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Found 44 results

  1. Guest

    A rare event

    Just noticed that there are 59 people viewing the News, chat, and dilemmas section and 50 people viewing Chewing The Fat. This is rare... usually there is a lot more people on NCD than on CTF... I've always wondered why that is so.... but as with life's other mysteries, I might never get an answer :sad:
  2. I've read many horror stories about huge competition for rentals with dozens of people turning up to open house viewings. Once in Brisbane, I'm going to be looking for a long term rental, possibly on my own a lot of the time after hubby starts work. Is it OK for me to view alone, taking along his ID? (that's the stupid question!) Are there particular areas that are massively popular and get more competition, or is it a general scrum everywhere? And types of houses? Most likely we'll just want a 2 bed townhouse, preferably in or near Northgate. As I'll be out of work the first few weeks, will I be at an advantage being flexible with viewings? Are there even individual viewings? I've heard of individual appointments turning into open house! I'll be putting the pack together as I've seen suggested many times, I'm sure this will help, but with 6 weeks to go am already pulling my hair out with stress! Cheers :wink:
  3. Guest

    pio order of viewing

    for me when i log on i always go to new&gossip first (just to see whats occuring) then it over to chewing the fat (just to see who avin a go at each other) although im a pretty quite member i occasionly get involved--then i look at the moving back to the UK section (just to see whos leaving australia,and why--then i just browes around to see if there anything i find interesting happening today--so whats you order of viewing on pio,and why:wubclub:
  4. Just moaning, But two hours I will never get back to wait to see if anyone wants to buy our flat! And only one woman came, who has already been on friday, and spent another forty mins in our one bedroomed flat (!) and I can tell has no intention of buying. I like our wee flat and its not nice hearing them whispering! I am very bored, and a little depressed. :sad: Oh well only takes one, although not even convinced I would buy it in this market! Gill
  5. Good evening everyone - I hope you're well. My husband and I moved to Melbourne a week ago and I've been looking for places ever since ... I've been to a quite a few viewings but haven't found anywhere that I could see us living and our temporary accommodation is only until the 22nd. I'm getting more and more nervous about not even having applied for anywhere, but my husband doesn't have any concerns (he is still set on the UK market where you can find somewhere the weekend before you need to move!). I've found somewhere that sounds fantastic - 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, AND is pet friendly! (the absolute top of our budget, but seems well worth it) - but there aren't any OFIs listed and I can't get in touch with the specific agent looking after the property ... do you think it's worth while to submit an application without seeing the place or is that too risky? Also, my OH is working and can easily cover the rent, but we can't offer to pay months in advance as I've seen some people suggest - will a cover letter saying that we've just moved along with a letter from his employer stating his salary be enough to help us be approved? Should I ask our previous agent from the UK to write a letter to support our application saying that we always paid the rent on time etc? I've spoken to loads of estate agents, but none of them seem very helpful - they seem to expect me to be happy that they're giving me 30 seconds of their time - SOO different from London where they're crawling all over you!
  6. PommyPaul

    for your viewing AMUSEMENT...

    a day on the station... in the morning mean and moody.. collecting sticks with the 4wheeler and trailer (crossings are fun) someones idea of a joke, a dead brown snake in my footwell (yes i screamed like a girl) flood washed out a crossing and i rode straight into a 4ft deep hole, opps
  7. Anyone know when the status of the docs required on the online enquiry checklist change from Required to Met. We lodged our visa on 7th May and have uploaded all docs but the on-line system never changes. Is it when you are allocated a CO this changes? Apologies if this has been asked many times before Claire
  8. Guest

    viewing the National Curriculum

    I'm not actually sure if there is a national curriculum... seems to be lots of discussion from Kevin Rudd about updating... but cant actually find one on google etd. Perhaps someone could advise me. We are arriving in Perth Jan 2010. I have 3 boys - years 5, 4 and kindy age. What I would really like to view is some sort of curriculum where I can see what they will be learning for their current year groups... targets for attainment etc. I would also like to see what sort of history periods they might cover i.e. in UK they have done the Greeks, Egyptions, Saxons etc... what do they cover for these year groups in Perth? what types of sports will they do? cultural education? music, sciences, typical school trip etc... I know I can get an overview if I go to the websites of individual schools but would really like to view some sort of pdf document for Perth? Not looking for criticisms or comparisons just info. :biggrin: Can anyone help me? Gratefully xxx
  9. Guest

    Got a viewing today

    Hi All Just to let you know that we have a viewing today (1.45pm), this is the first viewing since the other couple pulled out at the last minute. I feel that people don't like to move so close to christmas, ( I know its about 11 weeks away ) well of now to tesco to my flowers. thanks Paula
  10. Guest

