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Found 34 results

  1. Hi all My Husband & I are making the move down under we will be our there within 6 months. We would love any info on Scarborough, Double view (coastal) and Yokine (inland). Looking to rent $400 budget, (looked on a few retail websites so know this is possible) We have 2 young children 4 & 2 so would be looking for a good primary school if anyone has any ideas. Also trying to work out a budget for household utilities costs. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you
  2. hey, when I move to Australia I will be 16 and I was wondering from people whO have already moved, if they could answer me some question:) What's it like and is it easy to meet friends What are the colleges like there? How is life there improved? Also I would love to chat to people, and I'm willing to chat! Laura
  3. Some interesting points here from an acclaimed Australian author BBC - BBC News Channel Programmes - HARDtalk, Christos Tsiolkas, Australian novelist
  4. Hi everyone, When I supply my police certificate for my visa application, will my sponsor be able to view my criminal record? Cheers in advance
  5. This is one of my fav past times!! and hasn't australia got some lovely places to do it. anyone else love to find a shady spot, put there feet up and let their mind roam? inspired by this pic i found on my camera :cool:
  6. Hi all, Before you read this i would ask you not to make the typical judgements that i have seen on other forums before that all men who pay child maintenance but arnt happy about it are b***tards. im going to keep details of myself to a minimum so i can remain as anonymous as possible and thanks in advance for any advice. I am planning to move to Australia in the near future to begin a new life there and i cant wait!! the only thing which i have a big question mark about and i've found it difficult to find information about is maintenance payments and where i legally stand. to cut a long story short, my ex used getting pregnant as a way for me not to dump her after the "suicide attempts" stopped working. since then the child is used as bribery tool. after many "discussions" she decided to keep it fully knowing i didnt want anything to do with her or the child, she though that the decision was entirely her choice and up untill i told her even afterwards i wanted her out of my life she was booked into get an abortion...i am having to pay maintenance now because the CSA dont care what the circumstances are surrounding how the child came to be, i know it takes 2 to make it happen but it should also take 2 to make an adult decision weather it is right to bring a child into the world and in my opinion, she knew what the implications were before she decided to keep it and she knew she would be doing it as a single mum (this is the point i ask not to make a judgement, if it was a loving relationship i wouldnt have walked away...it has turned out i have been granted a restraining order to stop her contacting me so thats the extent of the problems i have had). Anyway, the English system is that i have to pay which i have been doing. what i want to know is what happens when i move to Aus? i've read mixed things where the UK CSA have no jurisdiction but others who say she can still get money out of me? Sorry for rambling on but any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi All We put our house on the market 4 weeks ago and haven't had a single viewing !!! The agent says they have only had 1 person view out of the 20 houses they have on the market, it will pick up when the chidren go back to school !!! Just wondering if this is the case for most people. Look forward to hearing from all those who have there house up for sale !!! Emma And Gang
  8. Guest

    How 'Other' People View You

    Hi All. I often wish that if I could have one super power it would be the ability to be invisible. I could then wander up to different people and see what they were saying behind my back.:biglaugh: I dare say a lot of the comments I wouldn't like, but there you go. And I KNOW that in the grand scheme of things it truly DOESNT matter what other people think of you, as long as you are happy with yourself and go through life happy and contented then someone else's opinion shouldn't really matter. BUT, for the sake of 'debate' what do you reckon people are saying about you when you are not around. I'll start. 1. Perfectionist. (See trying to do a job perfectly) 2. Controlling. (See at times cares too much, and can seem controlling) 3. Compassionate. (Just cares is all) 4. Glib. (When embarrassed can say the wrong thing) 5. Sarcastic. (No excuse, it's true) 6. Sits On The Fence. (NO, trying to see everyones point of view) 7. Aloof. (Yep, until I know them really well) 8. Questioning Of Everything. (Yep, see nosey) 9. Doesn't Take Anything Seriously. (Again, yes. To the outside world. But innermost I am more often than not completely screwed up, and humour helps me deal with it). 10. Optimistic. (Yes, but why should anyone else know what is worrying me). I could be wrong, but that is a brief description of how I 'think' others view me. I dare say a lot of people say I am a complete barsteward,:biglaugh:, and to an extent I would agree. This thread could go nowhere, but thought it may be worth thought and a giggle. Cheers Tony:wink:
  9. How long do we need to live somewhere before someone’s view point becomes valid? I know when Fiona moved over she was told her views where not valid as she had not lived in Australia for 2 years. So when people have been in Australia for a month and realise Australia is not for them because of reasons X, Y & Z are their views better valued than say a person that has spent a month on a recci and loves the place?
