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Found 35 results

  1. Guest

    Bunbury versus Mandurah

    We were all set for a new life in bunbury, but having looked at this and other forums, lots of people in our position (young family) are heading towards Mandurah. Any thoughts or opinions on the two areas would be greatly appreciated. We initially thought Bunbury had everything we needed: schools, jobs, outdoor life, social scene, interests for kids that grow up too fast (over here anyway!). the greater bunbury area offering cheaper housing etc.... Anything that will help us focus our decisions would bebrilliant. Thanks Sarah and Matt
  2. Hi all, I am currently in Adelaide but heading up to Qld next week to check out schools before making the final move in December. I called a couple of schools on my hit list the top of which was Narangba State High. I got quite a chilly reception from them and when I requested a tour around the school, I was told they didn't allow people to look around? And I could speak to someone who would tell me everything I needed to know and enrol with them. Anyway that person wasn't available so I am waiting for a call back. The second school on my list was Dakabin State High. I had a nice lady greet me on the phone and she said they would be happy to show us around. Anyway I found a website http://bettereducation.com.au where you can see the school rankings. Narangba far out-rates Dakabin at 82-68 My head is a mess I don't know how to work this. If I could actually go to both schools I could probably get a feeling for which one suits my daughter best and she could give her feedback too. But to enrol without actually seeing the school doesn't sound right to me at all. Does anyone have any experience of either of these schools or know of anyone who does. Thanks in advance from a :confused: very confused Deb

    Sydney versus The New Forest

    A friend of mine has started posting photos on Facebook of his bike rides in The New Forest. God, they pull at my heartstrings too. If there is one thing I do miss about England it's my rides around 'The Forest!' Funny how it took his photos to do it too. I can watch any number of Pommie shows - Doc Marten, Midsomer Murders, etc., all with lovely scenery and they have no effect on me. I suppose I could always read 'The Children of The New Forest' again - by whom? Captain Maryatt? Set during the English Civil War or should that be the SECOND one if you include The Wars of The Roses? It's probably why I always considered myself to be a Royalist not a Roundhead (though I may also have a soft spot for The Diggers???) Maybe it's time to re-read Lorna Doone too but who wrote that?? I should know! Is there 'Black' in his name?
  4. lynn22

    WA versus Queensland areas

    Hiya Hubby has just made a very useful contact who is in his line of work & lived/worked in Oz for 7 years (altho he's back in uk now) Anyway hubby is going to speak with the guy this afternoon for more info but they have exchanged a few emails & the guy doesnt think my hubby will have any problems with jobs in his line of work in the oil & gas industry (which is good) However He's mentioning queensland & all my research has been about WA, although i think the pictures I've seen Queens is beautiful I'm a bit worried about how the weather differs & bugs etc (ie more mozzys & worried about that paralysis ticks for my dog) Should I have any concerns about which area to go to or keep my sights firmly set on WA (dont know why but its really wa i'm drawn to but maybe thats because I've learned a fair bit about it & getting reasonably familiar with suburb names & can picture where they are on a map etc) Lynn x
  5. I am just wondering if anyone can shed any light on whether it is better to go for the Prospective Marriage visa and then spouse visa or if it is better to ger married first and then go for the spouse visa? My son is currently in the UK and his girlfriend will be coming to Oz in September on her 176 to start a job. He needs to stay behind to finish his professional qualification. They intend to get married. They are just worried that as they have never lived together they will not have enough evidence for the spouse visa if they get married in the UK first. However, if they do get married in the UK and then apply for a spouse visa will he be able to come to Australia on a visitor visa and apply for a spouse visa on arrival? Will he then get a briding visa which will allow him to work? Just not sure of the advantages of one against the other.
  6. brucewayne

