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Found 53 results

  1. Hi allllll, I am an Australian citizen and have married my wife overseas with the hope that one day we can live here together. My wife hasn't even been to Australia. After reading countless pages over the internet I came to know that some applicants move to Australia as visitor and apply onshore to later get a bridging visa that helps the couple stay together while the long processing time for the partner visa passes by. The other alternative of applying offshore is difficult as we cannot live together. I was wondering if this method of applying onshore while you she is a visitor actually works or there are hidden obstacles.
  2. Hello, The situation: Met my partner in Canada and fell in love. She's an Australian citizen and wants to move home and bring me with her. We have lived together for more than a year. Have all the evidence to prove it too, however need to know which visa is best for getting into the country during Covid. At the moment it looks like I can be exempt from the entry ban due to de facto partnership, but need to apply for a visa first and not sure which one will be best and fastest. From our research, our options are either visitor visa- subclass 600 , working holiday visa- subclass 417 or De factor/Partner visa ( however this looked to take the longest to be processed). We are looking to stay permanently, and want to know if we got the visitor visa if we can then apply from inside AUS once there, for more permanent visa options. Any help would be greatly appreciated as covid is ramping up again in Canada and we want to be safe and at her family home in Perth. Thanks, Jack.
  3. Hi there, I have applied for a child visa for my baby who is 5 month old (as of august 2019). Me and my wife are planning to apply for a visitor visa while we get the child visa granted (my wife is also PR holder). I have gone through different visitor visa streams but could not find the one suitable. But these visas have a condition 8501 (health insurance) and 8503 (no further stay). Can i apply for a simple health insurance for a child that covers the hospital expenditure or there needs to be any specific thing like amount limit? Does the condition 8503 pose any risk on the stay in Australia? Can we apply for another visitor visa (or any visa) once the visitor visa is about to expire so that our child can stay with us? Thanks in advance
  4. BerniDeaks

    Visitor Visa 600 and ETA

    Hi, I am new to the group and would like to ask your advice on how I could remain in Australia after my 600 visa expires early May. My initial visa was a Visitor Subclass 600 visa, issued May 17 with a stay period of 12 months from the date of each arrival (multiple entries). My final arrival on this visa was May 18, making the expiry date May 19 - with no further facility for multiple entries. In November 18, my daughter who lives in Cambodia got sick, therefore I contacted the visa authorities for permission to leave and return on this visa. The only was they could allow this was to apply for another Visitor Subclass 600 visa, which they issued valid from 1/11/18 to 7/5/19 with the multiple entries that I had requested during the validity of the visa. I am currently in Australia, the last time I left was Dec 18 and returned Jan 19 ( I was in Cambodia for approx. two weeks) The reason for my being in Australia was to support my daughter with raising my first grandson who was born in Australia in August 2017. She is on a 457 Visa (187 applied for, but they are still waiting on a decision), sponsored by a farm in outback, QLD. Due to visa restrictions and location, it has been necessary for her partner to accept employment some 300kms away, which leaves my daughter and her baby isolated with no support. My reason for extending the visa therefore, is so that I can continue to help and support them. I would very much appreciate your advice on what would be my best options to remain a bit longer.
  5. Hi, looking for any information on best route to obtain visitor visa if you fail character test based on having a substantial criminal record. Sentence was 24 months for assault back in 2007 so now spent but know this still must be disclosed. Is there any chance we would be successful in applying for visitor visa? seems hopeless ATM but wondered if there are ANY positive outcomes for recent applications... TIA
  6. My boyfriend has permanent residency in Australia, I went out there with him for 9 months on a working holiday visa and have recently returned. I want to go back at some point for up to 12 months on the Long Stay Visitor Visa (600£ Will they grant it to me and can I apply for permanent visas once the visitor visa ends? Also are there any other visa that I could do this with?
  7. Joyous

    GP for UK visitors

    My parents will be visiting from UK and my dad needs regular blood tests. Would an Australian GP be able to see him and refer to tests although without medicare? TIA
  8. powelly37

    Looking for advice....

    Hi everyone, I have recently left Australia after finishing my 2nd WHV. A month or so before I finished up my employer asked me if I would be keen on being sponsored on a 187. It was a bit late by then as I had already planned 5 months of voluntary work in Vietnam, but I am still keen to take my old employers up on their offer. What I was wondering is would I be able to enter Aus on a tourist visa and then begin my sponsorship application whilst I am there, so I would then go on to a bridging visa and would be able to work? I know this is a very unusual way of doing it but I would prefer to do this than start my application offshore and have to wait 6 months or more to find out if my application was successful. Any advice on this would be great!
  9. Hi - does anyone know if we are required to obtain a Singapore visitor visa/pass for a 2 day stop over on way to Oz ? Thanks in advance for any help. Michele & Ian
  10. pommysteve

    6 month child visitor visa?

