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Found 248 results

  1. Hi, This is a total shot in the dark but I am desperate. My daughter needs urgent major dental work done, which as you know is extremely expensive out here. We are relatively new to Australia and because we weren't sure if we were going to stay, (many issues including the main one homesickness) we didn't join a health plan. Probably silly I know. But to our horror we have discovered that our eldest needs quite a bit of work done on her teeth ASAP. Does anyone know of a dental fund you can join and claim straight away on. Obviously if there isn't then we will just have to bite the bullet and pay for it all. I can't have her in pain at the end of the day.
  2. My partner and I are completing our statements for our De Facto Visa and we started spending almost every night together only a month and a half of dating. Should we specify that this is on our statements? My partner thinks we should say that we started spending almost every night together at a later date than it actually happened and we're unsure what would be best.
  3. For the Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476) does Software Engineering count as a form of engineering? I graduated from an accepted institution but I can't seem to find a definitive answer on whether Software Engineering counts or not - just wondering if anyone's had any experience of applying on these grounds. Attempts to contact the ASPC are underway, I'm just hoping for a slightly quicker answer as I won't be eligible for too much longer... Any help appreciated - thanks :smile:
  4. Our client is a WA based custom fit-out company who is currently looking for qualified/experienced Carpenters to start ASAP. Good salary benefits, reputed business, great environment, 457/RSMS sponsorship options for eligible candidates. Please forward your resumes to sahil@masonmigration.com.au Successful candidates will get a call from the business itself for interview.
  5. hi i am sell my car as i'm off to the Sunshine Coast in March. If anyone's intrested PM me. Ford Falcon Wagon XT 2003 183000Km A great car that runs well. Dual Airbag Package,Anti-lock Braking,Air Conditioning,Central Locking Remote Control,,Power Mirrors,Power Steering,Power Windows Front,Radio CD with 4 Speakers,Trip Computer Serviced at 18000km. Full new breaks system at 173000Km. New battery july 2013 Ice cold A/C for those hot days Comes with Rego till 4.6.14 good condition inside. Some minor marks on the out side as shown in photos. Comes with a Rihno roof rack and towbar. This is a great car for the family or for those camping trips. Come for a look and test drive and then we can talk. The cars in Parkwood 6147 WA or look on Gumtree $5000ono
  6. Guest

    Fingerprint Document (Urgent)

    Hi all, Anyone here in Melbourne knows how to get fingerprint impression document?? I have asked Victorian Police and AFP Melbourne, they do provide the service but the needs to be booked. And the earliest would be in the month of November :wacko: Can't believe this, i thought it is just an ink fingerprint stamp, a task that can be done in 5 minutes... I urgently need this for Certificate of Clearance from Singapore Police. And my CO only gave me 28 days to provide the document he needs. It's very impractical for to fly to singapore just to get my fingerprint scanned :arghh:
  7. Guys as explained in a previous post my partner and I are *urgently* in need of a rental in either Mundaring, Roleystone, Bedfodale, Parkerville or Helena Valley areas. We desperately need a *decent* property with some seclusion for a bit of peace and quiet - definitely *not* anything in or near the suburbs. We have two elderly dogs (10 & 14) who are well behaved, house trained and sleep all day, but are indoor dogs. If anyone knows of something please let me know. Our max budget is $450pw, but that could be stretched just a tiny bit if the property was exceptional. Many thanks folks Appreciated. Alan
  8. The Pom Queen

    URGENT UPDATE - Shipping Pets

    Dear PIO members The Australians have now classed UK as Rabies well controlled rather than rabies free. Which means that pets travelling from UK to Australia after Jan 1st 2012 now have to have pre travel rabies work. Pets have to have a rabies vaccination within 12 months of the flight date and a rabies vaccination at least 60 days before the flight, but ideally 6-12 months. They then need a rabies blood sample ideally at least 5 months before their flight date. It can be less than 5 months before their flight date, but they will have to spend longer in Australian quarantine if that is the case. The pets are allowed out of quarantine 180 days after the date of the rabies blood sample or 30 days after they land whichever is the greater. Basically - if you are thinking of going to Australia with your pet, start planning early. If you are planning to go in Jan or Feb next year - either try to send your pet before Jan 01st 2012 or be prepared for pets flight to be delayed or the quarantine stay be extended. Check out the following link: http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/cat-dogs/countries/cat4 http://www.petairuk.com Please see the update on the Pet Shipping Forum http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/shipping-pets-ask-pet-air/124633-new-rules-shipping-pets-back-uk-2012-a.html
  9. Hi, I have a query about what to answer for two questions on the AHPRA nursing registration form. Question 5. Is your residential address the same as your principal place of practice/employment in Australia? I live in London and working for a NHS trust and I do not have any job offer. I want to register first with AHPRA before starting applying for the vacancies so should I answer "no" and provide my NHS address. Question 17. "Do you commit to only practise the profession if you have appropriate professional indemnity insurance arrangements in place?" What would be the answer for this question. And one more question, if we register in one state and got an offer from hospital in another state will that be an issue or we can work any where in Australia irrespective of where you have been registered. Thanks & Regards, Mansawant
  10. Hi were a couple aged 26 and 29 from yorkshire, been here 2 months and not met anyone, we need to meet fellow poms so please please get in touch!
  11. To whom it may concern, My name is mark aged 37 and i arrived in perth (NOR) on 5th December 2011, i am an experienced site manager in residential for 10 years with a whole range of projects done from £1m - £50m consisting of detached, semi-detached, town houses, terraced, flats, mews, garages. I am also a full city and guilds time served carpenter and joiner with a whole range of experience from houses to commercial units with a whole range of tasks undertaken. I am able to start straight away if you consider me the right candidate for a position within your company and i can provide a full up-to-date C.V (Resume) with referees enclosed. Kind Regards Mark.
  12. Davinder

