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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all! Just received my passport with a 176 visa in it! Yeey!! :biggrin: Now the visa by itself include only some basic information regarding visa type, entry dates, validity, etc.. The strange thing is that I see that directly above my name appears "BERLIN". I am not from Germany and Berlin does not seems to be related to me in any way.. Does anyway have a slightest idea what could this mean? Thanks! Eugene S
  2. aduffield76

    Help - Beginning of Visa Application

    Hi everyone, We have contacted several Migration Agents to help us with the move to Oz but the money they are asking for is rediculous so we have decided that we are going to do it ourselves.....but we would like some help from any of you out there who have done what we are doing. We have a checklist of requirements such as IELTS test, Skills Assessment etc but what order is best for us to do these? I am the main applicant so once the application is lodged, do I get asked to complete a Skills Assessment or do I need to done one before I lodge the application? The Visa I am going for is the 176 Skilled - State Sponsored Visa. I can get myself on an IELTS test pretty quickly and have been told that this is a good place to start but what next? Does anyone have a Step-by-step guide out there? Please help Thanks guys
  3. Guest

    Visa 176 Query

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has applied for a state visa, but not had a degree in the subject they are applying for? I have a degree in Mech Eng but have been working in IT for past 8 years. The Australian Computer Society say i'm suitable for a visa but I have just been turned down by NSW, as my degree wasn't related. I have had my case reviewed by NSW and they are still saying the same thing. All help would be appreciated, Cheers Ric
  4. Hello,this is my first post and hoping for some guidance please. I am applying for a 176 family sponsored visa and were almost there Medicals booked for Monday and Police checks in the post. My worry is that my wife has quite severe Asthma and although well enough now it has been Very bad in the past. The drug that controls her Asthma (very well) looks to be on the borders of what australia would class as significant expense. approx $4500 per year. We are confident that my wife will not need this once in Oz and I am prepared to pay for this myself if she did. Will this still prevent my wife from passing and is there anything I can do or say to diac to help our case. We always new this would b an issue but now were close I am flapping! Also what can the family who are sponsoring us do to help?
  5. Guest

    AQF level3 and TRA

    Hi guys I'm new to this so I hope ye can help me. My fiancé and I are starting off our visa process.he is a plasterer and is currently waiting for his AQF level 3 papers to arrive that he has been granted. This weekend he is doing his IELTs test in Dublin. My questions are dose his AQF level 3 now need to be assessed by the TRA before we lodge any visa application.as there is over 3 months backup. We are going to apply for state sponsorship in WA and then lodge our 176 visa providing WA grants us sponsorship.dose that take long?? It's all so confusing and quite stressful.alot of our time was wasted with visa agents not giving us the correct info.very annoying!! If anyone can help us out we'd be grateful.thanks. Ger.
  6. Florenty

    Catch 22......What do I do?

    Hiii Guyz... Now am doing the whole process myself.. I got ,my IELTS results, my Positive Assessment from Vetassess for P.R Professional ANZSCO 235311. Unfortunately my results came on 30th June 2011 so I was caught up in the changes.. My profession appears in Schedule 2 which means I have to get State Sponsorship. So far according to my research into the SMP's for different states I got ACT so I sent my application then they declined reason being as part of my 4.5 years of experience I included 2years as an Assistant (my 1st job after college)!! so technically i have 2.5 & there require 3yrs! So that's where I am..a'1 with an idea of my next move?..... pleeeeease don't tell me I have to wait till July 2012 for the changes!!LOL!! hola back people......
  7. Hallfamily

    What a dilema!

    We carn't make our minds up which visa to apply for. We both like the idea of going to Perth as we have friends there, but my OH occupation which is (environmental engineer) is not on the Sols list for Western Australia but is on the list in other states. This dilema is driving me crazy, the only visa we can go on is the 457 sponsorship and it seems to be a bit risky if you are migrating with family. The other one is 176 and end up in another state hoping it will work out. Another thing is when looking at the job websites in Perth they have more vacancies for his job than the other states. Totally confused.:confused:
  8. Hi, I'm looking to apply for a 176 Visa ACT sponsored. I have been told I qualify and I am looking around for agents and in forums like this for advice. My main query is I have been offered voluntary redundancy and by taking it what impact, if any, would there be on my application? In terms of timing my last day in the office would be 31st October, but I would be placed on 3 months gardening leave - so i guess technically it would be 31st January. I don't have to take the package now but it would make the move to Australia possible financially and I don't know if I would be offered the redundancy package again in the future. Help! Stuart