    Hi guys, Me and partner have been granted and validated 175 visas. Our child was born after we validated our 175 visas . we were advised yesterday by CO that her child visa won't be processed before March. Problem is that we are emigrating in 4 weeks! Does anyone know if we can get a 6 month temp visa whilst waiting for the child visa to arrive? I know we can get a 3 month visa but this could be risky if the perm visa is issued later than March. I am told by CO that she will also be required to leave the country to enable them to grant her perm visa! She's only 1 bless so I think we might go with her!!
  11. Guest

    Visitor e676 visa....

    Hya... As part of my application I have been asked to prove that I have sufficient funds in my account for my 12 stay. It is a tourist visa. Does anyone know how much I need to prove I have in my account? Thanks
  12. How many times can you use a 12 months' visitor's visa whilst waiting for a standard aged parents residence visa to go through? Has anyone experience of multiple repeats of their visa? Also, is it possible for the aged parent to invest in property (jointly with relatives who are Australian citizens) without actually being permanent residents? (Reluctant to use funds for contributory visa application, as funds needed to invest in a property to live in.) Thanks, Janet (Janine's Mum)
  13. Hope someone can help.I have been in aus now for 6 months,first on a 3 mounth holiday visa,which i renewed online for further 3 months.While i was here i got married to my fiance,and now have responsibilitys with my inherited kids,and we have a baby on the way to.The thing is i went to apply for partner visa 47SP under the impression it would cost 1220 dollars,but infact it costs 2960,didnt help that the website told me different??? And the fact that there was notices up in adelaide immigration offices telling me that applications for this needed to be sent to WA.Nothing on website saying this either??? Thing is we havant got the money for the full fee.My visiter visa run out today,so i went to office to extend my stay only to be told you wont be able to due to me saying on the form that i intended to apply for the 47SP while on visitor visa.So i am now on bridging visa for 5 days,which can be extended a further 5 working days.I have three options as i no? 1: Pay the full fee in ten days with partner application,which is not gonna happen. 2: Fly to new zealand and apply from overseas,which will cost me a smaller fee of 1990,which might happen,but this has to be done in 28 days from today. 3: fly overseas and apply for eta visa,so i can come back in country to stay with wife and family,and then save the money to put in for 47SP.Has anyone had same problems? or can point me in right or any kind of direcrtion with this,as its doing my head right in......:sad:
  14. Hello I am glad I found this forum and I have done a lot of reading lately! Me and my friend have been staying in Australia since 8/11/2010, and our working holiday Visa (WHV) is expiring on 7/11/2011. But, like many others I want to extend my stay for another three months, so I can do some travelling. I know that I can fly over to NZ and apply for an ETA online while over there. I just have a few questions in regards to that. Here are the questions. (1) Can we fly over to NZ before the visa expires, then apply for the Australia ETA visa while in NZ after our 417 WHV expired as we are planning to travel in NZ for 2 - 3 weeks, once our Australia ETA have granted, will there be any problems with the immigration in Australia after our WHV visa expires? (2) How long does it take to grant the Australia ETA visa? (3) Will I get refused to enter NZ as I can't prove I'll be able to get into Australia after our WHV already expires. Is it necessary to book a flexible flight ticket back to Australia before our visa expires? After I have gained entry to NZ then I can change the return flight to a later date? (4) I am from Hong Kong and I hold a British National Overseas (BNO) passport and Hong Kong Administrative Region (HKSAR) passport. As I used my British National Overseas (BNO) passport to apply the 417 WHV and enter Australia with that passport, I know I have to use the same passport when I leave Australia. But can I enter NZ using the Hong Kong Administrative Region (HKSAR) passport? Will the immigration officer in NZ allow me to do that? The reason I want to do that is I want to apply ETA online. If I use BNO, I can't do it online. (5) As my friend is a British citizen and he can apply it online as a evisitor instead of online ETA application. I would like to know the processing time of the evisitor visa? Is it the same as online ETA visa? Hope it all makes sense to u guys Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a nice day, Noche
  15. staceysunshine

    Help!!! Visitor Visa...

