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Found 41 results

  1. Hi All If anyone has any help with this i would be so grateful. We are a family of four who waited patiently for 2.5years for our permanent visa having to undergo 2 medicals in the process. We were ecstatic, even the two teens. After nine months of losing and gaining employment we now find that we don't have enough funds to get us all there for flights even just to validate and our time runs out on 30 September. We are all gutted. Is there anything we could do? We feel as if our dream is over. Thanks Mrs Murky
  2. smitsav

    How to validate gsm visa 176

    Hi, Myself my wife and kid are on my 176 gsm visa which I need to validate by October 2012. I need to get a new child visa 101 for our child due in February 2012 and the DIAC site says it takes 7 to 8 months. Does anyone know if I can just enter and leave Australia to validate my 176 visa or does my wife and kid have to go also? If we don't get the child visa 101 by October 2012 then I must validate my own 176 visa. Thanks
  3. Hi We are going to validate our visa in Feb in Melbourne/Adelaide, is there anything i should do or look into whilst there apart from the usually....checking areas to live? This would really help...not a clue were to start Thanks all ! Lindsey
  4. WHOOP WHOOP Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited, we are going to Adelaide in approx 2 weeks. We leave Glasgow 2/7/11 and return 19/7/11 (couldn't get nay more time off work - booo!). Can't believe it, thought it best to validate and have a reccie just in case house doesn't sell before deadline date for entering Oz. Anyone else heading over? Lorraine xx
  5. Hi we have just booked our flights to Perth for end of october to validate our visa. I was looking for some help on where to stay want to book accommodation with a pool and near to the beach. Any help appreciated. Suzanne
  6. Can anyone offer some advise as to what we need to do when our Sons passport expires in August 2011 but we are not going to validate visa until October 2011? We have since applied for and received his new passport. His old passport number is on the grant notification letter so not sure how to go about getting new passport number onto notification. Many thanks
  7. Hi All, great day for good news. Just got our visa's today Whooppiieeeee but also hubby got offered job in Oz. Can he go out first and validate his visa and then myslef and the kiddies follow in 3 months or do we all have to do it at the same time? Cheers - a drunk and very happy poster!
  8. Hi, I wonder if anyone who has recently had their visa granted can answer this question for me please? I understand that medicals are valid for 12 months, is this from the date of medicals or date medicals are finalised? I.e are you given an entry date 12 months from date of medicals or 12 months from date medicals finalised. The reason I am asking is we are hoping to go to Oz next June 2012(round about 15th - (after my daughters exams are finished) for good. We are unable to go even for a reccie before this. So I am trying to establish earliest I can do my medicals. I am going to get police checks the middle of June on express service. Appreciate any guidance ( we have co and have been asked to get medicals done)
  9. Hi everyone! Just thought I would update my situation. Today, we have booked our flights to Perth. We are going on 11th Feb 2012 until 27th. We have booked with Malaysia Airlines-they seemed to be rather cheap, looked on internet for 3 days and nearly gave up this morning!! It pays to really shop around on the internet and change your dates by a day or 2 and it can make a difference. We are so looking forward to this and are looking to migrating around Aug/Sep 2012. We actually havent got the Partner Visa yet-just waiting for medical to be finalised (waiting 7 weeks now!!!) but have been told when validation date is (23rd March 2012) so we thought we would go for it! :biggrin:
  10. Ok i've got to validate my visa by August 2011 and be living in Australia by August 2012. What if i'm not in permanantly by August 2012 ? As i've still got another 4yrs to full fill by buisness visa requirements ie employ 2 people and turn over a profit for 2 yrs. I'm just trying to stall time till hopefully the ex rate go's back up which i,m sure it will when the UK's intrest rate rises and China's growth slows. Thanks too everyone that has bothered to read and reply. It's a comfort to know people understand thanks. Right i'm off to work:biggrin:! Regards Josh
  11. nickdodd79

    A little guidance

    Hi Everyone, Myself, my wife and my 8 month old little boy were granted our visa back in July. We have planned a round-the-world trip in April going via Australia to get our visas validated and stamped in our passports - need to do this before the end of July. We are a little unsure of what we need to do though. Do we just turn up at Brisbane airport (our first Oz stop), get in the correct customs queue, get the visas validated and job done? Is it really that simple? I will also have a copy of the visa grant letter just in case :wink: Are we also correct in thinking that we are OK doing a 2 week flying visit to get the passports/visas sorted before coming back home and can the make the proper move later on (probably end of 2012 once we have saved enough cash, sold the house, etc.). My understanding is that the visa allows us access back into Oz for 5 years from the grant date. After that, we need to stay in Oz until we have gained citizenship, where you need to live in the country for 4 year. Thanks for any help in advance. Nick.
  12. Ali&Paul

    How long to validate 457

    Hi, Does anyone know how long we would have to enter Australia if my husband was sponsored on a 457 temporary visa? Also will I be under any restrictions regarding employment or could I work full time if we were out there on his visa? Many Thanks, Alison
  13. ozgooner

    how long to validate

    Hi there I am new to poms in Oz, we are March 09 applicants on a 175 so hopefully not too long for a case officer. My question is how long from when the visa is given do we have to validate it and do all menmbers of the application have to pass through custome or just the lead person, soory if this has been answered a million times befors :unsure:
  14. Can any body help with my query? Does the 12 months to validate begin from the day that the medical is taken or from the date that the CO accepts the results? Just thinking ahead as we may well have some to-ing & fro-ing from the point of taking it til the CO signs it off, due to OH arthiritis Many thanks, Lynda
  15. bettyboo