    Private Healthcare versus Medicare

    I don't know if there's already a thread in this subject, but what tends to be more favorable for ex-pats - Medicare or taking Private Medical cover? I know that there is a reciprocal health care agreement between the UK and Oz but is one more advantageous then the other? FYI - I'm in good health and never really been ill, ever. In fact I've only ever had flu twice in my lifetime but I have had bone breaks through sports and stuff. Would/should this influence the choice I make? My 457 requires me to either enroll in Medicare or take sufficient private cover. Any advice?
  7. Guest

    Comparing prices Aus versus UK

    Hi guys just found this brilliant website that compares cost of living in any city in the world. http://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living
  8. matimage

    State versus family sponsorship

    Hi All, I am hoping someone here can help us out! We were torn for a while of going for SA SS or family sponsorship in NSW. Decided to go for SS on the advice of people here and the fact it should be quicker. Now, we seem to be running out of time before the big change in July. Currently in the process of having skills assessed. Estimate we should get that back end of May. Sitting IELTS next Saturday. Hopefully we should have all the paperwork together to apply for SS at end of May. That can take 6 weeks which takes us to middle of July. Should we scrap the idea of SS and instead go for family sponsorship which we can apply for as soon as we get the skills assessment back? I know SS will put us in cat2 and Family in cat3 but some people seem to be saying on here that they are all being rushed through before July. Is that correct? Also, what happens to SS after July? been finding it tricky to try and find that out... Thanks a mill in advance :spinny:
  9. Jackboots

    Heat versus Cold

    hmmm so having fried with intense heat for days on end here in WA ( or is that me personally ? ) i was wondering which you find more restrictive living with a hot climate or a cold ? :unsure: For me i find the heat ... worse i feel lethargic and feel it really clamps down on activities etc , i know its not for long but boy its hot ... i would love a few days of cool or drizzle etc :daydreaming: id love to walk the dog in the rain or just be out in cooler air..
  10. Here's a question which I thought might lead to some interesting views from both sides of the pond and hopefully bring both sides together in a more united way. We do after all share the same planet.:wink: This is just my observation having lived in England and Australia, now back in England for business reasons mostly. OK, the English. Notoriously beat themselves up and criticise their own country to the point where they can be, note I said can be, not always, decidedly negative and gloomy at times. Having said that, they are very reserved so they appear reluctant to take much pride in their country. Can be ultra gloomy to be with! Australia - again, only my observation. Sometimes the Aussies seem to be so sensitive, that they project a fake kind of pride as a veil to hide some of the things that aren't that great. This means when you hint that there are some parts of Oz you might not completely like, they get upset! Have to hand it to the Aussies, they have so many setbacks with their weather and climate that it is understandable why they play up all the positives and keep that sense of 'she'll be roight mate'. But it is OK to cry sometimes.:smile:
  11. I wish to apply for the 176 Family Sponsored Visa before the rules change in July. I meet the requirements and spoke with an agency today who told me they'd take my case on but need me to get started with them ASAP in order to make the deadline. I know that it will take me up to 8 weeks to have my teaching qualifications assessed so I must to this now but in relation to everything else, apart from filling in forms, is there anything else I need to do? The agency said it's all about timing of when to send off forms and sort of a pyschological game. Is this true? How hard is it to get everything in order yourself without an agency? The reason I ask is that I feel we could probably apply ourselves without an agency. If I apply for qualifications to be assessed now and then send off all forms at the end of March, is there any nasty surprise that could really trip us up? Is it worth paying an agency? What are your experiences? Value for money or a waste? If they are not necessary then I would rather save the money for our move. But with the points system changing, I am concerned that there is something somehow I'm missing which might cause us (with defacto partner) to miss the June deadline like for example, some hidden complications that they don't make people aware of when applying that migration agencies would know giving us a sort of edge. Is there any great advantage or increased likelihood of being rejected if we complete the process ourselves? How easy is it to make a mistake in the documents you need to include? Any advice would be great as I need to get the ball rolling ASAP? Cheers Steve
  12. Guest

    IQ versus Commonsense.

