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Found 8 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone is at the same stage as us. We have just had our 491 visa grant through after being invited by SA at the end of June. Rather quick turnaround on the application, which could be down to the occupation we applied under. What circumstances have people had an exemption granted in order to enter the country on a temporary visa?
  2. Horridus

    Telling lie

    It's my 2nd tourist visa in Australia and I don't check in application that I had tuberculosis before and now I have a feeling that it will be back.i don't tell it to my partner too which is the one who sponsored me.We are planning to go doctor for my check up tomorrow. my questions: 1.do I tell my partner that I had tb before 18 years ago? 2.do I tell the doctor that I had that tv 18 years ago? thanks I'm waiting your advices???
  3. Hello I would like to thank everyone here who was so supportive to my visa application process. I got an email last night saying that my Partner Combined 309/100 is ready for grant. Yes, its taken just 4 months and to think I did not really know what the heck I was doing!!! ( Applied myself online) Because I applied offshore, I have to leave Australia where am currently on a visitor's visa. Thank God I can go to New Zealand and no need to go back to Europe. My question is has anyone done this before? How did you manage it? Happy to go to NZ for a few days. Also, I applied for the PV based on the fact that we had been in a defect relationship for over 3 years with solid evidence. Anyone know how I can apply for my Permanent visa (100)? Or at least when can I start this process after the 309 is granted? Thank you Elida
  4. Hi everyone, I am desperately seeking some advice from anyone who may be able to help. I applied for and was granted a visa on January 2nd this year (yay!) My ex signed the consent form for my children to be included on the visa so my two daughters have visa's too and have to enter Australia by September (he always agreed to let them come across, as he intends to come over in a year too). As I have been getting things sorted in Adelaide I have spent some time away from my girls. I booked flights a month ago and since then my ex has been trying to stop them from coming across with me and unfortunately has their passports. Does any one know if signing this consent form is enough for me to get the girls across even if he doesn't want them to come, is it legally binding in such a way that he has given up his right to keep them in England? I've arrived in England now, should've flown with the girls yesterday, but have managed to postpone for a week. Would really appreciate any help anyone can give, Thanks in advance
  5. Guest

    Visa Granted. Yayyyy

    Hi All I just wanted to share the big news that Me (Civil Engineer) My wife (International Project Manager ICT) and my daughter (8 months Old) have been granted visa today morning. It is so amazing to know as through various blogs we thought it may take ages but no . It just took 14 days from the date visa was lodged. Great so we will be making a move as soon as I get a job. Cheers. I am so grateful to the forum members who have been kind enough and been helpful throughout this journey. Thanks all. Hope to see you in Australia soon Love ya all Skill Assessment Granted Applied 22nd Dec 2011 Positive assessed 19th March 2012 Revised 1st May 2012 Civil Engineer 23211 IELTS Avg 7.5 23rd March 2012 SS WA applied 30th March 2012 Granted 26th April Spouse IELTS avg 7: 26 May 2012 Visa Online Lodged VF475 : 30th May 2012 CO assigned 4th June 2012 Additional info requested: 4th June 2012 Meds done: 6th June 2012 Additional Info supplied 8th June 2012 PCC uploaded: 13 June 2012 Medicals Finalized 14th June 2012 Visa Granted: 14th June 2012
  6. Guest

    Guess what ??!! We got it!!!!

    As of Monday nite, bout 2am we have got our visa!!! N my bloody internet went down soon after! :arghh: But we're chuffed to bits, I've been grinnin like a fecking eejit all week!!!:biggrin: Thanks to every1 on PIO for all their advice over the last year r so, it was completety invaluable and helped us alot, Thanks again, Louise Brian n Leah x
  7. Guest

    By George we've got it...

    Hi All, At last, we have been granted our 175 Visa. It's been a long road what we may not have found the end of without the help and support of all PIO members. However, I would like to say a special thanks Gollywobbler and Stephen Dixon for their help throughout the difficult time when our agent went bankrupt. Stats for those that are interested: I am a C# Software Developer on CSL ACS applied Sep 2008 ACS Result May 2009 Applied for 175 8th May 2009 Applied for SS Vic 30th Apr 2009 Refused SS 3rd June 2009 Meds and PCCs Requested 28th Sep 2009 PCCs uploaded 2 Nov 2009 Meds Referred 7th Dec 2009 Meds Finalised 14th Dec 2009 Visa Granted 15th December 2009.
  8. Guest

    visa granted

    stunned shocked and amazed:eek: one winge on poms pio about waiting and the very next day visa grant !!!! makes me wonder if diac is not behind pom in oz lol .. i will thank every one thats replied to my post here and the loads i know my wife has posted (dawn mc) sure there will be many more now .. look out oz we are on our way and on our way asap !!! yahoo im in shock ... have posted our timeline and again respect to all those that have waited ages or starting the process good luck will have a drink for megan bagshaw our case officer !!!! 14/5/09 ss app 21/5/09 ss vic granted 21/5/09 diy application done 09/06/09 co + meds+pc's + ss approval 07/07/09 meds finalized 22/09/09 visa ..:biglaugh: