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Found 140 results

  1. sarah harmer

    Validation visit - where to stay?

    Hi there We are doing a Validation visit to Adelaide in July/August. We're a family of 4 and the 2 little ones are age 2 and 7. We have currently booked a few days in Glenelg and a few days in Stirling to get a feel for the different areas. We are wondering on the 3rd area we could visit and need some help. Should we also stay in the CBD? Should we stay more down south like Brighton or Seacliff? Maybe Norwood or more north of the CBD? We are trying to find out what suburbs are nice to live in, not too cramped and not congested (we're from the UK so not interested in too many queues ). We need to also look for good Primary schools. Once we move, our final destination will need a good sized garden, along with a view of some sort (sea or hills), it just boils down to space and views but not too far out with lots of traffic. Not asking for too much are we! . Has anyone got any advice on where this 3rd holiday stay could be? I am thinking of Norwood, Brighton or going 40 mins north or south from the CBD, but don't have any idea on how remote they really are. We both need jobs, so don't want to make it difficult for ourselves xxxxxx
  2. Hi folks! I know there are plenty threads concerning this issue but I'm little confused here.. As I understood, I have 1 year to validate the visa from the moment I get it. However, I've also noticed that some people mentioned that the count begins not from the moment I actually get the visa but much earlier, from the moment I had my medicals done.. One more question I have is - what is the procedure of validating the visa? Does it only takes to enter the country or it is a longer procedure? Could someone please provide a correct answer? Thanks a lot!!
  3. Guest

    Not any ordinary thread......

    Thanks for taking the time to read this! Sadly it is a quite ordinary post! I have flown through filling out, in draft, my 47SP application form having recently decided that making the move is the right thing. However, sending in the real version can wait a little until I have a little further information. What would the validation period be for my visa (I recently married my Aussie wife and we have been together for over 7 years so think a permanent visa may be granted, although being outside of Aus may mean this is not so) and how long after being granted/validating the visa do we have until the permamnent move is made and we set up home Down under? We are thinking of maybe living elsewhere or travelling very slowly on our way to Australia. Thanks
  4. Guest

    Validation Question

    Hi and HNY to all! Just a quick question this morning: Hubby has his 100 Perm Residency Visa, we're having slight (under-estimation:arghh:) logistical nightmare just prior to travelling which is completely out of our hands. My questions is, can Hubby enter Aust without me already in the country, if I am following a week or two later? Cheers for your help Tracey
  5. gazsmith

    Visa Validation.

    This maybe 'Ask a silly question get a silly answer' but do I need to get a paper visa to show Emirates for our flight in February to validate the visa or will it show up as having a visa when the passport is scanned? I will print the letter showing our visa granted but will this be enough or have i answered my own question lol Cheers Gary & Sue:eek:
  6. pandv_2000

    Reccie/hopeful validation trip 2012

    Hi we are planning a reccie trip next year and are thinking of travelling to either Hong Kong or Tokyo for a 4/5 night stopover then onto Brisbane for the majority of our trip and finishing in Sydney. What I'm playing around with atm is the idea of driving from Brisbane to Sydney with a 1 night stay somewhere en route. Has anyone done this and if so can you recommend an area to stay he night and take in some of the sights?
  7. Good day, My company is looking for a Validation Support Officer. PM me if you have validation experience. Primary responsibilities will be; • Establish good technical knowledge of the equipment or processes to be validated and associated GMP requirements. • Design and prepare validation protocols • Initiate new and update existing Standard Operating Procedures, Controlled Logs and Forms as required • Prepare Validation and Technical reports as required • Conduct Facility and Utility design, installation, operation and performance qualification (DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ) as per approved protocols • Conduct Equipment design, installation, operation and performance qualification (DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ) as per approved protocols • Co-ordinate and perform process validation projects • Perform pre-validation trials as required • Air quality testing (Particle counting). • Train staff on validated equipment and processes • Provide technical support to production and QA To be successful in this position you will have: • Degree in Science or Engineering field • Pharmaceutical experience essential • Preferably worked within a GMP or quality management system environment • Good mechanical aptitude • Results Orientated • Customer Focus • Quality Orientated • Teamwork • Problem solving skills • Ethics, Values & Integrity • Planning & Organisation • Communication skills • Be able to work independently • Detail conscious
  8. SKOOT

    validation of visa question

    Hi,having just recieved our visa I was wondering if I have not sold my house by the time I need to be in Australia and we then have to go on a holiday to validate them,do we need to do anything or fill in any forms to leave and then come back again at a later date.
  9. RioMarina

    Validation of visa

    Can anyone give me some advice
  10. We are going out to Melbourne to validate visas early next year but will not be staying permanently at that time. Is it possible to set up any bank accounts whilst we are there or do we have to have a permanent address over there to do this? Is there anything else we can do whilst over there? Register at schools etc?
  11. Guest

    visa validation question

    Does anyone know if as a family if 5 we make a validation trip, can my 18 yr old remain in oz separate to the rest of the family, or will the conditions if the visa be that she still has to remain dependant on us until we all move over permanently?
  12. MicheleB

    Visa Validation

    Hi, we are coming to oz in October as we have been granted our Visas "yipee" its a quick 1 week visit to validate and check out areas in NSW. We are staying in Newcastle and looking at places near gosford or newcastle for work etc, is there anybody living near these areas that we could meet up with to get advice really, would be great to hear from you. Michele.
  13. Hi, we have to be in Australia by 28th February 2012 to validate our visa's. We are a family of 4, do we all need to go over to validate or can the main applicant validate all 4??? Asking this as still trying to sell the house :arghh:. Thanks Karen
  14. Guest

