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Found 16 results

  1. Hi there Does anyone know if the following is possible? We are 2 adults and 2 small children, all with a 489 SS visa already granted March 2018. We visited and validated in July just gone. But our house is still on the market and there doesn't seem to be much interest. We also now have my hubby's mums house being renovated and will on the market in a couple of months, so there is a delay for us there. Am I able to go ahead of my husband (I was the primary applicant)? I feel this is not what we'll do, but I am worried that if we don't get to Adelaide by March/April 2019, it means that 1 whole year has dropped off our 4 years to get the requirements needed to apply for the permanent visa. Also, if my husband did find the 1 year of work and we applied for the 887 Permanent under his name (is this possible as I was the primary applicant), does he need to do an Ielts test? Any advice appreciated. Maybe I'm just being silly and worrying about nothing. Many thanks all Sarah
  2. clusterofgeals

    Visa validated

    Hi everyone At long last we arrived in Australia Saturday evening in Brisbane a bit nervous coming through customs but we have the stamp in our passports so we are officially Australian residents !!!!
  3. paulswin

    How long once you've validated

    Does anyone know once you've validated your visa how long do you get before you have to go back? Is it 1 year then you have to do 4 yearsin Oz??
  4. neilharrison_253

    Pregnant after visa validated?

    Hi all. Quick question, has anyone been in a situation where they have fallen pregnant after their visa has been granted and validated but not yet moved to aus. Is it easy enough to add the newborn and if so are there costs associated and process involved? Thanks in advance
  5. sidharthd

    Validated my visa

    My second day after validating my entry into Oz. Feeling pretty good except the jet lag and feeling hungry at odd times. Will register with medicare today, validate my bank accounts and all that good stuff. So, finally made it after all the trying since 2007. Wish all of you the best of luck! -Sid:wink:
  6. Hi Guys, We validated our visa back in Feb and I have read that airlines will only give you the bigger luggage allowance if your visa is not validated, how do they know if it is validated or not? Might sound like a silly question but Oz immigrayion did not stamp my passport on the same page as my visa... Thanks!
  7. Hi Guys, Long time, no post! Our plans have changed slightly and I could do with a bit of Knowledgeable advice once more... Got my 175 Visa October 2009, Validated it May 2010 by having a holiday. About 4 weeks before we validated we found out we're going to become parents which we couldn't be happier about! We want to have the baby in the UK with family and friends around for support and to get some of that NI back and look at migration again in a couple of years... Questions:- 1. I take it we validated by entering the country before the date stated by my CO and getting a stamp in our passport? I mean, I don't need to do anything more? 2. What do I need to do now to ensure baby can come with us should we still decide to go before the visa runs out October 2014? I assume we have to add him/her to our visa somehow or get a them one of their own? I've also been made redundant so if anyone needs an experienced IT guy... (added by mod: contact by PM) Thanks for your help? Steve.
  8. Can't believe we're finally here!!! Landed in Perth last month, met some of the really nicest and friendliest folks, first at the immigration and customs on our arrival (one of them actually beamed his widest grin welcoming us as new migrants), then there're folks on the street, check out counters at the supermarts and even a particular bus driver!!! Remember in one of my earlier thread where I was worried sick about my OH landing a job.....well, thanks for all the advice guys......it's really true!!! The employers here seem to prefer applicants who have already arrived. We applied for a post advertised in the papers on Sat, got a call on Monday for interview and on the spot got offered a job!!! Although the position was an intermediate post, way lower than my OH's years of experience, it was a good good start!! Anyway, just last week, a good friend of my OH's ex-collegue, who's attached to a big mining company, forwarded his CV to the boss....and guess what!? The guy called for an interview and on the spot offered my OH a job, with the salary doubled!!! We managed to settle everything else that needed to be done, like Medicare, TFN, bank accounts.........got both our TFN and Medicare a week after we registered....... Kids go to Bateman Primary........love the school, the environment, teachers and school administrators there.......... Now, the only outstanding thing to settle would be buying our new home.....we're currently staying at a relative's empty house in Bateman and have targetted Bibra Lake homes........other than the prices of the houses there fitting our budget, we really like that surburb!!! South Lake's nice too, so we may just look into that area as well.... However, it does seem pretty difficult to buy houses.....every offer is like going into a price-war......and we've lucked out many times.......any strategies in house-buying?
  9. Was just wondering if anyone knows. Does it begin when we arrive in Oz or does it begin when we are granted the visa?
  10. Guest

    validated visa in melbourne.

    hi all of you just came back today from melbourne and all can say is wt a lovely placeit is. we spent most of the time around mt martha, mornington,rosebud,sorrento,and watched the surfers at gunnamatta beach,all i can say is stunning. so now we have to decide when is the best time to leave permanantly.we went shopping and found it reasenable althouth food prices nearly same as here. we looked at house prices and what value they are, cars i thought were a bit pricey.just dont know where to settle yet but thats up to us. job front, well i had a look around and although the building industry is expected to lose 26000 jobs in victoria alone according to newspaper rports , i had good response to roof slaters wanted. so all i can say is what beautifull place to bring up a family and admire the beauty of the place. well worth waiting all that time for thanks a lot one happy tonyl
  11. hi all. we have had our visas since last year and flew out at christmas to validate them. we are now thinking of trying for our second child before we make the permanent move. how would we get the baby added onto our visa? would it matter that we had already validated ours? many thanks. lee.
  12. Guest

    validated visa lifespan ??

    Hi everybody, this may be a daft question but once a visa is validated, is there a timeline on it, ???Could you get your visa and not move out there for sometime, Ive checked the net and cant seem to find the answer :unsure: thanks Guy
  13. Hello, When we applied for our visa (seems like an age ago) we were moving to the east, somewhere around Brisbane, and that was that really. Then Darran's friend moved to WA (Secret Harbour) and kept telling us how great it was, so when we had to validate our visas we thought that we might as well take the opportunity to catch up with him and his family, and just have a look for ourselves. And we were sold. So, plans all change, and we're heading south of Perth now early next year. In fact we liked it so much that Darran has stayed out there. He managed to get on the migrants plumbing and gas courses and decided to do them now before they change. He got on the last courses in the old format (two weeks full time for gas and one week for the plumbing). The next courses will be offered as year long evening study courses, I think, and it seemed to make sense to get them done now so that he can apply for his full licences. We got medicare, driving licences and his provisional plumbers licence sorted whilst out there too, so it really felt like we were making progress. So, the next stage is to decide what we're taking and work out how we're getting it there! Best wishes, Cheryl
  14. Guest

    We are validated!!!!

    Well, after a couple of stressful years getting our visas we are finally here and validated, although I am sitting here watching the non stop rain and fantastic waves, I must of blocked the fact that it does actually rain over here out of my mind, we lived over in Manly for 6 months in 2003 and I dont remember rain like this!!! We fly up to the Sunshine coast on tuesday so hopefully a bit brighter up there,
  15. Hi Guy's, Maybe somebody knows the answer to this one.... I was wondering if my references were checked when my applicaton was acknowledged?? Meaning when we are allocated a case officer will they be going throught the referennces again. :arghh: I ask simply becasue I've not been happy at my job for the past two years but have held on for the sake of our application and I'm just waiting for the day I can give my notice!!! Cheery, Sarah
  16. samozsoon

    Validated Visa & 40kg Baggage

    Does anyone know if any airlines will give you double baggage allowance if you have a validated Visa? The flights will be one-way. Hopefully one of them will:yes:. Thanks Sam xx