    How long to validate visa

    Has anyone an idea off how long you get to to validate you visa ( if we are lucky enough to get it ) and whether you have to stay for a cetain time period once you arrive.:unsure:
  16. Hi PIOers Hope you can help with my small dilemma. We are heading for Canberra in a few months and we are not sure if we should fly to Sydney and travel down or fly to Canberra via Melbourne as we are not sure what the process is and how long it takes to validate the visa's. Can anyone who has already crossed the boarder give us some idea of how long it takes/what the process is as the connecting flight from Melbourne to Canberra gives us only an hour or so and i don't want to miss it Hope you can help The Booths
  17. Hi i have applied for a 175 visa for vic, can anyone tell me whats what if we are not ready when the visa is granted,, i know we have twelve months to validate it with all of the family, but can i come back to uk to tie up all my loose ends and how long can we bounce back and forward for, i have a few propertys in uk and spain i am trying to sell and the condition of the market tells me im going to be some time sorting things out, any help would be great thanks Andy
  18. Hi I have a SA state sponsorship (granted 01/07/2009; must validate my visa before 10/03/2010). I have just embarked on a new contract here at work, and it will be VERY difficult for me to leave to go to Aus for 3 weeks (lets be honest, 3 weeks is the amount of time you need for a trip over there) before the end of April. Does anyone know if Aus is flexible on this and if they will grant mne a postponement?0? :eek:
  19. Hello friends.. Although this is my first post, I’m very much thankful for this forum for providing in depth details of the immigration stuff…. Which made me to lodge my application on my own and almost at the last stage of visa grant… I’m currently working on 457 visa in Brisbane and had applied for 175 offshore visa in July 2009. I have got the pre grant letter and been advised to depart Australia by CO. I have booked ticket for Bali with my wife next week. I will be getting 3 working days(reason for short trip:- Its not possible to get off from office) in Bali. So would any one please let me know what is the procedure of visa evidencing in Bali if any one has done before? How many days it take normally? Should I go strictly to VFS (outsourced visa processing centre) or can I go to Aus Consulate directly? As I told I will be getting just 3 working days in Bali…what if the process takes longer time than this? what measures would be advised to make this trip pleasant and easy going ? Cheers.. Mayur
  20. Hi we are off to Aus next week and heading for Brisbane. We are so excited :biggrin:! We are there for 3 weeks the first part staying in Brisbane then we are playing at being holiday makers and heading to gold coast and just chillaxing! The first part we are going to hire a car and look all around Brisbane and the surrounding areas to look at where we might like to settle when we eventually head out there. Look at jobs, schools etc etc, and generally like to get a feel for the place. Can anyone recommend some places to take a look at please. We have a few on our list but would like to hear from others. I have a 17 and 14 year old so taking these in consideration is our priority. Thanks oooh and wish us luck!!!! TIA x
  21. Hi guys We are in Oz on a 457 at the mo and on the brink of having our 176 PR offshore granted (hope so anyway). Does anyone know how long we will have to leave Oz for to validate it? Do we need to go to an embassy or is it as simple as leaving Australia and re-entering! THANKS Heidi xx
  22. Hi, should we be panicing and getting my daughter a new passport before we validate our visas? We are flying out to Oz on 11th Aug - there will be exactly 12 months left on her current passport as we fly out. However, we dont get into Oz until 13th August, therefore we have less than 12 months left on the passport. Should we be thinking now, to get her a new 5 year passport, or is it easy enough to do when we get back. I am sure I read somewhere (but may be imagining things) that we need 12 months on the passport as we validate it. Therefore we will be short by a couple of dates. Thanks. :arghh:
  23. Guest

    how to validate visa ?

    hello all, Hope someone can help. we have been granted our visa and have to validate before march 2010. We booked our flights to go to validate for October2009. When we booked our travel agent did not really know wheither we need to apply for a visa or not. Do we need to apply for a visa although we have been granted 175 skilled independant visa ? and when validating what do we need to do and take with us ? I kinda thought it would just be a case of arriving in sydney and getting passport stamped but it seems a bit to simple. any advise would help...

    To validate visa

    We need to validate visa by the 28th oct 2009 as police & meds run out so when you enter oz & have your visa stamped but you are not planning to stay there as it is only a valudation trip do you need to return to uk within a set period of time ? or once visa stamped you can stay or go but knowing within 5 years you have activly need to stay in oz for 2 years on a 176ss.

    Might validate & go next August 2010

    Some of you might have read the thread about my 17 year old son so now thinking of stay here & let him have his 18th birthday with his friends. Our 10 year old girl can see out her last year at primery school with her friends at school. On my part i am earning enough to save about £30,000 in the next 12 months to help with the move & with the down turn in oz at the moment looks like the sensible thing to do. The truth is I want to go now & blow sensible as we have enough money already for 2 years without working plus house equity of £200,000 when sold but i am only thinking of myself so would any of you lot go in my circumstances or do the right thing & wait 12 months when hopfully the world is more stable ????