    One of my mates recently sent me an IQ test, :idea::goofy: online. Normally I would just laugh at such a thing, but. Having thought about it for a while I got to thinking. Some of my mates could be classed as intelligent, very in some circumstances. BUT. They seem to have no bloody common sense though. Whilst some of my other mates are not what you would call academic etc, but they seem to have far more common sense than some of my so called intelligent mates put together. So does having a high IQ necessarily mean that you are equipped to deal with day to day life. Or is it a case of 'commonsense' prevails in being able to being better equipped to deal with certain things. I hate it when I hear someone described as 'clever' 'intelligent' etc, when it relates to the type of work they do. After all some of the most 'intelligent' people around hold high office etc, and look at the mess things are in. So in essence has intelligence any real bearing on 'commonsense' just seems to me that very often those that are classed as 'intelligent' have no commonsense at all. PS. I'm not telling you my IQ score.:embarrassed::mad::biglaugh: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  13. Anyone else get bored stiff with OZ vs UK all the time? Yer dont HAVE to read them,i know that,but yer do dont yer?:idea: Wouldnt it make a nice change if everyone just accepted that SOME prefer the UK and SOME OZ,is it THAT hard to accept?
  14. Morning/Evening All. Couple of threads recently have concerned the possible detriment to financial security if the big move to Australia is made. Some if not most people on PIO have worked their backsides off to get where they are today, and in that respect some of you have pensions to look forward to, and fair play to you all if you are in this position. After all, if you have slogged away all your life you deserve to be rewarded at retirement with a comfortable pension and the lifestyle that brings. (This is of course if your pensions are safe and haven't been whittles away by the recession and bad management). But then all of a sudden Australia comes into the equation. Just why Australia now features in your thoughts is as individual as you are, but someway along the lone thoughts of Australia have entered your thoughts and you realise there may be a possibility to live out there. Some miss family that are already in Australia, some just go for the adventure, but from what I have read the vast majority of people go because they think/hope it will offer them more than the UK can and ultimately make you more HAPPY. So we now have this situation, do you give up your jobs, house, family, etc in this country BECAUSE you are not truly happy or do you hang on for grim death and stay in this country because at the moment you are fairly secure monetary wise. I have never been one to put a lot of store on money, as long as I have enough to pay the bills, help the kids out, and go out once a fortnight, then I am as happy as Larry. But at the end of the day what I am trying to say is that money can never bring about happiness in the UK if you are not happy here. Yep, money can take away a lot of the stress and worry of everyday living but it will NEVER buy you true happiness. So in essence is it worth staying in this country purely for monetary reasons if you will never be truly happy here. True, you may go to Australia with little except the change in your pocket, maybe not even a job to go to, or on the other hand you may go to Australia very financially secure and a job waiting for you. But at the end of the day, is it truly worth staying in this country if you can not be happy here at the moment. Far be it of me to say go to Australia, but at the end of the day isn't the whole point of us being on this earth to be as happy as we possibly can, and if Australia 'may' bring that opportunity then why not go for it. Some will read this post and think I am saying throw it all up in the air and go to Australia, that is NOT what I am saying at all. Just if you are truly not happy in this country then why not go for it. Yes, it may be the worst thing you have ever done, but you never know, it could be the best decision you have ever made, maybe a little less money, not the house you had in the UK, etc, but if it is a possibility that it may bring you TRUE happiness then I would say go for it. Just my thoughts. Cheers Tony:wink:
  15. Question, does having difficulties and hardships in your life make for a better, worse, same person as opposed to a relatively peaceful existence with few hiccups, and if so would you have changed anything at all? There are those of us who for all intents go through life with little difficulty, god that sound patronising, its not meant to. But there are some people who can go through life with little troubling them. Went onto form a worthwhile and rewarding career, always had a good life, enough money and little to disturb it. And there are those that seem to find misadventure, hardship wherever they go. Bankruptcy, booze, drugs, infidelity, etc. And no matter what theses types of things happen again and again. Sometimes through their own fault but at times through circumstance. So if you are in one of these two groups do you think that your experiences have paid dividends and you are glad for the 'ordinary' life, or have you been to the school of hard knocks and realised it has also paid dividends in the end. From my own experience I have at times been on the side of hard knocks, no matter what I did trouble seemed to find me, sometimes not always my fault. Then in the very next month/year I have found myself living the life of riley only for once again circumstance or more is the case my own stupidity thrown it all away again and found myself in even more strife. Having said all that I wouldn't change a thing, I think I have learnt some valuable lessons, and I KNOW I will make mistakes again find myself in a situation that is not always to my liking. Cheers Tony
  16. Guest