  10. Dear All Is it possible to go and view and look around primary schools in the Kinross/Joodnalup areas in Perth. We are due to go to Perth to validate in a few weeks and was wondering if it was possible at at all? If so, does any one have any contact details ? Many thanks Sam and Steve
  11. I can see the recently updated ones. At the bottom of the new posts page, how do you browse the others (im nosy ssshh)
  12. munchkinpie

    WHV with view to Ens121

    Morning all Just throwing a question out to see if anyone can help me. (We are looking to employ an agent -probably GoMatilda - who we were happiest with on our initial contact but we are trying to get our heads round everything first) Anyway due to oh's job being difficult to "categorize" we have taken the step of contacting all the major companies in his industry in Australia with his CV and showreel to try get some feedback etc. In 24 hours he has already had 9 of the 20 companies show interest ie asking when he will be in Aus etc. Now oh is under 30 so WHV is an option for him and we think it would be excellent opportunity to go over and get into these companies for short projects to build contacts etc (and beg for sponsorship lol):yes: We are not married but been together 6 years and lived together officially for past 2 years. We have joint tenancy on our house and we have joint bills but no joint bank account. Oh yeah and we have children (me and kids would be in UK while he was on WHV as we know that WHV doesnt allow dependants to travel) Now here is the question - if he is away on 3/6 month WHV will this affect our de facto relationship evidence when it comes to applying for us all to go if he gets ENS or whichever route we have to go down depending on new lists etc? :goofy:Sorry ive waffled on and probably given way to much info but you will all get used to my ramblings!!! L x
  13. With the recent immigration changes on permanent residency, I doubt Australia will still be as popular as an education destination for international students. 1) A majority of international students come over to Australia with a hope of getting permanent residency. This is most notable within the VET(Vocational education) sector. Why would students pay more than say $12,000 learning something useless back in their home country? Furthermore, in the case of professional degrees like accounting, engineering,etc, a majority of students are expecting migration outcomes from their Australian studies. 2) With the surge of exchange rate for Australian dollars, Australian universities become less competitive compared to their competitors, predominantly the UK. Given the high exchange rate, many Australian universities already charged international students a huge fee. Cheap and affordable education is no longer the case. A reputable UK university may charge international student say 10,800 pounds/yr. A fair Australian university with the same program charges international student 22,000-23,000AUD/yr. You can do the math, 3) Australian education is generally less regarded compared to its competitors (the UK and the USA). This is justifiable from its lack of research funding and drop in international ranking. From the employer's point of view, Australian graduates are generally less regarded compared to UK graduates or USA graduates. 4) Australia claims itself to be a friendly country. This is really debatable with the recent Indian student attacks. At the end of the day, education is a big investment. To be honest, the only attractions of Australian education is its affordability and migration outcome. When these attractions ceased, from a consumer's point of view, why would students still come to Australia? I am highly sceptical on this.
  14. Hi All, This is my first posting. It is not my intention to source business through this forum. I am a Registered Migration Agent and not a Solicitor. However I have completed my law degree from India. Spent 12 years in India in International Shipping and in the last 8 years in India and 2 years in Australia I was involved with International Marine law, Marine Law litigation and cargo claims. I started practicing as a Registered Migration Agent in 1992. Here is a gist of the on-shore market INSTITUTES -Rapid audits are taking place of Risk VET Providers in Vic and NSW. -41 Institutes have been identified at risk in Victoria -An estimate of 30-40000 students are at risk in Victoria and about 80/100000 at risk nationally -The regulatory authorities are awaiting approval of the ESOS ammendment bill which is at the Senate Committee -This amendment will give the regulatory bodies "instant power" to cancel the registration of a institute that has breached the State Act or ESOS Act. 900 hours Majority of the 900 hrs certificates are bogus (possibly in 1000s) It appears the DPP has invoked the Crimes Act and heresay evidence indicate that some students have been charged DIAC are re-opening most of the 900 hrs with voluntary work Unconfirmed reports indicate that DIAC has issued notice of intention to cancel the visa of students who have been granted on-shore PR Once the massive "clean up" takes place we will see a new policy. JOB READY TEST (ANNOUNCED IN BUDGET MAY 2009) 900 hrs is most likely to be abolished from 1st Jan 2010 PR is most likely to be abolished for on-shore GSM 18 months TR will replace on-shore PR Student will have to work in the nominated occupation during the Tr period Possibly restricted work rights will be introduced for the TR Crimes Act will be incorporated STUDENT VISAS Large providers have publicly stated that the refusal rate from India, Mauritius, Vietnam & Cambodia is 95 percent for VET courses. UK-INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS U.K. intake from India is likely to double or treble because of the problems in Australia. I understand a large Provider in Australia has set their eyes on establising a large Institute in Birmingham to "lure" the North Indians". Regards Glenn Pereira
  15. The Ledge | NEWS.com.au Sears Tower unveils 103rd floor glass balconies - Yahoo! News Awesome views !
  16. Hello - We're breaking our lease and are super-keen to get our old property re-let as soon as possible, so that we're not bankrupted by double-rent! It's a fab place and this is how we've been advertising it (see below). Please PM me if you're interested and I'll send you some piccies. Available pretty much immediately - from Mon 25th May. Has had 3 professionals living in it for the past couple of years and has suited us down to the ground - brilliant location. ------------------------------------ Spacious penthouse flat with huge balcony (4m x 12m) and amazing city views - never seen better. 3 double bedrooms all with built-ins 2 bathrooms (one on-suite) Open plan kitchen including dishwasher Living room with additional balcony Air conditioning/ heating Extra storage space 2 parking spaces in lock up garage Security building Close to public transport (5 mins on train to Martin Place) Within walking distance of Rushcutters Bay park (2 mins), Edgecliff train station and shops (2 mins), Fiveways in Paddington (5 mins) Quintessential Sydney living! Belle
  17. I was just wondering how hard it really is to find a nice rental? Did you view lots and put lots of applications in or did you just look at a couple before you found what you were looking for? Thanks Emma x
  18. http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Fraser+Ave,+Perth,+Australia&sll=56.56742,-3.349677&sspn=0.007637,0.015879&layer=c&ie=UTF8&cbll=-31.958774,115.844023&panoid=AKYY0i670oG0K8BrDDF28w&cbp=12,73.29798922349039,,0,5.3356171389107665&ll=-31.954001,115.844564&spn=0.025816,0.055618&z=15&iwloc=addr King Park, Perth
  19. Earlswood , just been reading some of your posts . I live in Solihull ,so i know our area very well, and yes Warwickshire and Worcestershire , and most areas in the Uk,on a cold , sunny morning cannot be surpassed anywhere. By the way i lived in Oz for 6 years ,so i can give a balanced opinion. I left Oz ,not because of home sickness, or a dislike of the Aussies( i have more genuine Aussie mates , than pommie ones,it was out of duty to my parents . Iam the youngest son , both my brothers are in Oz, so guilt set in , when my daughter was born.........dont ask. A balanced opinion , i could live in either place .......but in the UK ,you need money. Lots of it , and long term , i hate to say it , there is no future here ,if you have children. What the UK government isnt telling us is , that the country is broke , skint, just like the good old USA. We dont make anything anymore, so we borrow to get out the mire.The Aussie govt to their credit has run a far more conservative lending policy, and they have mineral wealth in the ground which is being exploited by Asia, otherwise they too could not compete. On a local level ,the shops are still full , but whos buying? we have had a great run here in the UK , big money ....but its over. I have mates who have had work coming out their ears for the last 15 years , but they are scratching now......thats why wetherspoons are offering beer @ 99p a pint.
  20. I have just started working part time at the same office my partner does. Whilst the job was offered during my illness and did not require an interview etc I am grateful to be given such an opportunity to ease back into work. However, if any important facts ie wages, tax, super, hours, contract, hours etc were discussed prior to my start date, this was all done by speaking to my partner who then spoke to me. Surley AUS must have DPA and FOI that protects my business from this? Whilst I couldnt careless about what my partner knows, it would be nice to have the company discuss things and negotiate directly with me. Now I have started work there, the issue of hourly rate and wages has come up. I am employed as a part time casual worker, however if my partner was to ask about concerns relating to my salary and tax, would it contravene AUS DPA act and FOI act? If i have put on my TFN form provded by work that I want to claim the tax free threshold, do I pay tax straight away or pay once I have hit the $6000 threshold? As this was my very first pay in AUS, and paid tax on it. should I have? Sorry if it sounds like i am moaning, just had a bad day.
  21. Hello everyone I supppose I shouldnt even be posting, I have been reading and decided to post. I am an Australian. Yes! we aren't perfect, but what race is...??? Besides you Scots of course lol Of course we have some dirty cities, crime no more then any other country.. We have some wonderful beaches, and lots of places to visit.. Go to your local NRMA office and pick up some tourist maps and brochures. Our men enjoy sitting down with a cold beer watching sports,. Some can be arrogant, Some are just .. well... I am sure you know what I mean. Then you have the men that will bend over backwards for you, and would even take their shirt off their back for you.. Women, well you have some women that will stick their nose up at you, and you may even get a weird look.. Some women would smile as you walk past them.. Some are just utter female dogs, Alot of women will keep in packs.. (think back to your school days, I know ridiculous but true) Then you have other women who will be there for you through thick and thin. If you are thinking of coming to Australia, Please don’t think its going to be the UK with surf.. I suggest stay in your home country. If you are coming to Australia for a different lifestyle then I welcome you with open arms.. as I can only imagine how hard it would be leaving your family and friends behind. OH BTW Not all Australians love Vegemite, we love multicultural foods!!! Love to you all, Wishing you all the best for your future journey MimzyMel
  22. Guest

    Darwin (My View Of)

    I’ve decided to write my views/findings on my recent trip to Darwin, mainly because when I wanted to go I really struggled to find anyone who’d been before and could really tell me anything about the place. Where to go/what to do. I do appreciate however that we all want different things when we travel so this is just my view – this trip was also with limited funds, and on foot most of the time – well unless I had a beer in my hand!! Airport There is a shuttle bus which runs between the airport and CBD – costs around $10 each, you can do a deal for return, it cost under £20 for two us as return pick up. Very easy to setup online, just give them your flight numbers/times along with your hotel name and they are waiting for you. Accommodation When I was booking I was at the time looking for something with a kitchenette which I struggled to find at a reasonable price – most hotels seem to be the traditional room only but they all come with a fridge – handy for the beers! Most hotels will be in CBD – I’d recommend printing a map of Darwin CBD when looking at hotels – most bars/restaurants centre around Mitchell Street so depending on whether you want to be close to or further away from the main hub you can decide on location. Cullen Bay looks amazing and expensive judging by some of the houses on the marina! There is a small selection of bars/restaurants but if you want to be near the main hub of the city and you are without a car (ie. on foot), I’d reconsider staying here. Eating and Drinking As I’ve said the main hub is Mitchell Street – there are a number of bars, restaurants and cafes open from breakfast til late. The bars did generally similar food but there are also Italian, Thai, Chinese restaurants too. Didn’t have brekkie so can’t give you prices but lunch anywhere from $14 - $20+ and dinner from $18-$35+. Food is good quality and the portions are very generous! As for drinks, well anything really, there was a huge abundance of choice when it come to European beers (corona, stella, becks etc etc) which I don’t remember seeing in Brissy last year. I didn’t drink any so unfortunately can’t tell you how much but I would guess around $6/7 a bottle. I drank XXXX Gold all the time which in CBD was $9 for two and cheaper as you move out of the