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Found 43 results

  1. Sorry if this sounds like a really daft question, but I can't get a straightforward answer from the information on the DIAC website. My wife has just been granted a 3-month tourist visa to join me here in Cairns whilst her spouse visa is being processed. I am about to book her flights, but I'm not sure if the tourist visa is valid for 3 months (i.e. nth August to nth November) or 90 days (as stated on some websites). If it is 90 days, would Day 1 be the date of arrival and Day 90 be the absolute last day she could be here? I'm a bit surprised that this isn't made clearer on the DIAC website, as 90 days is evidently not the same as 3 months. It goes without saying that having just paid $2060 for the spouse visa application, we do not want to jeopardise that by her staying even one day over. Many thanks for any helpful answers in advance! Kind regards, Martin.
  2. doing a geographical

    457 valid periods/renewing

    Hi all, I've been on a 457 Visa. The validity period: 06 September 2010 - 06 September 2012. My questions are; 1. How easy is it to renew the visa? (I thought it was normally 4 years long) 2. If I apply for an 856 visa just before my 457 expires, will this give me a bridging visa? Or do I still need to renew the 457 as well. Thanks very much! Doing a geographical :biggrin:
  3. I was wondering if a 176 visa stays valid when returning offshore. Imagine I have the visa, and want to return back to Europe, does my visa stays valid too? Can I use it again like when I should want to return to Auz after 8 years?
  4. Guest

    How long is a Visa valid?

    Hi guys I'm dying to emigrate to Aus but my partner isn't as keen as he is doing really well in his career and it would be detrimental for him to upsticks now. But I want to emigrate while we're still young and not having to worry about kids etc (we're both late twenties), so I'm worried that by the time he's ready to start looking at a visa with the processing times etc, it'll be nearly a decade by the time we're out there. So what I wondered is how long you have between getting your visa granted and actually emigrating? Can I get a visa (it would be a skilled or state sponsored one methinks) and not emigrate for a few years? I thought this might be a better tack with my partner if we get the visa while we've still got those precious 5 points for being under 30, and then in a few years when we are ready we'll have the visa so we can just go. I've been wading through immigration websites and trying to find this information but then I thought I'd ask the experts instead! Thanks guys!
  5. If I get state sponsorship from WA, how long do I have to apply for my Visa? I have my IELTS next week and skills are all done, but I dont want to apply for my Visa until very late in the year because I dont want it to be granted until at least April next year (because I wont be landing in OZ until March 2013) Hope that makes sense.
  6. doing a geographical

    TRA skills assesment how longs it valid?

    Hi all, Im looking at applying for an 856 employer sponsored permanent visa (chef). First step is to get the skills assesment. But is there a specific time its valid for before I make my visa application? Or is the skills assesment valid forever? Thanks
  7. Guest

    Is our 176 visa still valid?