    Marriage Versus Cohabitation

    As some of you will know I am about to marry my good lady,:wubclub: for the second time around after being divorced for over twelve years.:goofy: I have been married in between this time as well, even though I knew the lady concerned for eight years the marriage only lasted four months.:biglaugh: Too long to explain, BUT. In this day and age, the modern society etc, where to be 'cool' seems all important should we bother with marriage at all. My own thoughts first. Even though my marriages to some extent ended in disaster I am STILL adamant that marriage is a good thing. I truly believe that marriage shows a commitment and love that binds us together. OK, some time down the line it may fall apart, but at the time of the ceremony I 'think' it shows that the bond formed should be recognised formally and that 'commitment' is there for all to see. I have no great faith, I believe in something bigger than us all, and I hope there truly is a God, so in one respect I am acknowledging my commitment to Ruth in the eyes of God. But more importantly I am showing those around me that I am taking the marriage very seriously and will do my utmost to hold true the bonds that are said on the day. I hope God is looking down and helps me along the way, but in all honesty I just think that marriage for all its hiccups and hurdles still to this day forms a bond and commitment that hopefully will not be broken. Old fashioned maybe, old school, yes, I hope so. But in this ultra fast paced world we live in do you reckon marriage says anymore than, 'Well, it's just a slip of paper is all', something that has been said to me many many times by ALL generations. Each to their own, I have no problem with how people view marriage, but do YOU think that today a piece of paper is all important and does it really have any credence in the world we live in today. Many thanks Tony.:wink:
  17. Hi everyone, hope all is well! I after a bit of advice, my husband and I have now recieved our Visa and my registration is about to go through so naturally ive started looking for a job, I have contacted loads of hospitals directly, queensland health, mater ect ect and sent a covering letter and cv. Just wandering should I also apply to recruitment agencies too. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for looking :biggrin:
  18. Guest

    Nature Versus Nurture

    Which side of the coin do you believe? That characteristics that each one of us have are either there from birth or are influenced by our surroundings from a very early age, or a mixture of both. To give an example, just for a minute forget the many illnesses that some are born with, schizophrenia, etc, but imagine you are a child being bought up in an environment where its parents and peers don't really give a toss about what they do or say, and go on their merry way treating people with disrespect and committing crimes, and the child involved does exactly the same thing. Is this behaviour such because they were inherently born with a said gene that was fundamental in their makeup, or has this behaviour been influenced by all they see and hear around them? I know many people who some would look down on, and they don't behave in such a way. But on the other hand people from exactly the same area behave without giving a toss in the world. I have a few friends who also wreak of money. Some of their behaviour is also abysmal, not all though. Can a person be born bad, (not including mental illness) because of a long line of genetics that have someway made their way into this person, or does their environment dictate how they lead their lives in the future? I personally think it is 'nurture' to a degree, because I have known some lads that were born into a really bad environment where crime etc was second nature but in the long run they have turned their lives around and am now 'normal' (hate that word) members of a functioning society and are happy and contented. Cheers Tony:chatterbox:
  19. clickettuk

    457 versus 176

    Hi everyone, I've been asked for a second interview with a company who also want to contact my referees next week and looking to sponsor me. Because even a 121 Employer Nomination visa can take up to 9 months to be granted nowadays, they have suggested going for a 457 temporary work visa (valid for 4 years). Does anyone know the pro's and con's of a 457? Do you know if I can apply for it, move to Oz and still keep my 176 ticking over in the background to finally get permanent residency??? I don't want to put my existing 176 at risk since its been lodged since May 2009 and the SMPs are out soon Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Michael. :biggrin:
  20. Robarts Family

