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Found 37 results

  1. Hi i have recently moved to North Lakes just a few weeks ago and was looking for anyone in a similiar situation that would like to meet other mums in the area for a meet up with the kids and a coffee. I have looked for mother n toddler groups in North Lakes where mums to be can go but so far cant find any. I have a five year old little boy who has just started prep and i am due my second baby in April so ideally would like to meet up with mums with children of similiar ages so the kids can play together. If u fancy meeting up let me know:smile: Susan xx
  2. Hi, we have just moved to Secret Harbour - staying with my sister, but will move after Christmas, as we are on a 475 visa and have visa restrictions. Therefore we are looking to live in 6210 post code, a little further south towards Mandurah... Lakelands, Meadow Springs, Madora Bay etc??? We are from Derby/Nottingham area, are 39/40 years young and have two children (daughter 13 & son 10 which are now enrolled in Secret Harbour schools).. My husband is a footie fan and having withdrawal symptons already!!! he is also looking for someone to play golf with.... I enjoy the gym/classes and have joined The Club at Port Kennedy and am trying to work on my tan.... but it keeps raining !!!! LOL. Anyone out there with children of similar ages and/or common interests???? :biggrin:
  3. hey all, Just wandering if there are any meet ups or social events happening in Cairns?
  4. Hi Does anybody know of any up and coming meet ups in Perth please? We have recently arrived from the UK and are looking for like minded friends for a meet up now it is starting to hot up out here. I look forward to hearing of any in the not too foreseeable future. Cheers Debbie :biggrin:
  5. Hi, I am moving to Darwin on the 1st dec and am wondering if there are any meet ups. Thanks Kaylee P.s - i have a two year old toddler
  6. Hi all, We have posted additional document to AHPRA and UPS confirmed the delivery time with person's name who accepted the delivery and AHPRA is saying they are still waiting for the document. I have emailed case officer with UPS details but I think she is not bothering to search for the document because she haven't replied my email and when I tried to contact her next day she avoided to speak to me and asked call center consultant to advise me to email again. Can we do something or we need to resend the document. But the problem is I have sent the original document and not the certified copy and also at present I am in India and also the document issued to me was from a UK hospital. Had anyone experience this (confirmed by UPS 'delivered' and AHPRA is saying still 'awaiting') .....Mansawant
  7. Hi All PMed some people, but thought a general post would be good. In Coogee job hunting from tomorrow, anyone around for a coffee or drink, even better any get togethers organised. I am mid 30's, here with my OH on de facto visa. Irish but lived in london for as long as I can remember.
  8. Hi I was wondering if anyone else was missing going out with the girls for lunch etc since they moved to Perth. I am married, no kids yet, and have been in Perth for two months. We have finally moved to a long term rental south of the river so feel like we r getting settled now. I work as a nurse so do shift work. Would love to meet some new faces so if anyone fancies it then please let me know, I look forward to hearing from you
  9. Guest

    Meet ups

    Hi all, Just wanted to say that I have noticed quite a few threads regarding meet ups etc, but on the posts haven't seen anyone mention kids. We are a family of 4 (2 kids, 1 boy nearly 4 and 1 girl nearly 2) and moving to Melbourne in June. Would be great to meet up with other families etc so we feel like we aren't on our own. John
  10. Hi there, moved to Sydney around two weeks ago, currently living down by Circular Quay. Male, aged 29, keen to make new friends out here - getting sick of working then coming back to my apartment and not doing a great deal in the evenings - anyone fancy a meet up?
  11. mrsindecision