    Need urgent help

    Hi respective members Actually I need Ur urgent advice. I applied for registration as a nurse in Brisbane office Qld Ahpra and submitted all required documents. Every time when I asked for my status they send me the list of documents and everytime I send all of them but they still not answered me for my application status it's been too long because I applied on 3rd of september,2010 and now December 2011 so please can anyone advice me what I have to do. It's really appreciated . Thanks in advance Davinder
  13. AhmedAndEmy

    457 Urgent

    Hello, I knwo it's really silly question and all around for along time but still wondering how it is possible to transfer from 457 to PR. I'm elec. engineer who is moving to Bunbury soon and really confused cuz i heard alot how it is so difficult to do so? any one can help out ?!! Thankssss, Marmoush
  14. It has been brought to the attention of the Mods and admin team that unsolicited PM messages are being circulated to members offering to help with accommodation. We must stress that these messages are nothing to do with PIO and no one has asked permission to approach our membership with these offers. If you receive one of these PM messages then please report it to a mod. Treat any unsolicited mail as a scam and remember all genuine companies Like you to inspect a property before you offer to rent. Under no circumstances part with any money before inspecting any property for a long term rental. Short term rentals/ Arrival rentals will be the only ones you pay for in advance. These messages are being investigated. We ask our members to be vigilant and report any suspect behavior. It is against forum rules to send unsolicited PM advertising a business.
  15. We are a family of 5 from the country in Ireland, and like many families in here, We are experiencing sever financial difficulties I have missed paying my mortgage this month and last month, we live off credit card from the 2nd day of the month and our financial situation will only get worse as the time goes by. Although, I am working full-time, the base salary does not stretch much more than social welfare, which is a big price to pay for not being able to spend time with my 3 children. My partner can not find full-time work where we are from either. Thankfully, I have been offered a really good job with a company I have previously worked for (in the UK) in Sydney with excellent promotional prospects back in March 2011 to start in October (which I will never get anything similar here) and the chance of a life changing for the better experience for us all. We are currently in the Visa process , however, we have hit a Major stumbling block, the Visa Agent is looking for the consent from my ex partner for my son or a court Order stating that my ex has never applied for guardanship in the past I cant get this information for 2 months the courts are off till Sept. in Ireland and I cant afford a solicitor. (I am the only legal guardian), My ex-partner who is an M.D. of a firm will not consent, even though he left me and my son a week before my sons first birthday in the U.K (he returned to Dublin) My ex is not even aware of the sickness my sons has had through the years, the most recent requiring a hospital visit with suspected meningitis, my sisters were immediately in contact by phone (from Sydney and Korea and both have very responsible jobs). My sons dad has now, instructed his solicitor to bring legal proceedings with regard the "Guardianship's" to block me from taking my son from Ireland, the court will look at the "best interests of my son", so it looks like it could ruin our chances of being able to provide for my 3 children and our future in Ireland looks very bleak, with no pension, health care and one house that we will not be able to pay for soon. I am at my wits end and I have even suggested family mediation with my ex, which he agreed to attended last week (unfortunately, as I was leaving the office to attend this meeting, I received an email from his solicitor about the legal proceedings). I am crying now as I am writing this becuse I cant figure this out on my own. How will my in my sons "best interest" effect my other 2 children and my son? How long does this process take and will I lose the job offer in the interim? having a job offer in Sydney where my sister (who is also my sons Godmother and like a second mum to him) in a company I have worked for before with benefits and excellent working conditions is not an opportunity we cant afford to miss out on. I fear I am at that point where the company pull the offer, and we lose out Big Big time! Any advice is greatly needed URGENTLY and appreciated? :sad::mad:
  16. Guest

    TRA Urgent Query

    Hi there, Myself and my partner are just starting out the process for Visa 176 (WA SS). He is a fully qualified carpenter & joiner and qualified with FAS Ireland. Does he have to do the practical assessment also having submitted the application/employment/qualifications? If so is there somewhere in Ireland he can do this and what is the cost? Thanks.
  17. Hi. We are emigrating to Joondalup on the 14th December and are struggling to find accomodation of some kind for the 4 of us (preferably 3 bedrooms). It's difficult as its holiday time so does anyone know of a place? We have looked at: fully furnished -struggling to find any available in December/Jan non-furnished-hard to get while not able to view caravan sites- none big enough... HELP! Or even, does anyone want any lodgers for a bit while we find an empty place to rent?
  18. Guest

    URGENT HELP - 176 application!!