    Hi I am seeking advise on where myself and my children stand with our 176 visa's. My husband, myself and our family moved over to Australia, early 2010. It was a new start, a fresh outlook after my husband was recovering from an illness... it was our family dream and had been for the past 4 years. We are now nearing the end of the year and my husband wants to return to the UK. However, myself and our children would have to be dragged back kicking and screaming. We are hoping that if he does return, the pull of his family still being here and when he realises the reason we wanted to move here in the first place, he will return. I know this sounds very strange but it is a chance I am going to have to take. Having given our teenage children a choice, they have all said they want to stay. Their lives here are much better than in the UK. They have great schools, sports clubs and friends. So my dilema is this... We came to Australia on my husbands skilled visa. We all have a perminent 176 visa in our passports. However, does this only apply whilst my husband is in Australia as well? I am a Director of an Australian Company and I am also a qualified Real Estate Agent in work, so I am able to support us. Could someone please let me know, if we only have a right to perminent residency, whilst my husband is here. He may decide to stay, but I need to know to put our minds at rest. It is all a mess!!! But I am trying to make the best of a bad situation!!! Thank you in advance.
  8. I ave just had an email with my File Reference number advising that my application has been recieved. I frontloaded my partner visa application with my medicals and police checks but I have been advised that the application will take 5-6 months to validate so my expected date for the visa to finalise is 18/1/12 (not a problem I thought) but that my initial date of entry has to be before 26/1/12 as it states on my email that my medical is only valid for 6 months??!! Has anyone else had this as I assumed that the medicals are valid for 12 months as this is what it states everywhere and I was never advised that mine would be any different. This obviously gives me such a small time frame in which my visa can be granted and when I have to enter the country....I'm really worried and don't understand why mine is valid for half the time of anyone else!! I would be interested if anyone else has had this hppen to them aswell?? Thanks in advance Tamsin
  9. When you get successful state sponsorship how long do you have to submit your visa application with DIAC? I think I may have read that you get 30 days but not sure if I'm imagining it! I'm applying for a 176 with South Australia sponsorship.
  10. Hi there I was wondering if anyone can advise or maybe point me in the right direction to get infomation. My family have a 175 visa, that is valid until July this year, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, they do not think they will make the deadline. I have tried to find out on the oz gov immgration website, to get any info, to see if you can get an existing visa extended, if so what the circumstances would be and the length of an extention.:unsure: If anyone could give some advice, I would appreciate it immensely. Thanks x
  11. Hi to everyone on here! my question is my husband recieved his certificate lll in bricklaying from vetassess back in 2009 but we had to put our plans on hold for family reasons, now all sorted my hubby has a job offer and offering sponsorship we now need to know if he has to do his skill assessment again! He did actually ring vetassess a few months ago asking this question and they told him that it doesn't run out but i have been reading some threads on here and they hint that they are only valid for certain amount of time, quite confused would really appreciate some info :confused:! thanx!:hug:
  12. Guest

    Is my Visa still valid?

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I’m really ,really worried that I may be sent back to the UK. I came to South Australia on my boyfriends 119 Visa as a de facto partner, I met all the requirements at the time. After about 8 months our relationship ended and we separated. I am now worried that my visa is invalid, I am in full time employment and we don’t have any children. Has this happened to anyone else. Does anyone know what the protocol is, should I inform immigration about what has happened. I would really appreciate any advice on this.
  13. Morning all I have just been having a spring clean and noticed that my children's passports are about to expire. Cash flow is a little tight at the moment so wanted to check if I did not renew them for a while (we have no plans to go anywhere) is the Visa still valid? We are on a business owners visa 163. If anyone could shed any light on this I would be very grateful because I do not want to get in trouble for the children not having valid passports/visas. Thank you in advance Zoe :-)
  14. Hi all, We're applying for the 309 spouse visa offshore in the UK at the end of next month but, due to various commitments, might not be able to move directly out to Oz when (*hopefully*) it is granted - which should be around October/November by current timeframes. If we make a validation trip after it is issued and then return to the UK, what is the longest we can remain back in the UK before the visa expires? Sorry if this info is readily available - I am snowed under at work at the moment and haven't had time to research it yet :sad: Many thanks in advance! Edit: I've found a previous post relating to a skilled visa stating that after the visa has been validated then you have 5 years before it expires but 2 out of those 5 years must be spent in Australia. Is this the same for the 309?
  15. Guest

    valid visa

    Hey guys not sure if anyone can help, I got granted a perminant visa subclass 175 and arrived in oz before the inital entry expiry date, however the parneter I had at the time which I applied with broke up and told me that he had gotton me removed from the visa. Can he do this ?????? is my visa still valid for me to travel back to oz???? he had all of the papaerwork cause he was the main applicant so i dont have my TRN number to check the visa's status and cant call it from my mobile is there another way to check the visa??? Cheers from the newbie xx:yes:
  16. Hi Apologies if this question has been asked before but im new to this site today. My position is this, I am 41 and thinking of emigrating to Melbourne or Adelaide under the skilled sponsored State / territorial visa. Class 475 (Temp 2 year visa leading to permanent one after) I have done the test and have enough points. My question is this, I have a cache level 3 diploma in preschool practice (Early years) and 3 years experience as a teacher of 3 year olds. Is this acceptable by the NOOR / AITSL verrifying authorities in Australia. It is the basic visa i am applying for not the graduate class 476. Any info given will be greatly appreciated. Thanks :biggrin:
  17. Hi, My partner and I are planning to move to Tasmania very shortly. We have made wills some years ago here in the UK and I wondered if these are valid in Australia? Or will we have to make new ones when we are there? Many thanks
  18. Guest

