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Found 7 results

  1. This thing is confusing me abit that whther isa 475's are being processed abit faster this year like people are getting CO's soon.Will this processing speed be the same till the year end of 2011? guysss i want yr\ opinions.....doo repllyyyyyy
  2. hi there, I was on a working holiday visa and met this amazing guy (as the story usually goes ) and we were living together in a sharehouse but sharing a room with another guy (we paid rent cash in hand... think there was something going on there but oh well). We lived together for 2 months and then my visa ended so I flew back home 2 weeks ago. We desperately want to be together, and he proposed unofficially several times (I said yes each time )We've kept our relationship and he's coming out to visit me in 6 weeks for a month and then he has to go back to work (Well doesn't HAVE to, but it's easier for him to go back to his job in oz than try find a new one here for only a few months). I've been thinking about going on a one year student visa to study near where he is so we can live together properly but it's expensive... what are the chances of getting a parter visa (we want to get married in September) while living with him on a tourist visa? p.s I have pictures, texts, phone calls, ect. but no proof of living together in the same room except pics and written receipts from our landlord.
  3. Hi guys, I do understand that you need to have owned a vehicle for 12 months prior to importing. But... Im over here on a 457 for 4 years and hopefully will get pr/856 in this time. Im really missing being on a bike and would ideally like my old one back (or a replacement). If I bought a motorbike whilst on a trip to the uk and stored it at my parents, then shipped it over after obtaining pr and had theoretically owned it for a year would I be breaking the rules? If i could find the same bike here i would'nt worry but they are like the proverbial hens teeth over here!
  4. rockola57

    Usual topsy turvy luck!

    Well this morning me and faceache were celebrating,as she has just been promoted and got her first new payslip,and i received a good sum of back pay,backdated!Anyway,starter knackered on car,so mechanic calls early and replaces,slight hiccup to the day,then leccy bill comes in,near a grand for the quarter(it's been freezing here).Hmmm,im thinking,strange day,so orf we goes to HR Block to see how much we get back in tax this year(last year was our first here,and it saved us !)Yup,you guessed it,we owe 1100 in tax!Goes to old address to pick up mail and find's a cheque sent 3 months ago i was not expecting!So ere we are now,same day,night time and more or less back where we started this morning,no richer,no poorer.That's LIFE as Sinatra say's !!!.:biggrin:
  5. Hi All In the past week or so i've been extremely fortunate to land a job working in Sydney! I'll be moving out around the end of August, so have loooaaaddsss to do before then!! I was hoping some people on here could give me advice on which area to live in. I'm 32, single and will be working in and around Sydney as a consultant, though head office is in North Sydney. Would like some where that is pretty socialable not too family orientated etc Oh and if any of you have other advice, feel free to post away :spinny: Thanks in advance Andy
  6. Guest

    I need help! (as usual!)

    HI to all, Can someone give me a list of what I need to do to get started on a mission to move to Perth? I have no idea where to start...but would like to know in what order everything should be done. Do I need an agent or can i do it myself?...is it quicker with agent?... COst for agent? Does anyone know a good, reasonably priced one? Think I need to take a chill pill !! lol Thanks Nat:arghh:
  7. Hi again! This isn't the usual "Can I use my car seat in Oz" thread. Instead, I would like any advice/opinion/review of what is the safest/best quality car seat to buy or advice of where I can get advice? I don't mind spending the money providing I am paying for good quality that will last, but will begrudge paying for polystyrene or foam. The only car seat make that I found in my research in Oz was the Safe n Sound. Also, where can I buy these? We have a hire car for 10 days with car seats included, but will need to buy them for after this. Talking of car seats, our 11 month old has just grown out of her infant car seat (her little head was poking out of the top) so we have had to go and buy a group 1 car seat for her, even though we are coming to Australia in less than 4 weeks now (was 5 weeks when we bought it). I was gutted that we had to spend the money really, but because we are going to be travelling all over the place in the next couple of weeks to see family, we had to. Because of my car and its stupid seatbelts, we had to buy a Maxi Cosi Tobi at £160 :cry:! We are hoping that mother in law might be able to sell it on for us afterwards. It is a complete shame that we can't use them in Oz, because they are a fab car seat.