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Found 46 results

  1. Hello everyone. I have a few questions about this ACPO UK Police clearance and the conditions of its validity. I lived in the UK from 2006 to mid-2012, before moving to back to France between mid-2012 and early 2014. I've been in Australia since early 2013. I'm on my way to apply for PR through the 189 or 190 (unlikely, though). I have an ACPO clearance certificate from England issued in January 2014 (while I was in France), but I'm not sure if it will be valid when I apply for my PR visa in April 2015. I have read that these certificates are valid for 12 months (according to DIAC). However, I have also read that this rule doesn't apply, as long as I didn't return to live in the UK in between the date on the certificate and the date of visa submission. Has anybody got any personal experience to share on this matter? I'm worried about having to go through the whole process of obtaining a new certificate, as I've been extremely unlucky with mail since I landed in WA (i.e My supervised teaching practice statement from Liverpool Uni got lost twice! The letter containing my teaching diplomas sent from France arrived after 2 months!). Needless to say that if I can avoid relying on Australian Post, I will. Please let me know if you have any info on this matter. Thank you ever so much! Ana.
  2. Smreal

    Valid qualification assessment

    Hi, I just received invitation in the march 24 round. But my qualification assessment done from IPA has expired on March 20th .. However my experience assessment is still valid till may. Can anyone please tell me the exact requirement for lodging 189 visa? Whether only the valid experience letter will do? Saikat
  3. Hi everyone, I have a positive assessment issued by VETASSESS for Mathematician in December 2009. Their assessment criteria changed in January 2010, but as far as I can remember, the previous assessments were still valid. Also, the stipulated validity period was 2 years, I believe. Can anyone confirm the above facts please? Moreover, has DIAC come up with any new policy which says the pre-'09 assessments are no longer valid for new visa applications? I am asking because, when I asked VETASSESS to reconfirm the validity period (2yrs as opposed to 1yr, just to be safe, as I am nearing the one year point), they seem to have got cold feet about something and told me to ask DIAC!....which needless to say, is an absurd reply, given that it is VETASSESS that issued the assessment. Chandi
  4. Hi folks! I wonder what will happen to my 176 visa in case I decide to move back from Aussie for unlimited period of time? As far as I know I have to register the moment I arrive to Aussie for the first time. But what happens next? Do I have to stay there continuously just to keep my visa? Does it have any expiration date? I know that 176 visa is for PERMANENT residents. But are there any conditions which may cause the visa to get expired or non-valid anymore? Will be difference if I'll have to leave after being less than 2 years or more than 2 years (which are required to stay in certain state for sponsored visas)? Thanks in advance! All help will be greatly appreciated!
  5. Please could someone advise on the terms and conditions of a Class VE subclass 175 Skilled - Independent visa. It is my understanding that the visa is valid for a period of five years until the date of expiry. Meaning that during this period the visa holder can enter the country as a permanent resident at any point provided that the visa has been validated within a year of the date it was granted. Does this mean that you have up to five years in which you can move out to Australia as a permanent resident before the visa expires or, must you be resident in the country for a minimum period of time within that five year period for the visa to remain valid? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Just wanted an opinion. I had applied for my GSM Subclass 176. I was asked to pay a fee difference on Nov 3 and made the payment to GSM Validity the same day. But have not heard from GSM Validity or my CO. Is it common not to hear from CO's for long periods of time.
  7. Hi everyone, If anyone can guide me about the time WA SS is accepted (HR countries) and for how long it is valid after approval. Cheers.
  8. MicheleW

    Change to 457 validity lengths

    Just noticed this whilst browsing the paper and thought it may interest some of you: http://news.brisbanetimes.com.au/breaking-news-national/skilled-workers-to-double-their-stay-20111102-1mvrs.html
  9. Guest

    Passport validity

    Hey folks! My passport expires in March 2013, is there a minimum validity needed to be granted a 457 visa? How do i renew my pp if im in Oz on a visa? Lisa
  10. Hi alll I am expecting my 475 visa shortly. Will the three year validation date will start from the date of visa approval or it will start from our entry date? Do I can apply for partner visa same as permanent visa holders or any other difference ( not yet married)? Hope someone can shed some light on my questions. Rex
  11. Hi All, I applied for an ACPO Police Certificate for a 457 visa application. The certificate expired 29th March 2010. We're now on our second 457, living in Oz, and looking to apply for PR. I seem to remember the certificates are only valid for 12 months from the date of issue but I'm not sure where I read that. Does anyone know how long they are valid for? More importantly, is there an easy way to renew one or do you have to go through the process from scratch? We have been living in Australia for just over 12 months now. If you have to start from scratch, how do you go about getting a new certificate/renewing one from Oz if you can't prove UK address for the last six months or do we not need one if we've been living in Oz for the last year and are now applying for PR? Many thanks, Rob
  12. Guest

    IELTS validity.