    Valid Asco for Vic smp

    Hi I just need to ask anyone for some advice. I found this under the VIC Faqs I have an ASCO assessment, am I still eligible? If you have an ASCO assessment, you must have a correlating ANZCO occupation on the current Eligibility Lists. Refer to DIAC's website for the ASCO to ANZSCO correlations. The ASCO assessment will be accepted for sponsorship as long as it remains valid. My husband got his skills assessment in June as Systems Manager and so it is still valid. In the new ANZSCO list it is broken into 3 occupations of which 2 are in the VIC smp. My question: Can we apply using the Asco skills assesment without reapplying for a new skills assessment under the ANZSCO code (even though it is broken up into 3 correlating occupations?) Will VIC ask for a new assessment? And Has anybody already sent their applications with their original ASCO assessment and what has happened to it upto now? Thanks
  19. Jamz

    Vetasses valid for.......?

    Hi everyone, I've searched but have found no definite answer to the above question. I passed my Carpentry skill assessment 18 months ago so I now have an Australian qualification in carpentry, how long is that assessment valid for?? Does anyone know. As it's just a skills assessment then surely it's for life, your work history etc etc takes care of weather your still competent or not....? Carl
  20. lsbc1976

    How long are medicals valid for?

    We got medicals done in March and front loaded our 176 application (that was in the days we thought it would be granted by xmas). We have now changed to a 119 RSMS visa and should have a case officer shortly. Today we took my newborn son for his medical and the panel doctor more or less said the March medicals would be expired, i was under the impression they lasted a year. Could do without having to pay out another £1000 to redo them.
  21. I can't seem to find a definite answer to this question. Does anyone know for sure? I've read somewhere that for onshore it doesn't need to be but for offshore it does. Is that true?
  22. Hello all, Just looking for some advice. My wife is here on a WHV and is managing a backpackers hostel in Perth. I am on a 12 month tourist visa, and am working for free accomodation. The owner of the hostel, wants to take me on permemnantly and pay me a wage, as building/air conditioning/boiler maintenance. I have an existing SS176 visa in progress, since Feb this year. my nominated occupation is Fitter (General) The guy is keen to sponsor me, but I've looked at the criteria and document checklist for an 856 visa and I'm not sure he qualifies. They ask for organisational structure, which at present is him as owner, my wife and a german backpacker who does the cleaning. is this going to be ok? Also, I'm wondering if I switch to an onshore 856 from an offshore 176, will I be able to transfer the application? I'd rather not pay 2 lots of fee's. Any help/tips or advice would be much appreciated Cheers Mark
  23. harmitraj

    Student Visa Still Valid

    I have just begun the process to apply for Australia PR. Just realized that my OH still has a student visa valid till Sept 2011 though he has dropped his studies and returned to Singapore. The uni told him that it will be cancelled when he left Australia in February 2010. What should he do now?
  24. How long do we need to live somewhere before someone’s view point becomes valid? I know when Fiona moved over she was told her views where not valid as she had not lived in Australia for 2 years. So when people have been in Australia for a month and realise Australia is not for them because of reasons X, Y & Z are their views better valued than say a person that has spent a month on a recci and loves the place?
  25. Hi All:wink: Myself and wife got issued with a visa 27 years ago but my wife was pregnant and had complications with previous pregnancies (2 miscarriages and a stillborn) so we did not go. I know its that long because our beautiful daughter is now 28 yo and lives in Melbourne. Yes perseverance does pay dividends and we have a handsome son too. (see thread- Helped my son). We don't think there was conditions then like today eg. activate visa, be there for two out of 5 or lose visa so this visa could still be valid and could save us several thousands in parent visa costs. Anybody got any advice on this please before I ask Alan of Gomatilda migration agents Thanks:hug: