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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, Here is my situation. I receive state nomination on 6/4 from SkillSelect for visa 190 and was completing the visa application form on ImmiAccount website. It was still okay until last Friday when I logged in again and my existing application disappeared on the ImmiAccount website!!!! I have tried all the ways: - Click "Apply" again in SkillSelect but nothing appeared! - I tried to retrieve my application in ImmiAccount but there is this error: "Online applications cannot be imported until they have been submitted for processing." - I tried to look for visa 190 to apply again in ImmiAccount but there is no category for this visa!!!! I submitted a request to the IT but don't know when I will get the answer.... Any of your help is great here! My deadline for my submission is closing on very soon... Thanks
  2. Hi everyone I'm really confused and need help desperately. The DIPB has stated that the experience points can only be claimed after you are deemed QUALIFIED. But how am I suppose to know when I'm qualified or not? In my opinion, that means I have to finish all 4 steps of the Job Ready Program (JRP) and actually obtain a certificate from TRA. After that, I can start to accumulate my experience points. However, a friend of mine has said that I do not need to finish all 4 steps in order to start calculating experience points. He said I just need to finish the 1st step which is Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA). As soon as I get the positive respond from TRA, I can start to count my experience points. That would make a big different as if I assume I get a full-time job immediately after I graduate (of course I need to get the visa 485 first, which lasts for 18 months for my occupation) and it takes approximately 1 year to finish the whole JRP. Therefore, by the time that I have the JRP certificate, I only have 1/2 year left to accumulate experience points, which is pointless anyway. On the other hand, if what my friend said is true, then by the time I almost finish my visa 485, I would accumulate almost 1.5 years of experience. I even heard somebody said that I only need to have my Certificate (Cert III or Cert IV in Commercial Cookery) and I can start to calculate the points from that moment I receive the certificate. I'm all ears now and looking forward to any advice Many thanks!!!
  3. Hello everyone,I lodged my visa application on 22 May and a week later CO asked for medical and police check.I did my medical check on 14 June.But There is no news from CO yet.And I still waiting .My visa type is 190 and I have victoria state sponsorship and I applied as human resource manager,anyone here has same experience as me????
  4. Hi everyone There are a few things about qualifications that I do not quite get, so I hope someone can help me to clarify them. 1/Oversea qualification - from what I research, Australian government only recognizes some particular universities/colleges in some particular countries. My country (Vietnam) is on the list. However, I'm not too sure if the college that I attended and obtained my qualification from is also on the list or not. Is there a way to figure out? 2/The major of the qualification - I studied restaurant management for 3 years and got my certificate in Vietnam. Let's assume that my qualification is recognized by DIPB, can I use my certificate to claim some more points if I want to apply for 189/190? (I studied commercial cookery and hospitality management for 2.5 years in Australia and also got certificates. The certificates I got from Vietnam and Australia are somewhat related but not entirely the same) 3/During 2.5 years study in Australia, I got 4 certificates (Cert III & IV in Commercial Cookery, Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Hospitality), if I only submit my EOI using my Diploma certificate to get 10 points, does it mean I can claim another 10 points using my Advanced Diploma certificate? I'm looking forward to your replies
  5. Hi All, I am a Technical Writer with around 10 years of experience. I am planning to apply for Visa 190 My occupation is listed in Group B - with ANZSCO code as 212415. Hence, I fall into the ENSOL State /Territory Sponsorship category. As I understand, my first step should be to get the Skill Assessment done from VETASSESS. Please correct me if I am wrong. (I am currently filling out the VETASSESS Skill Assessment form). Has anyone been able to apply successfully through this process, and what have you submitted as part of your project report. Any help on this matter, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks PY
  6. Hi guys, I've moved to Canberra to try and apply for a visa 190 as a Graphic Designer. I'm looking to apply in Feb 2018. The criteria for me to be eligible is: -Working full time for an ACT employer in your nominated occupation for at least six months immediately before applying for ACT nomination. Student visa holders (with visa condition 8104) working 20 hours per week are deemed to meet the full time criterion. Since I'm currently working as a sole trader/contractor (freelance graphic designer), I was wondering if this is still ok when applying for the visa or do I have to get a full-time job? Thanks!