city. If anything I was a little disappointed with the lack of bars/restaurants – I really kept hoping that there was a pocket of Darwin I’d missed with another Mitchell Street – I guess I prefer my city a little bigger than Darwin. Darwin Itself Its quite a small town but there is A LOT of development going on, don’t think you could look in any direction without seeing some building work going on. The marina is the biggest project (think I read its ranked Australia’s 6th biggest development) which is currently under construction which will bring new hotels, apartments, bars and restaurants, and I believe a beach. I think when its finished it will bring new life to the city, which ‘I’ think it needs. Also read that they will be building a mall with over a thousand shops on the outskirts of Darwin too! The Sightseeing/Touristy Bit I think I visited the main ones – Katherine, Kakadu and Lichfield. Opted to do them by tour operator as we decided no hire car on this trip. Cruising down Yellow Water Billabong at Kakadu National Park was definitely my favourite bit but really I hardly saw any of it – I think Kakadu is about the size of Switzerland and I only had a day there! There are loads of organised trips and numerous tour operators, you can either book online before you arrive or just drop into one of the shops – they are located, yes you guessed mostly around Mitchell Street! Tour operators are also happy to send you brochures/leaflets through the post. Fishing tours are very popular there too – especially for barramundi which is on the menu everywhere! There are also a lot of World War II memorabilia around Darwin and surrounding areas – including memorials, planes etc. Don’t know if this is standard or not but our tour operator didn’t include food on the trips, we assumed it did – you do get to stop somewhere but its at their scheduled stop with fixed menu. They do (on our trips anyway) provide free towels if you do a swim in any of the falls. Summary If I could plan it and do it again, I think I’d hire a car (it would def have to be a 4x4) but only hire for part of the holiday – mainly as I’d be keeping costs down! I’d spend a few days in Darwin at the beginging/end of the trip then drive off to Katherine and Kakadu, stopping where I wanted to – I guess with organised trips your always constrained by their agenda and timescales. Downside I guess is doing all that driving yourself! For me, the sights to see are the National Parks and not in Darwin city so it would be worthwhile staying there for days and seeing more of it. I also couldn’t help but feel that the trips would be more cost effective this way but that is a gut instinct rather than based on fact. Darwin CBD I felt was very touristy, a lot from europe (ie. dutch) and aussies on hols too (not that that was a problem), we hardly come across any english out there and thought it was bizarre when people asked what part we were from (taken as ausssies) – thought the accent might give it away! I think overall I didn’t find it as clean or as friendly as when I compare to being in QLD last year but that doesn’t mean people were not friendly or it wasn’t clean – certainly better than the UK. Would I go again – yes! I’d love to see it in the wet season – they tell you the water level rises and covers the tree tops, bearing in mind you can see for miles in any direction – I find it almost impossible to imagine how much water that would be! If going in the wet season, you’d have to consider timing as some places you can’t get to at certain times when the flooding is severe but I understand this is only for weeks/rather than months. If anyone wants to any know any specifics if planning a trip to Darwin on hotels, trips etc etc, photo’s even, let me know and if I can, I’d be very happy to help.
  23. Hi All, Just trying to finalise a few bits prior to my move... I think I have struck gold whilst researching the right school for my daughters (pre school and heading for high school), Ocean View is in the right location, and can cater for both of the kids as Birth to year 12. I have had some contact with them but until I get to SA I can't check it out for myself and the web site seems to be having some difficulties of late. So...can anyone help me??? Do any of you have experiences of this school, what do you think? Thanks so much for any info you might be able to provide. x
  24. Hiya im Kirsty, the daughter of Mark and Tracy. Im 22 and moving to the mornington/Mt martha area and im just wondering if there is anyone around my age who fancies a chat with me to talk about the process of it all and feelings etc. :cute:
  25. Hello! When I check my visa status online and try to click on "view entitlement details" I get a message saying "this service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later". I've tried a few times and with different computers. Have you got the same problem? What's behind "entitlement details"? :arghh: Thank you! elli x