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Found 74 results

  1. Guest

    Validating Visas???

    Hi All I have noticed that you can validate a visa by visiting Oz, we are a family of4 (kids are 4 and 8) , do we all need to go in order to validate or can my OH who is applying for the 176 go. Also how long is it valid once its validated?? .....I am being very premature, however I thought I would ask as I keep seing it mentioned. Thanks Kirsti
  2. Can anyone tell me, when you get your visa granted ( eventually! ), do the whole family have to travel to Oz to validate or is it just the main visa applicant? Obviously with a house to sell we may need to validate before that happens and although we are still waiting for CO and visa we are trying to get a little bit organised and have a fall back plan!!
  3. Cathy & Paul

    Validating Visa

    Hi All, Has anyone sent their passports vis courier to the Brisbane Office to get their visa's validated? If so did you have any problems? Is it best to go in to the office? Any advice appreciated. Wanting to get my visa validated & wanting to know which is the easiest way to do it. Cathy
  4. Guest

    Validating visa

    Hi guys,we have flights booked for the 13th Jan. My questions this...can my daughter follow later in the year on her own or does she need to validate at the same time as us? Thanks Mandi x
  5. tdk43

    Validating a 176ss Visa

    Hi Everyone, Just looking for some advice. Does anyone know if it is ok for my husband and I to tavel separately to Austalia. We were thinking it may suit if my husband travels first, then myself and daughter follow. If you know where I would find the info on the Immi website I can read it myself. There is nothing on the visa grant to say we have to all tavel as a family. Thanks, Donna x Forgot to say, I am the main applicant, sponsored as a nurse, not sure if that matters or not.
  6. Guest

    validating visa

    Hey, we need to validate our visa soon and house sale has just fallen through!! Looking into the cost of a 'holiday' to activate the visa and to fly myself, wife and son out there is quite a bit. I have heard that I can go and activate mine, which I would literally fly there and come back next day, and then at a later date when we are ready I can sponser my wife and son. Just wondering if anyone has done this and if so how easy it was?? :wacko:
  7. Guest

    Validating the Visa

    Hi All Does anyone know how long you are allowed to validate a 176 visa after it is granted? We are hoping to get ours back before the end of Nov but I only submitted it yesterday so I'm not holding out much hope. Just to clarify we have flights booked on 28th Nov (Actually get to Oz on 8th December) which is why I am asking. If we can't validate on this visit it may be another 12 months before we can get out again :eek: Any advise will be appreciated. Neil
  8. Hi We've finally been assigned a Case Officer to process our Queensland State Sponsored 176 visa but I have a few questions that I'd be grateful for help with: If we get the visa granted we don't plan on moving out immediately but come out to validate sometime next year........would we have to fly into Qld or can we go to anywhere in Australia for the validation? And I'm a little confused how long the visa would be valid - is it usually 5 years from the date of grant or 5 years from the date you validate? Many thanks! Mandy
  9. clusterofgeals

    validating visa

    can anyone tell me what happens when you arrive at the airport in australia, do you have to tell anyone you are here to validate or do you just go through passport control as normal ?
  10. Guest

    Validating your visa

    Does anyone know if you have to go to the state (Ours is WA) that sponsored you to validate your visa. We need to validate before Feb 2012 and as we have a party to go to in Brisbane in Jan 2012 we wondered if we will need to fly via Perth or can we go straight to QLD and does this class as validating your visa. There is a chance we are not able to move to Perth before this time so don't really want to have to go to Perth then onto Brissy to validate?????
  11. Guest

    validating visa

    Hi. We are on 176 Vic SS visa. Medicals and police checks all done, expecting visa very soon. I understand that you have 12 months from date of medicals and police checks to go to Oz to validate visa. Does anyone know if there is any way to redo medicals and police checks, to extend that date? We were planning on going as soon as we had visa, but due to reluctant 16yr old, have agreed to wait for 2 years for her to do A levels here, then go. That means we would all have to travel to Oz at great expense just to validate visas, then come back to Uk, wait, then all travel there for good. Any thoughts gratefully received. Tania:confused::sad:
  12. kellyjamie

    Validating question

    Hi, Question please, providing our visa is granted can someone answer this? Were going to Hobart, (Tas ss) but we were thinking of taking the opportunity to visit our best friends in Brisbane first, so can we land in Brisbane to validate visit our friends for a couple of weeks then head down to Hobart? Thanks
  13. derren7

