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Found 9 results

  1. I was thinking of buying a camera before I leave the UK and head to Oz hopefully in the next month or so and a friend said 'can you claim the VAT back'. It hadn't occured to me at all. I couldn't find anything obvious on here (apologies if there is). But I thought I'd share the following with everyone as it might save a few pounds. This is from the HMRC website and seems to suggest that as I'm leaving the UK for more than 12 months I can get the VAT back. Please correct me if I've misinterpreted this but it seems like this is the case. If you live in the EU If you live in the EU, you may be able to obtain a VAT refund if you are planning to leave the EU for at least 12 months. You must: leave the UK for a destination outside the EU - with the goods you have bought - by the end of the third month after the month when you bought them (for example, goods purchased on 3 February would have to be exported by 31 May) stay outside the EU for at least 12 months show customs officials the goods, your receipts for them and a completed VAT refund document when you leave the EU http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/vat/sectors/consumers/overseas-visitors.htm#1 So it looks like I might be able to claim back the VAT on my camera. Perhaps anyone else heading out can do the same on a laptop or whatever :biggrin: Eddy
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had used the VAT Retail Export Scheme prior to their departure. I was thinking of buying a watch locally here in London, and taking it with me to Australia next month. I've looked on HMRC's website and the process seems fairly straightforward and with VAT at 20% it seems a very good deal! Has anyone here used the scheme recently? Do they really just pay out the cash at the airport, even if its say over a grand?! Cheers. Tom
  3. Guest

    VAT is it applicable?

    Hi there, does anyone know if after leaving the UK we still have to pay VAT. The position is I am due to pay my Estate Agents invoice for property management and they will charge 20% VAT, are we as non residents liable for this, I heard somewhere we do not have to pay it. Hope someone can shed some light. Anyway to avoid it would be nice!. Thanks Kirt
  4. hi, I'm due to emmigrate to Oz in September and I've read that some NI contributions can be reclaimed and placed in another pension, but I'm unable to find the form on the government website to do this, although there are plenty of agencies offering to do it, which I would like to avoid. Also, on my QIS form for customs it asks about items bought within 1 year as I will have to pay duty on them. Will it be my responsibility to prove that all items were not purchased within a year? I've kept many original boxes for stuff I bought in the past 2 years or so, knowing we were off to Oz, but I don't have receipts for them. If I do pay duty on some items, can I claim the UK VAT back and where can I find the form to do so? I'm guessing that the fact I may charged duty on some items in Oz (on the basis I may not be able to prove when I bought them and therefore must be less than a year old-if this is the case) wouldn't be enough to then prove the case for claiming the VAT back in the UK. So will I be taxed twice effectively? Many thanks for any advice and info
  5. Just had the third shipping bloke round to give us quote. He mentioned something that the other two didnt. He asked us why we were not shipping a washing machine and tumble drier. We said that we were going to get new out in oz to which he replied that they are more expensive in oz and if we buy them and ship them within the 3 months preceeding our departure, we will be able to claim the VAT back as we are exporting them. I have never heard this before. Can anyone throw any light on this? JOHN
  6. chippy2

    vat bill back home

    :arghh:havnt been here long,give it a try not for us love the country but had a better lifestyle back home pitty we had to fly half way around the world to realise it?but while ive been here ive received a 10grand tax bill back home for not paying vat in 2005,2006.as i have never been vat registered you can imagine my surprise.but the good old english taxman says its my fault and should have registered.does anybody know any way around this or am i shafted?if anyone has been in similar circumstances would appeciate any help,cost a lot to come over then go back so this is one expense i could do without.
  7. Does anyone know if you can claim back the VAT on recently bought items when you permanently leave the UK? And do you get charged GST when you arrive in Oz for items you've owned for less than 12 months. I'm just thinking about buying a laptop and camera before departing the UK. I'll need to check out validity of warranties though.
  8. Don't forget that if you've recently purchased an item you're taking out with you in your hand luggage you can claim back the 17.5% VAT on it at the airport when you leave permanently for Oz. Just remember to take the receipt with. Technically you're supposed to declare it at the other end and pay the 10% GST and import duties but i'll leave that up to your conscience!
  9. Hi All I've just been reading the forum on Aussiemove. Somebody on theie has started a thread saying that she rang their local Panel Doctors/Medical Centre to be told that as of 1st Septembr, Panel Doctors and radioloigists will have to start charging VAT for the Meds and the x-rays if these are done in the UK. I am hissing and spitting because this looks like yet another bloody stealth tax to me. The present Treasury cannot be trusted one flaming inch. Has anyone on here been told anything similar, I wonder? I'm wondering whether the info is accurate? Grrrr:realmad: Gill