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Found 11 results

  1. Hi there, Just looking for a bit of general advice really! We're looking to travel to the Gold Coast in November of this year, and will be taking our lovely, 4 year old male persian. To be honest, we've not done anything toward getting him there, but will be looking to get him his rabies vaccination this week at some point. Does anyone know how much it would cost? Is there a special vets we would have to go to? He hasn't been micro-chipped either. I'd also really appreciate any information on how to progress from here. I understand that he probably won't be fully ready to go in November, so we might have to go on ahead without him, and have him shipped on a bit after. Does anyone have any experience in this at all? Any advice would be very much appreciated :cute: Helen
  2. I have just had my cat and dog vaccinated for rabies and they have now had their blood tests. I thought I'd post the cost in case anyone else is looking into the cost of exporting their pet. The cost of the vaccination was £35 each and the blood test £75 each. The cost of some vet treatments varies with the size of pet so I was surprised that the vaccines for a 5kg cat and a 34kg dog were the same. It's possible that it may have been a bit cheaper if I had shopped around but I preferred to use my usual vet, and they are very experienced with pet exports.
  3. Hi all, just wanted to know if anyone has had experience with Rabies vaccinations for the UK. We are wanting to take our dog with us back to the UK . As I understand it once she has the rabies vaccination, then 6 months later she needs a blood test to confirm the vaccination has worked - otherwise she would need to spend the 6 months in quarantine and we are not wanting to do this. My question is how long after we receive the blood test results do we have to enter the UK with her? Is the vaccination and results indefinite or do we have to enter with say 12 months? I have checked the UK website but nothing on how long the results are valid for. Thanks in advance. :spinny:
  4. ScotsQuine

    Kennel Cough vaccination

    This may sound like a silly question! But will the kennel cough vaccination affect the blood test for import/quarantine? I'm unsure if I should wait until all bloods are back and clear before we get our dog done? Thanx
  5. Scarby

    Rabies Vaccination

    We are hoping to move to Perth in September, I was at the vets today and asked them to give the dog his booster without the lepto part of the jab, they then asked about if we would want a pet passport for him if we decided to bring him back to the UK so he wouldnt need to do quarantine if we returned - stupidly I said this was fine and then they gave him the rabies vaccination for the passport and am now panicking that he will not be able to travel to Australia in September as I have now been looking and they seem to have to have had this vaccine 6 months before they go to Australia? Any help greatly appreciated. Celia
  6. Hey everyone. We have booked flights for us on 25/2 and are putting the dog on the flight on the 21/2 however, 30 days prior to this is a Sunday. Should i start his vaccinations on the Monday which would be 29 days till he leaves or on the Friday which would be 32 days till he leaves??:wacko: Has anyone else been in this quandry?
  7. Guest

    Vaccination Records.....

    Hi. Hope this doesn't sound silly, but when they say schools will require the child's vaccination records for enrolment, does that mean I will have to obtain an official letter from my paediatricians back home or is just showing them the vaccine card good enough? The worry here is that because we moved a couple of times when the kids were growing up, and hence they've had their vaccinations carried out by several doctors....would be a hassle to approach all of them.....
  8. Hi All, my 13 year old daughter has just come home with the form and dates for her cervical cancer immunisation 3 jabs... Problem is we are still trying to sell up so we can go (have visas), and her dates for the jab are Feb, March and 23rd June - we have to validate by 22nd June! So what do we do?? Julie x
  9. Hi everyone, Just got news from the vet, 2 of my three dogs haven't passed the blood test on Rabies. I am getting them vaccinated again tommorow, I am now really worried that they will be immune for the vacination, the vet said this has never happened before! Does anyone else have this experience?
  10. Is it worth getting your records from the UK to take? Just wondered if it made any difference to medical and dental care in Oz. Any information would be great. Emma
  11. Guest

    Vaccination Certificates

    Hi All, Does anybody know if we need to take a vaccination certificate for our 10 month old daughter or will her "red book" health record suffice? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks Mark