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Found 22 results

  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post here, I'm a pastry cook and 462 visa holder. I have more than 5 years experiences so I want to apply 190. I've submitted skills assessment online application yesterday, but I found I chose wrong visa type, and I don't know which one is correct, is that someone can help me? I already sent email to vet but no response cause weekend :(
  2. angelofmercy186

    Becoming a sparkie in Melbourne

    Hey all Looking into coming over early next year. Im a sparkie by trade in UK and using a migration agent to make sure paper work is right first time. Ive been sent down the VET route as we are going over on my general skilled. Ive herd the VET route is a pain (resrticted licence) and some sparks start the VET route and then dont tell TRA and go that route. We are going to Melbourne as we have friends we can stay with for a while. Just want to know what I will need for going the TRA route, what I will need to do at each stage. I am at the stage of getting references for my VET application. Any info will be much appreciated. Nick
  3. Guest

    VET vs NVQ

    NVQ courses in Australia, Sydney? I am a Srilankan student. Currently I am studying National vocational qualification (NVQ) level 4 in computer hardware (IT). Can I continue my studies in Australia? I want to do level 5,6,7 or equivalent qualification. And what kind of qualifications I need? Can i do a bachelor degree ? and can i join a degree from middle of degree ? OR NVQ (UK) to VET (Australia)? i am have NVQ level 4 in computer hardware (IT) with 6 months work experience, currently in srilanka and i have chance to go Australia. I want to do NVQ level 5,6,7 in Australia or VET. can i do Vocational graduate certificate/diploma ??? or a degree ?? please help.
  4. Hi all Wonder if anyone can help. I'm collating everything to go for a VETASSESS skills assessment for Progam and Project Administrator. I have working in marketing roles for 10 years, but in all of them I have managed projects e.g. created & maintained project plans and other documentation, completed status reports, dealt with questions about the project, presented to senior managers about the projects, worked with suppliers and other teams to deliver the projects. Just wondered if anyone has any experience of going through VETASSESS for this role and what sort of things are they specifically asking for? I could write pages but want to make sure that my CV / application has the key words they are looking for. Many thanks Amy
  5. JoandJon

    What colour vet bed...

    I know it's silly and unimportant, but they all cost the same and I'm wondering what colour vet bed I should buy to put inside Satch's kennel? And yes I know it'll be chucked after her flight so doesn't matter in the slightest... Or do different colours help dogs relax? Satch (see my avatar) is a soft golden labrador and my decision is between: Black, Blue (sky not navy), Brown (pale-ish) Grey, Lilac or Pink (quite pale, not fluro) Help anyone? ** edit ** Oh and white as well..
  6. We will be coming to Sydney later in the month, my 3 Fat Cats are already in Eastern Creek. Just wondered if any Sydney based folk could reccommend a good vet that will be familiar with all the overseas paperwork, vaccinations etc (some in UK were bad....) and also any good catteries? I have seen a couple on the internet but often a personal opinion can be very helpful. Many thanks! x
  7. Black mamba

    Vet asses query

    hi all, I hope there is someone out there whom has recently taken the vet asses practical exam, I am being assessed as an electronic equipment trades worker and on the site it gives no idea of what to expect and would like an idea of what is coming.
  8. Guest

