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Found 96 results

  1. Hi everyone I applied on my niece behalf for a visitor visa 600. I made mistake and applied for a tourist visa as I was not aware of sponsored visit visa. the officer refused the application as she believes the applicant hasn't provided her travel history and a genuine intention to return to her home country. my niece is a 19 years old student and never travelled abroad. I explained this in the application as well so I am not sure why the officer is not satisfied i am wondering is it wise to reapply for a family sponsored visa ? what are the chances of refusal or approval ? She is from iran and I am an Australian citizen. cheers
  2. I've recently returned home after my working holiday visa but would like to go back at some point. My partner is a permanent resident and I would like to live out there with him for up to 12 months. I've looked into the visitor visa but it looks like a lot of people get declined so I'm not feeling to confident about it. What visa would be best for this?
  3. My wife and I are back in the UK after a six and a half month trip to Australia on a Visitors Visa. Main purpose of the trip was to vist our daughter who got married to a great Aussie guy in January of this year. Our first grandchild is due mid April and we are keen to return to Australia to provide some family support and child care particularly when our daughter returns to work near the end of this year. Provided we can get a 12 month Visitors Visa we intend to rent out our home in the UK, sell the car and fly out to Australia before the end of this year. We checked out about renting a house in Australia when we were there and anticipate no problems in getting a long term rental in a decent area. We are both in a good state of health and financially can meet the conditions for obtaining the Visa both being retired and in receipt of UK State and Occupational Pensions. Are we right in assuming that we can extend a Visitors Visa for at least another 12 months under the current Visa regulations? Appears that we may have to leave Australia for a few days to be granted the extension but that should not be a problem. We assume that Medicare would give us sufficient health care under reciprocal arrangements between the UK and Australian governments. We even had free Flu Vaccinations on our last trip! There seems to be little advantage in applying for permanent residence in Australia provided current regulations do not change and assuming we can get rolling renewals of Long Term Visitors Visas, given of course that our health remains good and we take care to be model citizens. We are struggling to work out how the UK Tax Authorities would view such an arrangement and if we are likely to have problems if we are classified as non-UK residents. We are seeking professional advice on that issue and are not intending to take any short cuts. We lived in New Zealand in the late 1960's early 1970's and both our daughters were born their and have dual UK/NZ nationality. We have no illusions about the emotional stress of a long term move overseas particularly since it will certainly initially mean leaving our other daughter in the UK. Comments/advice from anyone who has experience of the above issues would be much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this posting.
  4. Guest

    Hi everybody :)

    Hey everyone. Just signed up to the forum today and thought I'd introduce myself to you all. Currently a University student in my final-year and am hoping to move out to Australia with my Dad (either Perth or Adelaide) later this year or early next year depending upon finances, visa time etc. Also hoping to get out to Australia for about a month sometime in early November this year to have a good long visit and a grand tour as it were. Bar the obvious places we'd want to look (Opera house, Great Barrier reef, Uluru etc.) is there anywhere else you'd recommend we must visit whilst we are out there? Anyway, as I say, just a short intro and if you want to know anything more about me or my plans feel free to ask. Bye for now
  5. Hi, a question with regards to SS... do you stand a better chance to be successful if you have physically been to the particular state you are applying to..?? When we first looked into SS only ACT and Tasmania had my occupation in demand. So I went over a few months ago to have a look round etc and we decided then on ACT. BUT now WA is also showing my occupation as in demand. We haven't lodged yet (still waiting for VETASSESS) but would much rather go to WA than ACT or Tas. So my question really is would it benefit us in terms of getting a successful SS application if we can prove we have been there before..?? Or is it not necessary? Many thanks!
  6. Just read about the Queen's arrival into Australia. The Royal family have received a lot of negative press over recent times, but I am a big believer in history and what they represent. In the UK at least our tourism industry and some of our pride would be hit harshly without them. I was very proud to see pictures of her arrive in Australia. I was surprised however that the Australian PM did not curtsy the Queen. This is a normal greeting of respect to someone such as the Queen, especially as this could be her last official visit. 36% of Australians are in favour of a republic and 55% are still happy with the Queen and the current way of standing. My take is yes the government runs the country. The Queen is more of a symbol now that historically and in the UK interacts with the government whenever she makes speeches and still interacts with government. Obviously in modern times it would be very difficult to have this influence on Australian society. What I do think we should say is that the curtsy would have been nice. If there was no Queen - then who would be head of state. I have heard so much negativity about the current PM lately, yet many AUstralians would be happy for the President to be head of a republic. The Queen has no agenda and would not abuse this power, something leaders with a polital agenda may do. It also brings me to the point that Australian recent history is very much European. The Dutch and the English like it or not,and the knowhow of British governments in the past have created a lot of what Australia now has (controversial). One Australian comment - too many poms here these days. I thought to myself with the "Poms" and Brits what would this area of terrain be. It is great to see so many AUstralians respect the Queen still though and its great to think just over half still value her official standing - which is effectively a very hands off role but her opening the commonwealth meeting fills me with a great sense of pride. As for the lack of curtsy - it was not a great first impression I would have to say. She may have forgot - human error is something that can happen for sure. 10 day tour is pretty whistle stop but I think it is great she is here and that Prince William was here back in January: "God save the Queen" as the Queen of Australia. I am sure some people could not care less, or that whatever the standing it means little to them in everyday life, but in a young country its European descendents require some history and indeed context to its past.
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has ever arranged for kids to temporarily visit a school while youdecide where to settle? We are Planning to visit SAfrica for a couple of months if we can before we go over, so I was thinking about trying to get the kids in school for a few weeks before Xmas next year (to get used to it, etc). Any views? Mrs W
  8. Guest