    Coping with ups and downs

    I would love to hear from those who have been back for a year and how they have settled. I am five months in and have hit the wall of honeymoon period over and excitement of returning settling and now have to get on with real life. It is really cold and grey at the moment and family are still split so feeling miserable and missing the sunshine (not the heat) All our stuff arrived last week and while that was exciting to have our precious things back it has been a huge lot of work and like trying to fit 2 pints into a half pint pot. I figure moving in the first place was tough and I worked hard to settle and get everything sorted for family there which involved lots of compromise and hard work. Here everything is falling into place nicely workwise and educationally it couldn't be better - moneywise great as well - but I still have the collywobbles and occassionally have to go into the next town which is bloody grotty and I wonder if we have done the right thing ( in my heart I know we have but the re-adjustment is harder than I imagined it would be). Also my BF has cancer which has knocked us all for six and the great fun we were planning together has been blighted by treatments etc... I know what a whiner I am - so those who are tempted please don't have a go - just hoping that some of you have been through this and come out the other side.
  12. Are there any social meet ups coffee get togethers etc, including the kids, if so would love to hear recently relocated from Sydney. Living in Point Cook Melbourne Zoe and Gaz.
  13. Dear Fellow PIO'ers My family and I are currently in Perth on a 'validation of visa' visit. To start off with we were 'seduced' by programmes such as 'Wanted Down Under', and decided to visit migration seminars as well as joining various web forums such as this one. We applied for our 176 visas in July of 2009 and prior to being awarding them in January 2010 we visited Perth in October 2009 for a two week holiday. At that time my employment/renumeration prospects were better in Australia than they were in the UK due to the economic climate, however on that visit we did notice that life in WA, is certainly not cheap. That said there is a cost to hoping to enjoy a higher standard of living and I think there is/was a mis-conception that it's easy money here in Australia. The reality is, unless you are financially well off then I believe you may have to work harder for your $ than you would for your £. Fast forward to Jan 2010, were awarded our 176 visas and as we have a large family (4 children) there would be a lot of organizing which would many of you have been through or are aware of. Without wishing to commit financial suicide of resigning from my employer at the time without a job in Australia and attempting to sell the house in the current economic climate, we thought it would be prudent to complete a validation visit, as a visit for 6 (£10000) was a far cheaper prospect than moving with no certainties (£150000+). That way we would then have until January 2014 to move and in the meantime, I could then potentially travel to Australia on my own to secure employment, in the knowledge that my wife and children had experienced some aspects of life in Australia even if it is for a short period of time. On our visit in 2009, we did not do so much of the tourist thing, but concerntrated on speaking to recruiters about career/salary prospects, looking at schools, and speaking to teachers about the education system (My eldest son is mildly autistic), and what provisions are in place for special educational needs. We also looked at housing and compared properties which were new builds to those which were 10+ years old. To be completely honest we were not overly impressed with the houses at that time as I wondered why on earth did so many homes have very tiny back gardens. Inside the houses there were many examples of high level of spec for appliances and house layout. After our 2009 visit, as our visa situation had not been decided by DIAC, we were still in limbo and could not plan our move, as it would have been a great deal of time and money wasted had we not been awarded our visas. That visit was invaluable as it gave us many thoughts about life in Australia, and the numerous people we spoke with about the many areas of life in Australia was great, they were honest and frank and as with anywhere in the world, some loved it, others were not so keen, (Aussie's included!!). March 2010 saw a change of job for myself which now has presented a number of various oppotunities, one of which is the possibility of moving to Australia to open an office up for my new employer. This is not an immediate option, and may take two years. The 7 months I have been working with my new employer have been great in all areas. This has made life in the UK somewhat more pleasant, which in turn has made the desire to leave less likely. October 2010, we are in Perth on our visa validation visit, and as with our 2009 visit we have met a number of great people, all with differing stories and views of life in Perth/suburbs. Some have no desire to stay in Australia and are looking to return to the UK within a couple of years, others have no wish to return to the UK permanently but are going back for a short visit to complete their emotional closures, before returning. To summarize, I guess the short answer to the $64,000 question is, will we move to WA? My response at this moment would be is to spin a coin. The only advice I can offer is that you can never do too much research into this subject. I thought that once we had our visas life would be simplier, that is very wrong. The visa process is a small part of a huge life changing action you are embarking on. I will continue to add to this post from time to time, but it would be great to read your comments about my thoughts. I would also like to thank the numerous people in Perth we have met as well as the numerous people on PIO who have contributed their thoughts and ideas on the numerous aspects of life in Australia. I'd better sign off now as we are off to King's Park for a picnic with a fellow PIO'er,Floater and his family. Kind regards Ronnie Rocket
  14. colin&lorraine

    Are there any upcoming meet ups?