    475 applied visa versus new sol list

    Hi There, We have applied for a 475 visa SS SA visa as an Office Manager on the 17th Sept 2009. But I noticed my partners skill is on the new list which will be coming out soon. He is a telecommunications fibre optic engineer in the UK for BT. My question is: Do we wait to see if my visa application comes off and if so when or ever will it happen? Or do we apply a for a new visa with my partners skill. The issue also is he has had in house training and has 9 years experience but not an actual qualification so could that go against him for being able to apply? Or does he have to have an exact qualification? I am so confused and not sure what to do. Any help is most welcome. Thankyou Jo
  21. Guest

    Epping versus Frankston???

    I have been offered jobs in both the above areas of Victoria and am weighing up the both of them for my family. There is me, my hubby, 19yr old, 17yr old, 13 year old and a 10 year. All children are not big beach lovers so wont be spending every day on the beach and the girls love shopping. Colleges and universities are important for the elder ones and work in the car/truck industry are important for my hubby. The elder ones also like the idea of being close to the city of Melbourne. Any advice would be welcome as i need to decide this weekend .:jiggy:
  22. This thread may not be of interest to anyone, but would be great to get other peoples viewpoints. I went to my eldest daughters school just before half term as she is thinking about going on to university to gain a degree. It was an evening talk on what we as parents can do to help our kids make the right choices , etc. Now I should explain one thing here. The school my eldest goes to was chosen when I had no influence over my daughters education, blah, blah, separation/divorce , etc. But it was thought by those that were in the position at the time that her education would be best served if she went to an all girls school, it is very nearly a 'private' school, thank god though that I don't have to pay for it. Now I know that I am going to get it in the neck for this, BUT. I have never been a huge fan of same sex schools, for several reasons. One, I honestly think that it gives them a very sheltered and blinkered view of the 'real' world, and in particular how to mix with the opposite sex. The workplace is a ****ty and at times bloody horrible place, and I just reckon that same sex schools cannot give you the right tools to cope with this. Anyway, I have digressed, but if it had been up to me then she would have gone to a 'normal' school like my youngest, for all their failings I reckon if you are lucky that it prepares kids far better than same sex or private schools, that is MY OPINION only, but I expect to be shot at for that one. So there I am along with several dozen parents being told how to approach the uni thing when this nugget came out. The lady who was giving the 'speech' said, and I quote, 'We along with the vast majority of schools nowadays recommend that all our students go on to sixth form and then university. The reasons are that in this day and age you won't get far without a degree, and who really wants to end up cleaning the streets'. At this point I got up and left, if I hadn't I would have said something that whilst being fully justified in would have impacted on my daughter, which is the last thing I wanted. So when I got home and after having let of some 'steam' I started to look through the pamphlets and leaflets they had given me that night. The figures were astounding. Up to 68% of pupils in state/private schools etc apply to university. And once again the reasons given were: University is the only way to go if you want to have any kind of future, etc, etc. So my question is this. Are we turning into a society where only those that have a university education are to be 'deemed' useful and valuable members of this society? That if we don't have a university education then our lives are in some way unfulfilled and inane. Where such people as dust bin men, road sweepers, checkout staff, are in some way lesser human beings. It shocks me to say this, but my eldest is of the mindset that any job that requires manual, or so called menial work is to some degree beneath her. If it had been left to the 'school' her attitude would be one that I abhor. For this reason I have found her a job placement this summer working in Tesco as a checkout/warehouse/stacker three days a week. She wasn't best pleased but I reckon it will do her the world of good, after some discussion she now agrees that it is a good idea, and I am sure it will pay dividends in the end. But in all honesty how many times have you heard this on TV, someone will be talking on a reality show etc, and they will say 'Well you don't want to end up working in a shop do you, etc'. PLEASE do not get me wrong, I wholeheartedly agree that a good education is of paramount importance, and those that wish to go to university good on them. I often wish I had