    vet nurses

    Hello everyone! I currently work for the Scottish SPCA and due to family circumstances we have had to postpone our move to Australia. I was thinking about re-trainning as a vet nurse to help job oppurtunities as at the moment I was planning on trying to get into the RSPCA over there. Can anyone tell me what the salaries are like for each job as that might help me make up my mind wether to re-train or not. Also, we sent off my husbands paperwork back in march and although the money has been taken we have not heard a thing. Is this normal?
  9. Hi I hold my A1 Assessors units for assessing bricklaying apprentices is this qualification recognised in Australia or would need to go back and get re-trained. From what I can gather it's pretty much the same as the V1. Any assistance is much appreciated.
  10. Hi everyone, Skills uploaded and certs all sent on 28th march. Anyone got any timescales on how long it took for your app status to change from 'active'? Thanks!
  11. Hi all I'm a little worried about getting employer references (statement of service) for my VET ASSESS skills assessment. I know that they would be glowing and show that I meet the demands of the skill being assessed, I'm just worried about the reaction from my employer - they'll see it as lack of loyalty & commitment to my role and therefore probably impact future payrises & bonus (Which will all come in useful over next few months!). Does anyone have experience of using a statutory declaration instead - does this prejudice your assessment with vetassess? Any thoughts would be really appreciated. If not I may have to tell a white lie and say the VISA will take a few years to complete so they have no immediate worry about me leaving (which may well be the case anyway given the upcoming changes in July)! Thanks Amy
  12. Hi guys Does anyone have a phone number or an email of their vets they use in western australia :tongue: i know i could search online but would like to know that the vets i am ringing or emailing are good lol , the reason i'm asking is too check on costs of an expensive drug for my dog :swoon: and need to know how much we need to keep back for her Brides x
  13. I know this form is free from DEFRA but my vet is trying to charge me £65 to complete it! They said this was the price for my two dogs as they can share it.....but my understanding is that each dog needs a separate form! So thats £130 to fill in 2-forms that literally require a few boxes being ticked and a few dates!! Seems a bit extortionate! The original quote they gave me for everything was around £500, to date I have paid £600 and this doesn't include this or worming tablets! Told them to go away and look in to it as I do not want to pay that!
  14. Any UK/Irish vet nurses on this working in Oz at the moment, big change from working at home?
  15. My dogs are flying to Australia on Wednesday 16th February 2011, arriving at Sydney Airport on Friday 18th February 2011. I am using a pet relocation firm called Passport For Pets (a division of Airsupply Shipping Agents) but to save money I am arranging the vet treatments and completion of most of the paperwork myself directly with my personal vet. The AQIS guidance clearly states that Part A and Part B of AQIS Vet Certificates (sent with the Import Permits) MUST be completed, signed and stamped (endorsed) by a Official Government Veterinarian (the vet at the airport on the day of departure) and travel with the dogs to Australia however the above pet relocation firm are saying that it is not, that they only AQIS doc required is the Import Permit. Just seems a bit odd, why bother creating these forms if they weren't required but the girl at the firm I am dealing with is adamant they are not needed? I almost get the feeling they are trying to confuse me so I give up and pay for them to do everything! I have emailed AQIS today but can anyone that has done the paperwork part themselves please advise on this? I do not want them to be turned away at either airport because these forms have not been completed. .
  16. Hi, Anyone has any good vet/clinic to recommend for spaying of cats? I have an appointment to spay my kitten at Mount Pleasant Clinic at Sunset Way (Clementi) but unsure if the vets there are good so I thought I'll ask for opinions here since everyone here is a cat lover Thanks for your help!
  17. Guest

    Vet Nursing

    Hey guys me and my fiance are looking to move back to australia, just wondering how transferable are the vet nursing courses. just in case the worst thing happens and we need to move back to the uk, would her qualification be valid or would she need to complete full training again. cheers eddie
  18. FEDERAL Education Minister Julia Gillard will press ahead with plans for a national vocational education regulator, despite the refusal of Victoria and Western Australia to sign over their powers. The Government will legislate next year to create the regulator, which will accredit colleges, including those offering courses for international students. Finally, though WA probably wants to retain control re. mining industry training etc., Victoria because they are incompetent in regulating dodgy colleges....
  19. Hi everyone, (any carpenters who have dealt with vet assess please guide me in the right direction) can anyone assist me with this issue, apart from vet assess charging way to much for assesments, has anyone recently been assesed as a carpenter and can you briefly explain how the day was and the tasks you where to complete, i am hoping to start my process around summer time if all goes well and would like some info from anyone who has completed this procedure, any info will be appreciated on vet assesments. Thanks guys.
  20. Guest

    Finding a Government Vet...!

    Ok - so we're going to bring the kitties with us to Aus... We're going to use PetAir and the OH reckons we should get the Silver Service and do all the paperwork that would have been done for us under the Gold Service ourselves to save us the additional £800 it would cost. However... I have searched and searched and have thus far been unable to unearth any information on LVI's, where to find them and their charges etc... let alone the Government approved labs any tests have to be done at.... Can anyone help please? Has anyone done the defra export and Aussie import certificates themselves and organised the vets and tests themselves? If so, how much did it cost? I am really starting to struggle here between the paperwork for me and the paperwork for them... the OH just says its easy, it's just forms, and doesn't see why I'm stressed!!! It's ok for him - he's just going home!!
  21. Guest

    Not happy with vet for lying

    We went to a vet near us when the dogs came out of quarantine and had all the injections etc. and the vet was on about tick paralysis i said that they should have advantix he then went on to say that they were rife up here and that they had a dog die from tick paralysis earlier this year just 10 doors down at number 45 from me. so i thought when i see someone out at number 45 i will just ask neing as they know what to look for since there dog died but didnt know how to ask them, anyway i saw the bloke outside the other week and just was talking about ticks he has never had a dog die from ticks so i was very cross with my vet for lying. Anyway they rang me yesterday to ask about teeth descaling for them so i went at her hammer and nail for her vet lying to me she went and had a word with john rang me back and he said i had go the wrong end of the stick he said it was 44 and there dog didnt die of tick paralysis it just died????????? so i told her me and my hubby was both in there and he didnt say that to me and she said that she didnt think john would say that bu i know he did..... so im going down to number 44 and if thats a lie im going in and i will report him, why lie........so im not happy..... end of moan......:arghh:
  22. Hiya Im a Level 2 student vet nurse here in the UK, finally get my qualification after nearly 10 yrs in the job off & on. Planning on moving to Qld (probably Redcliffe, Brisbane) in a few years once qualified. Just wondering how the job differs in Oz, I know the basics will be the same but curious about the rest. :err: