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Found 17 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Qantas Worried it could go Under

    Qantas have warned the Federal Government it could go under if Ethiad are allowed to purchase more stakes in Virgin. I'm sorry but Qantas have only themselves to blame, Jetstar service is terrible, prices are sky high and delays are well known.
  2. Hiya, we are flying with SIA into Sydney and then have a ticket booked to Hobart with Virgin blue - it was bought in conjunction with the SIA ticket so is a through fare. Just wondering though does anyone know what the policy for transferring from the international to domestic terminal is? I've flown with Qantas before and transferred through and they put you on their own free shuttle service but wasn't sure if Singapore and Virgin have this type of thing in place and I can't seem to find it no matter how much I google! I'm just starting to panic and want to be as prepared as I can be because of course we will have loads of luggage with us, a bike and also my 18 month old and pram! Thanks so much for your help in advance! xx
  3. The Pom Queen

    Virgin Galactic Space Flights

    Richard Branson: "The mother ship is finished... The rocket tests are going extremely well, and so I think that we're now on track for a launch within 12 months of today," So at $200,000 a ticket how many of you are signed up? If the price was right would you go?
  4. Guest

    Virgin V+ Set-top Box

    Sorry this may be a daft question but will our Virgin V+ Set top Box work in Oz even if it's only too pause live TV etc .... I'm guessing this is a long shot!!
  5. Hi everyone I have seen a number of threads on here saying how good Singapore are as an airline when flying from UK to Oz. I am due to be flying out at beginning of March, potentially on my own with a 5 year old as OH is going out a couple of days beforehand. One of my concerns is keeping my daughter occupied and there being enough for her to do onboard without relying on me 100% of the time. Looking at the different airline websites, Virgin seems to offer the best range of movies, additional backpacks for kids filled with goodies, childrens menu etc. Can anyone comment on what Virgin is like when travelling with children versus Singapore airlines? I have flown Virgin before but that was on my honeymoon and I didnt have a child to think about then! Any help/advice would be appreciated. Cara
  6. emmaroo

    Are you an Aussie virgin?

    Just wondering how many people on PIO have never been to Australia before they make the move and why? Was down to cost or did think it better to go "blind" And for those who did or have been before they move/moved; did it change your mind or did it reinforce why you were making the move? Personaly it has taken 18 years and 7 visits for me to see its where I wnat to be!:wacko: Emma
  7. All, Has anybody flown virgin premier and would you recommend it for an extra £700 to a normal economy plane ticket return to Sydney? Thanks Nick
  8. clan mac

    visa virgin needs help??

    Sorry to be a ninny, but just reading a thread about a guy who applied for a 457 visa in December '09 and he has it already????? I thought you required sponsorship from an employer to be able to apply for this visa???? What are the pitfalls of this type of visa as opposed to a 176? I know this is basic stuff but it seems that people are jumping through all sorts of hoops just to satisfy basic application requirements for the 176. Is it worth it or should consideration be given to applying for a 457?? cheers clan mac x
  9. Hi, I know that Jetstar do internal flights from Adelaide into Melbourne Tullamarine. Do Virgin Blue fly into Tullamarine from Adelaide? I have had a look on their website and its not entirely clear. I would hate to book a flight on line and find it flies into Avalon instead!:unsure:
  10. Guest

    Virgin Blue

    Hi, Has anyone flown with Virgin Blue on internal flights? We have a 4 hour 20min flight mid reckie trip from Mel to Perth. We are flying with them. I know we will have to pay for tv and food on board but what are the planes like and service etc??? Im anticipating easy jet although ive never flown with them either :biglaugh: Tracey
  11. Guest

    Snapper virgin no more!

    WooooooHooooooo!!!! Caught my first ever Snapper today - thanks to a poster on here who I'll call my Aussie Fishing Buddy or AFB for short. Through a local fishing forum AFB has given me tips/advice and encouragement - amongst quite a few other on there. So AFB thought it was time to take my new boat out and go for Snapper. A very early and dark start - no idea where we went! But it was a loooong way out! I must admit I was a little nervous as there was a bit of swell out there ( nothing to you long term fishos I know) - that + pitch black for the first time was quite unsettling.AFB was driving the boat,I was just not confident in those conditions(waves coming over the boat!) + I wanted to see what AFB's opinion of the boat was. Glad to say he was pleased with her!! BUT as daylight broke we stopped as we saw some likely images on the fishfinder. In no time I was "on" - not a massive one by the pics I've seen on the forums, AFB giving plenty of encouragement and advice. So in no time there was my first Snapper!!! Must admit I came out with a few choice ,celebratory swear words :biglaugh: AFB then hit one of the same size. I was really pumped now and had Snapper lust plus the sea was calming somewhat. Well to cut a long story short they were it for the day,had a good few more bites but no takers. AFB was constantly giving tips and certainly showed me stuff I'd not read about or would have thought of myself. I very openly would like to thank AFB for taking me out and arranging that first Snapper. I'll never forget today,stuff dreams are made of for me - and why I moved here from the UK. The whole day felt like a "Hunting expedition" Great to see what the boat can do and get the seal of approval from an experienced fisho! A small and average day out for some but my first! Never saw any big /bitey things. I only got 2 hours sleep last night but I can't feel tired at all - perhaps the adrenalin will wear off later this week icon_lol What's for tea?Huh?............................. SNAPPER!!!!!
  12. Hello people. Firstly I must say wot a great and informative site this is. Like many of you my hubby and I have discussed emmigrating sooooo many times but for one reason or another it always seemed to be a pipedream - mainly due to me leaving my family and friends. It has now got to a point where my hubby and I are seriously considering emmigrating to Australia, we have 4 children ranging from 15 down to 1 year and with us nearing our 40's, our ever increasing non-contentment (is that a word?) of living in England and our priorities changing in favour of ourselves and our children alone we realise that there is nothing wrong in wanting a better life for ourselves. On that basis we goggled emmigration last night and took part in a criteria questionaire for visas and it came back that my husband and I had passed the Australian Visa Eligibility Assessment. My husband has been a diamond setter for some 20 plus years and I am a qualified Holistic Massage Therapist, although I didnt enter these details due to the fact I havent practised in a few years. My first question is - would it be better for my husband to be offered a job and then applying for the sponsored visas that way or is it pretty much a muchness if he just got a skilled worker visa and hunted a job when we got there. Obviously I am yet to research the areas in Australia that are the heart of the jewellery industry and this would obviously determine where he applied for work / we lived. Secondly - how long does the process take? I have no idea at all - not that im bothered how long it takes and is it really difficult to be accepted???? Thirdly and most importantly - can you recommend a site where there is an "Idiots Guide To Emmigrating To Australia". We are total virgins on this subject and have no idea how the process works. Many thanks for your patience in reading this lengthy message - hope I never sent anyone to sleep whilst reading it. Im sure there will be a million more questions from me for you to muse over in the future. Bye for now. Tinks :wacko:
  13. Hi guys, I have been reading the posts on this site and it has opened my eyes a lot, my husband, myself and our three boys are looking at moving over to Melbourne and as we have never even been to Oz this site has answered a lot of our questions, we hope to come out in the next couple of weeks for a wee reccy and see some of the areas that we have looked at on the net, that will be good. Schools are really important to us as we have primary and secondary kids that has to be the main focus of where we go although I have to admit it would be lovely to live by the sea. Madge
  14. Hi, We are looking at booking our internal flights for our February reccie (Melby to Gold Coast / Brisbane), and I see that between 1200 - 1300 oz time every day Virgin Blue have a happy hour where flights are discounted. With it being a bit early in the morning for me (between 3 and 4) I have only managed to see it one day and the flights on offer were all going to non major (i.e. Fraser Coast, Rockhampton) airports. If anybody over there could check it out a few times would appreciate if that is typical or if I am likely to get a Melbourne to Gold Coast / Brisbane flight on this deal. Thanks Gary
  15. Guest

    Virgin ???!!!

    Hi everyone, Has anyone used or know of anyone that has used Virgin? Are they good bad or indifferent? Thanks peeps Guys and Dolls :wubclub:
  16. Guest

    A Pio Virgin!

    Hello everyone! Just came across this site by accident and have spent most of my working day reading through the posts! I have always talked about travelling to Oz but never did anything about it. Until the beginning of this year when i split with my boyfriend and decided that is was now or never!! Although i had spoken about it I never did any research so i was running into this blind! Thankfully i have many friends and some distant family spread across the country who have kept me right and on the 19th March i was granted my one working holiday visa!! I tried to immigrate but only got 100 out of 120 points!! I then spoke to various folks who suggested that the easiest option for me was the one year holiday working visa and then to try to gain employment sponsorship and settle in Perth. I have read several threads that people have said it is too risky doing it that way but thankfully (or not) i have no dependents, it is just me, myself and I so i can afford to take that risk! I have several agencies all waiting for my flight details and arrival date to set up interviews and they are all aware of my plans. Everything so far has been positive and now i am just trying to decide when the right time for me to leave is!! I cant wait to travel around and see the country for myself - all the pictures i have found look amazing but i am sure they do it no justice. I am looking forward to chatting with folks and getting plenty of advice to keep me on the straight and narrow!!! :wub:
  17. Guest

    forum virgin

    Hi my family and i have just started looking at a move to Oz,im an engineer first class i think and my wifes a dentail nurse we have three kids under 8,,,,,are we mad,,,at the moment the task looks totaly imposible,to stresfull and to expensive.Is it going to be worth it?