done more at school etc, but in all honesty I reckon the 'School Of Life' has taught me far more about life than any university ever could. I'm not saying that further education is a bad thing, far from it. But if schools are teaching this aspect of life what the hell will become of this country. The streets will always need cleaning, shops will always have to be staffed, trades people will always need to build our houses, but if the figure of 68% is true then I reckon this country will soon be full of people who yes maybe can run the country, balance the books etc, but what about the more mundane and boring jobs, what happens to them. Please tell me that I am right in my initial thoughts and it is ONLY the staff at certain schools who think this way. As I said, I reckon the school of life has taught me far more, how to be caring, compassionate, understanding , etc. Some will disagree, I dare say there are some on PIO that will shoot me down in flames. But it just seems to me that we are heading for a very select society. Where only those with a university education are viewed with any degree of respect. As far as I am concerned I have many friends who went onto university, I have also many friends who didn't. I have seen behaviour from both sectors that I found/find bloody disgusting. This is my main point. Yes, I agree that schools do a good job in very difficult circumstances, I for one would never think of teaching as a career. But I think schools miss the point at times. They teach achievement, attainment, etc, but very, very, rarely do they hammer home how important compassion and understanding is. I know it is a parents responsibility in the first instance to teach such things, but I reckon schools could at times make the emphasis a little more on how to get on in life and with all those around you. I'm no bleeding heart liberal, far from it, but I reckon schools 'at times' could teach the kids that the most valuable part about being a human being is the ability to look at everyone with an open mind, fairly, instead of looking at what they have achieved, what car they drive, and how much a person earns. I am now about to duck for cover.:arghh: Cheers Tony:wink:
  23. What a roller coaster ride transitioning from Oz to the UK has been...& looking after our active 2 year old daughter is very time consuming and hectic but fun as well...:err: It has been a while but we are back! :hug:
  24. Well we submitted our family sponsored visa 12 months ago, and know we are at the bottom of the pile........... so wondered would it be worthwhile changing to state sponsorship Originally we were going to Queensland. My visa application is a complicated one, applied and passed TRA as a hairdreser, but have worked for the past 3 years as a welfare worker (working with offenders in custody and in the community) couldnt apply as this job as I was in the middle of doing my Level 4 NVQ in advice and guidance and didnt have the necessary recent work history............ but due to starting this process 2 years ago, this has all now changed, as I do now have the quals and the work history. I did my IELTS and scored 7.5 across the board so get the extra points for that too. Im worried that if we have to wait much longer its going tobe difficult to get my kids out there (eldest is currently 17) SO should I try and change to a State sponsored, and if I do, would I be better going with what Ive passed my TRA with and what is on my original application, if I changed to my current job would I have to resubmit my application and pay again? Ive looked at Victoria (no fee for applying for state sponsorship and it seems pretty straight forward, basic tick boxes) but have also been told by a friend to look at WA too, does anyone know how the applications differ? Also how much money do you hve to have to go to either and how do you go about proving it? Im sorry for the million and one questions, no doubt Ill be back with more!!!
  25. My husband and I have just received our permanent residence visas (applied in May '09, received in December '09) and plan to move down under in 2010. We spent 3 weeks in August 2009 looking around Brisbane and Sydney, but are still torn between which city to move to. Both our professions mean we could work in either, so we are looking for opinions on the benefits of one over the other. We currently live in a relatively small city in the UK and whilst we loved visiting Sydney on holiday, particularly the harbour and the northern beaches, we are concerned that living and working there may involve a long commute. We loved the smaller city feel of Brisbane, particularly the areas around Paddington and Red Hill, but are concerned about the possible heat/humidity and the distance to nice beaches. We are also considering bringing our two 10 year old cats so this may also be a factor. We have read a few articles which suggest that parts of Victoria have restrictions on cat ownership but we have not found similar information for QLD and NSW. Thanks SamandRich