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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all I just moved into a furnished apartment in North Sydney, and the real estate agent said I should change the electricity bill to my name. The electricity was turned on when I moved in, and I was a bit worried about getting caught for the bill of the previous tenant. The real estate agent said I didn't need to worry about that, as my rental contract showed the date I was moving in. I had 101 other things to handle so I didn't consider it further. The agent has not been helpful for my questions, saying they don't deal with such things. Anyway I've had a few days to sort other things out, and now I'm trying to figure out which electricity company I should contact, and if I'm supposed to get the meter read or if the tenant who moved out should have done that. I've just spent a few hours on the internet trying to find out the correct process. If anyone can offer advice I'd appreciate it.
  2. Does anyone have any idea approximately how much it costs to get connected to utilities when renting a property in Perth? Sure I read somewhere that it is very expensive, but have no idea what this means (or where I read it for that matter!)
  3. Glad if these posts are helping a few planning on returning to the UK.:-) When we returned 18 months ago and got set up with gas, electric and telephone, I couldn't understand why we were being bombarded with telephone calls asking us to switch providers. Hadn't realised these services had been privatised. Anyway, this was a good thing because it's spawned a lot more healthy competition between providers resulting in a better deal for the consumer. My husband is an electrician so he knows the usage of anything with a heating element. He listened to all the companies offering deals then negotiated a really good deal with British Gas for our electricity. Both day and night rate were offered on a set price per unit and beat all the other companies. When the contract expired after 12 months, they gave us 100.00 to stay with them at the same rate. The telesales people are annoying but you can barter to get the best rates on all your utility providers. It's all about your bottom line so currently in the UK, we've found that if you shop around, especially for the half price night rate on electricity, you can keep your bills quite low.
  4. Looking for any help with regards to the utility mapping/cable locating/GPR industry in Australia in general. We are applying for a skilled using my wife as the main applicant as my quals are not recognised (bit of a niche market it seems) looking to emigrate within next 2 years and have just applied. Holidayed in Perth last year but would be interested in any areas. Abit of insight would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi can anyone helpme. I am moving to melbourne in July and i am trying to get my finances sorted. I am not sure how much tax is deducted from salary and how much other utilities cost. Is there any form of council tax / water rates / gas and electric.If anyone can help with this would be really grateful Thanks Laura:wink:
  6. abz123

    WA utility providers

    Just had word that our mortgage approval has come through so wondering what the position is with utility providers in WA i.e. do we have any choice who we get our gas and electricity from or is there just one provider of each? I tried Google without much success. I know that telephone / internet has a variety of providers but can anyone recommend a decent bundle, or warn me off from any of the companies out there? Telephone usage will be light as most international calls will be VoIP and I reckon 10 GB per month would probably do it for internet usage.
  7. Guest

    Utility Bills??

    Hey everyone! My partner and I are planning on applying for an interdependancy visa soon and have been living together for 18 months, we have a lease for the whole 18months and joint bank account for just over 12 months. Only problem is, that is pretty much all we have in terms of actual financial documents except for the odd travel insurance etc. We dont have any utility bills as the rent we paid was fully inclusive. Will this present a problem? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to bulk up the financial evidence side of things? Thanks in advance for your help. :smilexmas:
  8. Currently finalizing my application and hoping to submit next week but was wondering where to draw the line on certified documentation. Surely I'm ok to send an original electricity bill ??!!!Any pointers really appreciated
  9. Guest

    Utility costs etc.

    Hi all on day 3 here, and still heavy into flat hunting. I'm getting a bit anxious about cost of living. I'm going to be on $60000 for the first 6 months here. I don't seem to be able to find anything acceptable to rent for much less than $350. I figure $600 per month for food, around $200 for travel, but then I have gas. water, electricity, rates, internet, phone to worry about. and I'm starting to worry about making ends meet. can anyone give me a ballpark figure on what I can expect to pay on these items?
  10. just wondering for a family of 4 2 adults 2 children 12 and 15 what is cost of gas electric council tax water rates telephone and internet and roughly food bills per week what is the equivilent to teso asda in oz as we are newbies to all this and dont have a clue