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Found 26 results

  1. Adrian K.

    TRA Video Request

    Hi! My first post on here - so forgive me if this is in the wrong forum. I'm in the process of a skills assessment for a pastry cook and recently received a request for video evidence. The thing is I have no such video and there is no way I can get it, as my employers would never allow a camera onto the bakery floor. My agent says it is highly unusual that they would ask for video evidence as that is one of the more obscure options. What I'm wondering is, has anyone else had a similar experience? How did it pan out? I'm just wondering if they're building up to a rejection? Thanks for reading! Cheers, Adrian
  2. Hi there just found this cool video of a group of people tripping around australia, really got me excited about my future trip hehe, so I'm sharing it with the community! It looks like west coast / victoria to me, what do you think? youtube link: Cheers!
  3. Guest

    VHS Video Tapes

    Hi. Please could soeone tell me if I can take my large VHS tape collection to Oz, or wo'nt they work. Thanks.
  4. Guest

    Murmaration video

    This is something I absolutely love to see, these crazy little birds are so amazing enjoy the videos in this link, They're magical. http://www.asylum.co.uk/2011/11/18/murmuration-starling-flock-video-youtube/?icid=maing-grid7%7Cuk%7Cdl4%7Csec1_lnk1%7C86184
  5. During a speech at the lord mayor of London's banquet, the prime minister described an exchange with Australian leader, Julia Gillard, and tried to imitate her accent. Cameron's audience at the Guildhall in London laughed, but the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper described his impersonation as 'bizarre' http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/video/2011/nov/15/david-cameron-attempts-australian-accent-video
  6. Not really :biglaugh: Sniper training with high velocity rifle [YOUTUBE]6YWqkX8ZLDI[/YOUTUBE]
  7. Guest

    Funny Animal video

    Now i thought this was hilarious, But I do have a warped sense of humor. http://windowssecrets.com/wacky-web-week/allen-allen-al-8230-its-not-alan-8230-steve/
  8. [YOUTUBE][http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jBqgjBVAhA/YOUTUBE]
  9. Does anyone have links to the tv series wanted downunder, just so i can show a friend. older ones in particular, prior to 2007 ( i arrived in oz )
  10. Hi Does anyone know if the VCR machines work in oz,I know everyone is on about dvd and blu-rays but but kids have scratched so much dvd`s that I bought them a VCR machine.This and the videos are still without a scratch.They more child friendly than dvd`s.I really would like to take it down with me. Can anyone help quickly cos I`m busy packing. Thanks a million.:wubclub: Mylady
  11. World News Australia - Migration changes draw mixed reaction Video: Minister explaining today's new SOL. Best regards.
  12. Cob

    BBC Live Video Online

    Hi all I have been watching live video BBC feed of the Election online. Thought it was finished but there are still some political programmes being streamed as a result of the hung parliament. Would hate anyone to miss out. Here is the link: BBC News - Election 2010 - Live coverage - General Election 2010 Just watch your internet limits! cath
  13. Weekly currency update from Moneycorp [moneycorp]10168283[/moneycorp]
  14. Soooooo i went for a cruise today and alittle walk through the rainforest to try burn some of the beer flab off, i also took my camcorder with me as i like to make random little vids for the rellies back home. So here's alittle edit of my footage, i played with the footage alittle, speed some bits up, made it grainy here and there and tried to dub a song over so it kind of fits in with the video. Yes i've got nothing better to do lol what do you reckon any good? could do a beach and coast one next? R50M3kHQf0k gawd i love this place :cool:
  15. PommyPaul

    better video of the lizard

    nMPV4QIL18I Heard a noise in the garden whilst watching tv and it was the lizard again so this time i managed to get a much better video of him.... damn hes a beut!!
  16. Been out today and made a video of where we live.. My brother went to Sydney eight years ago and has not been back since.. We have been to oz a coule of times and seen him but its not the same for him.. Money wise he couldnt afford to come back to the uk (Didnt say home!) so today i have done a video of our town.. Where we grew up, where we lived, where our mam lives (Moved house since he was here), new shops, old shops, new buildings etc that didnt exist when he was here.. The fundamental reason of the video was to prove that life go's on and nothing is the same.. Places change, people move on it is never like you remember hence the ping pongers.. (Those who leave oz thinking they missing something, move back to the uk then head back to oz). I would hate for them to spend a fortune they dont have to move back to the uk only to want to move to oz again.. Also when we we move which will be pretty soon i hope, we can look at the video once in oz and remind ourselfs that it is only a place and home is where you make it. Finally watching the video it was a laugh a mintue with really funny running commentry and im so pleased i did it... Anyone done anything simillar, and what have you guys done to make things easier in oz. Best wishes Chris
  17. Guest

    Aerial video over Perth

    Hi guys, thought you might like to check out my new video taken from the plane as we approached Perth Airport! YouTube - Perth from above
  18. emmaroo

    WA- Lonely Planet Video

    Found this cool little video about WA. Enjoy! Lonely Planet - Western Australia Guide - Videos - WesternAustralia.tv :wub:
  19. and other useful stuff YouTube - Immigration to Australia - How to migrate explained - video YouTube - Chasers War - Aust. Values Citizenship Tests on Australians
  20. Guest

    Video & DVD players?

    Hi all We aren't taking any tv's with us but wondered if we needed to take uk video and dvd players with us so that the kids can play their films or would the tapes and discs work in aussie players? Also the same for stereo's? Any help would be great Mandy
  21. Guest

    Redcliffe Video

    If your thinking of relocating to Redcliffe, Queensland this is a nice short video Around Redcliffe, local information guide to Redcliffe - realestate.com.au Enjoy xx
  22. connaust

    Immigrants Video

    Comedic take on immigrants in Oz from Newstopia PS RSL is the Returned Serviceman's League (like Royal British Legion), who in fact do assist both Australians of Italian and German background who served in WWII. Cheers Andrew
  23. Lynne2007

    Lynne Skydive Video

    Well here it is everyone, my skydive video in 2 parts so that we could fit it all on youtube so here are the links in order: They are funny with my face expressions :twitcy::biglaugh:
  24. Hi all I could do with some advice, especially for those who've used or are using web camming to keep in touch with friends/family back in the UK. To help ease the pain of going to far away from home, we intend to install a web cam at my partners parent's house so we can see/talk to them when we get to Melbourne. Mac loving mates tell us their facilities at the best there is in terms of picture quality and no/little delay. However, I've recently bought a laptop and wandered if it's a waste of money buying a mac as well. We want something that's reasobly simple to use, intend on having broadband installed both ends so what else do we need to know and what are your experiences? Thanks in advance as these computer sellers are confusing the hell out of us. Pj xx