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Found 14 results

  1. HG3


    Hi just wondering if anyone can help me? Things are starting to get real now and suddenly wondered if the children, or indeed us adults, need any extra vaccinations/immunisations to emigrate to Australia??? Thanks Helen
  2. Hi, Just been reading about pets departing from the uk to Oz after January next year needing a rabies vaccination and then a rabies antibody test. As I understand it they need the vaccinations 4 weeks before the antibody test. They then need the antibody test 5 months before they leave the uk if they are to do the minimum 30days in quarenteen. Now, as my pet is unlikely to be flying out before jan (even if by some miracle our house has sold and we are gone before then!), I am looking at getting this underway now. The test must be prepared (I assume this is the drawing of the blood sample) by a government approved vet, then sent to a government approved lab then the test preformed by the official government vet. So my questions are how do I find out who these approved vets are? Can the rabies jabs be done at the same time as the other vacinations? Do the other jabs have to be done by the government approved vet or my normal vet? Is my normal likely to be approved? Think I might go and join the thread for this worried about shipping their pets.....
  3. Sherbetdip23

    Vaccinations for a cat

    Hi All Please can anyone advise what vaccinations I will need to bring my cat, roughly how much it will be and how long before we fly do these need to be done. And if anyone can recommend an agency for shipping them even better :biggrin: Thanks Carla
  4. Hubby and me are coming over for our Reckie in November, going to Sydney and Cairns, not sure if we need any shots though?...dont want to catch aything a bit iffy!! :eek: Steph
  5. Guest

    Rabies vaccinations

    Just wondering for those of you, who are heading back ,or already back in the UK, How you got on with the Rabies vaccinations. I have read some really negative stuff about side effects and I need to get my 2 cats and little dog vaccinated to take them home to England It would be great to hear from any of you, that have had this jab done, how your animals were after it etc
  6. pablo


    hello all, just got email through from dialaflight re travel to adelaide in april,it states vaccinations we need, cholera,hep a, hep b, hep e,rabies,typhoid. now i know this might sound daft BUT........are these needed simply because we are stopping over in singapore ?if the answer is yes, would you bother if you were only staying 1 night?or are these needed to travel to oz?:unsure:any help/advice welcome,thx
  7. Guest

    Child vaccinations

    Hi My three children have not had the MMR due to our worries. Can anyone let me know if they will need any vaccinations prior to them starting school in Oz? Thanks Steve :jiggy:
  8. Please help !! I have 2 children who are age 3 (nearly 4 ) and 2. Hopefully we will be going to Perth ( if paperwork goes through ok ) in about a year. My eldest had his MMR jabs separately and is about to have booster jabs done. My daughter has had course done but wont get to have boosters done before we come over. My first question is can we get seperate jabs done in Oz ? I know we have to pay. Also Ive come across discussions on Hep B as well. Do the kids have to have Hep B and chicken pox too ? If so at what age is this done ? I want to get them vaccinated and chose seperate jabs for personal family history reasons but am now worried I will have probs getting daughter into kindergarten etc without booster jabs !:sad:
  9. beastmaster2452

    Childrens vaccinations

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone help, my family and I are moving to lovely Wagga Wagga NSW on the 3 Nov 08 (not long away). My children who are aged 4, 6, & 9 years of age and are all girls (lucky me) have had all the required vaccinations here in the UK, but Is there any vaccinations they require prior to moving to Aus. Many Thanks Matt & Family :mask:
  10. beastmaster2452

    Children's Vaccinations

    Hello everyone, Can anyone help, I am hoping to move to Wagga Wagga NSW on the 3rd Nov 08 (joined the Australian Defence Force (Army)), just waiting on Visa's. The problem I have is, will my children (Marissa age 8, Bethany age 6 and Paige age 3) be in date with all the vaccinations, they have had everything done that is required in the UK and recorded in the Health Docs. Is there any additional vaccinations that they will require?:notworthy: Any info will help. Regards Matt & Family :cool:
  11. bunnyboo

    Children's vaccinations

    Hi everyone, I'm just wondering about the vaccinations required for the children before they go to school in Queensland. I have just checked their red books and both have had 1st, 2nd and 3rd Diptheria, Tetanus, Whooping cough, Polio and Hib. However neither have had the MMR or the Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio booster at age 4-5 (can't remember them ever being recalled for it):nah: Is it essential that the girls are upto date on their vaccinations? I'm thinking that I may as well deal with a couple of screaming fits here than in Oz? Thanks Debs x
  12. Guest


    :arghh: Can't believe how much info i have got to gather. If there any nurses out there would be grateful for help. I have a job as a mental health worker and occ health for requires me to provide evidence of all my vaccinations including those at school. Can you tell me where you got info from eg occ health dept here in uk or gp. Also 457 states to carry a record of vaccinations for kids will the red book do (child record be ok or do i have to get letter from gp). Also we don't routinely vacc against chickenpox what happens if child has never contracted it do i have to get them vacc. chrissy
  13. graham  and trudy


    Hi, I assumed that when we visit Oz, we didn't need any holiday vaccinations but someone at work said I will. Am I right or do we need something. Thanks:confused:
  14. AJ

    Travel Vaccinations

    Is there any vaccinations that you have to get to go to Oz?:arghh: I hope not!!