    Ok, just submitted and paid for my 176. However, after payment completes, I'm told I must upload documents NOW. Can't i log in later and submit them? Some are on different computers... ANY HELP MASSIVELY APPRECIATED!
  19. Guest

    G4/5 High Court Action: URGENT

    Below is an email from immigration lawyer David Harvey in regards to his legal action on behalf of G4/5 applicants We are still 13 people short of the required number to seek Counsel's opinion. If you would like to contribute and haven't yet indicated this to us, then please do so as soon as possible. If we don't get the numbers, we will have to discontinue this matter. Best regards David Harvey Solicitor Reg'd Migration Agent W: http://www.dhmigrationlaw.com.au
  20. HI All, yesterday I have got my SS approval from SA as Telecommunication Engineer ( ANZSCO code 263311). I submitted the my assessment as Electronic Engineer (ASCo code 2125-13) which I got before introducing ANZSCO. As per the DIAC endorsed ASCO- ANZSCO correlation, the ACSO code (2125-13 Electronics Engineer) has correlation for the below ANZSCO codes. 263311 Telecommunications engineer 263312 Telecommunications network engineer 233411 Electronics engineer Now I am applying for VISA application. In the application, I have to select my nominated occupation . Which will be my nominated occupation : is it Electronic Engineer (ASCo code 2125-13) or Telecommunication Engineer ( ANZSCO code 263311). I have assessment in Electronic Engineer (ASCo code 2125-13). BR, Morshed
  21. The Pom Queen

    Member needs urgent help

    I have been asked to post this on behalf of a member. If anyone could help that would be great, thank you was wondering if you could help with some advice - my in laws were issued an employer sponsored visa a couple of years ago - unfortunately the employer - who is also my husbands cousin - decided a week after the visa was issued that he no longer had a job available. This caused a bit of ill feeling within the family but the visa was never used and we assumed that he had informed DIAC and cancelled it. In laws then started the process of applying for Cont Parent visa, unfortunately due the strain and disappointment of previous visa, house not selling etc they ended up getting divorced instead and cancelled the application. We have paid for MIL plane ticket to fly out on a visit in November, she applied for the relevent visitor/tourist visa but was informed that they could not issue one as the Employer Sponsored one was still in place. So what I`d like to know is - can she use that visa to visit (it expires September 2012) without her husband being present, is it likely to cause problems if she does use it or should she contact DIAC and tell them to cancel it and issue her with a visitor/ tourist visa?? I`d really appreciate some advice as my hubby is away at present in the Gulf and not easily contacable I don`t want to worry him with it. Hope you can advise, thanks in advance
  22. Hi all I would appreciate some advice on one part of my 47/40 de facto ap. I am currently in Oz on a WHV with my partner. Visa runs out in 2 weeks so are in complete panic and rushing to submit 47 de facto application. We are v worried about my partners eligibility to sponsor me as he is not working and has not worked in the last 2 years due to a serious medical condition. So in fact I am supporting him and centrelink know about me and my income. I have a good job here and could get my employer to confirm that my contract would be extended once my WHV restrictions waived. We are terrified that we will be asked for AoS - we do not have any relatives in Australia and having only been here 11 months (partner returned to live here with me for first time in 15 yrs) so do not know anyone sufficiently well enough to be able to ask them to do it. I am hoping as we are already here and settled money wise with my financial support that this will not be an issue once explained... but I'm absolutley terrified will be deported! Anyone been in a similar situation or anyone with advice I would be extremely grateful! Thank you Rachael
  23. Misplaced

    Urgent help please

    Hi guys my OH has put in for her visa and we have booked the medical. Now this is where we need help as the information given the by medical centre and DIAC is confusing. We put in the application by paper and have now been given a HAP ID and have been told we are on the ehealth system - where the confusion is is that the info from the centre says if applying by paper you need forms 26/160 and 26EH/160EH. But goes on to say if using the online ehealth - you will have had to complete a online medical questionnaire. Print out the online advice which includes TRN and personal details. On a DIAC leaflet it states that if you have not lodged your application electronically your CO will have given you a HAP ID. Can anyone please advise what they took to their medical when applying for a partner visa in the UK and had a HAP ID? We have spoken to the medical centre and they were not overly impressed with the CO as they have said that they are not familiar with the process at the medical centres. Also how/where can I track progress online of a partner visa? If indeed I can? Cheers Mis
  24. Hello everyone, My name is Rob and this is my unfortunate situation. I am English and have a daughter who is now almost 5. She is Australian and lives in Mildura, Vic with her Australian mother. We split up about 4 years ago but still get on well and I have always supplied for my daughter by sending money over every 2 weeks. There is so much to take in when I try to research if I can readily get a visa and citizenship that I can simply not work it all out. I have talked to so many people before and it never seems clear cut. I am now in a position financially where I can pay for all costs etc and plan to move over there. But what I want to know is this is possible right? Who do you suggest the best people to get advice from are? Should I just make a appointment at the Australian embassy in London? Do you have any idea on prices and time lines? This is so so important to me and any help, however small it might be would be so much appreciated. Thanks so much in advance, Rob.