    Hi we have recently moved to Brisbane living in Kedron at the mo. Are there any planned meet ups that we could join in with as we are feeling a bit isolated. Lorraine and Colin
  15. hi all Does anyone know of any meet ups or does anyone fancy meeting up fairly soon !!! Me and the wife along with our 2 girls(9and 7)and young lad (3) are living in secret harbour but don't really know that many people as yet so it would be good to get to know a few more friendly faces. cheers jamie
  16. Hi - we've been in Oz for a while now, but are new to Brisbane. Rob and I have 3 kids (9, 8 and 2) and are hoping to meet up with anyone in the area also looking to settle into life up here. We staying in Sherwood at the moment - so if there's anyone on the West/South side interested that'd be great! Look forward to hearing from you! Gem
  17. Is anyone planning a meet in Canberra?? would be great to meet up for drinks chat etc there never appears to be social gatherings in this lovely city.:realmad:
  18. Hi I am moving up to Umina Beach this weekend!! Really looking forward to it and would love to meet some people in the area. Its me and my husband and my 3 1/2 year old. Is there any meet ups planned in the area...it would be great to get a social network going.:jiggy: Amanda
  19. Guest

    any meet ups sor

    hi is anyone arranging a meet up soon sor, we havent been to one yet would love to meet some other families, we are lisa (34) nigel (37) alfie (10) harry (6).
  20. Hi All There seems to be quite a few lonely people out in Australia, now for reasons X, Y & Z most of you Brits seem to end up living in the same areas. Now I don't know if I'm telling people to suck eggs or if it can be done or it is already being done.......... BUT can we have a new area on the forum where people can register what area they live in, (that won't get lost with the 1000's of other threads) Nearly 2 yrs ago Tim started up a groups section that got taken away could we not bring that back??? I know we have threads on "who's heading back" "fishing" etc but they can get lost at least this way people can see other people with the same interests etc and find answers and hopefully this will then allow people to start socialising with other like minded people, it should also allow people in the UK looking to move to that area a group of people that they can ask questions too and meet up once in Australia (hopefully making settling easier) and to me that's what PIO is all about. So can we PLEASE bring back the groups section :wubclub: Geoffrey
  21. :smile:Hi I am mrs Sb1, we are flying out tomorrow to the sunshine coast from the uk and would like to meet other poms while we are there, my OH is a motor mechanic 41 and I am a registered childminder 43 we have one teenage daughter 13, we are in the sunshine coast untill 11th Jan, so if there are any meet ups happening then please could we come along. warm wishes Debbie (mrs Sb1)
  22. Hi I was wondering if there were any meet ups planned in or around Manchester regarding emigrating to Australia, we'd love to meet up with anybody in the same position/has been in the same position as us and would love the chance to meet face to face to exchange stories and ask/take any advice/reassurance that may help us speed the progress up. We feel like its never going to happen at the moment:huh:
  23. Guest

    Any meet ups in brisbane????

    Been in Brisbane 6 weeks and loving every minute of it....... Heard of meet ups in Sydney and Melbourne going on, but are there ever meet ups in Brisbane?????:confused:
  24. Guest

    Has anyone used UPS Courier???

    Hi folks, Today I arranged UPS couriers to take our meds and x-rays to Sydney, used them under the recommendation of the doctors who we did the meds with. Booking it was a nightmare and after speaking to 3 customer service reps finally got there. Just check the tracking number online and it says there is "exception" which means there has been a problem and it could result in our package not being delivery when they say so, which was Friday 15th by 12 noon. Not had any experience with couriers before and so wondered if anyone else has used UPS and if so do you think I should be worrying about this "exception"??? Thanks, why isn't anything ever straight forward???? Mandisfam :wubclub: