamp. She is only stopping for 10 weeks. I have had a look at visa options and she can get an ETA but she is not internet capable!
  11. Guest

    Health Visitors

    I am a UK Health Visitor, in the process of applying for a skilled visa, are there any Uk trained health visitors practicing in OZ. I would love to know your experiences and job role, is it the same as in the UK? I am worried there won't be a role for me out there.
  12. I am a UK Health Visitor, in the process of applying for a skilled visa, are there any Uk trained health visitors practising in OZ. I would love to know your experiences and job role, is it the same as in the UK? I am worried there won't be a role for me out there.:cool:
  13. Hi Folks, We are in Oz with our children and their families waiting for a decision on our 143 CPV visa application. We need to leave Oz to renew our 676 tourist visa for another 12 months and have decided to go to Auckland to carry this out. I guess a good few of you will have done this before so would welcome advice and comments about what to do/not to do, how long it takes, any bad experiences etc. Cheers TinaL
  14. mrcatania

    Visitors to Moving Back Forum

    Apart from the main forums like News/Gossip and Migration issues... the next most popular in terms of viewers at any one time seems to be this forum. Everytime I am on here it is the same. Would be interesting to see how many visitors are potential migrants wondering why people aren't happy here, or people already here who are now wondering WTF have they done??
  15. I moved to Australia (Sydney) in January this year and have had a great time and settled in well, although have found it difficult to make friends; I had the expected bumps when i first arrived (have i done the right thing etc) but that is normal I know and I just got through it. Anyway my best friends flew out to see me a few weeks ago and i had the most amazing time, but ever since they have gone i feel so empty. I can't seem to shake it. I have even had thoughts of going back to the UK. I have a trip planned for next June and am counting down till then. I am sure this feeling is only temporary i just cant get over how miserable i feel. I just wondered if this is natural when visitors leave? and how long will this last?! Thank you in advance for your replies Nat xxxx
  16. I know this sounds daft, as my partner and I hope to validate our 175 visa next year and intend to be there for 3 weeks. Do we need to apply for a tourist visa whilst we are there for the three weeks or will the validation of the 175 visa cover our 3 weeks? Thanks
  17. Guest

    Visitors looking for help

    My wife and i are on a fact finding trip in March - with the hope of moving ( via a state sponsored visa ) We're going to drive from syd to mel ----- say taking a week ( just to get a feel for the countryside ) Any help with the route or nice places to stay ? Then hopefully somewhere in or around Mel for another week again to get a feel for the city or outlaying areas. So anyone any places to stay in mel or outside it - also estate agents that maybe could show us a few areas and get an idea of prices and areas. Thanks for any help and happy new year !! jj......
  18. Just had hubbys cousin & family out with us for 2 weeks, they were in oz for a total of 7 weeks & had a ball visiting different states in oz & spent a fortune !!!! - they have taken some gifts back to Spain for us (as it takes forever for the parcels to get to spain from oz for some reason) My mother in law arrives this thursday coming for just over 3 weeks, will be great to see her, (she's a gd'n & dosent give me any grief) but the best bit is she is bringing a sackful of chrissy presents for us, several issues of CLOSER magazine & a few other mags & lots of bars of GALAXY oooh & some tubes of germolene too yeah i know im sad - :jiggy:but she will also be taking presents back to peeps in the uk for us too - guess shes playing world wide santa this year !!!! LOL Ju x
  19. Hi This is for all of you lucky people already in Oz. How do you cope when you have family visit you for a long stay , and they stay with you? I'm particularly wondering about in laws. My MIL is on her own and will come for 2-3 months at a time. Because she will be on her own, I can't very well rent somewhere and stick her in it on her own. I do like her, but the thought of 2-3 months at a time makes me feel ill and stressed out. It is ages away for us yet, but this is the one thing I am constantly worrying about. I know I probably sound like a cow, but I don't like the feeling of being 'invaded'. Advice please!!!!! Karen X
  20. Guest

    First UK visitors booked!

    My first visitors have booked their flights. My sister, her partner and my nephew arrive on 6th June after a stopover in Singapore. We used to see each other at least twice a week and I've not seen them for five months - eight months by the time they actually arrive. My nephew was only 14 months old when I left so I am sending him a set of photos of myself so that when I pounced on him in the arrivals hall at Brissie airport he won't have a dicky fit - I hope! (I did a similar thing a few years ago for a niece I didn't see very often before we went on holiday, but she spent half the hol looking at me like like she recognised me from a wanted poster!) They are bringing the cheapo stroller BUT young Jacob will need other stuff too: a carseat for one. Does anyone know where I can get some decent second hand stuff? Any help appreciated.
  21. Guest

    Studying while on visitors visa

    Does anyone know if you can study while on a visitors visa? I plan to do n plumbers licensing course in Brisbane. Thanks Michael
  22. Hi All Would anyone who visited the Emigrate2 show at Sandown on Saturday 1st March and registered their details with Home2Home Settlements & Global TradeSearch Recruitment please contact us ASAP via email at either: info@h2h.com.au or sandy@globaltradesearch.com.au alternatively please call us for free on: on 0800 781 38 36 _________________ Home2Home Settlements - "helping new migrants land feet first" Recruitment, Visas & Relocation http://www.h2h.com.au
  23. Guest

    Our first Visitors

    Hi Peeps Well been here just over 6months in Brisbane, Bellbowrie western suburbs, Its gone so fast, but all very happy and settled into our new life just fine, Oh really enjoying his job even flew to Mckay for work purposes the other week and could be going to Adelaide and melbourne in the near future meeting customers so hes happy. My Eldest son is loving his course at tafe hes doing graphic design and doing so much better there than the course in Manchester, I'm so glad as this course is costing us quite a bit, the one in uk was free. He has a gilfriend, and her mum asked me to go round for a cuppa, and have been round for bbq's also can pop round for a girlie chat and a cuppa n cake which is what i missed.Youngest son is also happy at high school and has made loads of friends there, he was the one that didn't want to come over here and cried:cry:everytime oz was mentioned, we sat down the other day and i asked the boys were they settled here and missed uk and both said they didn't want to go back, so all is well. I myself have had a couple of occations of feeling sadness not missing uk but felt lonely, missed my girlfriends the banter you have with other girls, like jo said in one of her threads you can sit in a cafe and something will come to you and you so want to share it. But have taken up swimming every morning at our local outdoor pool, how cool is that:yes: We have bought some land and they are starting to build our house by the 5th December so fingers crossed we'll be in it at Easter or there abouts. We have our First rellies coming over in just under 2weeks time OH Parents so have given them a list of thing to bring over, Cadburys choc, Galaxy Choc Buttons and Hair colours for me as there so expensive here, They are here till 3rd Jan so should help with any feelings of loneliness at christmas and new year. Cant say i have missed uk, and i speak everyday to my sister on web cam and several times to parents via web cam and skype, but my youngest brother and his wife had their first baby in sept and i wish i could have a cuddle of her, they have sent photos on the computer so i will have to settle for this. Sadly we cant make this meetup in Dec as got rellies over and are taking them to the Bundy Mountains for the weekend. Hope i've not bored you all to much. Everyone good luck. Karen,Nigel Gaz n Adam x
  24. Hi all, Not sure if this is the correct forum, but I'll give it a go! We've just accepted an offer on our house which we put on the market anticipating it would take a few months to sell. It sold in 3 weeks and we have only just started the visa application process! The new owners want to rent it back to us which suits us down to the ground. This leaves us in a strange position of having a lot of disposable cash! We were planning to start or buy our own business in Australia when we got there. We are now wondering about starting this process early. Our agent informs us that we are allowed to buy an Australian Business without a visa. We have looked at the DIAC site and as far as we can make out, we could get a temporary Business visitor visa which would allow us to visit for up to 3 months at a time. Does any one know if we could use this Business visitor Visa to find a business and to run it while we were waiting for the main visa?? Obviously there are lots of risks attached to this - the main one being we don't get the main visa!! Have any Poms in Oz memebers bought a business as a UK citizen, when either based in the UK or Australia? Your advice and experiences sought!! Thanks
  25. hi all just wondering whats the chances of or the frequency of big spiders or thins like that around the melbourne area please be honest!!! anyone had snakes or stuff in pools? what do u need to know about going outside such as barefeet and in the sea?