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Found 16 results

  1. Guest

    Pass words ,user names

    Its a bummer when you forget your user name or pass word ,when you want to log on to a site i would say , after 5 goes i am out and 15 minutes to kill :arghh: :frown: Oh well ,glads thats off me chest.
  2. Guest

    Hi...I'm a new user!

    I'm a 44 yr old teacher with hubby & two teenage sons and we want to live and work in Western Australia. Have done a fair bit of research & it seems that although I've been teaching A level English for five years & have a host of skills & experience etc, my Graduate Teaching Programme qualification is not recognized in Australia...So, not sure how to proceed. Hubby is 57 and experienced in solar energy systems but we're both going to be over 45 too if and when we ever get there. Is it likely that we could both get work offers on a temporary basis once we're there? I'd be happy to take unqualified teaching work & gain another qualification if needed... Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated. Thanks!:goofy:
  3. Guest

    new user

    Just wanted to say Hi, and i am hoping to get started on my path to oz, and will have lots of questions as i go , but wont bore you all with lots yet. I lived in perth as a defacto and as we seperated i came home and now starting the process on my own for ss in wa one main question i have is, fill out the application myself or go with an agent? as with a lot of people money is the factor and with minimal savings i would rather keep costs down, also how long does the process take i have read through this site and cant find a common time frame. many thanks james
  4. We are flying over at the end of November. My husband is a wheelchair user and we are staying for a couple of nights in Dubai and Singapore to split the journey up. Has anybody stopped over in these two places. We need a hotel that is in a district where I can walk to facilities. I know the train in Singapore is not w'chair friendly and it is best to use the taxis. I have been to Singapore a couple of times quite a number of years ago and at that time, I would not have been looking at it as being conducive to access with a w'chair. Thanks
  5. I'd be interested to find out how others picked their user names, as you can see Ii have no imagination...
  6. Guest

    User CP

    Prompted by the current rash of new avatars (urgh Geoffrey) I endeavoured this evening to find out exactly how you all manage to put them on. Well what a revelation the User CP thingy is, I've got reputation whatsits and everything, Had no bl***y idea it existed!! Oh the wonders of avoiding real life tasks. A new avatar might appear soon but hopefully with better teeth than that really scary one of Geoff's. valleylass
  7. Guest

    New User

    Hi there.. Been looking at the various forums for a bit now, mainly the spousal visa ones, as I'm currently waiting to hear back about my application. Been married for a few years now to a Perth lass, so hoping it's just a formality. We applied at the start of May, with my medical going in before then, had the odd email back from our CO, and just waiting for that email to confirm it all. I've been to Oz 3 times now, got married over there, and cannot wait to get moved over there. Hopefully in time for the Ashes this winter if all goes to plan! I work in IT, so am hopeful of finding work over there and am already scouring the websites to see what is available. Thanks SteEyns
  8. sleepywombat

    New and on my way!!!!

    Hi all I've been an avid reader of this site for a couple of months and I love it! The info and advice is great and has added to much of that which I already knew... However, it has finally come to the stage where I need some sanity and advice from you worldy forum members! Here's my tale...! My only sibling went to Australia in the mid 90's and is now a citizen, married, settled and my olds went 4 years ago after being sponsored by her. I am only recently in the position to go and am currently freeing myself of my life possessions in an effort to squeeze my life into a 20kg suitcase so that I can apply for the 835 On-Shore Last Remaining Relative visa... I'm on the dark side of 30, uni-educated but not eligable for anything on the CSL - hence this decision (which has taken 5 years to make!). I'm leaving my OH, friends and extended family in England to move in my olds :err: whilst the visa is processed. Does anyone know what the likely timescale for this might be? My OH (of 12 months) has been very supportive and understands that if I apply from England he would put the application in jeopardy (potental de-facto threat etc...) therefore is happy for me to head off and apply from Australia. The dream is for me to come to Australia, obtain my LRR visa and then at some point in the future for him to come over and we can run off down a sun drenched beach to get married and live the fairytale... Please feel free at this point to give me the reality and say that there will be obstacles and restrictions to marrying a POM after getting my residency based on LRR status... my glasses are less than rose-tinted but I would still rather step on the plane knowing what to expect rather than have any hopes dashed at a later date... Any words of wisdom will be gratefully received... Beers Cx
  9. Hi All, I am a brand new user, and after some advice. My partner is coming out here to Aus, ona propsed marriage visa subclass 300, what are your thoughts on using a migration agent, ...is it worth the money????? Has any one had any hiccups going through this process? Glad for any insight.:huh: Sam
  10. Guest

    user name please help

    hi can some one help please i want to change my user name but i can not find out where to do it,:arghh: do i have to register again and if so will i lose all my friends and stuff hope someone can help many thanks.
  11. Guest

    How do I change my user CP?

    hi im Kev Im just wondering how do I change my CP details?:arghh: If anybody knows please reply, much appreciated:yes: Kev
  12. Guest

    User Name

    Hi to all We registared our user name as andy&yvonne, but for some reason the system recognises this as andyandyvonne:biglaugh: So at the moment I'm trying to change this, sorry to the original andyandyvonne. Please bare with us, any advice will be greatfully recieved Andy:arghh:
  13. Guest

    PIO User Demographic

    Hi Everyone, Firstly my apologies if this has already been done (couldn't find similar in search). In order to help those of us not 100% sure where to settle in OZ (when we get there) I thought it might be a good idea to have a poll to see where people are aiming for or already live. Simply answer with the place that you are either: a) Aiming for b) Already live in c) 'unsure' if you really have no idea. Could be interesting.... :spinny: P.S Apologies if I missed somewhere obvious! (Just answer 'other')
  14. Guest

    Can I change my User name??

    If so How?? Scottie:nah:
  15. Hi All My family ( 5 ) are moving to oz hopefully in about 2 months.Got some questions hope you can help with.i am Australian wife and kids English 1 how much are the airfares to OZ where is the best pace to get tickets 2 how long does it usually take to get visas through 3 We are moving to Sydney.My work is in North ryde where is a good place to live bear in mind neither my wife or I drive yet so i need good transport links 4 what sort of family allowances are we entitled to once we have PR visa based on a salary of approx $70 need you help please
  16. Guest

    Custom User Titles

    Hi All, Just to let you know I have made available the option to change your user title, so instead of Junior member through to PiO Chatter Box you can add your own. It can be changed here: - http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/profile.php?do=editprofile Tim