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Found 6 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Deadly Pigeon Virus hits Victoria

    Federal authorities have begun quarantining properties in Victoria amid fears a deadly pigeon virus could spread to other birds. The Agriculture Department is monitoring an outbreak of the avian paramyxo virus, which has been detected for the first time in Australia, among pigeons. The virus has already started killing some hobby birds, and threatens to spread to Victoria's chicken population. The commercial poultry industry vaccinates chickens. The Australian Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Mark Schipp says the affected birds have died suddenly in large numbers and have sometimes appeared tired or have shown neurological signs such as circling or head flicking before death. The bug can also cause conjunctivitis or influenza-like symptoms in humans. But Dr Schipp says this is extremely rare and only usually occurs in people who have had close direct contact with infected birds. Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation spokesman John Cocks says measures are being taken to stop its spread. "They (the Agriculture Department) have the affected properties under quarantine," he said. "[it's] not racing pigeons that it has been detected in, it's only fancy pigeons. "And the problem is that we don't want it to get to the racing pigeons. For them to just die like that would be a disaster." Mr Cocks says bird owners are hopeful the virus can be contained. "For us blokes, it would be devastating. I mean blokes pay a lot of money for their pigeons - thousands of dollars," he said. "There is a vaccine available overseas, but it isn't available in Australia." Victoria's Department of Primary Industries (DPI) wants pigeon racing to stop while it deals with the outbreak. The deputy chief veterinary officer, Andrew Cameron, says it is strongly recommended that pigeon races and shows are postponed. "It is important at this stage that people are able to protect their pigeons and I think the best way, if you've got a healthy flock, is by not exposing them to other pigeons, while we're attempting to determine the scope of the incident," he said.
  2. There has been an uproar up in Queensland at the minute with 9 horses either killed or being PTS'd with the deadly Hendra virus. Now I am sorry but the public seem to think that by culling all the flying foxes (especially those who call Cairns central home) it is going to protect them. Although Hendra is a zoonotic disease it usually needs a host for us to become infected, ie bat to horse then horse to human. It is no where near as serious as Lyssavirus which is a strain of rabies which can come from being bitten or scratched by a bat. Now as far as I know there have still only been two deaths caused by Lyssavirus one was a carer in NSW in 96 and the other was a lady in Mackay in 98. I really think that the public needs educating rather than saying we must kill everything. You have more chance of being struck by lightening than you do of getting either virus, especially if you don't come in to contact with horses and bats. Ok, sorry I will get off my high horse now. Kate
  3. The Pom Queen

    Hendra Virus

    I am sure you have heard by now that a dog has contracted the Hendra Virus, now remember this virus is zoonotic so if you do have your dogs (even cats) near bats or horses keep an eye on them. Also if you have a kennels make sure they are cleaned with disinfectant something like F10 or Virkon or even bleach
  4. supa

    Virus alert

    Could be an old one that I've only just heard about, but if you get an email with "POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK" don't open it, just delete. B strds
  5. Guest

    Ross River Virus

    :nah:Hi Every one, I've read this not so long ago regarding mosquitoes and how they carry the Ross river virus, if you get bitten and get the virus it can stay with you for months aching joints, itching, etc. I've heard its around the Bunbury area, we were thinking of moving there please could anyone living in or around the area advise on this please or give their experience. thanks in advance to all Glynn and Family
  6. koalakids

    Poms In Oz - *VIRUS ALERT*

    VIRUS ALERT There is a dangerous virus being passed both electronically, orally and by hand. This virus is called WORK. If you receive WORK from any of your colleagues, your boss or anyone else via any means, DO NOT TOUCH IT. This virus will wipe out your private life completely. If you should come into contact with WORK put your jacket on and take 2 good friends to the nearest pub. Purchase the antidote known as BEER. The quickest acting is called STELLA but this is only for those who can afford it, the NHS equivalent is CARLING. Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system. Forward this warning to 5 friends. If you do not have 5 friends you have already been infected and WORK is controlling your life. This virus is DEADLY.