    First of all, hello! I've been reading this forum for ages and it's absolutely awesome, has helped me heaps. I really need a bit of advice quite urgently, hopefully someone here can help as I've googled my arse off and can't get anywhere with it! Basically I met my Australian Fiancee (I'm British) over 2 years ago when he was on holiday visiting family in the UK. He was born here and has dual nationality. He moved here in July 2009 to be with me. We are getting married on the 9th of September and travelling to Australia on the 15th of September this year. We are going for 2-3 months to visit his family. I have applied for an e-visitor visa and we both have one-way plane tickets as we don't know the exact date we are returning. I am just wondering if being Married will affect my entry to Aus as I've never been before and I don't want them to kick me out thinking I am going to stay over my visa. Also, how will they react to me only having a one-way ticket if we are married? I plan to bring a bank statement showing that I have funds for my return ticket. Should we even say that we are married? My Passport is in my maiden name. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!! Stacey
  16. Hi, i am applying for a partner visa in October, however my visa i am on at the moment (2nd WorkingHolidayVisa) is up on the 4th August.I am going on a holiday to Thailand with my partner and to re-enter Australia at the end of August i have to apply for a visitor visa. I plan to do some more sight seeing and visit friends on my return to Australia but another reason i am re-entering is because it means i will be meeting the 12month eligibility to submit my partner visa application...does anybody see me having a problem with being granted this visa as i have already spend 2 years in th country...i am so worried i really need somebodys words of wisdom to help me out here. :confused: x
  17. Hi Eveyone First post on here I am a qualified nurse/ health visitor looking to come out with husband (prison officer, but can turn his hand to anything!) and 1yr old 4 yr old. Where do I start!!?? Cant decide which state...looking for somewhere with a lot to offer for the kids ( biggest priority) schools outdoor life etc Any advice which visa to go for would be appreciated, is it possible to find employment easily as a family child health nurse? Many thanks
  18. Cal2

    Visitor Visa........Help

    Hi, We've applied for our visitor visas for our 3 week holiday / reccie, mine, my husband's, son's and his girlsfriend's have all been aprroved within an hour or so, but when I've checked on the girls 8 and 5, they want a consent form from their parents signing (that's us), but we're going with them, the form has to be signed and then authenticated, is this right? or have I made a mistake somewhere? thanks Cal
  19. Dobbsy

    Visitor Working Visa

    Hi... can anyone point me in the right direction... a friend of mine is 20 yrs old and interested in a Visitor Working Visa for a year... bit of work.. bit of travelling etc.... she wants some links to research accommodation, meeting others in same situation, how to get started, costs involved etc. Thanks :biggrin:
  20. JulieFreo

    Visitor Visa while awaiting PMV 300

    Hello everyone Has anyone entered on a electronic visitor visa while awaiting decision on a overseas lodged marriage visa application and what was their reception at airport customs like? Any stories to share? Is it easy to get another electronic visa whilst in Australia to extend the time (since processing seems to currently be 6 mths plus). Thanks!
  21. Guest

    visitor visa???

    Hi Wonder if anyone can give me some info on a visitor visa for my parents.. They plan on coming over for 5 months next year and as a normal visa is nly valid for a 3 month viisit.. What other options do they have..thanks
  22. Hi My friend is visiting from the UK in August, its the only time of year she can come and I have explained about how cold it is in Melbourne that time of year. So I thought we could go away for a few days to somewhere warm and sunny...maybe Queensland. Anyone recommend somewhere nice for a short break that will offer better weather than Melbourne in August?? Thanks!
  23. peterjoel76

    Visitor visa to partner visa

    I am an Australian citizen and recently got married with an overseas girl. I want her to be here with me ASAP. I am asking her to apply for tourist visa (Subclasses 676) and when she gets here, she can apply for partner visa (Subclasses 820 and 801). I am not sure if it is allowed to apply for a new visa during your stay in Australia ? If it's not possible then what would be the best way to get her in Australia asap and she could stay here for rest of her life. Thanks in advance!
  24. Guys can anyone help me in this..(May be someone from Parent Visa Section).My parents are here on a 1 year Tourist Visa with no further stay condition.We went to DIAC Adelaide and asked them that whether we can apply for their 173 Cpntributory Temp Parent visa onshore? As this is a offshore visa and they have to be outside Australia at the time of decision. My question is can anyone apply for 173 offshore Visa while here on a visa with no further Stay condition?As we are not applying any onshore visa so I think it may be possible?Can any Migration Agent help me in this question? Thanks In Advance Sammi
  25. Hi, I am trying to find a GP who bulk bills for people with visitor medicare cards in Sydney. I seem to have hit a brick wall, and have rung lots of practices with no success so far. Does anyone know/use a GP who does this? Mosman/neutral bay/cremorne area ideal, but would be prepared to travel! Why there isn't a centralised website to tell you this info, I don't know. Thanks!