    Validating visa

    Hi there, In order to validate a visa, is it necessary for the whole family to travel or can the main applicant travel alone and validate for the whole family. The reason I ask is that if we have problems selling our house then we may need to do a validation trip and it would obviously be a lot cheaper for 1 person to go than for the whole family. I suspect we would all need to travel but clarification would be appreciated. Regards Derren
  14. Guest

    Renewing Passport b4 validating

    Don't have long left on 3 of our 4 passports. If we renew then who do we need to notify? I assume new passports will have new numbers? emailed our agent before xmas but have had no reply yet.
  15. Elizabeth

    Validating Visa

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the timeframe in which I would have to validate my visa. Applying for 176. Worrying about getting the house sold :arghh:. Elizabeth
  16. GavCar


    Hi everyone, We now think its a bit tight for us to get a decent amount of money together to take to Oz in the next 18 months or so. We are thinking of validating the visa, having a couple of weeks out there. It means we can check out the area and feel a bit more comfortable about moving and also we can come home & save up a bit more relaxed without feeling so under pressure and go when the time is right. What are the implications if you go towards the end of the 5 years? I thought I read that if you want to renew the visa they take into account how much you've been in the country? If you go towards the end are they ok with renewing the permanent visa so quickly or might it cause problems? Just want to find out whats what so we know what we are up against when we make plans. Thanks Cara :GEEK:
  17. I am stressing (again)....:confused: I have just realised that both my Sons passports run out at the end of the month we need to be validating! :shocked: Do I need to be getting them new passports? :unsure: I hope someone can help me ~ Thanks in advance
  18. Guest

    Validating Visa

    When granted a visa and deciding to visit to validate, do you have to take everyone who was part of the application. Example: I am applying for a 176 visa, with my wife and 3 children 6,5 & 3 all as part of my application. Can I validate my childrens visas on a reccie visit with my wife whilst leaving the kids in the uk - or do they need to come as well to get their stamps? Thanks for your help - Stonefox
  19. Brown5

    Validating visa timescale

    Hia I was just wondering if there was a set timescale from the visa being granted to the validation by date, I guess this may be different for each state .... we are looking at Perth, if anyone can let me know how long it was for them I'd be grateful. Many thanks :confused:
  20. Guest

    Validating your visa

    Morning all, I am on the scrounge for information. Can anyone clear up my validation questions? I am in the process of doing medicals police checks as we have got our case officer and if everything goes well hopefully we may have our visas in a couple of months. My visa will be a 175 skilled. My questions are, How quickly once i have/if i get the visas do i have to validate? Do me the wife and the kids all have to go or can it just be me? I am led to believe that once the visas have been issued we have to live over there for 2 of the first 5 years, is that correct? Sorry if these questions seem daft but it can all get a bit confusing, and i am a bit of a thicko:rolleyes: Anyway thankyou in advance for any info that would be greatly appreciated:wubclub:
  21. Guest


    There must be somebody out there that can answer this question - When visa has been granted and evidencing stickers placed in all passports, do we all have to go together to validate at the same time? or can.. say one person go at a later time as long as this is before last date to enter?? Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  22. Guest

    Validating parent visas

    Hi. My husband and I have been issued visas under the Contributory Parent Visa scheme which have to be validated before 9th March 2011. We have not been able to sell our house yet. If we can't make it to Australia before 9th March next year when the visas expire - what happens? If we decide to move over without selling our property how long must we be living in Australia to qualify as residents before returning to the UK to sell our house?
  23. Guest

    Validating visa, help!!!

    Hi, can anyone help, we had our visa approved today, but not sure about validation or really what it is. Our time has ran out with migration agent so need some advice. On the letter it states; 'Visa holders must make initial entry to Australia no later than 15 May 2010' and 'This visa allows for unlimited travel to and from Australia until visa expiry date 03 July 2014.' Does this mean as long as we visit Oz by 15th May we still have until the 3rd July 2014 to take up residency there? Also can we go for a short holiday to validate? I will probably think of more silly questions later, sorry if the questions are a bit thick, but feeling a little overwhelmed, thanks in advance. Thanks in advance Hayley
  24. Dear all; First of all many thanks for those made very ussful comments on my previous question. Would please help with next one. Here it is; Is it the case that you could move to Australia anytime after validating before your visa run out? Thanks again
  25. Guest

    validating visa tomorrow

    Hi everyone, we are off to Australia tomorrow for a wedding and reccie and will be validating our visas. Is there anything else we need other than ourselves and passport with visa? Do we need th grant letter or anything else? Thanks everyone!