    Family visit visa to come in uk

    Hello Everyone! How are you all! i would like to ask if anyone tried to apply family visit visa to come in uk! what are the procedures! many thanks
  9. fairystar32

    Travel insurance UK visit

    Hi all Does anyone know if I need to get travel insurance for my family for a UK visit? I am hoping I will not need it as we are staying with family and scraped funds for the visit as it is, with a sick mother. Not worried about lost clothes as taking Winter ones and are still British citizens. Does anyone know if this is correct? thanks
  10. Bit hard to post this without feeling guilty of taking our children all the way to Oz away from their other family (Grans, aunts etc), but it does nark me a bit. We have 2 young kids 3 and 4.5 years. As you can imagine, bringing them up with no other family around to help is hard work and my wife an I are never able to go out together by ourselves or have any time together without the kids (apart from an hour or two in the evening when we sit down in front of the TV exhausted!). Now I know we chose this and in fact it was very similar in the UK as my wife's family were in another country and mine lived 200k's away. We've also considered a house sitter, but it would have to be someone we could trust and when you pay $100+ just for that, the few hours we would get together would have to be pretty special, I'd be annoyed if we went somewhere and had rubbish food and service. So to my point; When my family visit us once a year, they are primarily coming to see the kids (and us) and secondarily coming for a holiday. They have no intention of helping out what-so-ever. We are treated as a hotel, so my poor exhausted wife has to cook an extra 3 (or 6) meals a day to cater for them (they don't eat what we do), then take them on tours of Melbourne whilst trying to fit in the daily kids routine (whilst I'm at work). Last time a family member visited, my wife and I spent one night out together for less than 24 hours, pre-prepared food for them and the kids and we never heard the last of it. Another member is visiting at Xmas, I mentioned to them that it would be nice if my wife an I could go out together for the night as it will be 12 months since we last had chance. I just got a straight 'no way, this is our holiday'. So are we asking too much? Should we expect this as we were the one's that moved away and it's my family who are making the effort to visit? Does anyone else experience this? ps. when we lived in the UK it was the same. Had to wait on them hand and foot when they visited and only ever got the chance to go out together for a few hours every few months.
  11. emmaroo

    Anyone gone back for a visit.....

    ....and not come back? :biggrin:
  12. Hi, our Golden Retreiver is arriving at Byford in a few weeks time, my husband has got to do a college course as soon as we arrive so I will have to visit Murphy on my own, can anyone tell me if it is a problem if you have children with you when you visit? Thanks Celia
  13. Guest

    Visit Visa Extension Help!

    Hello everyone. Im facing a very serious dilemna. My husband is a PR holder. I have applied for a spouse visa on 28th of March 2011, but have been asked to wait for around 10 months max. Recently my husband got into an accident and is having severe pain in his neck and back. So i applied for a visit visa. I told them my reason and circumstances, but was only given a visit for 3 months. Can anyone please please tell me if it is possible to extend my visit once im there, when i have a *No further Stay* condition? I would want to be with him till my spouse visa has been granted. And i find it difficult to get it within these 3 months. Please any suggestions for me? By the end of 3 months, he would be better, so i wont be able to request extention because of his bad health. P.S. I have been married for 4 years, and have a daughter of 2 years, 3 months.
  14. saralloyd

    Visit pets in quarantine?