    Visa validation - two questions

    1. Can anyone suggest me what to do and not to do on a visa validation trip? Should I complete registering with Medicare/Centerlink/obtain tax file number etc while I"m on a validation trip? 2. I was granted 176 visa with sponsorship from Victoria. Now can I enter Australia through Queensland? or do I have to enter through Victoria? Can anyone point me to any doc/link please? Thank you as always cheers tarini
  15. Guest

    Validation of visa

    Hi all, searched everwhere but do you think I can find it, of cause not, help please, DO I HAVE TO GO TO OZ TO GET MY PASSPORT STAMPED. (validated) I have read fairly resently you can get it done in London. Many thanks.
  16. Proview220

    Visa Validation

    Our visa Validation Holiday is not far off now, in fact its only around 5 week away, we are electronic based visa, we are still unsure what to do regarding a visa, should we send them away to be stamped or do we rely on VEVO? we don't want to get all the way to brisbane airport and have to start messing around any further. any one got the same thoughts on this? proview
  17. Hello guys, I wanted to pick your brains again. We got the request from our CO for our meds, police checks and form 80 last month. We have 28 days to submit which brings us up to next Thursday. Do you know if its possible to delay our meds and police checks until the end of July? If we get the visa we didn't want to validate before the end of July and go over initially on a reccie. If we do this we will send confirmation of the meds and police checks to the CO. Is this sufficient do you think or will we be penalised? Thanks
  18. ozgooner


    Hi guys we got our visa in March and are going out in August to validate and stay with family for three weeks, won't be moving until 2013 as we are renting our house out and not selling and need to save money this is ok isn't it ?as you need to move within 5 years but the sooner the better?? just checking as get scared visa will get taken away :wacko:
  19. RioMarina

    Validation of visa in year 1 (176)

    Can anyone please tell me if all family members have to enter Australia within the 1st year of obtaining your visa (176). Is it possible for the main applicant to just enter and the others follow in the preceding years. We are having trouble selling our house and we may not be able to go within the 1st year. I wish to go on holiday initially to gain entry and then return later with my family once the house is sold. We do not all want to go on holiday in the first year and then return later due to the flight costs, etc, and have to pay twice if we do not have to. Thanks
  20. Leyteris77

    Subclass 176 Visa validation process

    Hallo there, Sorry if it is a common question but I found both opposite answers and i am quite confused. We are hoping during the summer to be granted our visa and trying to make some future plans at the moment. Does anybody know if the secondary applicant can move to Australia first and then the main applicant with the kid, instead of entering the country all applicants at the same time or the main applicant first? As my wife is the main applicant and me and my daughter the secondary, i am thinking of moving first to find a job and then my wife with the kid. thanks a lot!
  21. Hi guys, Has anyone got the 40kgs luggage allowance from Singapore Airlines on a validation trip as opposed to a one way trip. I have emailed them but have no reply so far.
  22. Hi I have a couple of questions that I hope someone will be able to help me with. We are in the process of the 176 visa application, SS Canberra, we have just had requests for our police checks and medicals. Can't get an appointment for our medicals until May 10th so not sure if this is even ok as it blows the 28 days response out of the window! We may have been unrealistic in thinking that this process may take at least another 12 months before our visas were issued assuming everything is ok. Does anyone have an idea how long we are looking at before our visas may potentially be granted and if we cant afford to make the move straight away how long do we get? We decided against using a migration agent due to cost, wonder why we did that sometimes :eek: Thanks Kate
  23. Hey all, well we have had to book 3 weeks to go and validate our visa, we had really hoped that our house would sell in time for us to be able to just make it a one way flight, but after over 6 months on the market and not one offer and having dropped the price to the lowest we could we are now in the position were the visa need validating, so while we are excited about a 3 week trip to melbourne and for me to meet all my family some of which i have never met, it will be gutting to have to come home especially the fact my son is staying on in oz with my sister. So after swearing blind that last winter was the last time i would see a cold harsh british winter, it now looks like i may end up seeing another, how bloody frustrating is this housing market :arghh::arghh::arghh:
  24. Hi all, We're applying for the 309 spouse visa offshore in the UK at the end of next month but, due to various commitments, might not be able to move directly out to Oz when (*hopefully*) it is granted - which should be around October/November by current timeframes. If we make a validation trip after it is issued and then return to the UK, what is the longest we can remain back in the UK before the visa expires? Sorry if this info is readily available - I am snowed under at work at the moment and haven't had time to research it yet :sad: Many thanks in advance! Edit: I've found a previous post relating to a skilled visa stating that after the visa has been validated then you have 5 years before it expires but 2 out of those 5 years must be spent in Australia. Is this the same for the 309?
  25. Guest

    UK Passport & Visa Validation

    Advice please. My wife has been granted a Spousal Permanent Residence Visa which we are validating in May this year (I am an Australian Citizen). Her CO has told her that the validation is electronic and is linked to her UK passport number/details which will be flagged up when we pass through Aussie passport control. Her visa validation will be followed by a three week holiday with friends and relations after which we return to the UK until our house is sold - when we sell the house we will return to Aus for good. Her UK passport expires in December this year and will be renewed then - so my question is: Her visa is granted and logged on her existing passport details which will differ from her new one to be issued in December. Will this still be OK or do we need to notify Aus House of her new passport details and have these details re-logged. If we sell our house then all the above is irrelevant. Hope this makes sense and you can advise please. David