    another viewing

    Hi All Got another viewing tomorrow,(Sunday) to be honest not that bothered really, been here few times before, not getting our hopes up. We are going to Gold Coast in 2 weeks to validate our visa, with the house not selling. We are not in a hurry to go now. We have 4 years to get over there. Just sit here for a bit longer till the houses prices go up. Sorry for the moan. Paula:v_SPIN:
  11. Has anyone done this? I am considering buying a house in Adelaide from the UK so we can move straight in. The reason being I know exactly the place I want to be living and the type of neighbourhood and house style I like. Therefore want to eliminate the rental cost/bond and hassle of dealing with landlords etc and dive straight in. I have never rented in the UK and have experience of buying 2 properties on the internet without viewing them, I did view one but that was after the contracts were exchanged and the other my husband saw it for the first time when we moved our furniture into it! Saying all this, doing this in another country is a different matter – Ignoring the fact that I might not like the area or whatnot, can anyone shed any light on what the house buying procedure is like in Australia and what I should be looking out for in terms of mortgages etc? For example, would a lump sum deposit enable a self cert mortgage like you can get in UK? Obviously not having any job history over there, would that eliminate the possibility of a mortgage? I’d be interested to know anyone’s thoughts on this.
  12. We have never rented a property before, well we did last year (short term let) but we didnt really have a choice in where we stayed. This time its very different and as we are new to it i was hoping someone could help us out. Are there any questions that we need to ask? Ive read on here that someone was looking at a fairly new property so they asked about telephone line connection. I also know to ask if broadband is available and also if we would be allowed to get foxtel installed. But are there any other questions that you would ask that may not be too obvious to someone who hasnt done this before? Many thanks Emma x
  13. Guest

    viewing today

    Hi All Have another viewing today (at 3.15pm), the only problem is that the lady has not sold her house yet (wishful thinking that she will buy ours) after the other couple pulled out early this week. Well of to asda now to buy flowers now, then back to clean, clean and clean. Thanks Paula
  14. I heard freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee were good scents to have when selling your house. Well i had a viewing this morning but thought it was a bit early to put a baguette in the oven so i decided i would go with the coffee smell instead. I don't have a coffee perculator so i put the kettle on with a couple of spoons of coffee in it so the smell would ooze out to let off a nice aroma mmmm.... The problem is it erupted like a volcano and just kept spurting up and out all over my units in my cupboards, over the floor and under the oven. omg half an hour before they were due to arrive and i still had the bathroom to clean. So from now on i think a candle will be just have to do . Good luck anyone else trying to sell Tracey:laugh:
  15. Guest

    First House Viewing

    We have had our house on the market for about a month now and we have our first viewing tomorrow!! :yes: Anyone any tips to offer to make sure they buy it?? Apart from locking them in our attic until they sign on the dotted line I can't think of anything else:biggrin:
  16. Elliott-Family

    WOOHOOOO got a house viewing

    Phew another viewing - not had one since sept so really excited, not coming till half six tomorrow so off now to start cleaning Whoopeee..... :v_SPIN:
  17. Guest

    Viewing blast from the past

    Hi All Had a phone call today from EA, saying a couple would like to come back for a 2nd viewing. This couple came out in October 1st time and did not like the house because of the airplane noise( we live under the flight path at M/C airport, wheels just miss the roof). The price in October was 30,000 more. They are coming round tomorrow. Just have to our fingers and toes crossed, of now to start cleaning and going to buy YES more flowes. Thanks Paula:v_SPIN:
  18. Guest

    Here we go again!

    Hi All:v_SPIN::jiggy: Just had a phone call from the EA, got another viewing on Thursdsay at 4.00pm, not holding our breath, been here before like many on here. Will be going out to buy flowers (cheap ones). Well of now to start the cleaning. Speak soon Paula
  19. TaniaColin

    Another viewing.... YAWN

    Well we have another viewing today, this will be number 8. After the hype and excitement a few weeks ago when we had an offer made, and then nothing came of it. I think i've just lost interest with it all, apparantly they are first time buyers so we will see. To make matters worse we have been up all night, with Chad being sick, so we are both so tired, with playing musical beds all night. Good luck to anyone else trying to sell!!!!!!!!!!!! Tania X:emoticon-signxmas:
  20. Guest

    3rd viewing

    Hi All OMG, OMG, we have a viewing tomorrow night (5pm) they have four to look at. Just sat down after cleaning all night. This time I'm going to save my money rather than spend it on buying more flowers, Just in case they don't turn up. Paula:emoticon-signxmas:
  21. Hi guys, Just thought I would let you know that the people from yesterday said No. Apparently the garden was not big enough. :cry: I have just about had enough of all this. The Green Candles definitely did not work for me. Suppose now I will have to try and forget about selling the house and concentrate on getting Christmas out of the way and starting again in the New Year. Lets hope things pick up for us by then. Soooooooo bloody frustrating when you think a viewing has gone well. Thanks to everyone for your support could not get through without POI. Regards Karen :realmad:
  22. Hi All, Just thought I would let you know that I have got a viewing tomorrow at 11.45. I can't believe it. I honestly thought that I would not hear anything until after Christmas. Lets just hope that this will be the one. Regards Karen :jiggy:
  23. LKC

    We have a viewing!!!!!

    Woohooooo :jiggy:! Lets just hope they turn up, because the only other people who booked to come didn't!
  24. shaza

    House Viewing #18.

    Today we have yet another viewing on the house, this is our 18th. I am getting so bored of people coming round & not putting in an offer, after cleaning for 3hrs AGAIN!!! My house sparkles. I just want to sell the house before we have to drop the price again & before its too close to xmas. AAARRGGHHHH!!!! Sorry just need to rant.

    house viewing

    :jiggy:we had a viewing today not had one since jan all a bit strange though we got our visas 1 year ago this week intrest rates drop by 1.5% to which i said hopefully things will start to sell we speak to a friend and his sister and hubby go over in jan 09 last time we met them theywere thinking about going got a call on friday over a viewing today ( sat ) viewers came they have a buyer for theirs with no chain went to my mates whos sister is going over in jan and his sister and hubby were there spooky me thinks or is this i sign fingers crossed