    Hi I am moving out to Oz later this year with my 3 year old Border Terrier who is a bit of a Mummy's boy ... I am wondering whether I should visit him in quarantine or is it kinder to leave him until I can collect him? Any thoughts please? Sara
  15. Breezer

    Places to stay during a visit to ACT

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend suitable good accommodation for a family of 4 to stay in for approx 14-15 days on a visit to ACT?:confused: We are waiting our 176 visa application to be approved (hopefully):unsure:and are planning on visiting ACT in September this year to have a good look around at areas to live, schooling for our kids, meet recruitment agents, sports clubs, etc. We have googled Australia and looked up accommodation so have an idea on some availability of Hotels, houses to rent for the duration, etc. Cheers Breezer
  16. hi everyone! bit of a random question but was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions... we are going camping to mount gambier in october and are planning to take the dog with us, then we thought well its only a few hours drive to melbourne , we havent been before, be nice to go with the kids to the zoo, aquarium etc and then we thought 'what about the dog?' we obviously cant take her in the zoo......no dogs allowed in i'm afraid lol anyone got any suggestions? be good to find a dog sitter for a 6 hours during the day....do kennels even do this type of thing? we were thinking of camping in the Geelong area or somewhere similar so we could just make a couple of day trips into melbourne..... plans may now be changing because of the dog! any suggestions appreciated!
  17. Guest

    856 - Immigration visit

    Hi I am applying for a 856 visa - is it normal for the immigration dept to come and visit your employer thanks Emma
  18. Guest

    Places to Visit

    Hi, Me, OH and two sons 13 & 12 are flying out to validate visa in three weeks for 14 days. We are staying at an apartment in Scarbourgh, Perth. Any ideas for places to visit or eat would be appreciated. Kids both love soccer if anyone knows of a local team where they may get a game. Thanks in advance suz :jiggy:
  19. Guest

    Places to visit in Brisbane

    Hi, I fly out to Brisbane this Saturday to start my new life there. For the first few months I am on my own as my wife flys out in August. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some fun or interesting places well worth visiting in my first few months there. Thanks for any suggestions. Darren
  20. Guest

    Did you visit before you moved?

    I was reading this part of the forum and I have a question for people who want to move back to UK. Before you decided to move to Australia did you visit it first? What made you decide to move there in the first place and how long did it take then for you to have first feelings of remorse? Thanks Mojca :wubclub:
  21. now I know we should be grateful to welcome with open arms to all our friends and family arriving from the UK to visit us for holidays now that we have moved down under..........but seriously, we have had a constant stream since december last year. Has anyone else been subjected to this? don't get me wrong its lovely to see them all come (and go) but it costs a fortune, they borrow your car, they moan about the price of everything and eat all your food!! It's driving me crackers :arghh:............ i just want some PEACE AND QUIET!! ..........now I feel really guilty for saying that, especially when they have paid a fortune to come and see us :wacko:
  22. Hi Everyone Any information or help would be greatly received. We moved here on a 457 and then we were lucky enough to have an employer that was willing to transfer straight to an 856. We have been on a bridging visa now since sept 2011 and been told that we now have been allocated a case officer. However, last week out of the blue we had a visit from DIAC, this was called a 'compliance visit'. They wanted to talk to me and my employer asking lots of questions regarding what I do, on a daily basis. Then spoke to my employer without me there asking about their finances etc and wanting more detailed information. Has anyone experienced a 'compliance visit' and if so what was the outcome. Just really panicking now that they will find something and send us back to the UK. Oh how stressfull this all is. Makes you think was it all worth it. ANY info would be helpful. Thanks sharon and carl.
  23. Hi its Me and My Husband and 2 sons one of 15 and 10 we had our medicals Monday 7th and Police Checks prior to that and are anxiously waiting for Good News!! We are comming out in August for 3 weeks whilst the boys are on Holiday from School to look around area of Brisbane so any info would be most grateful. If there are any get togethers we would be so grateful as meeting friends is so important to us all.
  24. Hi there My parents are coming to Oz for the first time in April this year. We live in Mount Colah (North Sydney) and I am trying to get together a list of things we could do with them. I'm looking for a mix of touristy, city, historic, nature, cuisine, beaches etc. All suggestions very gratefully received. Ta
  25. Guest

    First visit to Australia!

    Hi, We are making our first trip to Australia next week after getting the PR(175) last year.Do we have to do any formality to activate our PR or just the immigration stamp will serve the purpose of activating it. manish