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Found 26 results

  1. Hello Guys, I'm writing to see if any one had gone through assessment of AIM ( Australian Institute of management) ? If yes I need some information on below stuff 1) My current company might not give me experience letter as I am already working here , what do I do ? 2) Companies I used to work 10 years ago entire management has changed & last when I checked with a company I used to work the HR manager said she do not have any records about me as the ownership has been transferred to new investors, I don't want to be in a situation the assessment body to think I'm not genuine just because the guy answering call is new & has no Idea who i am and what I used to do 3) I finished my MBA 2.5 years ago but still have a senior level management experience for more than 3 years which is the requirement, would this need to be 3 years after my MBA ? 4) I have done an executive MBA with out any bachelors as I had enough management experience after high school at the time of enrollment will this be a problem ? I know there are quite a few questions out here but really appreciate your answers even if you know for 1 of these questions i will really help , If you wonder what is the visa I am applying for it is visa subclass 187 regional sponsered migration for Procurement Manager - 133612 cheers
  2. Hi All I'd love some info, tips and advice. As you may know I have been searching for accommodation for my brother. I think I have found one but as the saying goes, if its too good to be true then .... So I have found a really good unit, good price etc via another forum/website but how do I know that the person renting it out is the legal/responsible person to be renting it out? Can I ask this person for some ID - drivers licence, etc and maybe sight some household bills in his/her name and more importantly can I ask to see/verify that they have the lease/mortgage in their name? I ask, because my friend here in Sydney moved into a shared place believing she was living with the owner and it turned out it wasn't and the house was being re-possessed. She had to leave immediately. I'd be grateful for any advice. BEGal
  3. Hi, I have applied for a skilled migration visa to Australia under subclass 175 and recently I have provided them with my Police Clearance, Job Description and Medical Reports as asked by DIAC. Today, from work I got to know that a company named hireright was enquiring about my employment details. Then I did some research online and found out that hireright is a company who performs the background screening for companies who want to hire. Hence, could it be for Australian immigration? Or it was my new employer? It has been one month since I've joined my new employer already so why would they be needing those information now? It would be great if anyone can help me on this. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Could anyone tell me how long it takes for SBM Unit (for ACT State Sponsorship) to verify a "limited" occupation? They require me to send them via email the following: 1) Current CV 2) Current Skills Assessment 3) IELTS results with 8 overall and 8 in speaking 4) Evidence of sufficient employment opportunities in ACT for your nominated occupation I am just awaiting the skills assessment from Vetassess the rest is ready to be sent off. Unfortunately they do not specify how long it takes for them to verify the "limited" occupation and you can only apply for state sponsorship after this has been granted. Many thanks.
  5. I am from a HR Country. In which way mostly DIAC has done their job verification: 1. Physical Visit 2. Over phone 3. By E-mail. What they usually verify at my office? Cause most of the time I am not available at my office premises due to some project work. Do they make silent visit or call me before visit my office? Please if possible share your discussion/correspondence between DIAC official during your office visit for job verification. I think it will help for those people who are waiting for Job verification? Thanking you. Visa Type: 176 Family Sponsored Profession: Mechanical Engineer On line Lodge: 29 th Sep 2010 Got email from DIAC for PCC and Medical: 18th March 2011 Medical: 4th April 2011 Done PCC : 7th April 2011 Sent
  6. Guest

    Time taken for job verification

    Just wondering, how long it takes for the status of "work experience" and "specific work experience" to "change" from received to "met"? Also if you could share how the job verification was done (in person, via phone call or email) and whether you're from a LR country or an HR one? Thanks...
  7. Guest

    Employment Verification

    Phone call to OH workplace.The high commission wanted to confirm his employment and responsibilities at the work place,:eek:,,yikes..:eek:.lucky we made the HR lady aware of our plans.Our docs show MET on the on-line status page,,,,,ROLL ON VISA COS WE JUST SIGNED THE SALE OF AGREEMENT TODAY,,SOON WE GONNA BE HOMELESS.:frown: AM SO WORRIED,,,EVEN THOUGH THE ENQUIRY WENT WELL.:confused:
  8. Hello Friends, I want to figure out how many cat2 applicants guy received job verification call at work place..... As I think possibility for getting call is less due to, - required only 100 points (occupation 60 , age 25/30, ielts 15/25, state sponsorship 10, exp 5/10 ) so any one can easily reach 115-130 range - more backlog - more demand of skill and less supply - satisfaction with work exp documents - deadline to finish cat 2 process before jun-july 2011 ANY MORE POINTS? I am not sure I am thinking in right direction or not... please light on it ??? also who got visa in last 2 months they receive verification call ??? specially for 176 category and HR countries:rolleyes:
  9. JoRed4

    Date of CV Verification?

