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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, I need some advice from you ppl. My OH and I are planning to make a quick dash trip to OZ in mid-June to visit our friends. We are offshore applicant (VE175) and received the March 18 letter stating we should be assigned CO within 3 months (i.e. by 18-June). My concern is I might be in OZ at that time the CO picks up my application. Initially I thought I'd wait to be assigned CO first and let him/her know of my arrangement but lately I am seeing a lot of applicants are getting Visa grant right away (I have front loaded all the medical & pcc info). So should I inform DIAC in advanced prior to flying to OZ. If yes how do I inform DIAC?
  2. Hi All, My name is Renil and I am from India, Toolmaker by profession. I lodged my PR visa application [VE175] in August 2008 and joined for my higher studies after couple of months. I did not work for the past 2.5 years and have been engaged in my full time studies. My IELTS validity is expired back in March 2010, in which I had 6.5 in all the 4 components. Can anyone please help me on below queries - 1] Can I apply for a state sponsorship for converting my visa application from 175 to 176? 2] If yes, Do I need to retake my IELTS for the sponsorship application? 3] On converting the application from 175 to 176, what date will DIAC consider for the recent work experience - 175 to 176 conversion date / initial visa lodgment date? Any suggestions on these queries would be a great help for me!!! Thanks in Advance Renil Thomas :smile:
  3. Dear All, My name is James, I have lodged my application for an Independent PR visa "VE175" in "January 2008". After visa lodgment, I discontinued my job and joined for my studies. My Nominated Occupation is “TOOLMAKER” I have a plan to lodge an application for sponsorship from West Australia and I am gathering information on state requirements. I will be grateful if I can get some information on below queries – 1. Recent Work Experience for State Sponsorship - Recent work experience (12 out of 24 months in a nominated occupation) for Sponsorship, what date will be considered by the state? January 2008 [Visa (VE175) application lodgment date] Or February 2010 [sponsorship (for VE176) application lodgment date] 2. IELTS Validity - My IELTS Validity expired in December 2009, do I need to retake my IELTS for sponsorship application? Your help and suggestions would be much appreciated… Kind regards James :smile:
  4. Hi I got my ve175 visa and currently im in australia for a week just to do my initial entry. Im leaving in 2 days. My question is there any paper work that I have to do before I leave or thats it im an australian permanent resident? My second question is that my passport has been stamped on different page to the visa sticker. In the UK the initial stamp is usually on the visa itself so will this be a problem? Im not planning to come back not for another 2 years minimum, again im guessing that should be alright? Thanks for any replies in advance - cuz im leaving in 2 days any quick replies would be appreciated.
  5. thekevjones

    Post VE:175 approval

    Hi folks, Obviously obtaining one of these babies is difficult and costly enough as it is but no doubt (although we're not there yet) the post approval plans, I can imagine are equally complex and costly... What I'm looking for is a list of the kind of things we should start thinking about NOW (in advance)? Obviously house sale/rental is up there as high priority as is a trip to Oz within first 12 months to get the visa validated. Whether you treat the trip as a rekkie or actually emigrate is down to personal circumstances BUT what else can and should we start planning NOW? Those who have already made the move should have heaps of advice?? Any comments or advice welcome.... Thanks Kev
  6. thekevjones

    Can partner work through my VE:175?

    Fingers & toes crossed I'm hoping to secure a VE:175 visa soon. Although not really thought about this before and might be a daft question but I am assuming my wife will be ok to work in Oz given that the visa application is based on my skill? Are there any restrictions to what she can do? Thanks Kev
  7. thekevjones

    Final stages of VE:175

    I recently got a c/o assigned to my VE:175 visa application after applying last July 2008. The email they sent me had 4 incomplete items: Resend passport bio data pages? Resend skills assessment? Medicals? Police Checks? We've since had our medicals in Manchester so no problem there. Obviously the results go straight to Sydney and we'll be informed of any issues with blood tests. Today I sent our police checks to ACRO. I'm hoping this should satisfy points 3 & 4? Although I sent colour scanned documents for items 1 & 2, the latter being my ACS acceptance letter. I'm not really sure why they are asking for them again when they we're all very clear. So my plan is to get a solicitor to certify them and resend like that. Does this sound like the right thing to do? My wife were also talking last night and we thought....would the DIAC really send you for medicals costing over 500 pounds if they had any intention to decline your skills assessment? I certinaly hope not, any thoughts? It's all very exciting nonetheless.... Cheers Kev