    Hi, I have a question regarding the validity of IELTS scores. Firstly I know that they are valid for 2 years. However, do new IELTS scores supersede old scores? i.e. does a new IELTS score supersede and invalidate an old IELTS score that is still otherwise valid (in the 2 year period). Thanks
  13. Validity of my skill assesment is expiring on 27th may. Can i lodge an online GSM application till the expiry date of the document?. bcoz after lodging online application attaching other documents will take another few days. Do they look for the date when online application is lodged or when complete documents are attached? Please help
  14. Hi folks I have got my state sponsorship today and now i need to apply for 176 with DIAC. My problem is that the validity of my skill assessment from ANMC is expiring on 27 May 2011. is it ok if i lodge an online application today or they insist certain period of validity for all documents attaching?. i did send an email to DIAC but they replied with pre printed text nothing specific to my case. Thanks
  15. I have certified copies of some documents dated 11 Jan 2011. Could I use the to apply for a visa nowadays?
  16. Does anybody know the validity of the WA SS approval letter, as it does not state the date until which one can apply to the DIAC in its basis. Thanks.
  17. Hi All, My name is Renil and I am from India, Toolmaker by profession. I lodged my PR visa application [VE175] in August 2008 and joined for my higher studies after couple of months. I did not work for the past 2.5 years and have been engaged in my full time studies. My IELTS validity is expired back in March 2010, in which I had 6.5 in all the 4 components. Can anyone please help me on below queries - 1] Can I apply for a state sponsorship for converting my visa application from 175 to 176? 2] If yes, Do I need to retake my IELTS for the sponsorship application? 3] On converting the application from 175 to 176, what date will DIAC consider for the recent work experience - 175 to 176 conversion date / initial visa lodgment date? Any suggestions on these queries would be a great help for me!!! Thanks in Advance Renil Thomas :smile:
  18. I am expecting an outcome for my sponsorship application from Queensland by May 15th only and so i can't lodge application with DIAC till that. My skill assessment is expiring on 28th May 2011. Does that mean i can lodge an application with DIAC till 28th of May 2011?
  19. I have been granted the 175 independent in Sep 2010, I plan to move to Oz, but am finding it difficult to move before Sep 2011... The reason for thinking of moving in before/in Sep 2011, is the 4 years of stay requirement for citizenship.... My question is what if by the validity of my visa i.e. Sep 2015, I cant complete the 4 years required for citizenship........
  20. Guest

    IELTS Validity

    Hi all, I wanted to know how long is the IELTS Result valid for? Thanks Andy
  21. there are so many confusion to all sparkies on another forum too.have anyone sound information of it ?is it possible to submit new application on behalf of TRA assessment done in 2k7 as general electrician 4311-11. no satisfied answer from DIAC too.
  22. Guest

    Visa validity?

    Hi, We are hoping to apply for a subclass 475 visa for WA and was wondering how long the whole process takes. Also if a visa is granted how long is it valid for until you have to arrive in Oz? Thanks
  23. Hi I just obtained my PCC from Kuwait. It's been mentioned that the certificate is valid for 3 months. Does it mean that if I do not obtain my PR then I have to submit another PCC after 3 months or it is valid for 1 year? Regards:cute::notworthy::wubclub:
  24. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before but... If you are sitting in category 4 (lucky me) and have submitted your IELTS & Skills assessment, will they still be valid when DIAC looks at them? I believe my skills assessment is only valid for 2 years. Will I have to get a new one if it expires while I'm waiting?? Seems crazy I'll have to spend another $450 because they won't look at my application for so long. thx for any help or ideas you may have!
  25. Elizabeth

    Passport Validity

    I was looking at our passports and my 3 kids passprts are needing renewed April 2013. I remember reading something about passports having at least 2 yrs left on it but is this for all applicants or just the main applicant and is it at time of lodging the visa application or visa grant? Another expense I could prob do without at the mo but if it needs to be done then needs to be done. Hope someone can help and thanks. Elizabeth p.s I'm hoping to get SA SS and have application lodged for April,