    Hello, OH is just filling out the online application for ACT SS. In Section 2, the form asks Is the nominated occupation subject to the quota? OH's occupation Landscape Gardener is on ACT's SMP, so we have answered Yes, a box then appears telling you that work references proving relevant experience must be attached & then another question appears asking for Date of CV verification?? Who is supposed to verify his CV? How do we go about this? The guidelines relating to ACT SS only talk about verification when mentioning applying for a Limited Occupation which isn't the case for us. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I sent an email to ACT Government with documents for verification of Limited occupation. My IELTS results are as follows R9 W7.5 L7.5 S7.5 I have 3 years Australian work experience recenty confirmed by Vetassess Hold 2 Masters degrees and 1 AQF4 Diploma currently waiting for 885 as Cat 4 They replied that because I don't have 8 in speaking on IELTS, they can not verify my documents. They did not mind it is 3 years old. My question is: is here anyone who is living in Australia currently and who received a positive verification from ACT? They say people currently living in Australia can not apply for SMP. I belive this is a non sense, just wondering if they stick with it. Thanks! ------------------------------------------------- This is a double post, I accidentaly put it under New ACT SMP thread. Please remove if from that thread if that is a problem. Thanks
  11. Hi Good day:wubclub: I lodged my application on 01 Sep 2010 and uploaded most of documents I am a civil engineer and attached reference letters from my current and previous employers. In reference letter they have mentioned duration of employment, my designation as a civil engineer and my monthly salary and they have mentioned that I am a full time employee. But they have not mentioned my duties Does it make problem ? My employers are well known and I am sure my job will be verified upon DIAC's investigation Regards REZA:wubclub:
  12. Flipping Nora I'm trying to fill out the NMC verification form to register as a midwife in WA, it say's you can list up to 5 authorities (£34) Therefore I was going to put NMBWA, ANMC and AHPRA Obviously WA is not part of AHPRA yet until October? But I was thinking if it took a while for the NMC here to send them on then I could put AHPRA down as well to cover all bases. But there is no contact for WA and it says to contact NMBWA. How long does it normally take to send them through? and would the WA board send them over to AHPRA if I missed the deadline. HELP :arghh:
  13. philip21

    Job verification

    Hi everyone just want to ask if any one can help please: are they always ask for additional papers about job confirmation? or this is just random proccess? Thank you so much.:confused:
  14. All documents were met around 2 months ago including experience, medicals, photos etc. Does this mean that no job verification is required?
  15. Guest

    Work Experience Verification

    Has anyone gone through work experience verification by DIAC? Where they called your employer to ask questions about you? Just wondering when does it happen? After or before they request for medical? What sort of questions do they ask the employer? Just want to know so I can give my employer heads up. Thanks.
  16. Can anyone please guide me the procedure of HEC verification of degrees from Australian High Commission in Islamabad. It is very urgent and I need it to be done on highest priority. Please guide me as early as possible. Regards,
  17. Hi can anyone tell me how long does it take aus federal police verification i did it 2 weeks ago and sent forms to canberra and havent recieved yet,,, applying for 885 visa on 14th june just before implementation of new sol..can i apply without afp verification replies will be appreciated k.sandhu
  18. Guest

    Verification of registration

    I am currently applying for the state sponsored 176 to head onto Bribane. The ANMC ask for a document named a Verification of Registration letter?? How do I get one of these and do you think from reading the passage below (taken from ANMC) document that I need to write to the NMC in the UK for one??? "A Verification of Registration is a letter confirming registration and good standing of a nurse or midwife. It is provided by the organisation responsible for the registration of nurses and midwives in your country. Verifications must be sent directly to the ANMC by the registering authority. Verifications sent by you will not be accepted" CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE :goofy:
  19. Tarby777

    ID verification

    Hi all, Having an absolute 'mare trying to find a high street bank that is prepared to fill in the form and certify copies of my ID documents so that I can get my Westpac bank account fully up and running before I leave the UK. They either won't do it (for anyone) because they're scared of comeback, won't do it for me because I'm not a customer, will verify the ID but won't fill in the Westpac form... endless excuses. I know I can visit Westpac in London and do it myself (which, at this rate, I will do) or do it when I arrive in Oz but I want to get it all sorted with a local high street bank if I can. Has anyone actually managed to do this? Which bank did it for you? Were you a customer of theirs? TIA Tarby
  20. Guest

    Employment verification

    Hi All, Do I have a CO? Coz today I have been informed by my director that someone called from immigration dept for my employment verification. Does it mean I have a CO? or it just a routine procedure. As an FYI, I am an Aug 09 - CSL (IT professional) applicant. Regards, D
  21. Guest

    Question about Job Verification

    Hi I am an applicant of 475 SS lodged in Feb 2009. Local embasy did job verification in Aug. Case officer hasn't asked for further documents since. My question is that if DIAC is going to look at my file again later or when policy changes, will they do the job verification again? Does anyone have any idea? Best regards, RYAN
  22. Hi all, I was hoping somebody could help me please. I've recently requested a verification of registration from the nmc (midwife) to be sent to the anmc and not sure what i do next. I've not heard anything back though the £34 has been taken out of my account. Do i now send my application form off with all the certified stuff to the anmc or do i have to get a reference number or anything so they know who i am or do the anmc link everything together by my name and address etc? Hope this makes sense to any nurses or midwives out there!! Thanks Natalie.
  23. Hi there, I'm just preparing my paper work in advance of submitting my 176 visa (awaiting VETTASSESS at present), and was just wondering how many letters of verification I should submit with my state sponsorship to confirm my employment (thinking they may start to get a bit picky on who they sponsor!!) I am a self-employed planning consultant, and have the usual tax docs, NI, PI insurance, but have been gathering letters of veification from clients etc. Got 5 so far - should I get more? Thanks Julie
  24. Guest


    hello alll tell me abt the procedure after 175 application
  25. Guest

    Employer Verification

    Hi Guys, To all of you that have been through the DIAC process to get your visa's did DIAC get in touch with your employers here in england, And if so did they Telephone, Write or Email? Just wondering the wait is killing me:arghh: Mia